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  1. Fleet_Admiral_Joseph

    Update 0.9.0 - Bug Reports

    Was in the middle of a Battle using my G. Kurfrust Tier X had 2 Fires and there were 3 seconds left for the fires when it hit 0 and then it hoped back to 40 seconds left for the fires hold this bug gets fixed soon or people be dieing very quickly.
  2. I don't know if this is me but I think the Tier X Harugumo and Tier X Shimakaze is in need of nerfing for the Shimakaze it is the Trops due to the fact at just stock they have a maxium damage of 20,000 and can be across the map at 20.00km and with an upgrade it can still be at 12.00km and have around a maxium damage of 23,000 in just the trops and i also has 3x5 trops and for the Harugumo it sort of the same thing with trops with 23,000 stock and 21,000 with upgrade and the Harugumo gun I think there should also be a nerf on the Harugumo guns personally this is just based on my opinion what do you guys in the World of Warships Community think I'm sure Wargaming not going to listen no matter what we say about them anyway.
  3. Fleet_Admiral_Joseph

    WoWS Super Tester?

    Alright, Thanks.
  4. Fleet_Admiral_Joseph

    WoWS Super Tester?

    How you become a super tester I over heard someone talking about it the other day wondering how you become one or if you have to apply, for it or if it is only available to apply for at some points if anyone can answer this or anyone from Wargaming that would be great thanks, Joe
  5. Fleet_Admiral_Joseph

    Santa crate limit? Support broken.

    Wargaming needs to fix their crapbecause I bought 2 crates and now I can't even buy more it just says Woops Something went wrong anyone got any idea btw I did it 9 hours ago. Like wth!