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  1. confusion

    Nope....been playing T4 and T5 mostly, a few T6, but I'm not going to change the way I enjoy playing to jump through hoops to get their prize...especially when they give prizes away for free to people who do nothing. Had tons of fun tonight machine gunning HE with my Izyaslav. What great prize will that get me?
  2. confusion

    "working"...while others get 7,500,000 credits and 100k free xp and a Texas (which I spent real money for) for nothing by getting a gift e-mail. So..why should I buy dobloons to get credits or premium time or anything else when WG gives it away for free??? They don't give it for free to loyal everyday players, nooooo you have to ignore them to get free stuff. If WG were a cell phone company a bank or any other business I'd switch, but unfortunately, they're pretty much the only game in town when it comes to warships, so I'll play but no longer patronize their business with my money.
  3. confusion

    As my own protest as it is towards the WG policy of giving people who don't play $50 to $100 worth of free stuff, while asking me to pay money for the same stuff, I will no longer spend a dime on flags, ships, dobloons, premium time etc. If WG doesn't appreciate the loyal daily players, then I will no longer financially support WG. Maybe if more of us do that they might get the message. The game is "free to play" and that's how I'm gonna play it from now on.
  4. And if it sours loyal players and keeps them from spending any more money it may not be worth it. I for one am done....not a dime more. I will enjoy the game for free but will no longer financially support a company that doesn't give a crap about it's loyal player base.
  5. More enticements to come back.

    Meanwhile loyal daily players are this
  6. You are assuming that the missions and ships aren't being used as a lure to play more, which is exactly what they are. Maybe someone would rather play another game, but the enticement of the prize leads that person to invest time and sometimes money (flags, premium time) to aid the quest for the prize. So yeah people often grind and play when maybe they would not have otherwise. Much different than checking your e-mail\and finding free stuff.
  7. But they want real money from current customers for those same digital goods. So if some have to pay actual currency and others get the same digital goods that others get for free for free why should I or anyone else pay hard earned money to this company?
  8. Nothing juvenile about it. WG can run their business any way they want, but that doesn't require me to approve of the way they run their business. I don't demand or expect them to "give" me anything or to be "fair", however the basic premise of the bank scenario stands....many of us invested time and real money into the game while others invested nothing and got monetary rewards for thier lack of investment. If WG as a company can give away $50 to $100 to those who don't invest, perhaps good business would dictate a small reward to those who do invest, otherwise, the investors may go elsewhere. I for one, will no longer spend any money with this company, choosing from now on the enjoy the game my way for free, so they have already lost whatever financial investment I might have otherwise made with them. I feel like I'm not the only one with this attitude towards WG. Treat people who invest with you with respect and they'll reward your company with patronage, don't and people will look to other venues where they feel more appreciated.
  9. Free Premiums

    I like to play T4, can't earn any premiums playing T4. You can "earn" things but only if you play the game their way.
  10. Daily Login Rewards

    Loyalty crates, 1 crate for every 1000 games played. The crates contain at least one of the items WG gives away for free to disinterested players, like 7,500,000 credits, 100k free Xp or a ship.
  11. To make it simple for WG apologists: Bill opens a bank account, puts in $1000 and earns 5% interest. At the end of the year he is happy with the $50 he earned. Then Bill finds out that joe opened a bank account at the same time as he did at the same bank. Joe put in $1 and forgot about the account. The bank, wanting Joe to remember his account gives Joe $100 to come back. Bill says, to the bank" Hey, you guys had my money for a year and used it and I got $50 in interest, I could have put my money elsewhere, gotten the $50 and then have gotten the $100 from you for investing a dollar?" Then bank says " didn't you enjoy earning the $50, shut up and take it, while we give $100 to Joe for not investing with us." should Bill be satisfied with the bank???? Would you be??
  12. Free Premiums

    WG apologists can never see anything wrong with WG.
  13. But here's my point. Yes, it is fun....would not play it if it wasn't. Played a lot of Kuma this week because I like the ships and it's enjoyable. Got zero from any missions except the usual containers because I was not T5 or T6 and above. I don't care that I didn't earn the assorted crap being handed out. However, when a company gives out $50 to $100 worth of stuff free to some players, stuff that if I wanted it would cost me real money..well that just sits wrong with me. I do switch car insurance and cell phone companies if there's a better deal out there, but with WG's type of gaming it's pretty much a monopoly. Yeah, they can reward who they want, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Can't do anything about it, but it is still my right to disagree with it.
  14. I play every day too. I don't jump through hoops for missions to earn things. If I want to play T4 all day and earn nothing from the missions I'm fine with that, it's fun. But when WG hands out $50 to $100 worth of stuff for free, why would I spend any money with them??? their
  15. Love the WG apologists who come out and say how good WG has been to them. I guess their time is worth nothing because they equate spending hours jumping through WG's hoops to"earn" this or that to opening an email and getting it for nothing. I play the game my way for fun. I don't have the premiums "earned" like many others because I don't want to play the way you have to earn said premiums. I don't expect nor do I demand some form of customer appreciation from WG, however, if they are going to hand out $50 to $100 worth of free stuff to some players, why not show a little appreciation to those who actually LIKE the game and not just lavish stuff upon the disinterested. Oh, wait, my 50k credits worth of basketball camos.....nevermind.