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  1. In the Five Epochs of the Navy Campaign there are tasks for the Sims but the Sims B can't participate. Likewise the Tripitz B can't participate in the Tirpitz task either. What gives WG?
  2. awesomeartichokes

    Ranked Battle frustration

    Can we please have a ratchet on Ranked Battles? I was up to rank 9 and then fallen back to rank 12. Needless to say my motivation to play Ranked is gone. Please consider a system where the player can only lose a maximum number of stars from their high. I am fine with dropping a couple of ranks. I have heard of people falling from rank 5 all the way to rank 12. This is highly and unnecessarily discouraging .
  3. awesomeartichokes

    Can anyone purchase the dockyard bundles?

    What is the patch?
  4. I don't see the dockyard bundle. I just see the dockyard.
  5. awesomeartichokes

    RANT (you have been warned): Why I HATE PLAYING CVs

    not so much with the german CVs I am testing. (the torps are really slow)
  6. awesomeartichokes

    RANT (you have been warned): Why I HATE PLAYING CVs

    use trackpad builtin trackpad it isn't not using any mods recent install ...... The controls are broken. WG needs to fix the controls. And WoWs players need to stop telling other WoWs players that it is their fault. Especially when They say "Never had this problem"
  7. This is not a rant hating on CVS as an opponent. It is a rant about why I hate TRYING to play CVs. No tutorials or aids to help learn CVs CVs have very very few aids. AND the "aids" they have do no come with a description. For examples, the single biggest challenge DDs have is learning where to launch the torpedos. WG solved that with the white torp box. the indicator changes shades of white to indicate that a player needs to wait before their next attack. The not noticeable countdown timer is *NOT* like any other weapons timer anywhere else in the game. No ability to track how a torp attack does like you can with ship launched torps. Controls are unreliable A click to start the attack run and a click to complete the attack run. A good 30% of the time the UI fails to recognize the second click. As a result, the entire squadron get shot down and no attack is completed AND the previous MINUTE of gameplay has been lost. So much depends on the UI recognizing a click to the tenths of a second. WG get the UI so it does works EVERY TIME. the aim bounces all over the place no matter what i do to the mouse sensitivity The combination of these makes ATTEMPTING to learn CVs frustrating. Furthermore, WG continues to try to encourage CV play. WG if you really want CVs to be more than just a game ruiner - you need to address these issues.
  8. awesomeartichokes

    [archive] WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    I let things sit and eventually the armory showed up ... once it did there was not a repeat of the problem.
  9. awesomeartichokes

    [archive] WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    @d_gladkovWith the latest update, the armory is not accessible. The anchor icon just spins and spins....I can <esc> back to port. There are some crash at the end of game. But the work does seem to be paying off!
  10. Take your time at the beginning of the match. In the first 4 minutes, the enemy team is more "organized" and will focus the first ship spotted. CVs will be scouting, etc. A DD will get deleted if they are visible in the first 5 minutes. Go slow there are speed settings other than Full throttle, and stop. Half speed allows you to react to torps, turn, stop, etc. Avoid being in the open. Use islands. You have guns not just torps. I have killed so many DDs who are trying to torps me in another DD. Sure sometimes it works, usually I can dodge. You don't need to use your guns this is really true in Clan battles, where the dd needs to be invisible. In our clan, standing orders are to kill DDs first, then radar cruisiers. Don't launch everything. So long as you have a set of torps ready, then you are a torp threat. I see 3 sets of torps go by, I know that shimakaze is my lunch and I can rush him. (This is why I love the Somers, it looks like a gearing but it has THREE sets of torps not 2 like the gearing.) Know your escape path if you are detected, sometimes backing into the cap is a good idea. Do not contest the cap. Let the other team take the cap and then take it back. A stationary DD in randoms is usually killed. In clan battles you can count on team support. Radar, sonar, air detect range. Know them. remember that a cruiser can close 1 km while you are turning around. Smoke is a torp magnet. Expect torps 35 seconds after you smoke up. Know where those torps are going to come from (RPF commander skill helps) Don't use smoke while capping - it just tells me where to send my torps If you are going to use smoke - 1/4 speed AND deploy it before you are detected. I have killed a lot of DDs that waited until they were detected before smoking up.
  11. awesomeartichokes

    [archive] WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    Update from support: please fully disable "Dynamic Lighting" and "Shadow Quality" options in the in-game graphics settings
  12. awesomeartichokes

    [archive] WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    Some of the more delightful ways WoWs is harder.... disappearing ships! Can I buy this camo!
  13. awesomeartichokes

    [archive] WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    Any recommendations on graphics settings to avoid issues? Right now, I am unable to play clan battles because of this issue.
  14. awesomeartichokes

    [archive] WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    Everything was improving on the Mac Client and then bam... the latest update has been a mess. Diagonal lines across screen and 2-3 second pauses every minute or two. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1226xtjC03KcZrFbnnM3vEpPPhesK-XUM/view?usp=sharing
  15. awesomeartichokes

    Constant game pausing - anyone else having this problem?

    Well now it is happening while IN PORT!