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  1. This is probably the worst line of ships for any ship type or nation, the worst of the worst. Without even getting into my own experience Wow acknowledges in their own summary of the ship that it has slow loading, low accuracy, short range main guns.....nice. So wth are you suppose to do in this ship, be the piñata for your team? Here's a great advantage called out, the ship has decent armor.....even better so you can die a slow miserable death, and never want to play the game again. Don't be a sucker for the SAP or smoke baloney, again if you can't hit anything doesn't matter what the heck shell type you have. I have suffered up through T8, completely stopped playing the ship, when I noticed I only had about 10k in points to get the T9 I figured what the heck I'll play it again which happened to be after the latest patch/upgrade, figured they gotta give this ship some help. I tried it again for about 3 matches, ....nope, ship still stinks, and I man bad! And I am still sitting at T8, still couldn't earn 10k with all the flags and bonus perks loaded in three matches. I happen to have all the BB lines, so can afford to waste my time on this line. I would not touch this line until you have are all your other ship lines maxed out and I mean BB, Cruisers ,DDs, subs ,CVs...everything. Good luck.
  2. TP152

    Steel Ships

    Topic on target for me, thanks!. Getting close to another steel ship, wasted my last purchase on the Neustrashimy, very disappointed with the purchase. I am debating the Bourgogne and Plymouth. I very much enjoy the French BB line, and I agree they are giant cruisers, and I enjoy the Brit Cruiser line. Since I have plenty of French BBs, including Jean Bart, I am leaning towards the Plymouth, looks to me like and Edinborough on steriods, and that smoke/radar thing I don't think I can resist. Any additional input on Plymouth?
  3. The Kansas is some sort of sick joke, and I am not joking with that statement. First to address the "debate", there is no debate, Kansas is far worse than the NC, no comparison. I've decided this line is punishment for Trump being voted out of office, no more Russian lackey in the White House.
  4. I've decided this line of BBs is punishment for voting Trump out of office.....take that U.S., get rid of Putin's lackey in the White House and you get the worst BB line in the game.
  5. TP152

    Update 0.9.10 - Bug Reports

    Hate to say I am glad to hear I am not the only having issues. #1 below happens in every game I play and #2 and #3 happen in half the games I play. I've played around with my video settings but nothing so far seems to help I've been running the game for years with no issues and have a new high end laptop as of year ago and my network speed seems to be fine also. Any suggested modifications to my game settings to help the situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 1) I shoot but the shell flies a long time after the shot. The sound appears at the correct time, at moment of firing. 2) No rendering of the ships below the icon with the names of players and ships 3) Red torp "freeze" with no movement.
  6. TP152

    Tallinn is overrated

    Tallinn overrated? Who is saying this ship is any good? I was just coming into this forum to see if I was the only one who hates this ship so was shocked to see an overrated comment. Lets see, slow speed, poor maneuvering, poor conceal, and these are the ships assets. And now the good stuff, smallish main guns coupled with slow reload, stunted torps, I mean what the heck or 4k torps to be used for? I never understood them on the Russian line. I do have to agree with stinkweed, just last night I changed my play style to what he noted and I finally had some success, at least I wasn't dead in the first 3 minutes of the match. At least fighting was a bit bearable. I actually opted out of this Russian cruiser line after playing lastnight and switched to the other as I already have the Moskva, don't need another T10 in the Petro which appears to be the same as the Moskva. Glad I did hearing how "good" the Riga is!
  7. I am confused, I keep my Moskva with its perma camo, and all the prior ships I do not have to re-grind. The new Russian line of ships, which are new hence I never had, I obviously have to grind. The Petropav, which appears to be about the same as a Moskva, really not sure I want it, so my choice to grind to get the new line. I really do not see what the issue is here....
  8. Fully agree with you Poeticmotion, I to am an average DD player, however enjoy playing them, and yes I do have to plug my brain in when playing my DDs, along with all my other ship types. I could not imagine the game without CVs and fully enjoy playing against them, they make the fleet whole and the game more challenging. And how could you have a modern naval warfare game without CVs?!
  9. TP152

    Oland Config

    Very interesting post TinCan, I think you are on to something with the heals and HP build. And I agree with wstugamd, the Olands guns are pretty useless. I try my best to just spam the torps, just keep flinging them out there with the fast reload. I am going to adjust my build to what you did TinCan and give it a shot, thanks for the ideas!
  10. TP152

    A fix for slow load times.

    Sorry to dredge up an old post but I have to say thank you for the advice. My load times had become unbearable, 3-4 minutes into game play normally, I was contemplating changing my name to "slowloaderbepatient"....Anyways, I bought a portable external SSD drive, problem is now completely solved, just dragged and dropped my C: drive game onto the SSD and viola, no more slow load problem! Thanks again!
  11. To add to my post now that I've had many games in this ship, in the over 10,000+ total matches I have played, I had only one 200k+ game in my Zao (230k in damage, already had 180k in damage and then caught two BBs in a gap at the end of the match and clobbered them with torps, so I feel I lucked into it) and maybe a total of two 175k+ damage games in my MO and GK. In less than 100 games in the Republique I have had 3-4 200k+ damage games, and many 170-200k damage games. Here is my latest example.....
  12. Just got this ship and it is NUTS and I mean that in a great way. Big, accurate, long range, fast loading main guns, with devastating AP and great HE to burn things down if that is your desire. 12k+ secondaries with the distance flag, a wall of metal for AA, excellent armor and a speed boost to get you out of trouble or into it as fast as you want. This BB has it all, if you are a brawler have at it, if you want to snipe from long distance with great accuracy, you've got that also. For me game #1, ~80k damage, #2 ~155k, #3 ~145k, and I am a very average player. Not spectacular #'s, but for my first three matches I can't complain! I enjoy all my top tier BBs, but this is the most fun for me. I love cruisers, and I play this like a giant cruiser. I use to consider the Iowa my giant cruiser for its speed, but this actually feels more like a cruiser and not just for its speed. And I actually enjoyed the grind to get it, especially the T8 Richie, T9 was OK and I enjoyed it enough. I did not spend a penny to "buy" into the T10. This is the first ship which actually has made me a better player than I really am.
  13. TP152

    Buffalo — American Tier IX cruiser.

    The Seattle has no decisive offensive weapon at all, no torps, no great rof, no larger caliber guns, it is purely a support ship. I find its armor excellent for a cruiser, maneuverability and concealment decent and I play it providing BB support, and trying to burn things down from a distance. The strangest thing for me is that I have by far my highest winning rate in this boat at 75%, albeit with a small sample size, but at almost 40 battles in it, still pretty good, and far better than any of my other ships. Because I know it has no decisive offense, and is a typical delicate cruiser, I play it very conservatively and as a result I don't do anything stupid and at the end of the match help the team with wins. I will not defend it as a great boat as I do agree with all the statements the Seattle haters noted, however I enjoy playing this ship and plan to keep it.
  14. TP152

    Richelieu thoughts

    Ok so I know this is an old post I am going to revive, but I LOVE this ship! Have only played a few matches, but it matches my style of play perfectly. Be it good or bad, I play a bit too aggressively, with all the guns pointed forward, great speed for getting out of trouble, and getting into trouble, and decent secondary range and concealment it is a ball to play. In my first match I was confused about the bad dispersion I had read about prior to getting as I had three cits in the first 3 minutes of the game at 18k on two different ships, but after a few more matches did experience the not so great dispersion, but it is a very minor item when compared to the other great attributes. It is really my first T8 or lower BB that I consider a lot of fun to play. A major upgrade over the T7 Lyon. In fact I consider more fun than my Montana and a smidge more fun than my GK which is rigged for brawling and secondaries. This will definitely be a keeper, especially when ranked comes back out at T8 again. I used to use my NC for ranked with decent success, this could be my T8 ranked BB now.
  15. Thanks everyone, just made 20 million credits selling all my ARP ships and thank god I could get rid of a freaking teddy bear as my Kongo captain.....I really think they need to split the game by age categories for many reasons, login to WoW for under 21, under 30, over 30 and over 50....