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  1. WonderfulWizard

    My hats off to the WoWs community

    I remember the community being much worse a few years back, there was constant drama. I'm not seeing anywhere near the amount of salt I used to. Although I've only ever used the forums.
  2. WonderfulWizard

    Let's talk CV Rework after 2 years!

    Say what you will about reworks, love it or hate it, people adapt very quickly. I feel like the rework helps me feel more involved in the action, that's just my opinion though.
  3. WonderfulWizard

    Such innocence must be preserved

    We all need those heartwarming moments sometimes! Hope you gave him a +1
  4. WonderfulWizard

    ST, changes to test ships

    I'm still looking forwards to California. There's something I love about refitted usn standards.
  5. WonderfulWizard

    Super Container Woot!

    The legends are real!
  6. WonderfulWizard

    Brave CV players

    There's nothing to say they can't put some AA mounts on without boosting the tier. Just enough to make a low tier CV work for their points.
  7. WonderfulWizard

    What do super containers look like?

    At this point I have serious reason to press X to doubt.
  8. WonderfulWizard

    Come On WG.. CV are so OP

    I mean for the most part it's people are angry something can attack and sink them without ever being at risk for retaliation. It makes players feel helpless, although you kinda get used to it.
  9. WonderfulWizard

    I present to you all, the ULTIMATE Kill Steal.

    I don't think I can beat that even with a CV.....
  10. WonderfulWizard

    Brave CV players

    They've already put WW2 era secondary batteries on many of the early battleships so adding a new hull with a fictional WW2 refit might make them more survivable.
  11. WonderfulWizard

    Tired of paper ships

    That's very true, I share that sentiment. that's why I have Mainz and I'm currently working on Montana. For me if it was ordered and had some basis in reality it's good enough for me.
  12. WonderfulWizard

    What do super containers look like?

    True, there's also that thing!
  13. WonderfulWizard

    Armored CV vs Unarmored CV?

    Back in WW2 the Germans ability to manufacture had been severely depleted by sabotage and bombing campaigns, so they couldn't get the quality of materials, or the guarantee any quality from the design . On the flip side restored Jumo engines seem pretty reliable when built with modern materials, even if they do sound like weed whackers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Azxzu1sqCU Here's a video of them starting up a 262 with the Jumo engines. Wait! this is supposed to be about CV's, how did we end up on 262's?
  14. WonderfulWizard

    Tired of paper ships

    Just play historical ships yourself, some people like their paper ships. I tend to try keep my lineup historical, which consequently means I have way too many Us and Uk ships...
  15. WonderfulWizard

    What do super containers look like?

    Out of thousands of battles I can count the number I've gotten on one hand..... Even if I click "try your luck" every day...