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  1. TonePatrol

    Stukas / Graf Zep

    Hopefully they reuse the asset for a release of a CV Seydlitz.
  2. TonePatrol

    ST: French Destroyers

    Well, I've loved the french DDs we've seen so far, I look forwards to seeing how they preform.
  3. TonePatrol

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    Le Terrible. She is truly a terrible ship on most maps, however she does have her redeeming qualities. If you play her in and around islands she'll preform very nicely.
  4. TonePatrol

    CV's will be balanced by 0.8.3...

    If I'll be frank I think WG should halt all new content apart from premiums with timed releases and focus those resources on fixing what we already have.
  5. TonePatrol

    How Effective was Battlecruiser idea?

    Very true, but it does seem a fitting label given their heritage. Although let me ask a truly difficult question, What were the Deutschland class?
  6. TonePatrol

    Is everyone having fun?

    Bringing a German Battleship into brawling range is always fun.
  7. TonePatrol

    How Effective was Battlecruiser idea?

    The thing with Alaska is that she's a scaled up Baltimore, not a downsized battleship. @Murotsu You're dead on point there. Alaska has very strong cruiser heritage that can trace it's way all the way back to Brooklyn. She may have outmatched the capabilities of most battle cruisers, but she was still what one might term "The ultimate cruiser". Here's a list of USN hull classification types to give better insight to everyone, it's important to note that Alaska and Guam were listed as "CB" or "Large cruiser", not "CC" or "Battle cruiser".
  8. TonePatrol

    How Effective was Battlecruiser idea?

    I'm not denying that, Hood was extremely powerful for a battle cruiser, however there's a good reason I specified German battle cruisers. The British tended to use thin armor on such ships, in the battle of Jutland it came back to bite them badly. That being said, to attribute flaws in Hood's construction to her sinking is silly. She was sunk by a very lucky shot.
  9. TonePatrol

    How Effective was Battlecruiser idea?

    I'm not defending her classification, but she is based off a Baltimore. Baltimore is based off Wichita, which in turn is based on Brooklyn. In all likelihood her cruiser heritage is what made her a success. She is no doubt powerful enough match actual battle cruisers, even overpower them. I largely consider the Alaska class the only successful ship of that type in WW2.
  10. TonePatrol

    How Effective was Battlecruiser idea?

    The battle cruiser as it was known to the English and the Americans was a colossal failure. They've been called paper tigers and my personal favorite from "The world's worst weapons": "Eggshells armed with hammers and liable to break their own shells if they used them". As for Alaska she still follows the Brooklyn template for US cruisers, so she's a strange exception and her CB designation is fitting in that regard. The Germans on the other hand got the battle cruiser concept right, however they never employed it past WW1 if that says anything.
  11. TonePatrol

    Mouse's Previews of Yukikaze and Montpelier

    Not gonna lie, I was pleased to hear Montpelier was on it's way, however what we don't need is a Cleveland clone. clones just aren't fun. I'd personally like to see Montpelier given the same consumable set as Abruzzi, it would make her interesting to play and provide some extra staying power. As for Yukikaze they really should consider giving her usable stats, IJN DDs don't like to get close to anything, maybe she could trade smoke for a reload booster? Who knows, I'd sure WG will figure something out. I want fun ships with unique and interesting game play.
  12. TonePatrol

    Make me a: Map - 11th to 18th

    Because I'm too lazy to name it we'll call it "Tropics", the point of the map is to provide varied and interesting game play, it's made for tiers 7+. The islands are designed to hide DDs away and provide a decent amounts of cover for cruisers while keeping good lines of sight available for battleships. The theme/setting is obviously the classical Hawaii/Pacific as to keep a nice and colorful aesthetic for people to enjoy.
  13. Honestly I think they shouldn't issue missions that one class is going to do better at, today it seems as if allies are just as dangerous as the enemy. I've dodged more friendly torps today than I've had shot at me by the enemy.
  14. TonePatrol

    Alaska in Co-op

    I play her like the old T9 Balt, it's worked for me so far.
  15. @AdmiralThunder Just do what I do and assume all your teammates are idiots who will make a beeline for your torps, it saves a lot of worry.