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  1. TonePatrol

    NTC is Being Reworked

    Well, we were victorious against NTC, I'm surprised how quickly the entire community banded together.
  2. TonePatrol

    Is save a star hurting ranked games ?

    True, personally I think it wouldn't hurt to make stats invisible outside of the wows website and only have them visible for the player whose stats they are. That at the very least would turn stats back into what they're supposed to be, a tool to help you see how you're doing. Stats were never meant to be the end all be all of gaming.
  3. TonePatrol

    Is save a star hurting ranked games ?

    One thing I will say on this is that there's a balance between getting good stats and playing the objective. Most people who play games neglect going for a win or having fun in favor of stats because they feel it gives them some measure of worth, however as with any individual stat, damage, K/D and other combat stats are worthless. The only time they mean anything is when they're combined with playing the objective as anyone no matter their skill level can go flawless while ignoring the objectives. Keep in mind most players are more than willing to throw the match if it means keeping a star because that way the loss won't effect them. They don't care about the team, they only care about themselves. The incentive to care about the team isn't there.
  4. TonePatrol

    The downvote button is gone

    World of Warships does have a problem with toxicity, there's no debating that, many people I know IRL who have tried it have been called all manner of slurs and insults just for doing badly on their first matches. that's not how you're supposed to treat new players, however it's commonplace and accepted in the community. Removing a downvote button does nothing do fix the underlying problem, the playerbase takes the game way too seriously and takes way too much of their own self worth from it. If WG actually wants to address the state of the community they need better moderation.
  5. I'll have to look at it myself! If you want more, there's a Fritz-x on Roma and Graf Spee has her old raiding disguise and signage amidship.
  6. TonePatrol

    WoWS Assistant

    It would be helpful to say the least.
  7. TonePatrol

    Abruzzi even worth getting?

    Once you get DE on her she begins to shine quite a bit. She's a fun ship in the right hands, my advise would be to watch some game play of her and make up your own mind.
  8. TonePatrol

    Azur Lane Port is nice, except for the mouse

    Are you telling me you don't like little white mouse?
  9. I present you with USS Birmingham.
  10. Russian cruisers are great fun! I just wish I could get better at them.
  11. TonePatrol

    Finished the USN BB grind today

    USN BBs have very good guns, congrats!
  12. TonePatrol

    Even I have had enough.

    Honestly, it would do nothing to fix the meta, people don't care about a fun game, they want stats, they want to be lords of the match who never sink. CVs are very powerful, I've played them, they feel very out of place. In a meta where everyone circles the wagons of course a class that requires no personal risk is going to over-preform, making them not over-preform under such circumstances is impossible, just like how a sniper in an FPS will top the scoreboard in a match where everyone sits under cover. The core problem is the meta itself. in an aggressive meta snipers suffer greatly, their positions get overrun and they get killed off, the same goes for CVs.
  13. TonePatrol

    Players, Vote with your play time

    I don't get on much due to my work, but while I do agree the CV rework was and is still a work in progress, I also think the community is just as big if not a bigger problem than the CV rework is. Personally I think WOWs has seen it's heyday.
  14. TonePatrol

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    Well, it's good to see that at least someone is taking a stand on the issue. You and Lert do great work, the devs should feature your reviews on the homepage, it's hard to find them now and they were so helpful when I was first starting out.
  15. I've been on their discord for a while now, it's one of the best gaming communities I've ever been in.