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  1. Krazycats

    Russian Cruiser Line Split Ideas

    But they'll be fun and engaging, are you sure?
  2. Krazycats

    Russian Cruiser Line Split Ideas

    You don't want the Russians to be the first nation to get missiles in WOWs?
  3. Krazycats

    Russian Cruiser Line Split Ideas

    True, there's plenty of room for South American ships and some additional USN BBs.
  4. Krazycats

    Russian Cruiser Line Split Ideas

    Maybe they could get a few premiums, but the current branch is really the limits of what you can do with the Russians unless there's an archive of Stalin's fleet plans somewhere WG has access to. As far as I know they got Lutzow and that was it for CAs.
  5. I normally only use IFHE for ships that have guns close to 150s, so normally I avoid it on DDs.
  6. Krazycats

    Decided on Thunderer (not Smolensk)

    I love my Salem, she's a fun ship, however for a BB main I'd go read what mouse has to say about Thunderer.
  7. Krazycats

    Naked ships

    Well, people do forget a lot, it could also just be people wanting to conserve resources for the grind
  8. when you've played enough battles you'll see more players.
  9. Well, there's worse ways to use money, why not? It's for a good cause.
  10. I've noticed it, it makes coop more fun if you ask me.
  11. That's very true, the Germans were more or less stuck playing this game of "How much can I build before anyone notices it?" The risk being England and France notice and arm themselves with better equipment, and at that point even France alone would have halted the German advance.
  12. Krazycats

    NTC is Being Reworked

    Well, we were victorious against NTC, I'm surprised how quickly the entire community banded together.
  13. Krazycats

    Is save a star hurting ranked games ?

    True, personally I think it wouldn't hurt to make stats invisible outside of the wows website and only have them visible for the player whose stats they are. That at the very least would turn stats back into what they're supposed to be, a tool to help you see how you're doing. Stats were never meant to be the end all be all of gaming.