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  1. I actually like the K guns mid range to long range they seem to devastate my target anything under 10km i see a lot of misses
  2. i have noticed a definitive rise in the skill if DD players of late
  3. This isnt even about stats to me but more about missions that require Kills and is why i suggested a kill assist ribbon
  4. They need a kill assist ribbon that will grant a kill to most damage for missions
  5. Remove spotting from CV for team!!!! yep a CV main just said that. How does this help CV, ill be able to land drop before some team mate nukes it UGHHHHH!!!! maybe even turn a profit the rest are buff because they wont be spotted by CV's but we need our attacks buffed just slightly so we can protect ourselves maybe even a defense squadron that can only travel say 10 km from cv but has alpha strikes
  6. DavidNXS

    CV class is being deleted

    but they will
  7. sitting there in what? a Hak. Hak bomber are far superior to midway except against DD. Hak rocket are pathetic I getting use to the torps you must be using the mod7 torps to only 2 i use mod 8 gives 4 drops but take more practice to use effectively
  8. I agree the midway deals with DD's far better than Hak, but the torps of Midway are inferior to that of the Enterprise and Saipan and about the same as the rest of T8 cv's as For hak Rockets yea they are even more pathetic than Midway torps and are at the only means for a Hak to deal with a DD
  9. I didnt say i was a great cv player , but ok ill answer you. you have dump planes when facing a blob or watch them disintegrate
  10. DavidNXS

    CV class is being deleted

    More play cv now than before the rework point muted
  11. DavidNXS

    CV class is being deleted

    LOL i have a great life i am a single parent and enjoy this game in my spare time when they are in school. not sure why you are so bitter maybe you should look at your life instead of critiquing mine
  12. I dont agree they not the strongest weapon in CV Hak torps are strongest just got to hit with them which is not easy I like audacious bomber far better than midway Midway has the advantage against DDs with its bombers
  13. DavidNXS

    CV class is being deleted

    These topics are sooo lame: I have been playing cv forever and love the new style it is lots of fun. what was not fun is constantly relearning to play CV every patch change , changes the way you play a CV since rework but i am doing it and getting better. I have played more DD games than any other ship I love DD's but i had to relearn to play them and guess what i am getting better. I suggest you follow suit L2P i know i had to and i still enjoy both styles just wish i could learn to hit a henri in my yammy yikes thats is hard to do