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  1. so say the DD CPT lol DD is easy mode all day long
  2. I play all ships really im like 25% per class lets really take about hindrances. 1) Battleship DD is the true nemesis here low detection allows them to get close or stay at distance and sink a bb in 1 salvo or sit in smoke and burn it down or sit behind a island and burn it down or the good and courageous will run a drive by what defense does a BB have against this 0 fire rate horrendous secondary's nerfed to hell cruiser can sit in smoke or behind a island and wreck havoc or kite and wreck the BB BB defense against this minimal Carrier by far the least threat to a BB yes it can cause quite a bit of damage but the damage is really coming from spotting the bb :::the real protection come from a carriers who can spot the concealed ships and make sniper dds pay::: How is that fair to what is suppose to be most powerful ship in the game. 2)Cruiser by far the most versatile ship for defenses its great against DDs, Carriers even BB's but can be one shotted by a DD or BB with the slightest mistake A cv is gonna get deplaned and cause moderate damage attacking most cruisers Carrier) current state a joke compared to historic value and threat BB if a cv get spotted by anything a BB can one shot a cv or at very least take 25% heath per salvo if in range a cv has no chance to kill a BB before it kills the CV but it can make the BB pay Cruiser it could go 50/50 but with a lean to the cruiser as it can defend itself from the planes DD with recent nerf 0 chance a Carrier will survive if dd want it dead with out a lot of help or a lucky DB Destroyer it was a support ship for BB and carriers not the stealth assassin it is in WG than the historic ship WG portrays it Destroyer is more of a submarine than a Submarine is BB very limited threat to a DD if a DD loses to a BB it was the DD fault Crusier (heavy) very similar to BB DD is overly favored in this match (Light) probably the only threat to a DD in this game Carrier absolute joke the only use of a CV against destroyer is spotting and with the jacked AA of new DDs that is pointless as well So can we stop with all the nerfs against a ship who had such a minor role in WW2 naval battles its job was to hunt Subs and provide support not the gods this game displays them it has destroyed game play look at the mass of horrible DD players in matches 4 -5 DD per match even in ranked all because you nerfed the only true threat to this type of ship
  3. hmm a fleet i9s supported by non combat ship that replenish ammo food water and planes. sure make cv lose all their planes but them a dd,ca,cl,bb should have limited ammo/torps/fuel
  4. win Rate means nothing, but if you could make better matches with Player rating as the measure of a player skill. if you math wiz's could figure that out and cross it over with avg exp per battle then you might have a solid number to work on
  5. What a wonderful Idea Refund requested for all my premium CV's, they gave us this option at the beginning of the rework, but now that they have completely destroyed CV ability to defend itself then yes please refund my purchases
  6. There is nothing fair when it comes to DD's anything that causes them damage gets nerfed look what they just did cv's and have done to CV since the rebuild all of it due to the weakest ship complaining about getting deleted
  7. DavidNXS

    Can CVs please be optional?

    CVB's are useless and yet people still cry
  8. 1) Player Notes: I small log file you can edit about a player that will appear on mouse over in game examples CV sniper always turns out don rely on for support _________ 2) new ship or feature for clan battles Strategic command or flagship no combative ship that allows a extra person (The Caller) that would show Map mode or ocean mode, all spotted ships this ship can be destroyed so the team has to protect it. _________ (3 Rockets planes: a small fix that may go a long way remove the machine gun fire telling the dd how to avoid the strike or have them cause damage ________ 4) increase CV secondary's cause they can defend themselves somewhat from sniper dd's ______
  9. kinda ridiculous that you cant lvl this thing or am i missing something
  10. DavidNXS

    ST 0.10.1, second season of Ranked Battles.

    hate the new ranked system, its horrible and relies way too much on a solid team from a random pool
  11. DavidNXS

    Roosevelt CV interesting

    lol guessing you cant decipher my broken English as stated he hit my ship with 8 to 10 torpedoes twice (two separate runs so yea 16 to 20 torpedo which took me down to about 10% health now how his planes can do that with 2 patrol fighter set up ( launch torp plane activated fighters hit F launched dive bomber and activated fighters PLUS CV AA and he still dropped 2 set of torps on my CV yes this is a test ship, Im just stating the obvious here way OP and yes i will buy it when it become available but for the minute im salty as hell because i got sniped by GOD Powered CV and mucked my navy battle
  12. DavidNXS

    Roosevelt CV interesting

    This did not take 15 minutes it was actually two strike groups in just over 5 mins I can tell you this i have every t10 CV except german (working on it) and my planes get obliterated attacking a CV then my weapon do maybe 25% damage on a perfect strike but there is no 2nd strike on one pass
  13. DavidNXS

    Roosevelt CV interesting

    first 5 mins multiple drop in single runs
  14. DavidNXS

    Roosevelt CV interesting

    ID SAY!! dropped 10 torps on my audious through cv aa and 2 sets of fighters just a little salty due to fact i was in navy battles at the time