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  1. Forget (or another common F-word) Wargaming! But don't walk away from your fans! We already miss you!

  2. McDoob

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    Let's both admit the truth. It's a three way tie between WoWS, sex, and sleep! XD
  3. McDoob

    Tier 10 Submarine Ideas

    Can't actually give an honest opinion. Too busy trying to win 4k xp while EVERYONE tries their level best to kill me... EDIT: Correction, I can give an opinion on your Jap sub idea: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! Give a sub CV powers? ARE YOU MAD?
  4. McDoob

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    For a guy who's sig promises to never spend a dime on this game, your opinion should be weighed against every dollar you spend! In other words...if you don't support a game, you have no say in it's development. t($_$t)
  5. McDoob

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    The worst part of this whole fiasco, is the fact that I cannot generate enough XP in the three hours that WG considers "prime time" to EVEN PLAY A SUB! Unlike the rest of the playerbase, I have a life. Literally, I must choose between sex and this game. Guess which one wins? This game does not. Steal Ocean might have. But, I didn't have a gf back then! Enjoy your night. Probably not as much as I will!
  6. McDoob

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    You are completely missing the point, sir! The uncensored relic of a game I originally referred to is ABSOLUTELY why WG is trying to make subs a thing! That relic also didn't need to spend five years of testing to make them playable! However, thanks to back room politics, that game was murdered. And I'm fairly certain I know which Russian-based game made it happen.
  7. McDoob

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    Found the censorship love, did ya? I'm not talking about tanks. You need to play the sea version of the censored game. What I meant, was that one has the option of directly controlling one's secondaries, or AA guns!
  8. McDoob

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    I choose not to explain the history of CVs in this game to you. And I am not you. I only lift my leg on companies that deserve it.
  9. McDoob

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    Only because the CV players will be squealing in dismay! O! Woe be the CV Win-button past! t(-_-t)
  10. McDoob

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    False. It's best watched with a BOX of salt!
  11. McDoob

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    Unlike many people who have commented on this post, I have actually tried every alternative naval battle game. Anyone else remember Steel Ocean (AKA Steal Ocean)? Sure. It got killed by the company that created it. Not the point. That game had [edited] [OMFG ARE YOU KIDDING ME! WAR TH UNDER is a swear word here?!?!]-style gunplay, AND CVs that weren't game-breakers, AND SUBS THAT WORKED! Kinda makes you wonder...did the company kill it, or was this a contract murder? RIP 2016 Another point to ponder...why has it taken more than five years to keep testing the gameplay they "most certainly did not" try their best to kill? o_O [The censorship only reinforces my point, you stupid fools!]
  12. McDoob

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    09:00-16:00 and 21:00-0:00 I won't convert any farther. You should have consulted Google, before you asked that.
  13. McDoob

    Submarines: How to Play

    ...and some cruisers... Perfect time to get them set up for ASW, though, right? EDIT: Not to mention setting up your other ships. Not everyone can be a sub or a sub-chaser at the same time...
  14. McDoob

    Submarines: How to Play

    Yes, and no. As I said, subs mode is still disabled. As far as getting a sub in your inventory, I have no idea. But...we need to test ASW, too!
  15. McDoob

    Submarines: How to Play

    That's because it's on the Public Test server. Login with your main account.