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  1. Taylor3006

    PSA: More Community Tokens Free

    Yeah the Gorizia never appealed to me one iota and I love cruisers, even the notoriously bad ones like Krispy Kreme. The Virus Unitis is the only one I have a passing interest in just because it would double how many European premiums I own and give me a reason to blow my coal on the European Legendary captain...
  2. Taylor3006

    PSA: More Community Tokens Free

    The tier 7 ships that you can get, that I am missing are the Gordzilla (whatever it is), the Yudachi, and that Russian BB (Pytor something or another). I am gonna do like Ensign Cthulhu mentioned and use my tokens to farm tier 5 crates. The only two I need are the Pan European BB and Sirocco DD so should get those quickly enough, after that doubloons.
  3. In the name of diversity of builds, Wargaming removed options to diversify builds from the skill trees. So yeah, there is that...
  4. Well that explains the high cost of premium ships I suppose... Three thousand a month is pretty good money. I wonder if all Wargaming employees get that much or is that just for people who advertise their product that the employees design, build, and keep going?
  5. Taylor3006

    Lutjens or Napoli

    There really is no hurry, Napoli just got here and they haven't ever pulled a captain from sale (yet). If you have a coupon for Napoli, you have a while yet to use it, let that be your deadline date. Treat your resources like steel & coal, like you would real money and don't let it burn a hole in your pocket. There is no rush.
  6. Taylor3006

    Celebrate Christmas in July with Free Gifts!

    IMHO every dedicated co-op player needs to learn the Operations to farm xp and other goodies. You can do several thousand BXP if you have premium time and do well.
  7. Taylor3006

    Hermes,Cherry Blossom and Dynamo

    The odd thing is if they made a tier 8, 9, or 10 operations, people would flock to it. The grind for those tiers is just awful and if you play just co-op, it is soul sucking. Random battles pay well but they are boring at those tiers. IMHO if they made high tier ops, people would love them as a change of pace and give people reasons to buy higher tier ships (premium & tech tree). I have a quite a few high tier ships that I just don't bother with because co-op does not pay well enough to use them and PvP play is stagnant & boring. Competitive play is fun but just haven't bothered with it for a long while since they started screwing with rewards. Hell I don't even understand how Ranked is done any more, such a convoluted mess.
  8. Taylor3006

    Co-op Ruined (PVE Thread)

    God please come play now... Just had a one star win, really need players who know how to play Newport!
  9. Taylor3006

    Co-op Ruined (PVE Thread)

    I have taken to play OPs again and finding it pretty fun. It pays pretty good, even when you get a bad team and things fall apart.
  10. Taylor3006

    Please welcome Napoli—a new Italian cruiser!

    I never liked the idea of getting a premium ship where the captain build is different than the one used on the tech tree ships or other premiums. A dedicated premium ship captain is fine for competitive play, but is a waste for average players of any stripe. A secondary build Italian cruiser captain is a pretty narrow speciality.
  11. Taylor3006

    PSA: Free Community Tokens from Twitch

    It is starting up for those interested. Good night all!
  12. Taylor3006

    PSA: Free Community Tokens from Twitch

    Ok thanks for clarifying that Slimeball. I worked last night so am trying to stay awake to get the stream going so I can go to bed... But Laal was correct quoting them at 10am CDT because that is what it says for the tokens stream.
  13. Wait I think the one with steel/coal is later this year. I could be wrong but it just occurred to me there is a WoWS birthday and a Wargaming anniversary. Just can not remember which one does what now... I am old and my memory is crap.
  14. Yeah this is looking pretty sucky.
  15. Taylor3006

    PSA: Free Community Tokens from Twitch

    I am guessing that 10am CDT is not Central time because it is 1042 and still no one streaming from WoWS... Was looking at the other drops available today and they start at 11am CDT so maybe CDT is something European or they meant 11am.