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  1. On the tech tree in game. However if you are a new player, get a referral code and you will get two free premium ships and some other stuff you really need.
  2. Yeah I rammed him in my cruiser when he had 50k left and took him out as well. I had the ramming flag, made a huge difference. Only got 4 stars though, think Trans had stopped.
  3. I bought the ship and just finished the mission. Got another 6 point captain and a port slot... I may have gotten credits, not sure honestly. Anyone know how many credits you get if you already own the ship?
  4. Aim at the skull on the bow of the enemy ships. Haven't gotten citadel hits there but it causes huge amount of damage when I hit it with HE (using the cruiser).
  5. Ok thanks for simplifying it for me Paulo! Off to shoot some ships, thanks everyone for the morning excitement!
  6. Ok like I said, I am stupid.. Is the flag the prize or is there more too this? A scavenger hunt of one step isn't much of a hunt...
  7. Your observations are epic! Thanks for the laugh!
  8. Nah it is much easier than that. Click on the "google docs" link he provided. Leads you to a sign up screen. Put the info there. Log into your account and play one game. Got the flag after that... Edited because I just figured out what the OP was saying, I am a dunce. Just click on the google doc link, sign up and play a game and you have the flag... Thanks PauloBR for doing all the hard work!
  9. That is why it is good to have a "personal" email for family, friends, work, banks, insurance, Paypal, eBay, etc that you want either hear from or must do business with. I also have a "public" email that I use for games, forums, and whatnot that I don't mind if the inbox gets cluttered with junk mail. I rarely ever open any mail there as most is just crap. Has made my life much nicer. BTW I have the flag and it has lots of numbers on it. Do I need to translate that to an IP address? Err not on the flag, in the description of that green flag... Hope that makes sense..
  10. In 1992 I started playing my first online MUD. One of the first things you learned back then was to set your own commands for the function keys... 25 years ago you could do this with no problem...... Maybe things are just different in Russia..
  11. It is unbelievable that Wargaming allows you to hear the f key commands of someone you have muted. Many times it is the reason why I mute them! Such a fail on the part of the developers/programmers or whoever allows this to continue. It would be nice to have a "Mute All" button for the enemy team as well. I spend the first minute of the game muting every single one of the enemy. Don't care what they have to say during the match, only want to see what my team is saying.
  12. That is because this is how it is done. I played this scenario probably 100 times last year. The BBs should be the only ones in the circle. The CAs on each side of the circle, and one trailing just a bit behind. The DDs should be up front spamming torps and running away if spotted, their guns are crap. The BBs should stay with Trans, focus on catapults, never switch to HE, and shield Trans where possible. The CAs should be staying to either side of the circle, speeding up and slowing down as needed. Once you get a couple of fires sticking to one of the enemy BBs, switch to another one and do it again. You continue to do this over and over and over again. I don't remember "England" being so aggressive towards Trans last year though.
  13. I wouldn't mind so much if the camo did something other than what the standard camo that comes with her does. Maybe more ramming damage, credits, free xp, or the like, just something..... Personally I see no point other than "it looks cool".. I agree that it is just too expensive for what you get.
  14. There have been many posts about bugs with the Yamamato campaign since the new patch. Haven't seen this one listed yet but they are doing a micropatch this morning to fix the other issues they where having. I wouldn't be surprised if yours is related to that.
  15. Sovereign, I agree. It seems pointless to play again once you get 5 stars (assuming you want a day of premium). It has been a complaint of mine for a while that they put so much effort into these scenarios, including the OPs missions, and yet after a 5 star win, they have zero replay value. IMHO what they need to do is to give out similar rewards for each CLASS of ship. In normal OPs that quadruples the replay value, in the Halloween op, it would triple the replay value and make it a wonderful "mini campaign". It really is a shame that so much effort went into the creation of these missions and yet used so little. It is a terrible waste. The only real prize in most is the 10 point captain. Make the rewards the same except for a 4 star win, change it up to elite xp, free xp, doubloons, consumables, etc.