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  1. Badges Are Frustrating

    There is zero reason not to be able to turn off the emblems since they have no affect on the game. None. Zero. Personally they don't bother me all that much but can see how they annoy others or get in the way of the action. I think the only reason people want the emblems mandatory is because they are narcissists that demand that others see their little pretty when they sink them.. I have been sunk thousands of times in the game, I can't tell you one person's name, can't tell you one clan name, and can not tell you one ship (although I could guess) who has sank my little ships. I can tell you that I won't ever remember anyone's little badge or emblem either, just not important information to me. I had hoped emblems/patches were to decorate my ships, didn't realize that they were put in the game to teabag my fellow players. Wargaming can do whatever it likes with their game, it is kind of silly and immature but I am not surprised. What I do find interesting is they didn't learn their earlier lessons about the ability to hide annoying content that does not affect gameplay like ARP ships. All I can tell them is to take their own advice, "Git Gud".
  2. Can I shut off badges?

    Yes, my bad. Totally meant majority of forum posters, not players. I even mentioned that earlier in this thread or in another related thread. You guys keep mentioning "feelings" and the like, some people just don't like them because they are in the way of the action. Not sure why giving your fellow players the ability to turn off little pretties in the game causes you to get your panties in a wad. Anyways done talking bout this crap, moving over to Reddit from now on since the moderators feel the need to create a safe space. Laters.
  3. Badges Are Frustrating

    Although I disagree about the pop up, I would like to decorate my ships with them. I thought that was how they would be implemented like in WoT. Anything to personalize your ship is a good thing, most players like that ability. Having a little picture pop up on someone else's screen is just stupid. I get why they probably did it, most likely was easier to program instead of giving players something they wanted, give them something kind of like what they wanted and easier to make code for... Maybe they are lazy, maybe they lack the skill to develop that kind of code. Who knows. BTW I haven't played much WoT and haven't played at all in a while. I don't remember a little picture that popped up on my screen when I died there.
  4. You know been thinking about this all night (work nights) and I have to agree. Wargaming does seem a bit sidetracked. Like I have said over and over, I am glad that patches/emblems are in the game for those who like the material, just like I am glad that ARP and HSF stuff is in the game for people who enjoy it. What I dislike is the inability to turn off patches. I like options, I don't like not having options, and I can see why some people hate the new little pictures even though I only find them mildly annoying. I am voting with my wallet, am about complained out. People seem intent on forcing stuff on others who are just not interested in it. If this is the new meta, make ARP and HSF and that terrible Japanese artist's camouflage visible to everyone, even those who want to not see it. Lets force everyone to look at everyone else's version of a virtual pecker and just be done with it.
  5. Ehh someone in another thread mentioned the tea bagging aspect, had to google what it meant in gamers terms. I only knew it as a sexual thing. Found out it is meant as a humiliation or way to intimidate other players. It is stupid but if that is the intent, I am not interested in participating.
  6. Hardly triggered, I was making fun of you and your comments. Not agitated, don't need an inhaler, etc. But keep saying that to yourself if it makes you feel better. Again I ask, what difference to you does it make if someone wants to turn the crap off? It is just absurd not to allow players to choose turning off this silly aesthetic. Players are not asking to opt out of detonations, matches with carriers, matches with DDs or BBs or whatever is considered OP by the poster at a particular moment. This is a pretty, a decoration that is totally meaningless in the game. It has zero utility, zero benefit, and zero usefulness. Turning it off is like turning off ARP and HSF and that awful Japanese camouflage artist's work. The fact that you seem bound and determined to flash your little artwork at whomever you managed to sink seems a bit pathological. The fact that Wargaming did not allow for turning it off is just idiotic. You would think they had learned their lesson with ARP content.
  7. You realize that anyone who is offended probably has turned on the filter for these camos and won't see them.. If you like them, buy them but if you only want to offend the perpetually offended, you are probably wasting your time and money.
  8. Badges Are Frustrating

    Why not give the players the option to turn it off?
  9. OMG How fragile are you when you feel it necessary for others to not enjoy the game? How does it diminish the quality of your life or game that others may not want to see it REGARDLESS of why? The fact that these are in the game to purposely humiliate your opponent as a "tea bag" is just revolting to me know that I know what the the little pictures mean. The fact that others feel a need to diminish others in the game is really disgusting to me now that I understand the dynamic. I play plenty of PvP, I go there to farm rewards and to complete every campaign that Wargaming has made available to me. I prefer PvE because I like blasting boats with my boats. I don't like the meta of PvP where it is more like a first person shooter than a naval combat game. If I were into that kind of game, there are huge numbers of far superior FPS games on the market. You can kiss my furry buttocks with your "safe space" crap. I have zero need to justify my existence or life to the likes of internet trolls.
  10. Badges Are Frustrating

    Yeah I would like to know how many players are forum members (or at least read them). It is a tough call to know whether it is a large percentage of players who are for or against anything in the game based just on forum posts. The only thing you can say is "A majority of forum posters are saying this or that", not "a majority of players are saying this or that". I always try to couch my remarks that way. I actually was fine with patches and the emblems. I was hoping to decorate my ships with them, I did not expect to be putting into someone's face. I thought it would be like in WoT where you have all the stuff on your tank or gun barrel. Personally I am glad they are in the game for those that like this kind of stuff, anything that makes players happy is good for the game. With that said, just wish we could toggle it off or on. Since I found out that these little emblems were for tea bagging your foe, I am disgusted with them. Anything intended to humiliate my fellow players is just poor sportsmanship and I want not part of it. If Wargaming wants to promote poor gamesmanship and poor sportsmanship, fine, they can do as they please. They can just do it without my money. I suppose a cute little meme of me giving Wargaming the bird would be appropriate but since THEY don't like having crap like that pushed in their faces, I will be the better man and not do it. Funny how they make rules to defend themselves against the very behavior they are encouraging in the game. It is pretty pathetic.
  11. The exact thing can be said about the emblem defenders and their egos. The fact people are calling it tea bagging is just pretty repulsive to me and now I am against the implementation of the emblems. I had thought they were cool and was hoping to put them on my ship. But since I now know that it is meant to humiliate the other players, well screw it, remove it from the game or give players the ability to turn it off. Pretty simple. As for Aegis, no I have never played a game before with emblems or "stuff" that pops up in your face. Course I hate first person shooters and don't play them. I guess Wargaming is just getting it's FPS up to snuff.
  12. Can I shut off badges?

    I agree, everyone gets a sinking. If you have a 100% survival rate, we are not playing the same game or you are REALLY hiding well... I am just flabbergasted that Wargaming did not learn from their earlier messes with ARP content.
  13. Can I shut off badges?

    I have been following every thread on this all night, the only defense of the badges is "they look cool". (essentially that). How intolerant of you not to allow a majority of your fellow players to turn off your little picture. Hypocrite much?
  14. Can I shut off badges?

    Lets see a company bending to the will of paying customers....... So when you go to say McDonalds and order a hamburger and they tell you no you get filet of fish, that is ok? Seeing bumper stickers is not the same. It isn't like I have to follow the vehicle for any length of time. People spend lots of time in game, not the same thing. Look I get what you are saying about the perpetually offended. It really is hard to believe we are living in the 21st century where people are screaming about having to listen to opposing points of view (or the like). I would have never imagined my beloved country would turn into the intolerant bleating sheep that it has become. With that said we are talking about a game aesthetic, not mechanic, and one that bothers quite a few of your fellow players for whatever reason. There is no good reason, NONE, not to allow it to be turned off.
  15. Ahh crap forgot about the Bourgnine (or whatever it is called).. Dang it you are correct, my apologies people.