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  1. Taylor3006

    Exeter Event - More Mission Issues For Co-op

    LOL @ oversight... TIL that Wargaming developers don't understand how their own game works....... Git Gud Wargaming, just git gud.
  2. Of all the issues in and with the game, this is just an absurd idea. Who cares? What would be the point? Why would any rational person even ponder utilizing resources to do this? I have seen loads of stupid ideas suggested, this one is probably in the top 5....
  3. Taylor3006

    Server issues

    There was a big jump in port lag with the carrier rework and if that wasn't annoying enough, now the lag is in the game like you describe. I have even started experiencing crashes of the game itself and being dumped back to the log on screen. It is all very annoying and makes for a terrible experience playing the game. Eventually it will become intolerable and we will lose more players. Wargaming really needs to get it together and deal with issues other than carriers to fix the game. They seem totally unable to do more than one thing at a time.
  4. Taylor3006

    Excess Credits

    I think this is my problem and a problem with the game as a whole. It is set up assuming players want to get to tier 10 and play there. I pretty much find that my favorite ships are tier 8 and lower and feel there really isn't a point to playing high tier ships. Other than Missouri, I have no tier 9s that I play and usually free xp past them to unlock tier 10s which I don't bother playing either unless needed for a specific event. I could care less about legendary modules as well so I play my mid tier ships. IMHO the only reason to get tier 10 ships is to use them to farm the annual rewards of owning them. The economy is just too punishing to play them without a permanent camo and I just can not justify spending that kind of money for ships I don't really feel like playing. Face it, the "end game" in WoWS is kind of boring.
  5. Taylor3006

    Excess Credits

    Although I do not disagree with your math, the premise is flawed because you can not buy coal with credits. My argument is that the currencies are just too specialized and thus the in game economy is silly. To fix this, all "currencies" in the game need to be able to traded for all other currencies. Imagine having dollars you could only spend on food and different money that could only be spent on clothes (I hope you see where I am going). The economy would be a mess just like it is in the game and that is why they have to make "temporary currencies" for events. It is all just stupid but in defense of Wargaming, temporary currencies are the best way to deal with in game inflation or deflation. Unfortunately it also devalues the existing currencies even more. It should be addressed before we end up with a collapse.
  6. Taylor3006

    Excess Credits

    Anything in the game available for purchase with doubloons, money, coal, steel, etc, should have a credit equivalent otherwise the in game economy is meaningless. It probably is too late to fix this though, should have been done earlier in the life of the game. This is why Wargaming had to add in all the alternate currencies because credits are totally valueless.
  7. Taylor3006

    Excess Credits

    LOL you are probably right. I just use the coupons when they renew since the flags are so expensive even with the coupons.
  8. Taylor3006

    Which steel ship to get

    I love my Flint but I love the smoking cruisers like Belfast, Kutuzov, Perth, and HuangeMeh. The Flint is just so much fun, she has replaced the Kutuzov when I need a ship to play PvP. I have my 19 point Cleveland captain in her and just have a blast killing bots or human captained boats. IMHO they are all very versatile and do pretty well, even when uptiered. I own close to 70 premiums, most of those I have purchased and can say in all certainty, no regrets getting Flint.
  9. Kiz quoted a WeeGee who said it was an oversight and should have been doable in co-op.. I really think the people who design these missions don't actually play the game or are just clueless. If the Exeter was a decent ship and worth owning, I would be more upset than I am. I really don't care about it and only kind of want it assuming they will buff it in the future. A decent co-op player should be able to farm "First Blood" achievements in PvP fairly easily. Use a cruiser and that way you may be able to get detonated as well. Using a ship like Nelson and you should be able to farm Dreadnaughts and Fireproofs, assuming after you take enough damage, you retreat and don't take part in the action. Just hide to survive and don't worry about winning or losing. Play to the achievement. A good smoking cruiser like Flint, Kutuzov, or Belfast should be able to get a Witherer fairly easy. I accidently got one playing a PvP match and had to ask what it was as I had no clue. Of all the ones I listed, probably the hardest to get outside of Detonation since it has some RNG associated with it. Atago may work for Dreadnaught as well since after taking fire and surviving, you can run and hide pretty easily. I have several of those achievements and IIRC all in Atago.
  10. Taylor3006

    Excess Credits

    That is what I have been spending credits on. I just use the coupons and stock up on those that I am low on (under 1000 flags). They are pretty expensive but I have a half billion credits and nothing I want.
  11. I don't remember those honestly except for the ones in PvP that are like that. I was talking about the achievements you get early on for collecting like 10 containers, researching ships, and getting credits. There are a handful of those and was told a long while back, they did not count as "achievements" for special events that require them. The only achievements that have been available in co-op are the Four Goal Haul which was a limited time thing, and an event a long while ago where there was like 15 different achievements to get (some really odd ones at that). My memory is crap but I seem to remember another event where you could get achievements that was tied to a collection, but again was a long time ago but they were doable in co-op as well. Some of the scenarios have achievements associated with them and Wargaming has never said one way or the other if they count. I know the Dunkirk specific achievements did count but unsure if the others where you need to kill so many auxiliary ships, save Jenkins, or the like, count for events like this.
  12. LOL yeah of course you farmed achievements in co-op...... I can think of just a few times that was even possible, all special events unless we are counting the one time achievements like for earning credits or collecting crates (and those don't count for events)..
  13. Taylor3006

    Carriers in PVE

    The big problem is with carriers themselves. They used to be able to do well even in PvE but now, not so much. I haven't seen a carrier in co-op score better than mid range but they are almost always one of the bottom two on the human team. Friendly bots are actually doing better than carriers. The extra BB on the bot team is a problem and if you are playing cruisers, it can be a nightmare. Just have to play more cautiously is all and not rush in like the olden days. I find moving at half speed until the battle unfolds helps.
  14. Taylor3006

    HMS Implacable for free?

    Wargaming does like to put things in a manner to make it difficult to gronk. For a company that wants to be transparent, they do everything possible to muddy communications. I can not figure out if it is intentional or because something is lost in translation. Either way I just quit listening/reading to anything from Wargaming and rely on forum posters and Reddit users to translate what they say into something a bit more comprehensible.
  15. Taylor3006

    1,620 Florins....

    I think the whole thing was set up for you to buy the crowns in Arsenal and several of the crates. Definitely an eyeroll moment for me as I only wanted the "stuff" that was in the carrier packages, not the actual ships. Well other than to sell them for credits.