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  1. Well I have gotten my fair share of super containers and other than a hydro, smoke, and radar special module, have never gotten anything of interest from one. I suppose the contents of a SC shouldn't affect whether you spend money on the game or not, probably the big question is "Are you having fun?". If so and you are interested in supporting the game, get some premium time or a ship. If the answer is "no", don't spend money. I find I am happier now that I am not spending money on the game. When they change things or add things that I would normally get angry about as a paying customer, now it doesn't bother me as much. I feel a twinge of anger then laugh at the sheer silliness of it and move on with my life. Honestly the only thing that keeps me playing the game is collecting my two crates a day so I bring in oil for the clan as well as a tiny chance of getting a nice prize.
  2. New resources inbound dev blog

    HERETIC! TREASON! Someone get a rope...... Making the game better is hard. Adding "stuff" is easy.
  3. I saw that movie.. Two lesbian math teachers locked in a supply closet... VHS porn was the best porn...
  4. I agree totally. I think what the OP meant was it is a waste of your free time. That would make more sense.
  5. New resources inbound dev blog

    I want to agree with this sentiment but find that reality destroys expectation. The addition of more "stuff" for WoWS has been nothing but disappointing and has gotten to the point when they announce something new my first reaction is literally, "meh". The last interesting thing they added to the game from my perspective was ship horns. They were fun, abuse resistant, and added an interesting touch to the game. Everything that has come since whether it is an event or addition to the game has been underwhelming and unexciting. The game has become boring and there is an adjective you don't want ascribed to a computer game.
  6. New resources inbound dev blog

    I agree, just think it is just redundant. We already had Free XP, Coal is just pointless. I can only guess they didn't want players using money to buy Free XP, otherwise it makes zero sense. It hardly matters, I really could give a crap about what they do. It is their game, they say that in that little disclaimer players are forced to agree to if they want to play. I have long since quit giving my money to them, I expect that soon I won't bother giving them any of my time.
  7. So the Hood is on sale..

    I really didn't want the Hood but bought her anyways from the Tech Tree using discount doubloons. I figure I am only out $10 or so for it so went ahead. It is ok, plays like a big, slow, clumsy cruiser and less like a BB. Didn't notice a big problem with dispersion against the bots (played one co-op match in her) but you should skip the Damage Control Mod II and go with the Rudder Shift Module instead. She turns like a tub even with that in place.
  8. LOL yeah and they will probably add all that silliness they have in WoT with cigarettes, pot pies, donuts, etc. It has just gotten so out of hand that I never even bother with WoT any more and have zero interest in WoWP. I really wish they would focus on making the game more interesting, adding maps, fixing the problems in the game, etc and just stop with adding more crap that no one has asked for. In all my life I have never seen a company so out of touch with their customers.
  9. - IAMCOMMANDER - Time to VOTE

    I agree totally Krimzon. He is the kind of player I don't want to play the game with and honestly I don't even want in my life. He is a superior player but him and his ilk make the game no fun and rewarding people for bad behavior is just abborrent to me.
  10. New resources inbound dev blog

    Most certainly this. Heck one reason I can not stand WoT is because the huge numbers of "things" in the game. Just information overload with the addition of pot pies, sodas, cigarettes, bonds, etc. I don't care what they are or what they do, when I played the game a bit I just ignored everything. What finally killed WoT for me was every time I opened the Garage I was just inundated with tasks, missions, announcements, etc. It was noxious and just tiresome so gave up on it completely. I expect WoWS to go the same route.
  11. Premium Ship Doubloon Compensation

    Don't get me wrong, not advocating it but I see the logic in it honestly. You are right, the blowback from the players would be apocalyptic and probably kill the game. The F2P model is not going anywhere, they are stuck with what they started. The game is what it is and I don't see anything that will change things up to really increase the player base by any significant numbers. IMHO Wargaming is banking on keeping the Welfare Warriors happy with the new resources and trying to introduce new ships to keep the Wallet Warriors satisfied. They really should focus on player retention and getting players who left the game back. There probably isn't a significant amount of people who are interested in this type of game out there that haven't tried it. Just my opinion, could be wrong.
  12. I honestly don't think Wargaming cares about matchmaking as I find the "queue time" argument to be specious. If they really wanted to decrease how long it takes to get into a match, the easiest method would be to reduce the team size to 10 players per side. IMHO they want matchmaking to be "unfair" to help drive lower tier players into the upper tiers where they make more money even though from my experience it only drives players either out of the game or into co-op like it did me.
  13. New resources inbound dev blog

    As someone who really does not participate in CW or Ranked I agree. The original intent of the reward ships was to reward players of those modes, seems a no brainer. The inclusion of Steel made sense, it helped out those participants who lacked the skill, patience, or just persistence to acquire the rewards by giving them a long term method of getting them just by participating. Coal and now these new resources just seem stupid and redundant. All of the "coal prizes" available thru Arsenal could have very well been given out using credits, doubloons, or Free XP without the inclusion of more resources. It really seems a waste of effort.
  14. Premium Ship Doubloon Compensation

    I am beginning to see the logic in this thinking. Maybe they should make players have premium accounts for certain things like Clan Wars or Ranked battle. The ability to focus on improving the game instead of adding more crap would be easier if Wargaming knew what their budget was going to be. Use the FTP model to attract players into normal PvE and PvP play but if a player wants more, he needs to pay for it.
  15. - IAMCOMMANDER - Time to VOTE

    This is why I don't care for Flamu as well. He may be a great player but I just can't stand listening to his crap. Add to that I have a hard time understanding him and it just does not make for someone that I want to listen to on the Youtubes. Jingles is far more an entertainer IMHO. Maybe not the best player, probably don't get the best advice from the Gnome, but he makes it all fun and that is why he has so many followers on Youtube. It really is that simple.