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  1. Taylor3006

    QoL idea: sorting Collections & Campaigns

    It has been suggested before at least once that I remember. I suppose to get action on it, need Jingles or one of the big CCs to champion the idea...
  2. Taylor3006

    QoL idea: sorting Collections & Campaigns

    Great ideas, these are real quality of life improvements!
  3. Taylor3006

    USS Marblehead & USS Arizona Postal Cachet

    I have been a stamp collector my entire life, even worked a few years at a stamp store. These are called "covers" by collectors and they can be had fairly cheaply for those of you wanting memorabilia of your favorite ships. They were quite common from the late 1920s onward. Even covers from the USS Arizona can be had for a few dollars. Course those with significant dates (ie a cover from the AZ postmarked Dec 5 1941) would cost more. I have found many for sale for $1 but there are some that will sell for much more. Those are usually more artwork than anything else, watercolors were commonly used to illustrate the envelopes. Fakes are uncommon for normal covers commemorating holidays or port calls so you can buy them confidently. I am only familiar with covers from US ships, am sure other countries had them but never have seen them mainly because this isn't an area of philatelic interest to me (covers). If you can name a US ship of the 20th century, there are probably covers available and had for a really small price. BTW passage thru the Panama Canal was commonly commemorated with a cover. The cover from the AZ shown was actually cancelled aboard ship by hand. The top cover is not actually from the ship, note the postmark from North Dakota. It was probably just a fancy cachet from someone associated with Marblehead. A ship's cancellation will have the ship's name inside the "circle" of the cancel like the Arizona cover shows.
  4. Taylor3006

    [PSA] HMS Dreadnought Mission

    I have played the game every day since I started, missing only one day when my internet went out. Getting the dailies done can be a slog in PvE because of the low pay out and can be a hassle in PvP because a win is required. You can get them done quickly in OPs if you can find a group to division with. Personally some OPs are better than others, I prefer Dynamo and keep a special captain and my Sims spec'd for this OP. I love it because you can do it with 4 players so you don't need a full division unlike many of the other OPs. It is a fairly easy mission so you can deck out your ships with full signals and rare camos to maximize your earnings. I generally play a couple of hours in co-op grinding whatever ships I am trying to advance and that gets me thru the first daily and started on the second one. Playing Dynamo twice, will finish it off quickly and hassle free. The upside is the superb earnings over the other play modes. I expect if you just did Dynamo three or four times, it would compete both daily missions in around one hour of playing.
  5. Wasn't that just the best deal ever? I mean you only have to go back into the forums and see the excitement of it all. IIRC only Blasto had a difficult time of it.... I am pretty happy with the idea of the steel and coal missions. Pretty much doubt that it will be a huge amount of steel honestly, but enough to whet the appetite of the casual player like me to go into the more competitive modes and earn enough to get the ships. Right now I only get steel from Ranked play, not into Clan Battles. At the rate I am getting steel in Ranked, it will take me 7 more years to buy the cheapest steel ship..... If the steel mission cuts a few years off of that then what is there to complain about? The missions are really a win for everyone except maybe for the super elite players who can pretty much get what they want now. For competitive players, the extra steel will help. For casual players, getting some steel will either motivate them to get more or will allow them to convert what they get into coal and get something else. Since Wargaming is going to sell the mission, they win as well. Really don't see the harm in it.
  6. Taylor3006

    DD's in coops

    Yeah that is it. Only speak for myself, never claimed otherwise but thanks for trying to project on me. Could absolutely care less what you think.
  7. Taylor3006

    DD's in coops

    I literally just explained that in the post before yours.
  8. Taylor3006

    DD's in coops

    Because when "they" say it, they are intentionally denigrating the players. It is that simple. The detractors go on smugly insulting then whine about being "attacked" when people like me smack them back. There are literally thousands of posts along this vein all over the forums. I can not even imagine what the mess that would ensue if the very same thing happened with PvP related threads and coop players poked them with a stick. Understand this, I spend lots of times on the forum and can not remember ONE co-op related thread that didn't have some obnoxious fart sniffer posting about "easy mode" or the like. It is done with malice and intended to denigrate people who play the game. It is also non constructive to the conversation, hence a violation of TOS (I said EULA earlier by mistake) and yet not one moderator has done anything about it the entire time I have used this board. It is little wonder why players like me respond as we do.
  9. Taylor3006

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    I cannot count how many times I have taken a red carrier out of the fight by killing all its planes and yet someone just has to chase it down even though the battle is still going on... There is something about killing a carrier that just makes people stupid.
  10. Taylor3006

    Question for owners of the Flint and Black

    Yeah has been discussed ad nauseam here in the forums. After the economic rework a long while back, someone did the math and came up with the numbers. You can make ALMOST as much playing PvE as you can in PvP (assuming a 50% win rate in PvP) because you can get 3 or 4 PvE matches done in the same amount of time you do one PvP match. Sheer numbers of games keeps the average co-op player not only in the black, but competitive in the "grind". There is a huge difference in credits on a win (in either mode) as opposed to a loss. Tier 8+ ships played in co-op without a premium account (or signals) will almost always cost you credits, sometimes shockingly so. I have placed at the top of the scoreboard and lost credits on a win playing PvE. You have to do really well playing the mode or buy premium time to earn a profit with most ships of high tier. There are exceptions of course like Salem, Tirpitz, Missouri, Musashi, and Atago. I think I might have missed one.. What you want to see in a co-op match is players who are not very good so you can farm the bots. Remember you are not competing against the bots, you are competing against your team for points. Only when the bots get the upper hand do you really need to focus and work together to secure the win.
  11. Taylor3006

    DD's in coops

    Umm I am poking fun at you because of your snarky comment. That is it. Well that and your whining about being attacked and picked on because you can dish it out and can not take it.
  12. Taylor3006

    DD's in coops

    Yeah, no. Every PvP match a human team wins save for those very few draws that occur. I think I have 3 or 4k games in PvP and remember only one draw in that mode.
  13. Taylor3006

    Question for owners of the Flint and Black

    In PvP play I can play a match and lose and earn as much credits as I can playing a co-op match and winning.... A win in PvP pays out an astronomical amount compared to a win in PvE. That is why many co-op players farm OPs because they pay out quite well compared to normal PvE play. One reason I play PvP is to grind up stock ships faster. Doesn't matter if I win or lose, will make credits and more xp than winning in PvE. The disadvantage to PvP is that it takes so freaking long and the matches are snorefests so I tend only to go there in tier 8+ ships since I can lose credits playing them in co-op, even on a win. Add to that the tiny minority of nasty players who make the PvP crowd look bad and the whole thing is just a bad experience.
  14. Taylor3006

    DD's in coops

    What I said is it is different. I was poking fun at someone mentioning "statistical whatevers" when the truth of statistics is you can bend them to mean almost anything. I said that humans win close to 100% of the time in PvP, in PvE, notsomuch. Sorry didn't mean to make it so complex for you.
  15. Taylor3006

    Question for owners of the Flint and Black

    I bought the Musashi thinking I just wanted another tier 9 to farm steel with when the event hit the live server. I could have gotten Kron or Mooshashi and what pushed me to the IJN ship was the big guns that could pen ships thru the bow. If you have played co-op, you know the bots come at you nose first... It is annoying.. Anyways first or second game with her, I got a citadel on a bot Missouri who was nose to me. It was great, and fell in love with the ship. I can say that she earns good credits on top of that, haven't lost any which in itself is a good thing. I have been placing in the middle or upper spots in the scoreboard, nothing spectacular yet and she nets me just a bit under 100k credits, usually right around 80k, per match. I have NOT played her without premium time yet, but from the looks of it, will still not lose credits either. I had one especially bad match in her where I didn't score more than 20k damage before being done in by a Minotaur, but again did not lose credits although it may have been close without premium time. No