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  1. Taylor3006

    Changes to Twitch Drops in Update 0.10.5

    Yeah this is one change I am fine with since it is an addition to the crates and not replacing them. The community tokens idea is solid IMHO and is a good way to reward PTS users long term and gives them a "currency" besides doubloons to throw around for events. What is annoying is just how many currencies there are in the game, it is just getting silly at this point.
  2. Taylor3006

    Buy modules to test ships? wth?

    The way it has worked in the past is that once the event is over, the upgrades you buy are demounted for free and put in your inventory so you can use them on your ships. It is an annoying feature but you don't lose anything in the end. I expect this event works the same way.
  3. Taylor3006

    Grand Battle is just awful

    Honestly I will play PvP to complete campaign missions or to farm low hanging fruit rewards but I stay mission focused. Don't really care about wins or stats, just do what I need done and get out. When Ranked had some really cool, historical flags available, I would play to get those and then bail, but nothing of any real interest to me has been offered in a while now. One way I dealt with the nastiness of PvP was at the beginning of the match, I would mute the entire red team unless there was someone playing there that I knew. During the match, anyone on my team who was mouthing off got muted or blacklisted depending on what they were saying, even if not directed at me. WoWS and WoT are the only online multiplayer games I have ever participated in, where I found the need to do such things as SOP. Tanks has made it easy by allowing the total muting of all messages save those from Friends. Might as well be a single player game IMHO.
  4. Taylor3006

    Grand Battle is just awful

    Well your sentence structure is atrocious, but I am genuinely curious if there are any numbers that support an assertion of that sort. Just for the record, I was not taking anything to heart, really don't care all that much. More interested in actual data than people's "feels", including my own. Having grown up in the era of yo momma jokes, offending me would be well beyond the ability of a faceless, nameless internet entity.
  5. Taylor3006

    Grand Battle is just awful

    And you think those of us who play co-op have an interest in this new mode? Seriously? Kind of curious since you are a volunteer moderator, what are the numbers of co-op players who play special PvP modes? Can you cite anything that gives you access to information that shows those of us with thousands of co-op battles play any of the temporary PvP modes or are you just making up crap? I have been playing just for a few years and can think of only one PvP special event I participated in, something with weird rocket space ship destroyers because the rewards were low hanging fruit. But yeah, am sure that it is the PvE players waddling into the PvP event and destroying the fun of those there. Honestly unless you can cite numbers, I think you are just full of it.
  6. Yeah but is it Canadian bacon or real bacon?
  7. Taylor3006

    Wargaming In The News

    Something like this would bring the Texas Rangers from DPS over to visit... They work closely with the Feds on these matters.
  8. Taylor3006

    USS Texas 1892.

    I always loved the pre dreadnoughts, such cool looking ships. Really a missed opportunity here to put some actual fun into the game. I am sure they could shoehorn them all into tier 2 or just give them their own tier.
  9. One reason for this was you scored bigly for shooting down aircraft with RTS carriers. I would conserve my attack aircraft or use them as bait for human players and then shoot down all their fighters. It was important to do this as early in the match as you could while your fleet still hadn't taken much damage so their AA was still effective against the enemy attack planes. Once the red fighters were dealt with, the attack planes were easy pickings for my fighters. Countering the enemy CV was a huge part of the RTS system and killing planes really helped you score XP. Fighting bot carriers was essentially the same thing, you just had to get used to the rhythm of what the bot was launching and where they were headed. Post rework there was a mission for shooting down planes so I decided to use a CV to ensure I would have one in a PvE match. It was an awful experience as I tried my best to drop fighters into the path of oncoming red aircraft. I think all I managed doing this was a single plane kill. It was pathetic. I had moved my carrier into a cap so I pushed thru it towards the bot carrier and managed to position myself between the bot carrier and the rest of my team. I got most of the plane kills I needed for that mission and it was the last time I actually tried to use the reworked CVs correctly. Now I only break them out for spotting missions. I get all the spotting done early and move the ship in for a ram or to attract fire away from my team. Not having the ability to protect your team against incoming aircraft, is the biggest single failure of the new system.
  10. Taylor3006

    Ise Review for the PvE Player.

    Oddly enough, this was the big reason I went ahead and bought the ship. Playing BBs in co-op can be a PITA if you are in the "wrong" spot. Having attack aircraft available to allow you to keep attacking if the red bots are on the other side of the map is a good thing. I don't expect the planes to do much against a carrier but it will give me something to do as I try to get into gun range.
  11. CVs in co-op don't usually score really big numbers because the matches do not last very long. IIRC the average match is less than 8 minutes. This really cuts into their earnings and at tier 10, it will bleed you dry in a carrier even with premium time and camo. What you want is a match where you are the only human player with a team of bots and the game will go on for a good 15 to 20 minutes (usually). When I still played CVs, I would play in the wee hours where I would be the only human on the team and could do really well. It is how I unlocked my high tier CVs back in the RTS days by only playing PvE. One trick I used to do with my carrier is to go forward with the fleet and get caps. When the red bots spot a carrier, they will shoot at you and leave your team alone so they can often finish them up. Carriers have a good HP pool so you can tank a bit of damage for the team. It also means less time flying to target and that is a big help too. AdmiralThunder is probably a really good person to ask your question to and I hope he sees this thread. He is probably better versed on making credits with CVs playing co-op than I am since I abandoned playing them post rework.
  12. Taylor3006

    How Long Before Ise is Removed From Sale?

    Well you need to remember that the ship when purchased, comes with an unlimited 200% bonus to XP for 30 days too. I expect that after a month or so, you might see fewer of the ships in game but for right now, there are probably a lot of players taking advantage of that to train captains or build ECXP.
  13. Taylor3006

    Ise Review for the PvE Player.

    Killing a carrier with planes launched from battleships seems funny to me.
  14. Taylor3006

    Ise Review for the PvE Player.

    Yeah I don't even want any more premium ships but am considering buying Ise because it is weird.
  15. Of all those, I really enjoy the Munchen but I really enjoy cruisers and cruiser play. Such a comfortable ship to play with fast firing guns, good maneuverability and speed, and torps to boot. That said, I only play co-op so PvP players may have a different take on the ship.