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  1. Taylor3006

    RN Campaign kind of Meh now...

    Yeah this was not thought thru very well. Actually the whole UK DD marathon is just getting old. I hate destroyers and won't mess with them post event so it has really started to get annoying for me. They really could have just shortened it a bit, dragging it out for no good reason is stupid. When a event is over, a player should think "that was fun" or the like. Instead I expect to feel "glad that is over". There won't be any fond memories of the struggle, just another forgettable event in a long list of forgotten events.
  2. Taylor3006

    Why is the Salem so bad?

    Actually the Salem does pretty well for a tier 10 in the credit making department. She is no Missouri but I use Salem in coop and unlike every tech tree tier 8-10, the Salem will always earn credits. Granted not tons on an average match (20k ish) but on a decent match you can get 50 or 60k without signals or premium time. That is in co-op! I can only wonder what she can do in PvP where earnings are much higher. Tier 8+ ships played in PvE will lose money consistently on average matches. You really have to score well to earn credits with them.
  3. Taylor3006

    Cossack vs. Lightning?

    It has lots going for it if you like cruisers. The big problem with Cossack is you only have the 4 torpedoes and it can be a problem dealing with the tier 10 ships your end up fighting. The floaty shells can make dealing with other DDs a bit problematic as well.
  4. Sounds like a plan, will be there with bells on.
  5. It is much ado about nothing as I have no interest in the flag. I only want the prizes leading up to that so am ok with the long drawn out process. Personally I wish we could sell/dump the vanity flags since I have so many that I will never use and they just clutter up the inventory making it difficult to find the ones I actually do enjoy flying...
  6. Meh, figures. It is only "easy" when you spend the doubloons/elite xp/free xp to respec a captain and change out modules on the ships to maximize AA. I found the Russian DDs worked really well too. I hated Sunray when it first came out, I don't look forward to playing it again. Luckily I don't care about anything other the oil from the crates so looks like I won't need a 5 star win.
  7. Yeah going to see if I can rustle up a division this weekend, farm Dynamo again since everyone is familiar with it and it is so rewarding. I would rather play it twice to get the stars than one of the others 7 times or more.... The others really suck, you can not count on a win and even if you get one, they don't pay out well. With Dynamo we can make loads of XP and get the UK missions done quickly. Looks like there are two missions where you need 7 stars so it will be better than the other OPs.
  8. Gee you would have thought that someone would have realized this before the patch went live and reversed the order to accommodate....... <insert face palm here>
  9. Taylor3006

    Black Friday - Don’t Like it? Don’t buy it.

    I have to agree with your point that selling a reskinned ship is going require little effort and should be all profit assuming everyone is fine with it. The problem is what your customers think. This isn't Hollywood where any press is a good thing. The free market is brutal and if customers feel slighted, or believe someone is trying to take advantage of them, things can turn nasty quick.
  10. Taylor3006

    Black ship profit logic

    Ditto. The Aigle crates broke me of my loot box gambling habit. Glad to be rid of it. The really odd thing is I couldn't tell you what has been in any crate I have opened in months. I literally do not pay it any attention at all. The only reason I like crates and will do my best to win them, is for the oil they give. That is it. The contents have been "meh" for so long I really don't care.
  11. Taylor3006

    PSA-Saving Transifshegetssunksyoulosevania

    It has a portal but not the taint. The one you are thinking of is the second Halloween mission, forget its name. This one is where you escort Transylvania thru the catapults and Mikasas and the boss ship is Rasputin (Nikolai).
  12. Taylor3006

    Black Friday - Don’t Like it? Don’t buy it.

    The whole thing is just stupid. There is literally no good reason not to sell the permanent camos by themselves. Not giving your customers options is a fail of epic proportions. I do agree with the premise if you don't like it don't buy it. That is exactly what many consumers do every day all over the world. Pointing that "superpower" out to them is kind of inane and juvenile. We don't have to be told that, we know it already. What people forget is if you don't want to be criticized for silly behavior, especially in business, don't do silly stuff in the free market. That is how businesses learn to respond to the wants/needs of their customers. People are complaining because they care about the health of the game. If there were no posts about the black ships, I would be worried. People only bother to interact when they feel they have a vested interest. If everyone was indifferent, the game would die. What Zoup is essentially doing is criticizing the players who care about the game and telling them to shut up and just not spend money... Again I don't have to be told to not spend money, kind of a "no duh" moment but the forums are specifically designed to pass information from Wargaming to it's customers and from players to Wargaming. If Wargaming does not want feedback, well that is a different kettle of fish. Zoup would have been more a service to the community by posting a video explaining that the black ships and permanent black camos were identical to their "normal" counterparts. The confusion regarding the one use black camos and people thinking that the black ships will have these bonuses may lead players to buy them thinking they will get all the extra benefits that is being discussed here and on Reddit. Clearing that up for his viewers would have been admirable.
  13. Taylor3006

    Black Friday - Don’t Like it? Don’t buy it.

    No they are not selling the permanent camos for the ship. If you want a black Atago for instance, you have to buy the black version of the ship even if you already own Atago.. Lemme put the Reddit link here:
  14. Taylor3006

    Black Friday - Don’t Like it? Don’t buy it.

    Not spending money is the exact way to deal with companies that offer bloat. One only has to read the forum and Reddit posts to see why people were a bit perturbed by this turn of events. People who owned the ships already but wanted the black camo were shut out unless of course, they spent money on the same ship only black. IIRC they did the same thing in WoT and that went poorly as well. I have zero problem with profit, but as a consumer I like options. It is a no brainer to offer the black ships AND the black camos for those who already own the ships. I expect there are a few people who will go for the black ships, there always are. I kind of appreciate this kind of behavior from companies. It really makes it quite easy for me not to spend money. Mainerd they clarified that. The Black ships and camo are identical to the normal premium versions. People got the single use black camos confused with the black permanent camos.
  15. Taylor3006

    PSA: Use your coupons in the arsenal now

    The crates were disappointing. I did spend the last bit of mine on some because I wanted the oil. The contents were just terrible.