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  1. Taylor3006

    Equipment sale?

    In December a few years back, I was waiting to use my Resource coupon before it expired. Wanted to see if there were going to be any holiday sales. My dumb butt had a heart attack, ended up in the hospital for a few days. The doctors were running all sorts of tests and I kept telling them I needed to go home. They finally asked me why I was in a hurry to get out of the hospital.... I was a bit too embarrassed to say exactly why so told them I had a phobia about being in hospitals.... They tried to give me a sedative to help me relax... I realized my mistake then... They finally let me go after much fussing but it was the one time, I risked my life to get back into the game.. My wife was not happy... I did get to use my coupon though so it was worth it.
  2. Taylor3006

    My last post most likely

    Take care of yourself @landedkiller and good luck on Discord.
  3. Taylor3006

    Equipment sale?

    This is exactly my situation now. All the ones that need equipment are tech tree ships that I only use now for snowflake events. I removed all the equipment from all my tech tree ships a long while back since I never used them once I was done unlocking the next ship. Then they made that change for snowflakes where is you do really well, you can remove snowflakes off of other ships. I figured the smart move was to equip the ships I do best in (cruisers) with good gear and captains to get higher scores so I wouldn't have to play the stuff I dislike (CVs, Slow BBs, subs). I am hoping for a sale before Thanksgiving so I will be ready for Christmas snowflake season.
  4. Taylor3006


    This is the kind of weirdness I will miss the most. Just random silly things that make me laugh. I love all the game stuff, but I really come for the grins. You people are always good company.
  5. Taylor3006

    Give it six months

    I don't know about them reinstating the forum. Wargaming hates to admit a mistake and will double down on stupid instead. As long as there are whales to harpoon, they will do as they please. The rest of us are just small fry, they can take it or leave it, the big money is what they want.
  6. I think since we survived midnight CST where Wargaming has an office, we are thinking it will be 0500 CST when the game resets. Course we could be wrong, no telling what is going to happen.
  7. LOL. I am out of uptoots since this morning so all you get is the lol.
  8. Taylor3006

    End of the Forum

    Ahh gotcha. What I like about the WoWS sub Reddit is that it is run by us, the players. Wargaming has no control, no say. Hell they don't even show their faces there much although I am sure they lurk.
  9. Never underestimate Wargaming's ability to snatch defeat out the jaws of victory. Here is a link to WoWS Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/ One thing I learned about Reddit is that it isn't the kind of site you want to do much looking around in.... There are some weird people out there.
  10. That really was a crappy move on their part. It gave us no time to even figure out a decent plan and maybe that was the point. Force everyone on Discord. That is the reason why I quit following WoWS there, just angered me what they did.
  11. Reddit is the best option for poor choices right now IMHO. It isn't perfect but it has the advantage of already existing and a large user base. I love the idea of the unofficial forum but that isn't likely to come around soon. Reddit buys us time, something that this 3 day shutdown crap did not allow us much of. It also has the added benefit of being a web page, not an app so it isn't very intrusive. Take care AfterSalamis, and hope to see you around!
  12. Take care Bohica, good luck to you!
  13. Taylor3006

    dEsTurbed1's last post.

    I agree completely. People tend to see things in black and white, just binary choices, good or evil. Some people are just set in their ways, others lack the ability to think critically. Unfortunately that is going to get much worse on Discord with the inability to have long form discussions because of the character limitation for free accounts. I almost want to sign up to watch that poop show evolve.
  14. You are never a true gamer until you get accused of hacking. True fact. I think it is in the Bible somewheres..
  15. Taylor3006

    Tier 1 Is The Answer (also T2-4)

    It could be, not for certain. It caught my attention because of the low tier or higher tiers needed. It was odd that tiers 3-5 were skipped. Never seen that before.