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  1. Taylor3006

    Hospital Ships Deployed

    As a corpsman, you can imagine my relief in seeing jarheads being assigned to the ship to protect us. Up to that point, we kind of figured if we got boarded that we would end up being hostages without the legal ability to protect ourselves from whatever crapbags that managed to get aboard. We had some MA's but figured a couple of those armed with shotguns and pistols were not much help against what was out there. Seeing leathernecks roaming around the decks with actual weapons, was a huge boost to morale and our feeling of security, especially since we were required to keep the ship lit up like a Christmas tree and sailing around in a circle once the shooting started. Prior to that, we were sailing with the "invasion fleet" headed towards Kuwait so felt safe in the company of the fleet. Once everything started to go down, all we had was some Saudi boat that trailed along behind us.. Nothing says safety and security to a US sailor than the Saudi Arabian Navy.....................
  2. Taylor3006

    Hospital Ships Deployed

    The USNS Mercy was my ship during the first Gulf War. Since they are US ships in naval service, the ship itself is manned by Merchant Marines and the hospital is staffed with a cadre crew of active duty Navy personnel. When the ships are activated, they take on a full hospital staff of Navy reservists and foreign allied medical personal (usually Canucks). It generally takes a few weeks to get a full crew onboard as well as getting the ship fully supplied. Course that was then, this is now and since 9/11 both ships have been on almost constant active duty so getting them deployed will take a far shorter time. Mercy was in port for post deployment repair (think painting and maintenance that can not be done at sea) and some upgrades to their hospital equipment. Shipboard operations like running the engines and sailing the ship are all done by our Merchant Mariners and they have their own chain of command. The ship lacks a "normal" Captain of the vessel, instead he is called "Master". The "hospital" part of the ship, is commanded by the CO, usually a Medical Corps officer who holds the rank of Captain. It can be confusing to people not familiar with the Navy's rank structure. The cadre crew keeps the hospital in a low grade "mothball" state during times of peace with orders to be able to bring the ship onto active service within a weeks time. When activated, the ship takes on supplies and crew (both MM and Navy reserves) and can be out of port in days. En route to wherever they are heading, they will take on more supplies and people until the full complement is reached. It all sounds far more complicated than it truly is as the US Navy has hundreds of years of experience doing this same thing. The Navy reserves are drawn from our "ready reserves" who train monthly and our "inactive reserves" who have recently gotten off active duty (this was the case for me). The jobs you do on the ship are the same jobs you do at every naval medical command so all you really have to learn is where you eat, were you sleep, and where you report to work. It is an elegant system that works well. Barring some equipment malfunction, both ships will be on station, fully staffed and supplied, on the date given by the US Navy. BTW I almost forgot. There is also a small contingent of US Marines attached to both ships. This was something done for Desert Shield because there was a fear that without a normal complement of Navy sailors, the ships would be forced to relinquish command to a small boarding party of enemy combatants. During a normal conflict where both sides were signatories to the Geneva Accords, this really wouldn't be much of an issue since hospital ships are protected and are required to give medical care to each side. However with the first Gulf War, the concern was terrorists so they added US Marines to protect the ship and crew. This was continued post 9/11 attacks for all their deployments.
  3. Taylor3006

    Thank you Jingles.

    The big problem with the CV rework was removing carrier versus carrier gameplay. It was exasperated by removing limited hanger capacity. Unlike all the other types of ships in the game, there is little punishment for a poorly played carrier player now.
  4. Taylor3006

    Is anyone else happy?

    Actually I am happier than I have been in a few years. With the money I have saved by not spending on Ships, I bought a PC desktop for the first time in decades, set up for gaming with a cool curved monitor. With the time I have saved from not playing Ships, I have been playing thru a dozen titles I have wanted to try now for years. I am actually thankful to Wargaming for the PR event. It really gave me the kick I needed to get away from the game and find something more fun to do. The hard part for me will be leaving the forums for good.
  5. Well according to the "numbers", looks like out of a worldwide player base of somewhere between 1 million to 110 million (whomever you decide to believe) WoWS accounts, fewer than 600 players actually completed Directive 7. Here is a link to the actual discussion if you are interested: So to answer your question, 557 players worldwide. Interestingly enough, during the same time period as the Christmas event, the WoWS Reddit members fell from just a touch over 70k members to around 65k members...........
  6. Just read some interesting numbers regarding the PR event on Reddit. Looks like less than 600 players WORLDWIDE finished Directive 7......... Course about ten times that number seems to actually have the Puerto Rico so guessing people spent some cash/doubloons getting the boat. It is still a pathetic number of people to cater an entire holiday event for though. Here is a link to the post citing the numbers:
  7. Taylor3006

    My Pound of Flesh...

    Well they did apologize for not telling the players beforehand, how much suck would be involved.... So there is that............... No apology for the suck, just that they didn't tell us that it would suck ahead of time..........
  8. The apology for "communication" was just a meaningless platitude and had little to do with the actual complaints of the players about the horrific grind. Wargaming picked one tiny bit of the complaints being leveled at them and apologized for that........... WoWS has shown all of us, exactly how they feel about our time and money with this event. They hold their customers in very low regard IMHO and I expect they will be getting it back in spades from their players.
  9. In Tanks, I have gotten probably a dozen free tanks just this past year and will have another one in around 7 days and I am not a particularly avid Tanks player. Not sure why you are not earning them in that game but they are literally dumping free premium tanks on me. To earn this new one, all I have to do is play one game a day for like two weeks.. No win requirement, just play one match a day..................... The "free" ships you earn in WoWS, especially recently, require so much grinding that calling them free is just silly.
  10. Taylor3006

    And people say the PR is weak...

    Actually have not read that anyone says the PR is weak. What I have read is players saying the boat is at best average to "meh" and not worth the grind nor the money.
  11. Taylor3006

    Anybody download tanks then never play it?

    I have actually started enjoying Tanks because they just throw free stuff at you for existing. Not particularly good at the game and will never sink much money into it, but it is kind of fun. Started playing it around the same time I did Ships but because of the crew mechanics, pretty much gave up on it, only playing to farm the easy rewards, especially those that applied to Ships like premium time. When they started their Twitch Reward program, gave it another shot. When I got that first commander with a bunch of skills, the whole game changed for me, everything made more sense and have been almost having a good time there. The chat is pretty awful, worse than what you get in PvP in Ships, so I had to disable all of it. Kind of sad that the whole point of playing a MMO is interactions with other people and you can not do that because of the amount of just plain nastiness so you end up playing it like a single player game.... Much like Ships, grinding up the tech tree is pointless so I pretty much play around tiers 4-6 when I do play. Generally play just enough to farm my rewards and move along to other games now as I never have enough fun to keep playing past a first win for whatever tank crew I am grinding and reward I am going for. I can have a bit more fun playing on the South American server where there are so few players on it that both teams are made up of bots and that feels a bit more like Co-op game but overall the game is like every other Wargaming title. Just a grindy game with interesting vehicles and no depth.
  12. Well if they keep designing events like this one for the PR, they will have all the time in the world to grind.
  13. Taylor3006

    So, we alread back to normal?

    LOL yeah that is it, only "part of the community" was bothered by the event............................... Even people on the WoT forums are making fun of Ships for the PR event and it has become the standard by which all grinds seem to be measured now with posters using "Well at least it isn't the Puerto Rico grind" when talking about new/upcoming events. My last bit of advice to WoWS is going to be the first bit of advice I got from you people when I started playing the game. Git Gud.
  14. Taylor3006

    Weekend Spree.

    I used to do like Cthulhu did and sell ships. Because of the snowflake type events I stopped and re-bought many I had sold. Since they are ships I don't really want to play what I do is use them stock and assign a free 1 point captain, often not even putting upgrades on them. You can easily grind out that one win in co-op with the setup and farm your snowflake.
  15. Taylor3006

    Weekend Spree.

    Honestly I am glad they did the PR event like they did. It was the push I needed to find something more fun to do with my spare time and money. For three years I was a daily player with occasional interruptions because of ISP problems or real life issues but never missed more than a day. The carrier rework got me to quit spending money, the PR event got me to limit how much time I spend playing their game. My new goals are now to play for that first crate and Daily mission until I get the "Easy" daily reward and then am done for the month. I expect I may play a bit more if they offer up some low tier ship I am wanting like the Katori or Dreadnought events but this holiday mess really made me understand how little Wargaming thinks of their customer's time and money. Before this, I didn't think much about them as a company, pretty much like I think of most companies as I tend to be a wary consumer. Now I am just repulsed and disgusted with them. To paraphrase that nasty little WeeGee, I have a job and a life, I have other things to do with my time.