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  1. Well I don't care for the anime stuff or any of the cartoony crap but am glad it is in the game for those who like it. As long as I can turn it off and not look at it, I am good. Really don't care what people do as long as I don't have to participate. If that kind of thing draws players to the game, Wargaming should use it but only with the warning to make it optional. It is a lesson they should have learned with the original ARP content. It took Wargaming years to get that worked out, hopefully they have a good understanding of what the player base will tolerate and how to keep everyone happy.
  2. Weren't the Transformers robots that turned into trucks & aircraft? Wargaming is adding them to a ships game? I don't like the anime stuff but I get why you want to incorporate it since it makes sense, but trucks? Seriously?
  3. The live game is such a grind that many people with limited play time, don't bother since the PTS interferes with completing missions, campaigns, and ship grinds in the real game. You design a game that takes away much of a players free time, you have to expect low participation on a test server.
  4. Yeah, I understand. Maybe the forum needs a bit of cleaning, heck so much of what was written (ship reviews, builds, etc) is out of date. Probably could use some archiving of old posts and set them to "read only".
  5. I dunno, they probably just didn't notice the date of the thread. What is more aggravating is when a new poster asks a question and the "old hands" jump on them about using the search function.
  6. Yeah this is a missed opportunity IMHO, we mentioned this when they first came out. Not sure about tier 10 OPs, but they need tier 8 & 9 OPs to help with that freaking grind from hell, especially for players who have zero interest in PvP modes. I got to the point where I just didn't bother grinding anything past tier 8. Once I had a tier 8, would grind the upgrades and I was good. Going for tier 9s in PvE was just monotonous and PvP is just repugnant so they are mostly dead ends for me. The tech tree tier 10s I have in port have a 3 point captain assigned with no camo (unless I got one for free) and get played twice a year for the steel/crate bonuses. Cherry Blossom was a great OP for grinding tier 8s and I played it even though I could not see much of what was going on during the first half of the match because my eyesight is pretty poor, especially with bad lighting (it starts out in darkness). Even though I was blind for the first part of the OP, I still preferred it over playing PvP.
  7. Taylor3006

    Co op and Achievements

    Yeah this one has always bugged me a bit. I mean I get the other achievements not being available, that makes sense, but Detonations are a thing in PvE and no less annoying. If they are not disabled for the mode, then you should get detonation signals when it happens there too.
  8. Taylor3006

    New module screeens are terrible

    Yeah of course not........................................................... Not when they fail to label everything and resort to symbology instead of plain language. My point was that it was not hard to do before, and having to hover over everything to understand what the hieroglyphs mean pretty much kills the few microseconds time savings from the older version. I just have to laugh at the notion that the older system was somehow "hard" and time consuming. It is a preposterous notion.
  9. Taylor3006

    New module screeens are terrible

    Really? I mean seriously, how much time do you save each time you outfit a new ship as opposed to the old system? What was so "hard" about outfitting your ship before? I mean I get you might like the new look, but your reasoning is absurd. I kind of expect more from a Supertester than this kind of silliness and it explains much about the state of the game.
  10. Well they will assuming there is no time constraint.......... "Just playing the game" translates into "Play the game a lot and do the things we want you to do in the allocated time, using the ships we want you to use". Ignoring mission requirements and objectives is a good way of not completing the tasks in the given time frame.
  11. Taylor3006

    New module screeens are terrible

    Possibly or more likely, they do it so they don't have to translate it into every language. Call it laziness or maybe it is just because they are planning on downsizing their operation and dump employees in the near future. Wargaming has had some fun "translations" over the years. My favorite one was the "Taint" Halloween event.... Still makes me laugh because only the native English speakers caught the joke.
  12. Taylor3006

    New module screeens are terrible

    Actually I have pretty poor eyesight and I don't like the changes because I want WORDS not pictograms or hieroglyphics. I am with you on changing the ports every time they come up with a new one. What we need is the ability to lock our ports and that way those people who like looking at the new shiny port can, and those who could care less don't have to. Give players a choice and you get happier players. This consumer acumen has been known for ages. Seems the Russian/Cyprian/Belarusian designers of the game have yet to figure that out..........
  13. IMHO it should be the opposite. Hover over and get the Captain XP and normally display Ship XP.... Maybe just a choice, that way those who like the new display can choose that and those that are bugged by the change can go back to the way it was were you see both Ship & Captain XP. Seriously, who the heck wanted not to be able to see Ship XP when you select the ship? I have seen loads of changes to the game and this one is probably one of the stupidest changes yet. I could kind of understand the change AFTER getting elite status on a ship, but not while you are grinding it.
  14. Ehh, sometimes. It is far easier to make credits and xp in PvP for very little effort. I used to play co-op exclusively but it takes far more effort in that mode to make the same amount of xp/credits so I switched to PvP. I only have to hit a few ships, get a fire and I am golden, win or lose. Just hate the mode because it takes so long and is so boring but it only takes one match to get that first crate and I am all done for the day. To do the same thing (with the same ship) in co-op, I have to play one really, really good game or two normal games and have to actually work at it.
  15. Taylor3006

    New sounds overwhelming and distracting

    I quit playing the game with sounds enabled a few years back. Was still using my Mac at the time and tried to reduce the volume of the "you died explosion". No matter how low I slid the sliders, it still was obnoxiously loud so in frustration, I muted everything. This had an unintended side effect of completely eliminating all crashes of the game for me. At the time, Mac users had all sorts of issues with the game, often associated with memory leaks. Mine completely stopped so I never changed it back and got used to playing in total silence. When I bought my PC, decided to stick with the silent game. I find it far more relaxing and I pay closer attention to what is happening on the screen. It also totally silenced all the annoying pings when some idiot is spamming the function commands on the map. Literally the only thing I miss about having sound is the ship horns. Remember that some game companies, intentionally design the sounds & music in games to induce dopamine production which in turn can cause addition. For me, I found that the game is far less stressful, no anger, no heart racing, no nadda. Best I can describe it is apathy as I care about the match about the same way I care about a game of Solitaire on the computer. BTW I never had a problem with Tanks or Planes although I do mute the music. Even when you get ammo racked in Tanks, it isn't nearly as obnoxiously loud as what you get when you get blown up in Ships. It is probably why when I play just to have some fun, I play Tanks instead of Ships.