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  1. It isn't anything I do because "my junk" is fixed. However I can see it happening and could care less if someone has to attend real life matters. If a silly game is that important to your life, IMHO your life must suck. Personally I don't care what Wargaming does, if they want to punish afk players, does not matter to me. I would prefer they punish people who whine about what other players do or don't do, in the game, they are far more annoying.
  2. Almost all of my TKs have been "friendly" bots doing exactly this. They get right up to the enemy bots and stop close by to fight, often backing up for reasons known only to the AI. I play at lower tiers as well with ships that have crappy dispersion so inevitably I get hits on the friendly ships causing fires that sink them. The controlling AI is pretty terrible. On the Solomon Islands map I was blasting away at the bots in the mid gap (Standard battle) with my Konig Albert when a human player working off his pink decided to rush in the middle of the fight. I fired my guns and of course one shell sailed off on its own and stuck him, didn't sink him, just damaged him. After the match he gave me a nice little berating in private chat about what a terrible player I was... Was the first time I used the blacklist feature.
  3. Almost as obtuse as people failing to understand that computer games are entertainment to most people and anything that happens in real life takes priority... Failure even to consider or understand that point is a hallmark of immaturity.
  4. What are "decent" stats?

    It really depends on the clan Beaver. For competitive clans they will have all sorts of requirements, for the average clan they will want software for communications and a decent battle record and possibly a certain tier of ships. There are many of us that are clans of solo players who have no requirements other than you "play nice". It really depends on what you are looking for.
  5. I have seen this several times, bots firing torps even when NO enemy bots were spotted. It seems intentional, very odd behavior. In a match where there are bot ships on the human team, I make it a point to warn everyone to stay well behind the "friendly" bot ships and never ever sail alongside them. I always let the bots go to the front, following well behind, and let them be meat shields for the humans. Having our bots killed early in a match makes the map a much safer place.... One interesting thing about friendly bots is they actually start doing well later in the game assuming they survive. Their behavior becomes far less weird as they go for caps, pursue enemy ships, and flee when outgunned. Most of my 14k games are in co-op and most of those are in the wee hours when you get a lot of bots on the team and I have been surprised at late game bot behavior, almost impressed. In one match it was me (in a Tirptiz) and a half health bot cruiser against a surviving red BB. When I spotted the enemy bot I made towards him but our cruiser turned away and headed towards a cap instead. I fired to get spotted and drew fire from the enemy BB but he continued to pursue our cruiser. It was almost like our cruiser was "kiting" the BB as he fled to get the cap since he was a fairly easy kill. It amazed me that the enemy bot kept shooting at me while pursuing the cruiser and the friendly bot had the presence of mind to flee almost certain death.
  6. Log into World of Warships main webpage with your user info. Go to the "premium shop" and you should see a link called "redeem Wargaming code(?)" (something like that), click on that and you will get a box to put the code into, enter code and hit enter.. Was slower and less informative than Khaen. Thanks for a much better explanation!
  7. I couldn't agree more Skpstr. It is a silly game, real life always takes precedence over entertainment. I don't care if it is something important like a medical emergency or something as minor as the dog barfing up a dead bird, going to see to me and mine first, the game be damned. I have to laugh at the pathetic individuals who must not have a life that want to see people punished either for something outside their control (i.e. internet interruptions) or real life issues because of a game. IMHO those people need to learn to "git gud" and carry for their afk player. Punishing a player who may be afk because the game crashed either because they are using a potato computer or Wargaming software developers introduced a bug with a patch, is a surefire way of inducing anger towards the company. You remember what players are, they are your freaking customers.. Guessing not a whole lot of money comes Wargaming's way from non-players of their games but good luck with that... Course that is just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  8. I totally agree. Have on more than one occasion pulled an absolute stupid stunt without thinking and took a "friendly" torp causing my team mate to become pink. Apologizing profusely for my own idiotic actions does not seem to be enough. Being able to forgive the innocent "offender" would be a huge plus.
  9. Pink.

    Yeah this is probably the best answer on how to deal with being pink. Totally forgot that team damage was turned off there. Great advise Thrawn!
  10. Pink.

    Yeah I think they changed it from "sinking a friendly" to "doing a certain percentage of damage to friendlies" so you can get the pinkness from just damaging a team mate now. It is a fairly recent change (last year anyways) but I found out thru bapping a bot in Co-op with a shell hit that caused a fire. Course served him right, he stopped in close proximity to the enemy bot and the dispersion on the Mikesa is crap.
  11. LOL well figured I would take the heat so everyone else could feel like they didn't intrude on the secrets of the Developers!
  12. Ehh and yet your comment was so informed... BTW it wasn't an "ad hominen" attack, just a general "bugger off troll" statement... Ignore reciprocated.
  13. There is a bonus code in the official WoWS YouTube video for 5 free signals. If you don't want to watch the video the code is "5000LIKES" and you get like 5 free Sierra Mike flags. Edited to include date & link.
  14. LOL that is pathetic. I was addressing one thing he said and giving my view on the matter. I hardly need anyone's permission or good graces to post my thoughts on the matter. Kiss my furry buttocks.