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  1. Taylor3006

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    I was watching the video and thinking how you could use the "circles" to lure enemy ships into traps. All in all I just can not see any ship spending so much time hunting a sub in the middle of a PvP match. It does seem like its own mode and think maybe a separate PvP mode for playing submarines is the way to implement them with DDs and subs on both sides or just a subs vs surface ships kind of thing. Not sure submarines are too weak or OP, they will just be annoying like carriers are is all. They may be fun to play but won't be any fun playing against. Honestly don't care one way or another about subs but chasing circles around the map just seems silly.
  2. Taylor3006

    5 Regrinds???

    So the thing that is supposed to keep high tier players engaged in the game for long periods of time can be accomplished on the day that mechanic enters the game?
  3. Seems a bit much to be doing in a Random PvP match. Subs seem far more suited to OPs or maybe a specific PvP mode where there are teams of DDs and subs fighting it out. Personally I don't care about them one way or another although after watching this, they look to be aggravating to fight against, much like carriers in that regard.
  4. Taylor3006

    Smolensk = WOW, WOW, and did I say WOW?

    THAT is exactly how it feels.......
  5. Taylor3006


    I believe they think this counts as "hype" for their product and see it as a good thing the way Hollywierd people talk about negative publicity... Not sure it works that way any more. EDIT: the word I was searching for was buzz....
  6. Duh I don't know why I didn't think of that, great idea Red! +1
  7. Taylor3006

    Smolensk-No reduction to post battle service?

    That is a tough call Legio, steel is pretty scarce and if there is a "steel ship" you want, hang on to it for sure. Coal you can grind if you put your mind to it. The Smolensk will be available for a while since they just put it in the Armory so you should have plenty of time. I have to admit a bit of excitement to get this boat too, seems everyone is having a great time with it and I kind of feel left out....
  8. Wasn't sure if this was rhetorical or not but here is a link so you can opt in to the Reset. It is about halfway down the page: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-087-french-destroyers-part-2/
  9. Taylor3006

    Smolensk = WOW, WOW, and did I say WOW?

    I kind of feel like beating everyone with a stick because they are having fun with their new toy and I am trying to be responsible....... I hate being responsible.....
  10. I think they use the term "coal inflation" as a nice way of saying price gouging because with every release of a new coal ship, the price seems to keep going up. Wargaming has said there were too many players sitting on large reserves of resources so to deal with that, they have increased the prices of their products even though there isn't a corresponding increase of coal "income". So technically it isn't inflation but price gouging/hiking.
  11. Dunno, I think another problem is using one of the most unused keys on the keyboard for AA is retarded. It is just all so stupid, far less intuitive than the old "control +mouse click".
  12. Taylor3006

    Smolensk = WOW, WOW, and did I say WOW?

    Just be patient Cecil, it will be available for a while. I could buy it right now, just going to wait until December when I get my new coupon. Also kind of waiting to see what they do with that Russian captain they said they were going to sell for coal since I want him too. The ship looks super fun, I love cruisers, I love smoking cruisers with HE, and I love my Russian ships so this one ticks all my boxes.
  13. Taylor3006

    Smolensk PSA

    I have done the same thing and am waiting on the better players to do the experimenting with the new IFHE before I go and assign skills. My cruisers that benefit from the skill will be staying in port and will be focusing my game time on BBs, DDs, and the heavy cruisers while I wait and see what the verdict is on the reworked skill. It may take some time but IMHO, waiting for their assessment is very important.
  14. Thunder thanks for the great write up on crate contents. This kind of information will really help everyone make informed decisions on spending their money or doubloons. Well done. I am really proud to be in the same clan with someone like you who takes his own time to help out their fellow players. Just a wonderful thing to do.
  15. I am being cautious about spending on Smolensk. I expect it to be available for a while yet so don't feel a need to hop on board. This will allow me to wait for the Christmas coupon to use for it and the big reason is I am waiting to hear about the Russian special captain they are going to make available for coal. Don't feel pressured into getting the Smolensk, waiting won't hurt anything. Wargaming will let us know what is coming long before they remove that ship from Armory.