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  1. Taylor3006

    New rip you off economics are a joke

    Well only useless unless you never do anything with them. Using them up willy nilly and then not having them when you actually do need them or can get more benefit from them, does not seem a good strategy either.
  2. Press the "G" key more and experience the joy in doing so...
  3. You know since almost everything involving carriers is automated, maybe we are looking at this wrong. How about when a carrier queues up for a match and the timer runs out, that we just give them some XP and send them back to port? That way they get the total excitement of automation and can grind their ships in peace without all the nastiness of actually playing the game. The carrier players can be happy and I would bet that many other non carrier players would enjoy that experience too.
  4. I agree. It is shameful that Wargaming does not allow carrier players to participate in the absolute joy of pressing the G key.
  5. Yes we keep getting told what a tiny minority of players we are, those of us here on the official forums and on Reddit. We have also been told there is a silent minority of players who never participate in these public arenas that Wargaming do listen to by using internal data and communications.......... So there is that.... People that can not be bothered to speak publicly about their ideas communicating with Wargaming privately hold much more sway than those of us who do participate in the full light of day...... All very up and up, totally believable stuff right there...
  6. I have to admit, this news made me bust out laughing. Somewhere down inside, I tell myself that the game has finally hit bottom and the only way left is up and then Wargaming just snatches defeat out of the jaws of victory once again... Surprise MF is so correct!
  7. Taylor3006

    New rip you off economics are a joke

    Well burning thru camos now is irrelevant since they offer zero bonuses to earnings or battle. Now in the before times, you saved your good camos to use for Operations, or +100% days, or for use when grinding a ship, etc. Using them when really needed and when you can get the most benefit. Using resources when you need them and not for every battle, is kind of what gamers have always done... I hadn't realized this was such a novel idea for WoWS players.... Well you are discussing something, not sure what your confusion is. I have zero opinion on what the OP posted, was only responding to your comments. Not rocket science.
  8. Taylor3006

    I PROTEST useless rewards!!!

    If the idea of these prizes is to reward people just playing the game, they are okay I suppose. Nothing exciting just a freebie for doing something you already would do. If the idea of these prizes is to entice players to play more of the game, it is a failure.
  9. Taylor3006

    New rip you off economics are a joke

    I think it was Ashkance who said something to the effect that there would be no point not to use the bonuses. That always struck me as odd, even mentioned it but wasn't much of a discussion. I lose interest fast nowadays. Not understanding your question about "how that would work", just slap a bonus on whatever you are doing and burn thru your bonuses... Do you really need a bump to CXP every time you play a co-op or PvP match? Save them for when you can maximize their benefit, whatever you are best at. I am not even talking about the one use camos, they are totally irrelevant. I did used to buy permanent camos for tech tree ships, but that was a long while ago when I still played those. The game now for me is almost always played with premium ships. I never purchase alternate camos for those and have zero plans to do so. No I never bought any one use camos or signals. Now they may have been bundled in with things I bought. I do remember that I got some when I bought Oleg because the entire package was fairly inexpensive, but it was the ship I wanted, didn't care about the rest. Back then the Bog was my favorite ship and getting my Cheeto stained fingers on a premium version seemed a high priority. Not sure why you would think that some players wouldn't buy signals and bonuses when they run out........ Granted many of us wouldn't, but IMHO, there will be those that will.
  10. Taylor3006

    WoWS Anniversary details are up

    Did you get your ARP ships back? I sold off all of those back when there was very little point to having them if you didn't enjoy that kind of stuff. When they finally gave them the bonuses for camo, I finally decided to get them all back by using the automated ship recovery mechanic. Took me less than a week to get all of them back, IIRC you could only get two or three back a day. All you need is the credits and an empty port slot.
  11. Taylor3006

    Operations Changes in 11.8...

    I member. I also member that people were using those tier 5 DDs that were assigned temporarily to Dynamo, for the different operations to farm CXP because they came with 19 point captains. That caused a lot of complaining too. Not sure why they thought tier 5 was good for Newport. Always thought it was very odd.
  12. Taylor3006

    New rip you off economics are a joke

    This is the phrase I keep hearing and IMHO, one of the points of the rework. Wargaming does not want you to hoard resources. Most gamers know to save their "good stuff" for important battles or boss fights. In WoWS terms this would mean Clan battles, Ranked, Brawls, whatever. There is little need to use your better stuff for Random battles and almost zero point in using them in co-op. This allows you to save up your stuff for when it matters most. It allows you to make the best use of your better stuff when you play Operations so you can farm FXP (or whatever). If we use our stuff, there will be more pressure on players to use resources or even money, to buy more stuff. Don't fall for it. Use your stuff when you NEED to use it, not just willy nilly like some gaming noob. Let the idiots burn thru their stuff then use cash or coal to resupply.
  13. Camo containers are kind of pointless. My only worry is that option is right above the coal crates so I am concerned that I will hit the wrong button when selecting my crate. As was pointed out, every other option available is better than the camo crate. Any word when they Wargaming will add the option to sell off all the special one use camos? Got a bunch and want those credits!
  14. Taylor3006

    Community Tokens Worth?

    Super containers are only worth it if you find the least prize from one, valuable. Personally I prefer a sure thing and will be using my CTs to buy the tier 7 crates. I have all the other ships available in the others and only missing a few available in the T7 crates so I pretty much know what I am going to get. IMHO a premium ship is always preferable to all other options.
  15. I love cruisers and play them almost exclusively. Don't really care for DDs but I did want the PE because it looked like actual fun. However I decided to go with Siegfried in the end and am a bit disappointed I did not go with my gut. The cruiser is ok, just kind of reminds me of a bigger Graf Spee. Nothing really exciting about it, does just fine, but just not particularly fun.. I should have taken the DD instead. To top off my stupidity, I bought the Agir too thinking I got the less fun one with Siegfried. Nope, same thing with her. Not particularly fun. Would much rather running the premier YOLO DD in co-op than the two cruisers.