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  1. UPDATE: I heard from "John" today. His message is below. He looks to be having a lot of difficulty, but will be trying hard to recover. I responded to him that he is more than welcome in our clan. i am going to try to play. i sent ****** a long msg. my wife is helping me ****** can give all the details. i cant use left hand well and am having problems working things out but i have nurse and speech therapist and i have to get better so i can take care of my wife. i get confused now. i just came home from the stroke rehab. and i dont like the nurse at my home. if you guys di=ont want me on team i understand. im going to try to play game now.
  2. Zeus_cat

    2020 Turkey Shoot Bounty event is over

    I was a turkey this year. Here are my numbers for the weekend: 65 battles played 29 victories 36 defeats I sank 39 enemy ships I was sunk 51 times (when the battle was clearly won or lost I would try to move into a position where the enemy COULD sink me if they tried) I won a super container in my turkey account which I had to leave behind. I got sworn at once (F*** you) by an enemy player. My battles by tier: T10 12 T9 1 T8 12 T7 21 T6 10 T5 8 T1 1 I did the T1 just for giggles during a play any tier time slot. It used to be only people in T1 randoms, but I was surprised to see 3 people and 9 bots per team. It used to be fun to have those 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 battles at tier 1 which is what I was hoping for, but I guess those are history.
  3. Zeus_cat

    vaporizing surveys

    It happens to me about half the time. Just poof, and its gone.
  4. Zeus_cat

    Bad Form?

    IJN torp planes are the easiest to use. Give them a shot. IJN dive bombers are the trickiest to use, give them a shot too. I don't care to play cv in random as my planes usually get shredded, but I do well in scenarios if you play those. Coops don't last long enough for a cv to do much.
  5. Zeus_cat

    How Fast is Reverse?

    I took out my Oklahoma for the first time. I was in a coop. I ended up reversing as the battle somehow got behind me! I was doing about 10kph backwards. Considering I can't hit 20kph forward that is some serious reversing.
  6. Several weeks ago I received a private message from one of my clan mates. It turned out to be from his wife. She told me that "John" had had two heart attacks and a stroke. Being in the clan and playing the game means a lot to him and he really wants to get back and be part of the clan again. "John" spent a lot of time taking care of her and her health issues as she is not well either. This game was a good distraction for him and it sounds like it will be good therapy for him when he gets back home. So thank you WG for creating the game and giving "John" something to look forward to when he gets home. Here are the two updates I received from "John's" wife yesterday. I wanted to share them with WG and the community. The only modifications I made to her notes were to modify and remove names. "John" wanted me to tell you he will be home on the 1 or 2 of next mnth. "John" does not speak very well now and is embarrassed by that. "John" also has lost about 20% of the use of his left hand, and left foot and leg. "John" is really wanting to come home so he can be normal oncemore. "John" really wants to play his game and the PT told me It would be good him. if there are changes I will let you know. Thank you. "John's Wife" "John"also told me to say hi to "all his ship mates, and I will be back... "John's Wife"
  7. Zeus_cat

    A Gift to Turn the Tide

    Thank you very much.
  8. I am part of a team building a B-17. Search for the Champaign Lady for more info. Photography - "Bucky" comes by regularly for a snack. I took this from our dining room. I also do woodworking, stained glass and board gaming. My wife is vice president of a local animal shelter so we sometimes foster cats and/or kittens. This was the latest batch we fostered. Model rocketry - my club has its first high power launch of the season this weekend so I will be prepping rockets for that. The rocket in the photo is 6 feet tall and flying on an H178 Dark Matter "sparky" motor.
  9. Zeus_cat

    karma points

    If they insist on keeping karma they should add a post battle note that you received good or bad karma and WHY. Otherwise it is as a number of people said, I lost karma but have no idea why. I gained karma, but I have no idea why. If you don't know why it serves no purpose to the recipient.
  10. Zeus_cat

    Naval History in Photos: Project HULA

    I had never heard of this program. Did we get the ships back or were they scrapped after the war ended? I did some further reading and most of the ships were not worth getting back. Still, the Russians dragged their feet in returning those that were returned. Many were scrapped.
  11. Zeus_cat

    Supertest mission appearing?

    I had the supertest mission and 30 minutes later it disappeared. Apparently, the first rule of supertest is to never talk about supertest.
  12. Zeus_cat

    Chat Ban Abuse

    I am amazed at the amount of profanity in the game. Does using the F word get you a chat ban? I have seen stuff even worse than that. Is there a list?
  13. A few weeks ago I was in a coop with my Smolensk. I pounded a bot Bourgogne with HE and AP. A friendly dd is hiding behind an island and pops out and launches his torps. I get off two more salvos of AP and do over 10,000 damage and sink the Bourgogne. Then I see "Nice kill steal" in the chat box. I wonder who that is directed at, so I ask. The guy says "you". After the battle I go look up the Bourgogne's health, 74,700. I hit him for something like 65,000 damage. I crunched the numbers and it was over 88% of his HP. I'm sure he healed, but I have no idea how much or when. So I send the guy a PM and told him that there is no such thing as a kill steal and if there was, he was the one trying to do it, not me. He was not convinced. I had a good laugh.
  14. When I play a dd in coop I often end up in the top spots; I'm fast, I pack one heckuva punch, I can speed boost and I can hide in smoke. I gave up playing battleships in coops because most battles you can't compete with the dd or fast cruisers. Go into random with your slow bb. That's what I ended up doing and didn't regret it.
  15. Zeus_cat

    Chat Ban Abuse

    I got a 3 day chat ban and submitted a ticket. They came back and quoted my exact text and told me the word I used was on the banned list. What happened was that while in the USAF in the 1980's I had a former German scientist in my chain of command. He was a member of a certain political party in Germany that was popular in the early 1940's before being smuggled into the US under Operation Paperclip. I mentioned the specific party in chat and got banned. Oh well.