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  1. Zeus_cat

    Opening containers in PTS

    All I get when selecting containers are SC. I would be surprised if you don't get an SC on the PTS right now.
  2. Zeus_cat

    Opening containers in PTS

    I posted this so people could see what will be in the containers we will start getting in 3 weeks.
  3. So I played a bunch of battles in the test server and "earned" over 1,000 containers. Most of them were collections and I am not reporting those. Some items from collections were in the TYL, signal and economic containers below, but I ignored them for this list. 80 Small Containers (TYL): 222 signals 4,500 coal 12,000 free xp 75,000 credits 2 camos Bonuses that are replacing signals and camos: 48 x 100% ship xp, 18 x 20% credits, 24 x 300% free xp, 30 x 100% commander xp 100 Signal Containers: 980 signals 9,600 coal 7,000 free xp 100 Economic containers: 10,800 coal 8,000 free xp, 6,600,000 credits 72 x 20% credits, 8 x 40% credits, 28 x 600% free xp, 72 x 300% free xp, 81 x 100% commander xp, 6 x 200% commander xp, 20 x 200% xp, 57 x 100% xp
  4. Zeus_cat

    Need help from the WOW community

    We still see this problem; it happened multiple times today. Anyone else?
  5. Zeus_cat

    Harbin, or OMG I Hate This Ship!!

    You must play it better than I do cuz I never look that good at the end of the battle
  6. Zeus_cat

    Harbin, or OMG I Hate This Ship!!

    I quit playing Harbin in random; just a target waiting to get sunk. I have had a few decent games; mainly when I dumped torps and just happened to hit something. I'll grind it in coop and hope Sejong does better in random, but not really expecting it will.
  7. I saw that and was confused. To make it tough they could have said 10 Main Battery Hits in One Mission.
  8. Zeus_cat

    Need help from the WOW community

    My clan is still having this problem; some days it is worse than usual.
  9. Zeus_cat

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    Thanks HamptonRoads, that is exactly what I was looking for. Posted to my clan chatbox for my clan mates.
  10. The point they were making is that the news article has fallen off the page and that was the only way to check how many eggs you had earned. Is there another place we can go get our egg count?
  11. Zeus_cat

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    The news article with egg count has now fallen off the bottom of the list in game. Where can I look up my count?
  12. Has anyone received their "missing" eggs? I'm still waiting, but it doesn't say when they will show up. I figure I should get an additional 37 eggs.
  13. Zeus_cat

    Twitch drops, delayed?

    I just got my tokens and my mission. Thank you!
  14. Zeus_cat

    Developement pace now........

    Dasha can speak English, but it clearly can be a struggle for her. You can find interviews where she needs a translator to translate the questions asked to her in English, but she can reply in English if the answer is short. For longer answers she lets the translator handle the English.
  15. Zeus_cat

    Twitch drops, delayed?

    A number of my clan mates have said that they didn't get the drops either. Has anyone received drops?