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    Sharks & Eagles were a BAD choice of mascots

    I don't mind the mascots, but I hate back to back events with a passion and it's very easy to get burned out this way, particularly with how grindy events are in warships. I quit playing overwatch for a good few months after they did xmas and chinese new year back to back and after that I've never really felt like dumping money or much time into the game from the feel of burnout it gave me. Constantly trying to drain time and money from players as opposed to when events are spread out more is a good way to lose my attention and I'm sure I can't be the only one.
  2. Splinterfuzz

    Cleveland Tier, was it placed appropriately?

    I'm not really sure what the Cleveland needs but I feel that my skill or strategy and effort put into matches has very little impact, especially when I'll encounter destroyers and from 9km away get hit by half a volley for 1/3 of my total HP on an HE citadel hit while I can hit them with 90% of a full volley from 5km and do squat. Perhaps if that doesn't make a point there's when I get one single battleship round grazing my ship's tail and doing 95% of my HP. Something is wrong with the Cleveland, be it the attack power or perhaps some problem with how damage or angles are getting calculated but holy crap do I find that I die from a lot of stupid things way more than I have in any other ship. Sometimes I just say screw it and suicide so I can break or play another ship at this point.
  3. The bots were well clear and then sped ahead and moved as if actually trying to get hit by torps that were already in the water and seemed hell bent to focus on ramming over firing at eachother. The match was incredibly short and the bots were practically swarming into a ball on top of each other pretty sure I'll never see human players do that stupid kind of play.
  4. So I decided to just play a round of co-op because it was taking too long to get into a random battle with my Bogue, I ended up being placed in a match where I was literally the only human player. So I shrug and go ahead and start playing only to have my team of AI bots repeatedly try to drive right into my torpedos including one where they went full speed right for my torps and then turned to ram into the opposing ship... They took four torpedos and I got a penalty because of bad AI... this should really be addressed. I don't typically play AI battles but wow... it's bad that every time I sent my torp bombers out one of the team AI would decide to go head first for that ship and I just hand to cancel torp after torp run.