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  1. same question here. Crossed players told me their friend stop because it is not in french.
  2. (English) Hi, I don't post ofthen on forums generaly. So I would like to propose a suggestion. I seen some French players (French Canadians/French from France) requesting french support on NA server. They either don't speak English or have a preference of French over English. The PTS (Public Test Server) already has the settings for the server to be in French as does the EU server. I would like to ask that the same settings be converted over for the NA server. If you are one of the players that would like it happen, vote please. I invite you to ask your friends to vote aswell. Thank you to participate. (Français) Salut, je post pas souvent sur les forums en général. Donc voici ma proposition. J'ai vu que des joueurs francophones (Français Canadien/ Français de la France) demander le choix de langue français sur le serveur NA. Ils ne parlent pas anglais ou préfèrent le français à l'anglais. Le PTS (Public Test Server) a la chance d'avoir l'option de changer en français et le serveur EU a la même droit. J'aimerais demander si l'option pourrait être possible pour le serveur NA. Si vous êtes l'un des joueurs qui aimerait que cela se produise, votez s'il vous plaît. Je vous invite à demander à vos amis de voter également. Merci de votre participation.
  3. ok I am pissed really bad this thing with dds at bbs. I think I am done with this game.YY nerf also.... it is going in the wrong way. there is no reason to shoot a dd at tier X it is going to do NOTHING. 4k a salvo on a grozovoi means groz gonna farm bbs. why not leaving it like it was before? play dd stealth like it need to be played and stop throwing and crying bbs are hitting you bad...
  4. NOCV

    Ranked is dead

    the thing isnt about show off but how can you rank out in 6 or 7 days if it is dead. that is the point. look at last seasons first rank 1.
  5. NOCV

    Ranked is dead

    lol this is so funny to read all of you
  6. NOCV

    Ranked is dead

    what about no ....
  7. by itself it says it rank 5 and up is dead....
  8. So the shells hitting me IS secondaries no hits received from main battery
  9. Look at 7:30 you will see your HE does look white
  10. 6 shells from main gun battery none hits me only secondaries looks like you need glasses. In the original video we clearly see the 6 splashes from main battery.
  11. tell me it is secondaries still
  12. OK do me a favor. watch the video again! and look at how am I dead MAIN GUN. stop if you try to make me wrong the video talk by itself.