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  1. 400lbHacker_TheCybers

    0.7.7 - Public Test Feedback

    Narai have been way overtuned, took me 7 games to get 1 3 star finish, and they have all been good games for me(150K+ dmg), too many people split off to go for secondaries(and most of the time failing) while the main team gets overwhelmed by the attack wave.
  2. 400lbHacker_TheCybers

    0.7.7 - Public Test Feedback

    Simple, ban division for Narai(or limit division size to 3), make it easy for randoms,.
  3. 400lbHacker_TheCybers


    More than half of your team have to be on their game and you can't have 3 ships going after the first carrier. Most of the time this doesn't happen with random que though. If these PTS Operations goes through, random que Operation games will be borderline unplayable( averaging 3 star finishes) on live server.
  4. 400lbHacker_TheCybers

    0.7.7 - Public Test Feedback

    You can get T10 ships for 50 shark or eagle tokens in arsenal, which you get from 5 wins in any mode(each win give you a container that generate 10 shark and 10 eagle tokens). Go into UI and turn-on show time in port, you need to look at the clock. Narai and Rescue Raptor are being rotated as Operation of the Day, therefore for 1 hour Narai can be random qued and the next hour Rescue Raptor can be.
  5. 400lbHacker_TheCybers

    Weekly Ops should not be country Restricted

    I support you fully, nation restriction are just something WG put in place so people could do less Daily Wins bonuses with the Operation of the Week, which means they can farm less XP from operations.
  6. You could, but 152mm AP only pens Fort/Bunker at <7km so you have to get close to do it. But in my experience in this mode Edinburgh AP don't damage building at any range.