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  1. Basemastar

    Jingles has lost his edge?

    Meh, I never was too interested in his videos either. Its always easier to laugh and point out peoples mistakes after the fact. I much prefer other peoples content.
  2. Don't buy them then. There are plenty of ships to grind and play without having to buy ships. No one is holding a gun to your head here.
  3. I got the mogami camo, and 2 level 10 captains from grinding the ovi mission and from the free crates. You don't have to buy anything to get stuff eh.
  4. don't buy them then
  5. Basemastar

    The RNG Family is Looking for new members

    Not today!
  6. Basemastar

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    You co-op players have to stick together. I would be hurt if you didn't take Taylors side. Said like a true potato. Its all RNG and some players just have better luck, right? I am just glad that co-op gets most of the snowflakes as they just make randoms a whole lot tougher to win. Keep blaming everyone else for your problems boys.
  7. Basemastar

    allow clan rental ships in CO-OP battles

    Why don't you just download the PTS and play whatever ships you want on there to "get the feel" of them?
  8. Basemastar

    Challenge: a kraken in every tier

    Back to T1 I guess
  9. Basemastar

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    Performing poorly means your stats are red lol. It is WG performance chart, not mine. It is what everyone is measured up to. Ok you have one screen shot that doesn't really even show much. I wouldn't really think you would know what a team player is. I don't have to see stats to know that yours aren't that good either. If your stats aren't good then most likely you haven't learned the basics of how to play yet. I honestly don't think you would know what "fine" is in randoms. It takes a good 1000+ games to get to know all the ins and out of the game play imo. And even then you keep learning. However you will still see some people with 8000+ random battles and still not know how to "perform" in a random. You can justify "performing poorly" but just looking at peoples stats. Its a tell tale sign. You can try and talk your way out of it but the stats don't lie.
  10. Basemastar

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    Couldn't agree more. It seems like most of the people complaining about this game being bad or everyone is salts are just the lower % of the players. Sure, stuff happens every now and then but if you perform poorly they you probably see more raging then someone who plays the game well.
  11. Basemastar

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    Someone is salty.
  12. Basemastar

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    Only toxic person here so far is you. Take a chill pill. You don't have to get mad about it. I think I am doing ok with campaigns. I just started playing a year ago so I am fairly new. How am I doing so far?
  13. Basemastar

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    He didn't ask no but he replied to my post so I was trying to help a guy out. lol He didn't appreciate me giving advice. That is honestly the problem that I posted about too. People are too proud to even stop to think that someone might know something about the game that they don't. Instead of stopping to think they just react. :( If it helps I didn't want to. However he clearly doesn't know how to play as a team in randoms. He does know how to shoot but he just doesn't know how to position his ship to be able to get the most out of it. He just gets punished by actual people too easily. As far as I can tell its boring and frustrating getting sent back to port. No one wants to die. You can establish from his survival rate and his lack of damage that he dies or gets chunked pretty early in most matches. I don't have to "assume" it. The stats don't lie unfortunately. I have no salt to give you. I was just explaining to Taylor why people rage at him. He said himself that he goes into randoms and just does his own thing. In randoms, some people expect "Heaven forbid" that there be some team play, however small it might be. If you don't want to play as a team, then just stick to co-op, cause no one cares there. In randoms though, some of us are trying to complete the mission and win the game. Work as a team and there shouldn't be any problems. Yolo and do your own thing, then expect to be called out.
  14. Basemastar

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    Np man. I help where I can. Ya I would think dying early in randoms would be kind of boring. At least in co-op you get to stay alive till the end of the match. Co-op just isn't challenging at all... unless have your team dies or is afk.