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  1. WA2KIsMyWaifu

    Supertest – FAQ

    Hey, You should keep an eye out on the Supertest Academy section of the External testing groups. Here is the link to it. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/373-supertest-academy/
  2. WA2KIsMyWaifu

    Supertest – FAQ

    Hey, You will be notified by an edited message on your application and a personal/direct message (PM/DM) on this forum from a coordinator when all checks are done from WG's side.
  3. WA2KIsMyWaifu

    Supertest – FAQ

    Hi, You can apply at any time. We check it everyday for new applications.
  4. WA2KIsMyWaifu

    Supertest – FAQ

    Hi, It is 200 random battles on each ship class as it says "200 random battles on 3 (of 5) different ship classes".
  5. WA2KIsMyWaifu

    Supertest – FAQ

    Hi, Your application should look official and easy to read. Yes, it will be looked at again, we're not on the admission forum 24/7 but we check it everyday. Please be patient.
  6. WA2KIsMyWaifu

    Supertest – FAQ

    Hey, The correct application format is putting the numbers and the questions in your post followed by your answer. Your application should look something like this. Your application should look official and easy to read. Remember that we have a lot of applications to process and this will help us speed the process up.
  7. WA2KIsMyWaifu

    Supertest – FAQ

    Hi, if you're planning to join ST, please put your application here. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/247159-supertest-admission/
  8. WA2KIsMyWaifu

    Supertest – FAQ

    Hi, we open STA or Supertest Academy when there is a post of enrollment for the month in the following section. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/373-supertest-academy/ If you're interested in applying, keep an eye out for it there. Do note, classes are conducted in English, verbally and textually. Knowledge of the English language is mandatory for the training participants.
  9. WA2KIsMyWaifu

    Supertest – FAQ

    Hi, the only thread that is from the 1st-4th and is locked is Supertest Academy enrollment from February 4th to March 1st. It has been locked since the last day to enroll was March 1st. We will have another enrollment to Supertest Academy in the near future. Please keep an eye out for it when it comes.
  10. I not sure however I thought i got a message for a schedule for Supertester Academy could you check and let me know thanks in advance

  11. WA2KIsMyWaifu

    Genshin Impact Sightseeing

    I saw this meme and had to post this here after you posted that.
  12. WA2KIsMyWaifu

    Genshin Impact Sightseeing

    The promotional video looks amazing. Just give it an anime already lol.
  13. WA2KIsMyWaifu

    Genshin Impact Sightseeing

    The Keqing hangout we all needed.
  14. WA2KIsMyWaifu

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    My gems... they're disappearing.
  15. WA2KIsMyWaifu

    Random Anime musings

    Can't wait to watch it!!