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  1. Sorry to intrude, BlailBlerg-san, your information says you love polls. I look at definition and do not understand statement of affection? none business of mine apologies. 

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    2. MzFortune2001


      English is a Yõkai, Mz. Blerg. it is devouring my spirit as any Oni, will Lol. (both refer to Demons) English in the written form is difficult. But speaking it I will never accomplish I am sure been trying to learn from age 20 I am 29. I was told its Japlish which I find offensive (but so funny I cried from laughter) he said it to me in comms on this game. No more coms. Also told my voice sounds like someone stepped on bag of cats. (thought strange comment) then it was later explained again cannot disagree. This community is joyful to me Just wish everyone was more patient with each other. You are a nice person. kind to me thank you. 


    3. BlailBlerg


      I agree! English is a demon. All languages are difficult for me. I tried to learn Japanese, but did not get very far. I can only understand very basic things. Also the many details of respect in Japanese are very hard to remember, so I am afraid of making a mistake!

      You are very humble. But no need to say bad things about yourself. Though, this "bag of cats" is very very funny. 

      Sometimes this forum can be kind of mean. I've had people be kind of nasty to me. But I like talking about warships too much. 


      I see you like to change your picture very often. 




    4. MzFortune2001


      Picture changes with my mood. I asked several people if that is acceptable behavior, I do not want to offend or do something out of place?. They said it was weird but ok. I am weird) so I do it with my moods. Japanese is very easy compared to English. There are so many rules and words to say something. English has over a thousand different sounds. Japanese has one hundred and sixteen. Most eastern languages are simple comparatively. 

      People have much frustration and competition in life. Harsh words and rude behavior I despise. Understanding is effort every day. If I can not deal with such things that day I go to my tumbler account and blog for awhile. ( after changing pic ) sorry. If this bothers you I will cease activity. Like you being friendly to me. You are very kind. 

      (I have self-caused brain damage. so not consistent all the time. Just warning and hope you not get upset with me. BlailBlerg-san.