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  1. BlailBlerg

    Ship Lines that need New Preminums/Attention

    More Pan Asia luv plz. Really the DD line just needs a little massaging: most of the USN mk38 guns should be less floaty. DWT reload time should be shorter on YY, CM. Honestly, the USN and IJN CVs need to be added back to the game on sheer principle of famousness. (Not gonna comment on CV gameplay here)
  2. Would you be willing to talk a bit about modern "armor"/defense? I'm interested. Could be a different thread. Powered?
  3. BlailBlerg

    Mass and Bismarck

    Hmm. Interesting. I have wanted CE on Bismarck before to get back under cover. but I almost feel like I really prefer FP on mass. numbers wise it seems like I have to give up on doing IFHE. Just no real way to get more out of the secondaries. Would have been fun to have more damage. As I’m not particularly missing survival skills. My Playing skills are good at mitigation
  4. BlailBlerg

    Mass and Bismarck

    18th and 19th points? CE or FirePRev seem the most useful. IFHE too bad right? (Is it any worth on Bismarck?)
  5. @Avenge_December_7 Hi Avenge December. You might remember me from Ranked. We played together a few times. If you'd like to div we can support each other and I can go over some basics with you.
  6. BlailBlerg

    Where does Rank1 wows compare to other games?

    I think everyone here underestimates the demotivating factors of bigger sample sizes of data when it comes to ranked and kots. Therefore the simplifications that people seem to advocating that either of these systems represent shows a fundamental lack of understanding of trends over a large group of people. there is a significant, unproven, (and arguably unmerited) fixation on this supposed unskilled player who ranks out simply due to time. Perhaps it’s also that one isn’t getting a particularly good indication of skill as evaluated.
  7. As best as one can compare (reasons plz), how good is Rank1 wows compared to other popular, highly competitive, ranked games? Is ranked even worth anything, or is clan or something better? In Starcraft, only 200 ppl are allowed in grandmaster. Rank1 generally is about 400 ppl, then would Rank1 be masters approx 1%? Vs league of legends, where does rank sit?
  8. ty ty. good idea. I think I really would like Ktiakaze for t9 sprint (that is coming right?) And ill work on one of those two. Do you have an opinion which is more fun? Yugumo Shima or Udaloi line?
  9. I just mean, are there discount periods I should wait for, or just do it now? Thanks for recs on which ship though people =)
  10. Going to get Kitakaze for the T9 sprint upcoming. Probably will get Kagero back for fun grinding to Shima (not fun lol) Otherwise, I can get Kiev, Udaloi (grindable) Cleveland or Baltimore (already passed to t10)
  11. BlailBlerg

    Ships you Adore.

    Orion, Mahan, Gneisenau, Fiji, YueYang, ChungMu, Medea, Bismarck, Worchester, Omaha, Akizuki, Harugumo, Fletcher, Gearing, (port queen: Loyang) Massachusetts, Tirpitz, Shinonome, T-61, Kamikaze, Mutsu, Musashi, Takao, I'm sure theres more.
  12. BlailBlerg

    0.9.8 Dockyard : Anchorage! + new premium!

    what is double rp?
  13. BlailBlerg

    Please tone down rocket damage on DDs

    Rockets could get damage reduced for dds.
  14. BlailBlerg

    A quick and simple way to have fun in ranked

    good advice @DolphinPrincess Btw, can you go over your reasoning for why a 7 or 8 tier list? As opposed to say 3 or 4? Is the grittiness actually that much more useful?
  15. BlailBlerg

    0.9.8 Dockyard : Anchorage! + new premium!

    do you mind coming up with sources?