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  1. Would have never expected the Loyang to again be obsoleted.
  2. where does it say only cruisers...?
  3. No and was not ok with any of the other T9 and T10 premiums. There are better ideas for making reward ships than OP super premiums.
  4. hahaha funny. But I actually watch 0 tv myself. Might have filtered from the environment though lol
  5. got an acosta lightning has the coolest name
  6. Personal Record in Dynamo

    Don't understand. Mahan is good, or Mahan is not?
  7. Then its also based on that percentage. Your increase of 3500/100,000 is insignificant compared to the power of the Force. (ie. Also not worth it)
  8. Bourgogne!!?

    More T10 premium idiocy??
  9. Yeah? the range needed?
  10. oooof. the guns look kinda silly on this. And maybe not for me, I just want to sink everything with massive damage.
  11. mfff. That doesn't sound fun. LWM suggested using lots of AP?
  12. How do we feel about this ship now? Seems like people think she's kind of lack luster
  13. Mmm, probably have to look at the review. Anyone know the numbers on IFHE, if it helps?
  14. Anyone know anything about this ship? Got Guilio and Duca DA now. Maybe life is telling me my fate is in pizza.