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  1. Example: When a DD or a CA (but not a BB) fires torps, they're detected like they fired guns. (Or for the rest of the game, not much different rite?) Benefits: No more BaBBy whine. Drawbacks: I DONT SEE ANY Chance of going wrong: 0%, rename the game to world of BBs. Oh wait I got a better one. Remove torps.
  2. that flame vid seemed to give it the meh impression. also 24 knots, Kida boring. like USN Bbs. Wish they actually got up to 24
  3. also ... bot tops really shouldn't kill friendly bots. its just hilarious.
  4. Not to mention gray naked like the day she was born.
  5. Buff Gearing, Sumner AND the IJN DDs. =). There. Fixed.
  6. lolfo-wdfbbq an ugly Japanese dude and a naked atago. hahahahaha
  7. Sadly, Anshan benefits from even more stuff. SE is a possibility, though likely, if you have AFT, and good reflexes, you should be fine. RDF is used on some RU DDs, though idk how useful. IFHE too for more consistent dmg over range. Honestly, I think CE is very useful for blopping something big coming at you when you have no health left.
  8. What is the plan going forward for Mac support? Are you planning to rush out the Pan Asian DDs? It seems like 7.0 is pretty close, yet there's a lot of things still unknown about them. It would be nice to know that they have a useful bit of unique-ness that doesn't shoehorn them into a meta role.
  9. oh true. but that's fine. its a perk on top of it. it just means snowball kraken game probably. I still like the idea of it. something like 1.5 sec reload on akizuki???
  10. Do you really get a continual -34% MB reload? or is it only once?
  11. Now this is a good topic.... I'm thinking ... Akizuki. =D With AdRush
  12. ... hey anyone remember the good ol Isokaze.
  13. Really what it should be is that you can set the two torps styles in battle. Like ammo switching. Idk historically how well that's handled. For torps probably easy. Laughably for gun ammo they always used AP
  14. He's completely ignorant about that side of the world and thinks it's irrelevant.