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  1. What exactly do you build for Blyska, and what do you do? How do you get in a position where the entire other team doesn't light you up on sight and make it incredibly frustrating to never deal any damage bacause you're clinging to life by 100hp the whole game and missing all your torpedoes?
  2. But is it actually ever possibly good, or is it really just garbage with a really high skill floor? If you played just as hard as you did in HuangHe but with any other ship, would it be better?
  3. Guilio and OKTR

    I wonder if I could have won any of these games. So there was a T4 game, with the 3 caps and mountains in the center on either side. Both sides on my team decide to chicken out and head straight into the rocks, ceding all 3 caps immediately, down 2 ships within 5 minutes, lose all DDs. I turn back, but I basically start running into the land at the end of the map, and get cornered at closer than 12km, and all the while, I'm literally alone on this flank, with 1 DD 2 cruisers and a BB shooting at me. I can't seem to get into stealth cuz the DD is maintaining 8km at least away from me. Do I just move as fast as I can for the rocks and break shooting earlier? I mean, frankly it was a horrific game: lost all DD, ceding all 3 caps, down 4 to 6 within like 5 minutes.
  4. Guilio and OKTR

    Wait, ok. I haven't played Guilio THAT much. Why is Guilio so good or flexible? I find I can't don much against a DD + anything. And of course, kind of obviously, 1v4 sucks
  5. Guilio and OKTR

    Is the October revolution as good as guilio? Also as a guilio player, I can see now lots of situations where the guilio can't carry: ex, against enemy having 2 DDs to none. Or 1v4. (Sorry, I still burn to death, even if it is rather slowly) What are your favorite overpowered mid-tier BBs?
  6. I thought this ship was supposed to be garbage beyond garbage?? =) Or is it the die hards are so good it can conflate it to that high?
  7. I lurve my Fletcher <3 <3 <3

    They might just be the best torpedoes in the game. I commonly get opening First Blood, 1-torp kills on Das entering the cap, and definitely getting around 3-4 hits a game. Very good detection, fast, 10.5 km, good flooding chances, really fast reload means you don't feel bad spamming them at any chance. Decent damage (very decent). The 10.5km means you can fire them at radar cruisers and then disengage.
  8. I lurve my Fletcher <3 <3 <3

    I was thinking about Asashio and how it only really interacts basically with one class. Fletcher interacts with everything, DDs, CAs, BBs, CVs. In fact I've killed quite a few radar cruisers now with my torpedoes. Or other DDs with my torpedoes. German Zs do worry me a little. She also tends to bag 60k damage, and 2 caps and 2k base exp on normal games. She's such a good girl ~
  9. Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    Great nuanced article. What makes it great for me is you didn't beat around the bush, you called it both overpowered and literally a garbage rating exactly where it needed to be (torps vs guns, and torps not vs BB) Everyone shall see if its broken or garbage, or something in between.
  10. Hey Blail, been awhile.  If u wanna play together sometime i'd love to.

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      You don't need to join our clan. Its just a friend of mine who likes to play, and does better when he's div'ed with good players obviously. 

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      Sounds good.  U can give them my name to join them then if you'd like

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      Will do. 


  11. AIGLE...Arrrrrrr!!!!!

    Whats the trick? And what captain skills?
  12. Your post is rather sensible. However, based on your own premise, you could explore that this game doesn't give cruisers the ability to shine or work in the away from the main fleet/guns/danger way that you show they were designed to. Would you like to increase the considerations of your post?
  13. IJN could really use a torpedo detection buff: back to something reasonable like 1.1. WG refuses to agree. It would be even better if they could switch torpedo depth on the fly like HE vs AP. Then you could have lesser damage torpedoes that hit everything, and DWT that hit non-DDs. Generally though, IJN also need to use their torps to kill DDs, and that doesn't work very well.
  14. i think Kiev can do that?? Its really not impressive though. For Cossack and Kiev, WG should artificially buff the automatic secondary guns QUITe a bit (mainly in accuracy and slightly in range) and then at least they would count for an extra gun at closer ranges. Sometime I really wonder how they determine secondary gun range in the first place... Like I believe the Takao has the Fubuki guns, but Fubuki has what.. 10km range? Takao's secondaries have like 4 or 5 km. Can someone enlighten me?
  15. While I wouldn't say its bad... I now know why the Iowa is not considered good (obviously beyond lack of radar like Missouri), its so unmaneuverable. But I agree. I'd respect those DDs and BBs, I've never been worried about any of the T9 cruisers, not even while in DDs.