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  1. How about making the max spread distance of torps a little smaller hmm WG? By the end, battleships can fit length-wise in the gaps.
  2. It would be nice to see the break down of how much real-game ships actually are awarded for all of these fancy terms for basically not firing. While obviously there are its uses, is it an excuse just like "area denial torps"? I'd like to see the average earnings of DDs, CAs and CVs and how much they can earn from spotting. Since its been over and over said that a DD or a radar CA should not expect to do damage but instead spot for the team. Its also been said here that the average detecting was 12 ships a game, where 30 times was needed to even get close to the equivalent of one kill.
  3. Successfully Using the Iowa

    WAnna know too. The gun quality is much much better But the turning is so much worse. And taking torpedoes is more common than NC
  4. IJN DD status

    Poll at 136 votes is Weak power, Neutral fun to play, line split is about the same as before.
  5. You do realize it has literally overpowered winrate right? beyond 55% avg?
  6. IJN DD status

    Poll stats right now are hilarious.
  7. IJN DD status

    Well said.
  8. Gallant, Good DD It Is.

    WG reasons that since each torp has so much alpha, having little to no hits (averaging 0-1) hit a game is acceptable. The IJN DDs languish at under 25k avg dmg. Reduce the torpedo alpha by 20%. Bring the detectability down to 1.1km (1.4km for balance maybe). IJN DDs should be able to do the most damage. Possibly keep the speed, since its close to historical. Give the Fubuki back its darn 3rd turret. FFS. Increase the alpha dmg and fire chance of all the other guns in the lines to compensate. Fubuki used to have some serious 2k alpha with high fire chance, making it worth it to take a few pot shots. Nowadays? I'd rather shoot myself with the gun than suffer through an IJN DD of any kind except for Akizuki and Shimakaze. And on Shima, id still never fire the gun.
  9. Absolutely disagree on "win 10 games" as good missions.
  10. Gallant, Good DD It Is.

    Do you really want to know how much WG hates the IJN DD line? Do you reallllly want to know? Do you know that the Fubuki class was a revolutionary design of DDs and copied around the world. It gets to show that off by LOSING A F$%#%#$ TURRET. NOT ONLY THAT BUT THEY WERE THE WORLDS FIRST DUAL PURPOSE GUNS. LOSING A TURRET, CAN YOU IMAGINE DRIVING AN IOWA WITH ONE TURRET REMOVED? Did you also know that Japan had developed some of the most lethal torpedoes in WW2. How is that reflected in our game? THE DETECTABILITY IS 1.7KM WITH THE MOST GARBAGE SPEED POSSIBLE.
  11. Yeah, WG, it would be nice to know if these are "features" or "bugs". I thought the 0 dmg pen was a bug, and the slow to render is also a graphics issue. They are very annoying.
  12. Absolutely never for a BB in this game except when you're being chased by planes on a collapsed flank. BB should never intentionallyy go back at the start of a game to sit on the edge of the map. I think there are a FEW times where a cruiser can be allowed to do this: if you know the other CV will likely go for counter-CV-strike, having a Cleveland next to the carrier can be extremely influential. I'm ok with this. Though, generally, again, you're giving up all your anti-ship firepower