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  1. BlailBlerg

    No warships were sunk by rocket planes in WW2

    One wonders if the game would have been better if they had made this be a big part of the game. Sadly though, in real life, a lot of warship combat was decided on detonations, and we know how fun that is. As far as I'm aware, you didn't want to get hit at all, and armor was the biggest importance, as it was more a bunch of sailing around on a gas-can of ammo playing a game of chicken to see who hit the 1% blow-up first. (At least for a lot of preWWII.) Pacific War was a LOT of planes, and strafing and bombing.
  2. BlailBlerg

    letter to devs & Management

    the problem isn't even people in charge. its just.. people.
  3. BBs are overpowered in mid tier, and cruisers are underpowered. Iron Duke/Konig/Giulio Cesare vs Omaha/Konigsberg/Emerald? (LOL). Even Helena, one of the best, is a hard comparison to Lyon, Sinop, Nelson, KGV. Still better than T10 though Imo. Just too many BBs though. And a lot of cruisers and DDs are hopelessly gimpy.
  4. Its very simple: Cvs cannot spot you for free.They at least have to go back to recycle planes, which gives you a chance to retreat. Also if the enemy CV is bothering you, its most likely not bothering someone else. Sadly, your team will need to contribute. They can't just fly in circles without doing damage, otherwise your CV will win the game for you. also push to get a DM into position to radar those Smols. considering how often these get devastated by good player/aim while undetected in smoke, they're not liable to survive being radared. And surprise, the DM also provides AA AND your own HE spam for your team.
  5. BlailBlerg

    Captains M vs F

    This is pretty good point. @Hapa_Fodder
  6. I had a real laugh reading those t5 t6 reviews. good job.
  7. BlailBlerg

    Ships with the most carry potential

    Massachusetts, Bismarck, Tirpitz - all very capable Worcester - my go-to t10 for agency. Guilio Cesare Oddly enough, YY isn't too bad. At least you generally get torp hits.
  8. BlailBlerg

    Russian Bias: Truths and Myths.

    This is a terrible argument.
  9. Bismarck is such a good ship that I've gotten 58-60% WR on it just using full/mostly secondaries. It and Tirpitz are basically the only ships in the game that reward this. (And Massachusetts, maybe Georgia and Ohio) High enough accuracy without accuracy mod, great armor, strong mobility, hydro, good pen. GK is too fat/combustible. FDG no opinion. Gneis and Scharn too low ranged and Gneis too few main guns. Dunno if tank build truly is better and would propel me past 60%. I rarely die nowadays, which greatly contributes to my flag rewards. -- I've seen Richeleiu with secondary also using it well. And used to see more Alsace too.
  10. BlailBlerg

    Worst ship in the game

    Wasn’t there a cruiser that made Huang he look favorable ? Also emerald isnt so bad. There’s much worse.
  11. BlailBlerg

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    I think we need longer horn durations. would be nice to have horn and whistle too. maybe some lights. I wanna be a foghorn oggle-lorn xmas tree.
  12. Kleber also should have never happened in this way. the boosters and DPM are ridiculous, even if the ambush and high AP damage are fun. And the speed, 53 knots? wdf.
  13. Some of this is spot on, some of it is... a bit opinionated. Yes BBs are most popular. I think they'd be less overly popular if they also weren't one of the easiest and strongest ship classes. Frankly, it seems like someone is pulling the strings behind the curtain, its not all just design. though frankly I really wonder what kind of game-stat designer would have been willing to use those numbers. The new balance changes seem to be largely in the right direction, (if missing a Kremlin nerf, and including an unnecessarily strong nerf to US BBs) --- Not sure if really people are being turned away. For sure I have stopped playing a few times, and came back and immediately realized how terrible a waste of time the game was. I know for a fact I'm one that doesn't log in regularly anymore for these balance along with other issues.
  14. BlailBlerg

    Premium Ship Review #140 - Siliwangi

    Is Loyang really anemic? Is there something to be done to persuade WG about having a different detection parameter for DWT for the torpedo protection? Can easily breakable main armaments both guns and torp launchers stop being the national flavor of the PA DDs?
  15. Refute: Much of this is new. The 2nd nerf was only a minor nerf to AA mount HP, not relevant to any games with CVs. Not only that, but an extremely indirect nerf that doesn't even touch the AA directly. This is the one of the few (if not first) times that a 0.05 value of sigma has been used. Its also been noted recently by LittleWhiteMouse in the Bajie review that upon investigation that its nearly impossible for most players to even feel the difference between 0.1 sigma. Therefore this is yet another change that has nearly no impact. Generally a change of sigma of 0.2 is considered highly impactful, and 0.1 is slightly. To say that's not new is entirely untrue. ---- And frankly, while it can be nice to pat a company on the back for changing its previously bad methods, poor decisions in the past lead to a loss of confidence from its consumers that is entirely warranted - and that is what the company is experiencing now! There are consequences for companies too in this world, regardless if PR would like to spin it another way. While perhaps the company learned from the YueYang nerf, the magnitude of that nerf, something nearly like 20% to both GUNS and TORPEDOES is not vindicated by the incremental changes to only torpedoes now. If you'd be willing to pass it up : that nerf was one of the ones that made me decide I didn't want to spend anywhere near as much time with this game as I used to.