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  1. BlailBlerg

    Any new maps EVER going to come?

    More ocean more versions of ocean.
  2. BlailBlerg

    Depressing Ships

    Blyska and farragut. blyska cuz really it’s just not better than other options. farragut mostly cuz gunboat dd is hard.
  3. Wahoo. I got out with my thunderer and plenty of free coal and steel from snowflakes.
  4. BlailBlerg

    Roma, Dead Eye Demonstrated

    I can’t seem to see a noticeable difference. Is that the point to take away? (Honest question)
  5. BlailBlerg

    Roma, Dead Eye Demonstrated

    Also if you take deadeye do you take concealment expert?
  6. BlailBlerg

    Roma, Dead Eye Demonstrated

    What is this supposed to show?
  7. BlailBlerg

    Tier IX Ships for Doubloons!

    selling t9 and t10 ships for cash/doubloons does not sound like a good idea at all.
  8. BlailBlerg

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2020

    How does Bajie feel compared to Shikishima and the other winners here? is Siegfried really that good? It doesn't sound like there's a lot of agreement on this, even if she's fun.
  9. BlailBlerg

    A history of discontent, a historical inquiry

    Look. The last year was probably one of their worst. Puerto Rico and Santa crates. Major PR disasters. Along with 3 more minor discontent things like CVs. Etc. anyways. The surprise here is this: other than CVs, the game is better than ever imo and making great strides towards fun balance. But then again, I also have the best div in the world and we all have learned critical powerful knowledge for playing well.
  10. Yep. been 5-6 BBs for far too long now. BBs are overrepresented even by WG's posted numbers, approaching 50% of the ships played. DDs got nerfed, had too much to do. CVs are super strong against everything that isn't a BB. (At least a BB takes a few rides to sink) ======= BBs are the game's easy mode. As someone who's played all the classes, they are literally like training wheels compared to the rest of the classes. (And even then, most ppl don't play BB even to simple levels of competence.) ======= People who are BB mains only, I highly suggest you learn at least one other class, any class, before posting your opinions. Having played a lot of BB on this account and others, you don't know what you're missing and don't understand. (Heck, one DD up to t10 without skipping should be a requirement for everyone.)
  11. BlailBlerg

    Caps matter

    2>1 is too hard for people. 3>0? That's asking way too much math of them/
  12. BlailBlerg

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    are we able to play the previous halloween modes too?
  13. Anymore thoughts on this? @DolphinPrincess's ideas have been working well for me. Although I still like working with a team. Any more specific tips?
  14. exactly how to do torpedoes target DDs? I heard they explode under the hull, breaking the DDs in half. Torpedo side protection would do jack. I assume the torpedo fuse is set off by a magnetic indicator?