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  1. I was definitely thinking if it was an island map it would be better for sneaking around to do it. I think Caledon in this case wants to be near islands, kinda in the middle, though being in the middle is dangerous.
  2. ^bump
  3. who WANTS A hull ships anyways?!?!? Make them more interesting please!
  4. This is partly a fun thread and a strategy thread. The idea is to posit questions of difficult WoWs or dueling situations and have people feedback what they would do. It is my request that we keep this an ego-free, bashing-free, showing-off-my-giant...-pinky-toe-free zone. While some of you might think certain situations aren't that hard, you don't need to be boasting about how incredible you are that its ezpz for you. We will try to give obvious objectively under-dog problems. Answer any you like. Posit new questions as you feel like. Let's say you had to go duel a Yamato in a Bismarck as you start heading toward a cap. How would you do it? How would you go about it? T8 vs T10 Let's say you had to take down 2 or 3 T4 BBs in midgame in a Caledon. Your team is slightly losing in points/ships down. How would you do it? T3 CA vs 3x T4 BBs
  5. ... Why do people WANT these stock IJN? Mutsu, Ashitaka, Musashi??? Really?!?! I was really hoping Musashi would have the beautiful sister-ship-ness of being at T10. Also the empty deck is such an eyesore.
  6. What they said above.
  7. rrrrggg. forum right now is very irritating. lots of anger and screaming and sniping.
  8. Save it for Missouri. =)
  9. Another issue. Generally BBs have the least they can be rewarded from other skills, so taking zombie build fire prevention is the norm. (Exception is German BBs for secondaries, and some AA specifically builds) DDs and Cruisers definitely don't have that luxury. I'm ok with this change.
  10. [FAE] Fun and Engaging !


    Wish we had clan profile pictures. 


  11. I did notice they removed the Chinese naval ranks though, its now only English. =/
  12. There is a dichotomy. I can't answer that but its an intriguing topics. Let's open it up to more opinions.
  13. I do hear Izumo is the one that really needs help. And Lion and Conqueror are busted
  14. Well, I didn't quite imply either was real or not. But I am implying life problems, issues to resolve are separate from the relax time fantasy time I use this game for.
  15. I was pretty sad the day I made this tread. I think that day I had two very negative interactions. Since then, I've been kind of off the forum just cuz of life