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  1. Teams you can't do anything about. And trying to get any sort of rewards in DD or learning CV is utterly worthless.
  2. Unrequited Love - Gneisenau

    I run mine with the accuracy mod. And citadel'ed Iowas at 19km. (This is uncommon admittedly). Go accuracy mod. Half accuracy half secondaries. Gneis generally doesn't need survivability. AFT BFT ManSecs She also has better pen than Scharn.
  3. okay F it. DDs are garbage.
  4. same. DD play is awful.
  5. Azure Lane Captains?

  6. Scharnhorst 50% Discount 7/20!!!!!

    Anyone have an idea if this still has the unnerfed fire chance?
  7. Join us! FAE stands for FUN AND ENGAGING. =) Also you can bring in some friends if you like. I like playing high tiers and play team-style DDs
  8. Azure Lane Captains?

    I LOVE THIS. !!!! (But I'm not a comp capable of mods)....
  9. Azure Lane Captains?

    I'm also so mad that I have a 19pt ugly german guy for my captain. Instead of Thea or Hans Zimmer as my 19pt. Also getting a 2nd 19pt isn't that much easier than getting the first. =/
  10. Azure Lane Captains?

    Hmm. Maybe. But I can't see the HSF on sale right now? Also, maybe I'm a bit more biased to Prinz Eugen.... *mumble
  11. Azure Lane Captains?

    =) I wish they had HSF captains on sale again too. Can't seem to get something for Scharnhorst
  12. Scharnhorst 50% Discount 7/20!!!!!

    Does she still have the un-nerfed high fire chance HE secondaries of the pre-nerf KM BBs?
  13. Nonfacetiously, I do think they care... just that they believe that a whole game of spotting and no damage should be fun.. is outrageous. And the rewards for capping and spotting are exceptionally poor, even when it feels like you've done exactly your job and made a huge difference to defending and winning on points. Very rarely also is a classical DD like the IJN able to do these things and get within the top3 on the leaderboard. Also, the torpedo detection from space is pure trash. T10 BBs can completely avoid them easily even when they're in the middle of the spread. They should really think about reducing the damage, or or reducing damage taken by DDs hit by corps if these are concerns than make them spotted to the moon. I really want to @ some CCs and employees. Is anyone else also willing to pick up the torch?
  14. I now have Chung Mu! =) And unlocked YueYang! They're cute girls