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  1. The difference is here you made a serious effort, you tried, you shot, you focused it. Its the players who literally ignore them, and the games where a cleveland is sitting at 12km in the broad water and not getting shot at, the games where 2-3 radar cruisers survive all the way to the end of the game, its the game where no one responds or even attempts to communicate, let alone play together. You might not be part of the problem, but that doesn't mean there isn't a problem.
  2. BlailBlerg

    This is not fun anymore

    Holy frigging moly. I've never seen games this pathetic. If you won't be the one to carry the team, cajole the team, be the first in line to tank, invariably each team spinelessly flails like an impaled gormworm always flawlessly 2km behind you incapable of causing even the utterest of harm to the enemy while they are properly and succinctly dismembered segment by writhing segment.
  3. BlailBlerg

    Which premium destroyer would you recommend?

    Heard Coassack and T61 are very good. Can't recommend DDs much at all. Generally they're in a really annoying place right now meta wise.
  4. BlailBlerg

    DDs Still Not Fun To Play

    =/ Accuracy for hitting DDs has increased either through player skill or better guns over the last 2 years. DDs are scaled oversize also to what they really should be in scale. Recommend making the class smaller.
  5. BlailBlerg

    Your very first Premium was?

    LoYang, and I played a lot. Friend got her for me. And she was so fun. Now with radar... eh. I haven't touched her much. Also t8 mm is still bad. Being in t10 in a Loyang is like being a black sheep.
  6. First, these are mostly good! Whats the comparison of gun reload of Mahan vs Sim vs Benson vs Fletcher? Is 3.3 Fletcher reload????? Holy cow. T9 guns, t8 torps on a t7?? death machine Mahan!
  7. BlailBlerg

    Why is Dallas such a turd...

    @YouSatInGum, this is very important. You're right at the point in the game where you need to learn real skills and knowledge about the ships and the game. Its NOW or forever suffer. Do not pass the Dallas, do not collect $200. T6 and changing to the line's upper tier identity are important to learn. (Namely, you need to learn how to fire over rocks in Dallas) Helena is amazing, and is borderline overpowered at 55%. You need IFHE FIRST, and then CE second. I run Helena with only IFHE so you should be fine as long as you have a 10pt captain for Dallas. Omaha is such a fun ship. Its sad that the BBs at low tiers are all so overpowered in comparison. Yes the rudder shift thing is crap.
  8. BlailBlerg

    This is not fun anymore

    Thanks, I'll look for safe mode. =) So what made you decide you wanted to come back? Yeah, this is mostly not really a possible place to get much help. Its kind of a frustration rant and mention to WG of poor customer experience. Not that that means much. Thankfully I've never gotten orange from DC, though I've gotten very close, and I know some people have.
  9. GK. I survive (literally) huge amounts of damage, I push up, I kill enemy DDs and support our DDs taking caps and we still generally lose. I even literally cap myself, in my big [edited]BB. I do only mediocre damage. Of course, some of the huge damage games are also losses. With a 212k one recently. In ranked I'm usually top1-3 player, have a very high win rate and often get 150k+ damage. Someone help me (I dunno how to enable replays tho. )
  10. BlailBlerg

    This is not fun anymore

    Yep, probably they fixed something eventually. =) Welcome back! I'm just really sad, cuz I really like the idea of this game, but the games I can't do anything are almost hurtful lol. =/ And the crashes really dont' help either. (And are contributing to the losses/can't-do-anything-ness too)
  11. BlailBlerg

    This is not fun anymore

    If you have tips on maintaining the system, I'd be down to listen. At the moment though, unfortunately, its pretty difficult to take apart the Mac physically (one issue with poor design is not being able to clean out the cooling fans easily). And opening up the system of course likely is dangerous for the unskilled person accidentally contaminating with more dust deeper into the system (not that my living space is very dusty, but its definitely not without random dust), or short-circuiting something with static, or mucking something else up, or generally voiding the whole darn warranty/repair thing. I'm aware of WG's disk repair, sadly its historically not reliable. -- To all: Generally for Macs, the instability gets fixed by bug fixes over the next few patches, until a new patch completely destroys it to unplayable again. For one of the 7.8 or 7.9 upgrades or so, it literally became crash every game, I had to simply stop playing. Without me changing anything, the game client becomes more stable after some new patches. Its on a bad streak again. (And likely will be really bad for 8.0 too) So, a lot of people give Mac users crap, but honestly, its likely a game bug that needs a coding fix usually. Someone above also explained the issue of odder and older systems and more complexity above. Also running 0 mods.
  12. BlailBlerg

    This is not fun anymore

    Thanks. But I'm *whispers* on a Mac. It used to be that this game ran great on Mac (on low), nowadays every other patch will nuke the client stability to unplayable. Previous bad patches was like 7.10 or so. Also, before the derisive and annoying comments start flooding in, the game crashes are not just Mac, they happen for my friends on their PCs too
  13. Can you provide more evidence? (cool)
  14. BlailBlerg

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    Both Emerald and Omaha are really fun ships that can be powerful if you know how to abuse their defenses: Emerald smoke and rocks, Omaha rock firing HE from slightly farther away than the other USN (flatter arcs). They were fine ships, balanced. But the newer low tier BBs are so incredibly overpowered and idiotically easy to play that it makes both of these ships obsolete. As I've said before, even in a t5-7 game, I'd rather play Orion than Omaha. and Iron Duke is no contest. There's no reason you really want to play these cruisers. The better lineup will always be more bbs. Which is exactly what T5 ranked showed + furutaka.
  15. I think most of the time BB players don't have any idea what they need form DDs or what they need to do to support DDs. And I don't say this to be mean either. I know something: I try and shoot their DDs best I can (but rarely am I able to do a whole lot unless I'm lucky or the enemy is bad) . So I do push up a huge amount 4/4 or 3/4 speed, and then as is my special skill: tank and get out. But generally the damage is kind of low, and it seems even with this help, a lot of times the game goes downhill anyway. (Usually not on my side, the other side collapses and we lose.) Dunno if I had gone more traditionally and sat back and shot BBs and cruisers if it woulda changed anything.