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  1. BlailBlerg

    Georgia just an inferior MASS?

    she has hydro?? with 40 knots??
  2. Yep yep. This is it. Just now to need to hammer the point home to actual dev/people/team in charge.
  3. I lost 11 games in a row once. So, what should we say? And how should we change the game so that lost games do not feel like a waste of time?
  4. BlailBlerg

    ST, new German commander and test ships.

    @Umbaretz can you pass on to devs that PA DDs have really lost a lot of appeal to play with the extremely injurious hammer strike nerf that they received? This considerably muted interest in develop PA navy
  5. BlailBlerg

    Winners of the Huanghe 1000 fiesta!

    incredible, what a feat
  6. BlailBlerg

    So what is the best tier to play now?

    This is me too. except 14pts... That ship is a cheat code
  7. BlailBlerg

    T-61 and Z-39 vs. Anshan and Loyang

    Sadly, Loyang is from a different age of balance, and her weapons are rather anemic, (only 4 guns, low fire chance, super long fly time, shatters, torpedoes are relatively slow and really low damage). Even with the long smoke. Also her HP is quite noticeably low. Akizuki is generally the best pick it seems for T8 ranked. Even with Loyang hydro tricks, its generally not comparable to the firepower. -- T-61 I hear does better than Anshan. Anshan has always felt a hair shy of powerful. Good enough for most scenarios, good enough for Campaigns. I'd rather be in most other boats than Anshan. Definitely not "bad", but definitely middling. -- Both PAs are mehbotes right now. And with YY and Chung Mu being nerfed, there isn't a strong reason for that line. =( Unless you really love spotting in team competitive. In which case, you probably also have a loose screw in your head based on how poorly the game rewards that.
  8. BlailBlerg

    Mouse's Super Quick Review of Yahagi

    What HuangHe gets chosen over another premium. holy moly. you know that fights down and dirty.
  9. BlailBlerg

    Exeter is a Sleeper

    When they buff Emerald I'm gonna run that thing like a madman.
  10. BlailBlerg

    Questions about Irian and Exeter

    Just get Fiji instead.
  11. BlailBlerg

    Revisiting Yue Yang. Did the recent buffs fix it?

    what recent buffs? also that ew nerf-hammer bat was sick.
  12. I sprinted out with Aoba. Great fun ship. Mutsu is prob better tho. Also ranked out twice with Takao over Tirpitz and Mass. Takao is amazing too. Just avoid Baltimore, it'll eat you. Also had fun in Akizuki, Loyang is a fav but wasn't what was needed for ranked. I think I gave up and sprinted out with Guilio in t5.
  13. Because that would promote good gameplay design and we aren’t allowed to have that
  14. Ok, thanks. This game used to run just fine for 2 years without this issue the 500% kernel_task and overheating.