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  1. BlailBlerg

    Confess, have you ever

    tried to load starcraft. opened wows instead.
  2. Freaking yikes with the pan asian DDs nerf.
  3. Okay, WG. You want me to boycott the game for the next year after I've already stopped for 6 months. Okay. This is literally like slapping a burn.
  4. Can you TLDR the impact game play wise? Also, WG has been fxxing with armor thickness recently I think. Making things thicker or thinner. Idk what the reasoning is for those balance changes. It seems they do occur to ships that did exist.
  5. Also inb4, Grozovoi gets a 4.0->4.2 increase. YueYang literally loses a whole turret of DPM back down to Chung Mu's 5 turret DPM. Wargaming @Kami, this nerf was sick. Can an alternative be reconsidered for YueYang?
  6. T8 French BB? Fantasque?
  7. BlailBlerg

    When you get asked what you thought of the game

    More the issue is that the reward and what you can do during the loss usually feels like a waste of your time with nothing you could really do about it. If I got some progress even during loss, or if it felt like I really contributed or could change things then it wouldn't be so bad. But losses are just an incredible waste of player time and why I've given up playing this game. I want to spend that time having fun, when I've gone 2 hours and just become more frustrated, lost more battles and end up in a worse mood than I started, its a bad game. Sorry.
  8. BlailBlerg

    Team score 0-10.

    Actually was one game. 10 allies killed before even 1 enemy was killed. Game lasted long enough for me to be sole survivor out of 12 due to caps we took.
  9. BlailBlerg

    Team score 0-10.

    First in as a BB, solo cap, last ship standing at the end. 0-10. Opponents kill TEN SHIPS before ally team takes one. And only gets to do this because I got points for them to dwindle. Please. This is why I don't play this game anymore.
  10. Thanks! It worked. Downloaded everything again. Will try to see if theres any running issues
  11. Lol. Updated the launcher and now it simply quits without error message. =) fun. When you hit "Play" Orange button --- Seems to be issue attempting to launch the game, from the game launcher window. Updated to 3.0 client hitting Play button results in application closing without error message. Game integrity check doesn't resolve. MacOS High Sierra 10.12.6
  12. BlailBlerg

    Anyone planning to take a DD into Ranked this season?

    or Rooster.
  13. BlailBlerg

    Can We Talk About YueYang?

    They seriously put a brutal nerf on it that wasn't fun at all.
  14. BlailBlerg

    Azur Lane collection: Warspite

    so... Massachusetts should be a sniper??? =) Also, that Yamato shot from 34km.... I thought Yamato was rumored to never fire her main guns at another ship in anger??
  15. BlailBlerg

    Ships that WG got right..from the start

    So it seems Scharnhorst. Fiji also good and unchanged. Chung Mu, for being amazingly silly. Honorable mentions: (Atago got changed too much, accuracy)