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  1. BlailBlerg

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    No it doesn't. Especially not in win games. Prove it.
  2. BlailBlerg

    Is the Great Eight Collection over?

    This is smart. But I like checking boxes. Also, the amount per duplicate is kind of small. 15k? you're talking about 1.4 mil there? Eh.
  3. This is stating the obvious. You're missing the point.
  4. BlailBlerg

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    More to follow, you're entitled to this opinion, but you really should play some more DDs then so that your perspective doesn't seem as self-proclaimed as you've described yourself as a BB main. There are reasons why people think last season T10 ranked was some of the worst negative play experiences for DDs. And its not just due to radar. Its the lack of ability to meaningfully change the game when your team drops the ball. You complain that DDs shouldn't do damage, but I tell you now, having to rely on your teammates actually shooting relevant targets, being in range, not sucking their thumb on J10 is a massive dice throw. Did you play YueYang or Shima or any DD in T10 ranked? It was awful for many posters here. You can find their experiences through forum search.
  5. BlailBlerg

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    This is why DD players hate the way the game is going now. Also this argument is absurd: especially with radar now, you're seeing many caps simply taken by BBs and CAs as the enemy radars drive the DDs out. Furthermore, its not uncommon that a charging BB (not alone) still is able to evade a single DD's torpedoes endlessly and push into and secure caps without any way for other ships to contest them. There really isn't any reason BBs should be given more of a pass for damage and area control and capping, nor any good reason that any ship type should have more influence OR significantly more damage. This could apply to CVs as well: There's no reason CVs should be so influential, same logic applies to BBs, BBs should not also be much more influential than CAs, nor should DDs perhaps have such a strong influence towards the end game where one side has lost all its DDs (one could rectify this with reduction of torpedo damage and flood, and increased ability to dodge for larger ships). Either way, the game you suggest is no fun to non-BBs.
  6. BlailBlerg

    Thank You WG For My 30% Off Jean Bart!

    Ahh wait. I should probably wait for Burgouggngjgjgjg. Should I use 30% off for Massachusetts though....? And save up free experience for Musashi? (Or Nelson? I need an Orion seal clubber trainer)
  7. BlailBlerg

    Saw that the Conq is getting a citadel.

    I like the HE change. I don't like the BEST in multiple categories all at once. BEST Offense, BEST Firechance, BEST heal, BEST Concealment, BEST turning circle, BEST no-citadel, I'm probably even missing a few traits and we already have 6 BEST traits. YUCK!
  8. Only thing I'm for. The USN BBs could reasonably use a buff, but at the same time, they seem like they're strong enough, just boringly slow. So far, not a fan of CV rework at all. Not happy. And not appeased by a refund. The destruction of the RTS style is sad. Most of these cruisers and things are not really needing a buff. Radar needs to be nerfed somehow. The 5 sec delay is kind of reasonable. Also no help to DDs or to spotting dmg or tanking damage. which is a very needed change. Big no on these plans.
  9. And the accuracy of a deep sea worm with no eyes.
  10. BlailBlerg

    The IJN DD split/rebalance was an awful idea

    They still maintain their crappy turret traverse, though i think with the line split, the reload got a significant buff from the originals. This is good. Also with the more powerful gunboats in the game, its sensible to bridge the gap. The IJN CAs are all getting huge buffs. The IJN BBs are getting HE secondaries. The CVs are being completely reworked.
  11. BlailBlerg

    The IJN DD split/rebalance was an awful idea

    exactly. And they nerfed the fire chance, which was very important for torpedo play. It was a really dumb decision. And the IJN DDs were the weakest for a long time.
  12. BlailBlerg

    The IJN DD split/rebalance was an awful idea

    I'm going back to play my ARP Myokos when this is live. Though, I'm going to be very very mad if the YY gets nerfed.
  13. The original IJN line split and rebalance was an exceptionally awful idea. And now the guns are being buffed back to some of their previous state. It seems the glacial 30 second BB level turret traverse remains though. Its still astounding to me that people will still argue in favor of that rebalance.
  14. BlailBlerg

    T10 DD Lines Grinding Priority

    None, none of these. =3 (Non-salt: Daring is the new baby, so its likely a bit strong. Harugumo is fun. But I find Gearing with Fletcher torps very very well rounded. )
  15. Gonna be interesting to see IJN BBs if they have enough firepower to spec for them.