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  1. luckyhoho

    what mod to use on the stalingrad

    I have secondary build on my BBs lol
  2. luckyhoho

    what mod to use on the stalingrad

    Stalingrad for co op ?
  3. luckyhoho

    what mod to use on the stalingrad

    Range is more for long range crossfire support, sometimes you will catch a few parking cruisers on the other side of the map andBOOM
  4. luckyhoho

    what mod to use on the stalingrad

    is Reload more useful than Range? improvements on the 20s reload seems not very much anyway lol I took PM instead of EL, when a Stalingrad shoots HE the situation is quite dire I guess, also is the 15% fire reduction really worth it since you already have FP and 45s damage control party with flags, Propulsion mod 1 gives more chance to dodge shells moving back and forth
  5. Submarines you mean ? lol
  6. yea exactly lol who have the luck to get all 3 carriers in the 20 or so chests....
  7. Just got this thing and any suggestions lol
  8. Why you people think that way, it's all the same, all boring games where Atlantas duck behind the mountains firing rainbow all the way. Nobody moves, nobody blinks.
  9. Try harder, try new things. Analyse what worked what didn't work, find ways to save your star when the game is lost In time you will rank out, it's a grind in the end
  10. No difference, it's just this season got small maps and potato don't have place to run.
  11. luckyhoho

    Ranked grind

    consider you get 5,6 consecutive games like that lol all the stars disappearing from the sky
  12. luckyhoho

    Ranked grind

    key to saving a star is hitting DD hard, but it gets even harder when there are too many of them
  13. luckyhoho

    Ranked grind

    The grind is over, it all comes to which side got less potatos. The maps are too small, tactics are next to none. When the RNGesus really want you to rank out, like what happened in the last game, you can detonate enemy Atlanta with one shell
  14. luckyhoho

    Scrap Flint for steel

    Can I scrap the Flint for some steel, it was given as the ranked reward before the steel thing, and since it's taken off of the shelve as no one wants to buy it anymore
  15. luckyhoho

    King of the Sea Collection

    does it drop from daily drop??? or have to watch stream, don't get the right time to watch them, what a shame....