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  1. lol now they won't "camp", they will flee.......
  2. they are useless, especially at high tier you need IFHE RDF Concealment expert as well for tier 9/10, so 19 point captain is a must have
  3. luckyhoho

    Impressive team!

    lol NADOs didn't make it to Rank 1
  4. luckyhoho

    New first for me

    lol.... the trick is never say a single word in the battle, that way 9 reports cannot send you to ban otherwise 3 reports from a div = instant 24 hour ban don't ask why and how, I did my experiment to figure this out
  5. when you are young and ignorant lol
  6. 40% wr now lol.....
  7. luckyhoho

    minotaurs with 41% hit rate lol

    The only way to achieve that is to use some nice little softwares lol
  8. Nope I had a horrible experience with Hipper when I started the game... took 230 games to grind .....
  9. I sold many premiums before, like Tirpitz, scharnhorst, atlanta .....
  10. luckyhoho

    ghost town

  11. luckyhoho

    One Hour Left for Pin-Up 500k Views

    It's a bait to test out how many real players are out there lol
  12. is to shut them before they talk blacklist and mute in the beginning of the game