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  1. What to use sharks tokens on?

    buy chest and get coal lol
  2. The Nelson!

    is it worth getting lol smacked by tier 9 BBs
  3. one sided event since first day

    lol after people finish off shark they still don't switch, funny ending
  4. ONLY thing matters:::: how many woosters and minotaurs on their side AND how many woosters and minotaurs on your side
  5. only thing may worth the AFT is RDF, no tier 3 skill better than AFT
  6. looks like you don't have enough time to hit 50 points for the second team
  7. karma and winning

    Now ..........
  8. Alaska and Jean Bart are horrible ships
  9. salem is a cruiser.... not DD
  10. karma and winning

    are negatively connected .............
  11. Why are the Sharks Winning?

    why sharks are still winning, I joined eagle
  12. shark on the bow is fine, not in front of the bridge ........
  13. Yes the sharks in front of the ship bridge