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  1. luckyhoho

    CV players, stop blaming DD players.

    wait? there are still DD players?
  2. luckyhoho


    As a CV vote without the option to remove CV, poll is rigged !!!
  3. I have to agree, ranked is quite fun lol
  4. You need a boat to take people here to gulag, tovarisch
  5. I must refuse for the pride of all monkeys !
  6. I really like the ranked game play this season lol But alt accout isn't really my favorite, I have all investment on the main account
  7. luckyhoho

    Selling CV's

    I sold everything day 1 lol
  8. lol tonight NA just a little after 8pm, there are just 9k players online; and half of them are probably just bots, keep it this way the game will die very quickly lol
  9. luckyhoho

    Second CV refund

    lol I want all premium ships sold back as well, this is a different game now
  10. luckyhoho

    Why Fletcher and Yugumo are junk in ranked

    you should be amazed that sometimes people get killed by the fletcher torpedos lol
  11. WG should reinvent the PvE to attract more players, introduce more map triggered mechanisms etc, CVs will work well intended there;
  12. luckyhoho

    make the flags bigger and flashy

    Cool pictures !
  13. currently you barely notice them, forget about perspective sizes all the non sense, just make the big and flashy
  14. luckyhoho

    PSA: Another Participate button

    realizing how desperate wg is getting people to play their beta test, the reward is simply pathetic