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  1. karma lol before ranked season was 90, now 50
  2. Des Moines vs Worcester

    worcester needs the 40% rudder mod, put a range mod then you roll
  3. put it on a Bayern and rolled 5 games, the ultimate [edited] ship + [edited] commander combo
  4. Franz -- DD or CL/A

    the skillz are pretty much useless
  5. 50 planes??

    get a Gneisnau and prey you see a potato CV
  6. Des Memes

    pretty boring game, 7 kills lol 20180516_232028_PASC020-Des-Moines-1948_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  7. New USN line style of play

    the shell speed seems not bad could work with 19km range mod, just don't now how much those shells do to the tier 10 BBs, gotta test out
  8. you gotta listen to these when playing the ships
  9. DDs are like hard mode, you almost guaranteed to lose a star when you lose https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/season/1003197391,Kronus91,season,9/ this guy seems good with Yueyang, met in a couple of games, basically they all reverse into the cap, change speed when dodging shells, getting spotted by radar is not as bad as you thought as long as you are not fully exposed to enemy fires, basically need great map awareness, well you see there's whole lot of game did with DM and minotaur, so you gotta know your enemy, where they will show up etc. one thing don't make a turn when a minotaur is shooting at you, leave the tail to him and he does zero damage, change speed often to dodge the shells
  10. I sold all of them, 20 mil profit
  11. look at her, remember the horrible experience with Bogatyr, rigt click, sell, 200k profit !
  12. server random disconnect

    very bad recently 6 times already
  13. CV botting in ranked

    CVs, as many said, should be removed from the game
  14. +1 to WG for giving us good deals

    not going to pay a dime till they delete CV