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  1. _Browncoat_

    CV Autopilot

    Not sure you are doing it right
  2. _Browncoat_

    CV ai in co-op cheating???

    So let me see if I got this straight you guys are complaining Co-Op it's too hard, Co-Op is where I go after finishing off the half a bottle of screwball whiskey and my higher brain functions have shut off and I still have a hard time losing. I guess the DD mafia even complains in Co-Op about CV'S.
  3. _Browncoat_

    Racial hate speech become more and more popular?

    My advice is don't be so sensitive to words
  4. _Browncoat_

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    lol... So you log-on and cool a token oh! just coal and look No sub tomorrow just more coal. Well middle finger from WG and thank you for helping us test the game. Well back to playing [edited]. Wow! if I put Thunder after War WG well put (edited) in it's place just sad.
  5. _Browncoat_

    Unable to connect to the internet

    It's not the smart houses fault "you can't connect to Internet" you just have bad Internet.
  6. _Browncoat_

    Aircraft carriers

    That's OK we love you, We love players who don't know how to play there boat, and then cry when we butt hurt them.
  7. _Browncoat_

    Tier 10 CVs

    you are one of those battleship players who think Midway torps actually do damage to you, you're the kind of battleship player I like playing against because when you see me coming you turn completely broadside to another battleship to avoid my torps and take two or three citadel's from the other battleship, and in your head you're going whoa I really save myself damage from Midway torps. Keep up the excellent gameplay
  8. _Browncoat_

    Just about done playing DD...

    I have been playing CV's on the test server quite a bit, and as someone who enjoys playing the new CV's I have to admit the delay on the initial take off is quite helpful for a CV. It gives incompetent DD's players more time to get away from their AA support and commit into making stupid mistakes making them much easier to kill. It also makes it nice that AA cruisers have time to separate from the slower BB's making battleships much easier targets as well.
  9. _Browncoat_

    CV meme

    Funny thing is I've been playing CVs on the test server with the new delay, and I have to say I'm quite enjoying it idiot DD players now have more time to get away from their AA cruisers and other AA support. Makes it easier to harass and kill, Also nice that AA cruisers are so much faster than battleships now they're leaving battleships without AA support.
  10. _Browncoat_

    Trying to do a Well Phrased CV Complaint

    So he hides his....
  11. _Browncoat_

    Update 0.8.2 - Feedback and Performance

    You are aware that playing a tier 8 cv in a tier 10 match, the only thing you can really attack except tier 8 battleships if they're in a game with you as long as you're not American battleships. Why wargaming will not restrict CVs to a +1-1 is beyond me. You would actually be able to halfway balance AA as well. But wargaming has dug in his heels and refuses to budge, which really sucks because when CVs hit the premium shop I would really like to pick up the Enterprise and the Graf Zeppelin, but as it stands now I see no reason to spend money just to get stuck tier 10 games over and over again. So for that reason alone I will not be buying any of wargaming's premium CV'S why waste of money to be miserable and frustrated trying to play.
  12. _Browncoat_

    So what's the USN gimmick-"flavor" now?

    You are another one of those guys. How about you jump in a CV and buzz around see how well you do.