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  1. YES... DAMN tired of it and there is no way for us to get compensated when these damn BOTS kill us... but do we ever get penalized when we kill an ally bot. WoW better begin to compensate us for ally bots killing us.
  2. Thanks guys... I do see it is available for 9500 doubloons... but just like everyone else, I would love to see it for less. LOL... I was going to grind my Bayern for the Gneisenau... but I think I would enjoy the Scharnhorst more.
  3. Do you have insight as to when or if the Scharnhorst will be going on sale in the near future?
  4. We should be able to division up with at least one of our own players. Too often we are finding players in ranked battle do not work well together. When the team wins it is due to their working together as a team, and when they lose it is because they did not. Having at least one other member on your team the playing field would be just that much more competitive. Ranked battle should be more of a team sport rather than an individual sport.
  5. I spent 3 days working my fingers off to get enough credits to purchase the Pensacola; and now that I have it, I hate it! I have not been able to complete a single mission, I have not been able to sink one ship and the guns... dang, they take just too much time to reload. I have to dump this ship and get something that is far more responsive...
  6. I thought the question was transferring the Ship XP from one ship to another... I am in the same boat (pun intended) where I have with ISOKAZE Ship XP of 14,425 points. I want to move them over to MINEKAZE so I can sell ISOKAZE. How are we able to make THAT transfer? I don't care about the 260 gold star points I have just above the convert XP in the upper right corner.
  7. I guess there are many who do not understand the mechanics of this game... but they are trying to understand. And I too would like an answer as to how at an instant there is no indication of an enemy ship, then a notice !Detected appears, then the ship pops up onto my screen and fires... then disappears once again. Rather I have looked everywhere and cannot find the verbiage to what seems to be controlled concealment which some have said we obviously don't understand the games Concealment Mechanics. Enlighten us. Thanks...
  8. I see ships appearing then disappear during a battle... how are these ships being controlled?