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  1. Now I know WoW needs tweaking. At close quarters, and while sitting still, I destroyed a VII SIMS which was almost next to me. After it blew up, I then began to move out. At least 3 seconds passed between the time SIMS blew up and I started to move out. All of a sudden there were torpedoes that appeared which destroyed me. There was no way in hell that SIMS should have fired torps after being destroyed.
  2. Now I know WoW needs tweaking. At close quarters, and while sitting still, I destroyed a VII SIMS which was almost next to me. After it blew up, I then began to move out. At least 3 seconds passed between the time SIMS blew up and I started to move out. All of a sudden there were torpedoes that appeared which destroyed me. There was no way in hell that SIMS should have fired torps after being destroyed.
  3. Given your ability (and I am speaking to developers and code writers) to know when and how ships collide, I would think you would know who was at fault. We want to see perpetrators get penalized, and not the ship that could be sitting still and not moving. For example, sitting in its own smoke, firing at the enemy and have two ships collide into you, pushing you out of your smoke, getting shot and sunk then get "Unsporting Conduct" added on top. In the Navy, our definition of FUBAR is not as clean and wholesome as yours... and your new Unsporting Conduct rules can really get us riled up when it is not our fault. Kindly think about fixing it... no... just fix it.
  4. There is no reason for this type of behavior from any player... no matter what someone may or may not have done during a battle. For someone to go off like this is more than unsportsmanlike and as his name implies, it's foolish and childish. Help make World of Warships a better place to enjoy gaming with everyone... we should never stoop to this level. After all... it really is just a game.
  5. Mission Issues

    I too have an issue with Winter Mystery... It is a real winter mystery why the 3rd stage does not work. I completed the first two yesterday but and have played several missions today and not a single battle has counted in the 3rd stage. Feels like we are getting ripped off here guys... and, I have a friend who cannot even get his World of Warships now to even work on windows 10. There are some real issues with your code.
  6. Ally Bots

    YES... DAMN tired of it and there is no way for us to get compensated when these damn BOTS kill us... but do we ever get penalized when we kill an ally bot. WoW better begin to compensate us for ally bots killing us.
  7. Scharnhorst

    Thanks guys... I do see it is available for 9500 doubloons... but just like everyone else, I would love to see it for less. LOL... I was going to grind my Bayern for the Gneisenau... but I think I would enjoy the Scharnhorst more.
  8. Scharnhorst

    Do you have insight as to when or if the Scharnhorst will be going on sale in the near future?
  9. It was around last September when I began playing World of Warships. I heard about the Public Test and had no problem getting in and scoring some great benefits which helped after the completion of the test. I received my rewards and was looking forward to the next event. When it came back a few months later, I tried logging on but I was told the username/password was incorrect. How could that be... I double checked my log and yep, I had used the exact username/password as before. The email address had never changed since I receive the rewards from the first public test I played, and the password was exactly the same as previous. Ever since then I have not been able to get onto the Public Test and have been nothing but disappointed in the lack of support available. Unless someone can tell me something new, I will never be able to participate in any Public Tests again. Given the email has to be the same, I thought about simply changing my email on the NA server then creating a new account the next time the Public Test is available... that seems to be my ONLY option at this time. Very, Very, Very frustrated... 007_Chief
  10. ranked mm matching

    We should be able to division up with at least one of our own players. Too often we are finding players in ranked battle do not work well together. When the team wins it is due to their working together as a team, and when they lose it is because they did not. Having at least one other member on your team the playing field would be just that much more competitive. Ranked battle should be more of a team sport rather than an individual sport.
  11. Server Issues

    On October 13 during the last WoW public test, I could not log in or even have my password reset because my account seems to be all screwed up. I first registered in the test (0.5.12 Public Test) previous to the last using the same email address as I use on the na server to get credits (see copy of email text below). Even though I used the same email address, I used a different username (SeniorChief) when I registered for public test 0.5.12. The following is an overview of the issue: When I go to https://pt.worldofwarships.ru/personal/ my registered username and correct email came up from the last test in the upper right corner (SeniorChief). When I attempt to change the password I am unable to because I don’t exist… I have never seen this type of problem with any other website. Ref figure LoginIssues-1.jpg As seen in figure LoginIssues-2.jpg, I tried to log in but I received the message "Incorrect email address or password". So, I figured I would solve that problem by selecting "Recover Account" by resetting my password. Simple yes? Nope! As seen in the figure LoginIssues-3.jpg, I received message that my email could not be found... but wait... what about figure LoginIssues-3.jpg... so how could that be? Account Management has on file: Username: SeniorChief Email Address: info@growonlinenow.com Country of residence: United States OK... so let me just go ahead and create an account since that email address doesn't exist... easy? Again, not so fast. As shown in figure LoginIssues-4.jpg I received warning "The email address has already been used for registration." So, you see my problem... I would like to participate in public tests, however, I am unable to access because there is a huge glitch in the system. I hope someone can set the servers straight and get my account fixed. Lastly, I am afraid to try changing my "na" account from 007_chief to SeniorChief because of these issues. Sincerely, 007_chief / SeniorChief Captain,Thanks for taking part in 0.5.12 Public Test. You are receiving this notification because you qualified for at least one bonus for playing during the event.Click the button below, then click the Check button and see what rewards are coming your way!Don't forget to click Redeem at the bottom and the rewards will be credited to your account immediately. Redeem your reward by October 31.- World of Warships Team
  12. Good/Great Ships You Hate Playing

    I spent 3 days working my fingers off to get enough credits to purchase the Pensacola; and now that I have it, I hate it! I have not been able to complete a single mission, I have not been able to sink one ship and the guns... dang, they take just too much time to reload. I have to dump this ship and get something that is far more responsive...
  13. I thought the question was transferring the Ship XP from one ship to another... I am in the same boat (pun intended) where I have with ISOKAZE Ship XP of 14,425 points. I want to move them over to MINEKAZE so I can sell ISOKAZE. How are we able to make THAT transfer? I don't care about the 260 gold star points I have just above the convert XP in the upper right corner.
  14. I guess there are many who do not understand the mechanics of this game... but they are trying to understand. And I too would like an answer as to how at an instant there is no indication of an enemy ship, then a notice !Detected appears, then the ship pops up onto my screen and fires... then disappears once again. Rather I have looked everywhere and cannot find the verbiage to what seems to be controlled concealment which some have said we obviously don't understand the games Concealment Mechanics. Enlighten us. Thanks...
  15. I see ships appearing then disappear during a battle... how are these ships being controlled?