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  1. Lets wait until the rework is completely concrete, it's changing constantly so theorizing about it now is pointless.
  2. AyanoMidori

    Japanese Premiums

    Shigure is arguably the most famous IJN destroyer, I'd too love to see her as a tier 8 unnerfed Shiratsuyu. Yahagi, Oyodo, Sendai and Nagara, Maya, Yamashiro, Ise AND Hyuuga are all great options too
  3. AyanoMidori

    Noacuracy's Shipgirl Icons

    Why not use KC Jervis for the Jervis icon?
  4. Is it still possible to modify gun sounds? It seems WG has broken so much crap that people have stopped being mods.
  5. Somebody watches a lot of Steins;Gate :D
  6. Your anime rendition will be the only thing that gets me to actually go for this rather ugly commander :D
  7. Well I asked a friend to do renders of WV and the (current?) stock hull of Colorado. There are notable differences for sure, but they aren't as drastic as going from the old stock Fuso to the next hull, and I honestly find it hard to justify turning her old hull into a premium when her current hull isn't terribly different. If you really wanted to scratch that itch of having the old hull, just mount the stock Colorado hull.
  8. I honestly wish they would straight up scrap WV-41. WG screwed up and wasted dev time making that model, but that's their fault for not doing their research.
  9. My philosophy is, if there are still plenty of unimplemented classes or unique ships, we should avoid paper ships until the others are implemented. WG should take the time to remodel her into Maryland IF they really want a tier 6 premium, otherwise they need to stop wasting more time because people are gonna save their money for West Virginia 44. I would say instead of modelling a stock version of an existing ship just to slap a price tag on it, they should update older models. The older IJN destroyers look like they come out of 2004, and yet we are still getting premium ships we didn't ask for.
  10. AyanoMidori

    Lightning depth charges

    Harekaze actually used her depth charges in the anime.
  11. AyanoMidori

    Gudbotes you suck in...

    I'm absolutely crap with North Carolina, I just can't aim with those low velocity guns. I still like her though.