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  1. AyanoMidori

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    You mean the ship that looks like a Russian Nelson? That's a premium. Also nice necro.
  2. AyanoMidori

    Special Alaska Captain leaked!!!

    Can you don't.
  3. AyanoMidori

    The A-Poi-calypse is Coming

    What was Yuudachi's warcrime again? The white hammock during Guadalcanal? I don't think it's a big deal.
  4. AyanoMidori

    The A-Poi-calypse is Coming

    Oh come on, why didn't we get Shigure? She's far more famous, dare I say, the most famous destroyer of the Imperial Navy.
  5. AyanoMidori

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    Soviet Nelson is apparently a premium.
  6. AyanoMidori

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    Izmail was cancelled, Sovetskiy Soyuz too.
  7. AyanoMidori

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    Awesome news! I'm laughing so hard that we got Soviet star destroyers before any Italian line!
  8. Akatsuki is a great ship, better than Shiratsuyu tier for tier, and yeah Akatsuki does have better MM.
  9. Yeah now that I think about it, a high risk high reward ship would be really fitting for Shigure and Hara himself. Yeah this new proposal is good
  10. Japanese destroyers already seem pretty high skill floor and the (what I would think to be) quite unpopular F3 torpedoes would make her kinda unpopular. I mean I would buy her simply because she's Shigure, but that's a strangely small market of regular Japanese destroyer premiums right now. Just my opinion.
  11. You have a good point. I haven't considered the matchmaking at all. Balance trumps realism
  12. Shinonome is already difficult to optain and Asashio is very dependent on meta and is very specialized. With Harekaze gone the number of premium IJN destroyers on the market is tiny. If we (or WG) could get Shigure to work, she will be a very viable choice for people looking for an IJN premium that actually plays like most of the tech tree ships.
  13. I don't wanna be that guy that tries to advocate for gimmicks on a premium, but it needs some negatives to balance the proposed consumables. Having both TRB and smoke was really powerful for the original Shiratsuyu. Deep water torpedoes are also a viable alternative. I just don't want to see a clone or a barely different version of Shiratsuyu. Sure why not :D @LittleWhiteMouse work ur magic pls
  14. I recently finished reading the novel Japanese Destroyer Captain, written by captain Tameichi Hara of the Imperial Japanese Navy and I was absolutely fascinated by his telling of the Pacific War. In light of my finishing this novel I became interested in the proposal in seeing one of his vessels featured in the game as a premium, as well as perhaps Hara himself. The Unsinkable Destroyer Shigure is the second vessel in the Shiratsuyu class, and also Yuudachi's sistership (she needs no introduction). Along with Hatsuharu, she was a treaty destroyer designed under the limitations of the London Naval Treaty, which is why she was smaller and slower than the preceding Fubuki class. By the time of the Second World War, Shigure herself was very badly aged. When the already famous Captain Hara was given command of her in 1943, she was only capable of 30 knots due to poor maintenance. Her previously sloppy crew was drilled hard by her new and far more experienced captain, and under his guidance Shigure became the IJN's most famous destroyer in the war. Along with Yukikaze, she developed a reputation that carried along the title of "the unsinkable/lucky/indestructible destroyer". Shigure emerged unscathed after several major battles, in fact, under captain Hara, Shigure never lost a single member into Hara himself was transferred. Shigure took part in several famous engagements and survived battles that should've ended in her sinking, thanks both to luck and her captain and crew. During the Battle of Vella Gulf, Shigure along with three other destroyers were making a supply run during the night. Due to Shigure's engine problems she lagged behind her column and this may have been one of the factors that saved her, along with her very sharp watchmen. A force of American destroyers launched a wave of torpedoes against the completely unaware IJN column, sinking every destroyer except Shigure which managed to dodge all but one torpedo as they would later find out. Months of poor rudder control and an eventual drydock visit led them to discover a torpedo sized hole in her rudder! The torpedo failed to detonate and Shigure was the only survivor! During the Battle of the Philippines, specifically the Battle of Surigao Strait, Nishimura's force consisting of battleships Fuso, Yamashiro, cruiser Mogami and several destroyers including Shigure, were ambushed by a much larger American force guarding the channel. The Japanese force was utterly annihilated, Yamashiro was burning and was later torpedoed by a US destroyer, Fuso was blown in half by torpedoes from PT boats, Mogami received fatal damage from multiple targets and was scuttled, every other destroyer was also sunk, except Shigure. Shigure escaped from Surigao completely unscathed. Though by now her amazing luck had also become a bad omen. In early December even Shigure's luck had run out and she was torpedoed by submarine USS Blackfin while on convoy escort duty. Shigure in front of sistership Samidare during the Solomon Islands campaign. Shigure in World of Warships Here is my recommended configuration. An air raid in 1944 destroyed her second turret, resulting in them being replaced with AA mounts. This was well after captain Hara was transferred. This configuration makes her unique to her current tech tree sister ship. Shigure in WW2 was only capable of 30 knots, which is shockingly slow for a tier 7 destroyer, but I think players will be able to play around that. Her small size (and thus small HP pool), slow speed and her poor gunpower could be supplemented the following ways: -She could have access to torpedo reload booster like the old Shiratsuyu, WITH her smoke charges. -She could receive a quicker gun reload. -She could have access to Defensive AA. Now hear me out on this, Japanese destroyer AA is terrible and it will be the case on Shigure too, but the panic effect induced by Def AA has actual grounding in reality for Shigure! During the Raid on Rabaul Shigure's AA was able to cause confusion in the attacking American planes. She was also able to shoot down two level bombers that attempted to skip bomb her while she was escorting cargo ships. There is currently no tier 7 premium Japanese destroyer in the game and I think Japan's most famous destroyer, and an underdog at that, would be a great premium. Captain Tameichi Hara Tameichi Hara is noted for writing the Japanese manual on torpedo warfare before WW2 and proved his theories with great success aboard his destroyer Amatsukaze on several occasions. As Amatsukaze's captain he sank the submarine USS Perch, torpedoed destroyer USS Bertin during one of the Guadalcanal battles (the same battle for which Yuudachi is known for, he also knew her captain personally). During the same battle his destroyer disabled Atlanta class cruiser USS Juneau, who was later torpedoed by submarine I-26. In the same battle USS San Francisco would've been Amatsukaze's third victim when the vessels rather spookily passed each other, but due to close range fail safes on Amatsukaze's torpedoes, San Francisco survived a barrage from the destroyer. Amatsukaze was soon heavily damaged by USS Helena, and under in normal captain, she would've sunk. Her rudder was disabled and had to be manually steered, and thanks to Hara's great skill she was able to limp home. As Amatsukaze went in for repairs, Hara was then assigned command of the poorly kept Shigure with her sloppy and inexperienced crew. By then Hara was already the navy's most well known destroyer captains and managed to turn Shigure into the navy's most famous destroyer, as you already know. I won't go over Shigure again, so I'll skip to 1945. Hara's last command was the light cruiser Yahagi, and he did not serve long in her as his one and only sortie in her was Operation Ten-Go. Yahagi escorted Yamato with several destroyers in a suicide mission to disrupt the Okinawa invasion. He survived the many torpedoes and bombs that struck Yahagi and after the war he went on to write Japanese Destroyer Captain. Hara in his book greatly expressed the role that destroyers played in the war, how they were the vastly under appreciated workhorses of the Japanese Navy. He was the only destroyer captain to serve throughout the entire war and survive and easily the country's best DD captain. In honor of Hara's great ability to command destroyers, his abilities could possibly be reflected by offering a buff to any of the following commander skills: -Torpedo Armament Expertise, has the author of the IJN torpedo manual, this skill is obvious. -Last Stand, on several occasions Hara demonstrated his ability to sail a badly damaged/worn destroyer. e.g Amatsukaze's and Shigure's broken rudder, Shigure's slow speed that had the tendancy to break down when going over 30 knots. -Vigilance, it was the early spotting of torpedoes at Vella Gulf that saved Shigure. At the Battle of Emperor Augusta Bay, Shigure was the first to spot US destroyers firing torpedoes, causing his fleet to take evasive action. -Concealment Expert, as a part of the Tokyo Express, Hara participated in many nighttime engagements and sorties. Stealth was absolute key! Consider this Since the announcement of Yahagi, Tameichi Hara's final command, I wondered at the possibly of Wargaming making a Shigure premium and a Hara commander that could be sold as part of a package. I think my proposal makes for great synergy with the Yahagi premium. I would certainly be interested in such a deal. Shigure is Japan's most famous destroyer, Yahagi is also fairly well known, and they were both captained by Hara. I hope to hear some opinions on this, and I hope WG could maybe even consider this. Thanks for reading. Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tameichi_Hara https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_destroyer_Shigure_(1935) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_destroyer_Amatsukaze_(1939) Japanese Destroyer Captain - Tameichi Hara