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  1. More Axis operations

    We currently have two ops, and a third on the way, that allow only Allied ships to participate. I think it's about time for an operation that permits only Axis (German, IJN and Italian) ships from playing. How about a Hunt the Bismarck style op? Axis cruisers need to escort Bismarck to a certain point while getting constantly attacked by British vessels? Or a Leyte Gulf style op? Axis ships of all types must escort IJN battleships to Samar to bombard the US landings in the Philippines? Please give the Axis navies some love!
  2. A Detailed? Look At HS Velos (D-16)

    Nicely written, but we have enough Fletchers. If we REALLY needed another one, I'd say Johnston.
  3. French BB Bourgogne?

    Wargaming please scrap this ship. Give us something real and not copy pasted.
  4. Puka Puka Fleet

    OP needs his regular fix of internet salt over non-issues or he'll have an epileptic fit.
  5. Could they not have at least tried to be creative? Look at what they could've done.
  6. Oh ffs Wargaming, please stop being so lazy. Why not model another one of the Alsace proposals? Or an actual Super-Alsace with 4x4 380mm guns? Are they really going to sell us an uptiered tech tree ship?
  7. Awesome! Low tier ships wouldn't be there if they weren't meant to be played!
  8. Every now and then there's a "Since the patch, [ship] has [gotten worse in some way]" The developers will always let us know what they change something.
  9. Alaska and Guam PLEASE

    No, we need less clone ships.
  10. Akizuki is one of the few ships that I consider perfectly fine at high tier. She's a blast
  11. Nope.They need lots of adjustments, like torpedo detection, mostly for mid to high tier ships.
  12. I disagree with Akizuki. She should be a Gudbote.
  13. Yamashiro, Ise/Hyuuga, Shigure/Yuudachi, Yahagi, Ooyodo