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  1. AyanoMidori

    I want Subs in Randoms ASAP

    Submarine bad Give me upvotes.
  2. AyanoMidori

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

  3. AyanoMidori

    We Need Ship Subclassification Now

    Oh no the battlecruiser argument again. I would not be willing to torpedo the matchmaking when people can barely tell the difference between a battlecruiser and a large/heavy cruiser.
  4. I swear I've seen that exact layout of personalities in a certain game... Mind telling me where you got that from? :D
  5. AyanoMidori

    Slower to alt-tab in/out?

  6. AyanoMidori

    The problem with California

    Could we not make this political pls
  7. AyanoMidori

    Who's that Poké-boat?

    That's either Holland or Friesland. The mast is an exact match.
  8. AyanoMidori

    Soon (TM) (Japanese Destroyer tease)

    The shape of the bow, forward superstructure, lack of aft torpedo reloads and number of gun turrets suggests it's a Shimakaze. Either a premium version or they're redoing her model.
  9. AyanoMidori

    Is Georgia...

    It's got the same skeg and propellers of South Dakota too.
  10. AyanoMidori

    Port: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

    Not Pearl Harbour specifically. WG appears to have made up the Hawaii port for some reason.
  11. AyanoMidori

    Easter Eggs in the textures

    I don't think I've seen any easter eggs on the Japanese ships yet.