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  1. gronads

    Captain's Daughter and Old Salts

    OP is suggesting a discount combined with corporal punishment... this could work!!
  2. gronads

    Premium Ship Suggestion

    I haven't played for a while, but still check in regularly to the premium shop. Still no Acme to buy...
  3. gronads

    Premium Ship Suggestion

    I had a fairly lengthy wall of troll text ready to post, and then had this mental image of 'ACME strafing.' SOLD!! I'll buy one.
  4. gronads

    How to Control your Win Rate

    hi. I have to completely rethink my approach/tactics/strategy to this game, learn a lot about pretty much all mechanical aspects of the game, and I hate it when that happens. thank you. in only one of the last 30+ battles, I played well. went out solo in my minekaze, avoided detection all the way around up north, sank a battleship guarding the cap, sank a cruiser that flexed, resisted the opportunity to sink their DV, as i was the last boat on the ally team floating and was down on HP, and capped the base just before they capped ours. 3/4s of my play was dumb luck, including map awareness (none), defense (a weakness), cap timing (they had 3 in our base when I was 1/2 way thru) how much damage to trade for a kill (how much do you ration?), and I did not give myself credit for a job well done, nor celebrate. and then I beach and moan about the game is not fair or fun anymore... sooooo one thing I think you might include, as it has negatively effected my gameplay severely: patience. how good can you be with zero patience? under 50% win, destruction rate .5, and survival rate 34 out of 250+ games played. going to take a short break, and start with a fresh approach. much appreciated.