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  1. evanr1940

    What's your GPU ?

    MSI GeForce GTX 1060 (running at 4K, probably medium setting)
  2. This. If you have 100s of millions of credits sitting around doing nothing spending 8M is worth it.
  3. it's only about $0.40/slot (if I remember correctly) yet I still recruit new captains to fill up temporary ships ;)
  4. One of the skill changes they removed skills. If I remember correctly they did map those to different skills if you didn't do it yourself. I think I noticed when I missed one of the resets. I did do the recent 'reset all commander skills in one click', that saved a lot of time. Still not done going through all captains though ;) The most reset skill reset ended Sep 8th: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-0107/#commander-skills
  5. happens when your connection is slow.
  6. evanr1940

    Dutch Cruiser Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    My theory is slower speeds give you more chances to reset caps as the bots take longer to speed through the cap circle, so I used T5 almost exclusively.
  7. evanr1940

    Coop mode

    I never get surveys pop up after these type of games but I would rate those poorly.
  8. evanr1940

    Having a Prime account is good

    less grinding in T3/T4 for the cost of doing a few mouse clicks.
  9. evanr1940

    Dutch Cruiser Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Lucky me found myself at the edge of a cap circle with no other team members anywhere near, and islands made it impossible for them to interfere. Just shoot the bot dd repeatedly as he come towards me. Then the cruiser and bb managed to complete the cap but I did end up with 11 defend ribbons ;)
  10. evanr1940

    So done.

    bots change course when they spot targets and refocus on a different target. They change course towards the target they are focused on.
  11. evanr1940

    Best BB for getting MB hits in coop?

    Scharnhorst also does much better than JB if you can use all 3 turrets. Plus I've been getting lots of opportunity to use torps and regretted it instantly ;) YMMV with captain skills/modules etc JB 8 guns at 22.9 sec => 0.35 shells/sec (but reload booster can improve that slightly) SH 6 guns at 20 sec => 0.3 shells/sec SH 9 guns at 20 sec => 0.45 shells/sec
  12. evanr1940

    Rediculous Mission Requirements...

    I finished the PD from the third set last night, took 3 weeks and I wasn't even looking at it anymore ;)
  13. evanr1940

    Notice to PVE Clan Members

    Good thing reading forums is not required ;)
  14. evanr1940

    Recalling a captain!!!

    I had well over a dozen sub captains sitting in my reserve, so that indeed seems to be what is happening.