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  1. evanr1940

    Easy Anti Cheat

    not going to claim I'm any good, but I randomly shoot to try to get detected and occasionally you just randomly hit a ship. And one time I sunk a poor Pensacola in one random salvo. But the bots don't take stuff personally. I hope ;) Blind fire torpedoes work surprisingly often, especially on maps where islands force limited places to go.
  2. evanr1940

    Coal Commanders

    Unfortunately, his enhanced skills are almost completely useless in coop games. I have plenty of commanders with more skill points to rank up (like both the Dunkirk captains). Some day I may start playing. CVs again ;)
  3. evanr1940

    Coal Commanders

    My biggest regret. I stuck him on a CV and I played one or two games. Some day he'll be of use ;)
  4. evanr1940

    Experience vs. Tier in Coop

    True, I forgot about that, but I've always been running with premium so for my personal data/purpose it doesn't matter I have premium US DDs for t6-t9 (Monagan ... T9 Black). I was wondering whether it was better to play the T6 to get 50% first win bonus or just do a higher tier tech tree (or second game for higher tier dd) Turns out I get between 677-756 average from my premium DDs. And it shows me I should play in order: Sims, Kidd, Black, Monagan to maximize XP. I played Sims a lot in other game modes, I specifically bought it for operation Dynamo, those games do not show up in coop numbers, so perhaps that's why I do better in it than in my higher tier DDs. If I had bothered getting data for all ships I'd be able to optimize across nations ship types. Playing with numbers is a large chunk of my daytime job so one of these days I might actually do it ;)
  5. evanr1940

    Experience vs. Tier in Coop

    You go to the stats page and look average xp/game by ship tier. You can see average xp generally scales up with tier. YMMV - apparently my Mahan is a better ship than Benson, or I just suck at Benson play ;) another edit, I unlocked fletcher recently, but only 4 games in it : 9. Fletcher. 3256 4. 816
  6. evanr1940

    How do you know when you've gone dark again??

    Sinking an enemy ship without it ever having been spotted is quite rare but still the best way to start a game ;)
  7. I had almost 4M FXP I wasn't using so I just got all 84 bundles. I did already have the Anshan and I don't really need another RN BB but oh well ;)
  8. evanr1940

    Thanks a LOT WG for Santa Captains!!!

    I collected him yesterday, so you can probably get him now as well (assuming youy got all prerequisites done)
  9. evanr1940

    AFK players and WG not doing anything about it!

    They also make people wear tin foil hats
  10. evanr1940

    Extremely unreliable ping.

    it is your connection. It may not be your local network or ISP but the path somewhere is bad. Think of it like the road system. The street I live on has no traffic, but that doesn't mean I can drive to downtown LA and not hit any traffic.
  11. evanr1940

    I must have missed the fine print...

    https://armory.worldofwarships.com/en/?utm_content=cm-top&utm_source=global-nav&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wows-profile no direct ink, have to click on the "Discount Coupons" link
  12. evanr1940

    Civil Behavior

    It took years but I finally got a post-game love note about uninstalling from a guy whom died very early in game from the torps of a dd he rushed. I was near the top of the team score list ;)
  13. evanr1940

    Realism ... and torpedoes

    After sailing around for days/weeks on an empty sea ;)
  14. evanr1940

    What's wrong with Co-Op nowadays

    If the map/spawn point looks bad I just go straight for the carrier betting BB gun range will get me a few good salvos before other people get into range