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  1. evanr1940

    Should I build for full secondaries on my Georgia?

    Which is great when you are farming secondary hits and find an enemy CV ;)
  2. evanr1940

    Fanfare post #37

    Need to wake up people in the back whom had fallen asleep ;)
  3. evanr1940

    Getting sick of the disconnects

    Move to a different location/ISP so you have no bad links in between you and WG
  4. evanr1940

    Researching if MM is rigged (WR-rigging)

    How many sports remove players from the opposite teams when a point is scored?
  5. evanr1940

    Operations that would sell

    it all started with the Sims, my best purchase ever, Atlanta is probably 2nd ;)
  6. evanr1940

    Chat Ban Abuse

    WG targets people with selective amnesia. Thankfully I have a good memory so I do not get chat bans.
  7. evanr1940

    Server issue Ping

    spectrum has been having problems (again)
  8. Considering I do not demand anything that seems unlikely. Almost guaranteed when people complain about getting chat bans they earned them. '
  9. We can only guess about the "have fun with other players in a *friendly* way".
  10. evanr1940

    Incorrect xp

    that is correct, and as intended (assuming you mean "base xp".
  11. evanr1940

    Rough night in Raptor Rescue.

    one of the biggest problem is people not understanding the concept of staying ahead of the convoy. I have kinda given up on playing with pug if we do not have a significant number of people in our division
  12. evanr1940

    Why Can't Co-ops Just Be Tier For Tier?

    Mixing tier provides more variation.
  13. you get the nelson captain, not the ship
  14. evanr1940

    How to avoid grinding?

    I have a few strategies: - set port to show 'non-elite ships sorted by tier' and just start going through the list - set port to show ships with first win bonus and starting at T10 and just go though them - pick a class of ships and go through - pick a tier and go through - pick a ship with a captain close to earning a skill point and play it repeatedly so many different things you can do other than 'grind mission/campaing'
  15. evanr1940

    Karma - Give some to the only other human

    Yeah, not going to compliment them for rushing in and not even trading ships. Even if they do a mutual kill I'm not tempted to upvote.