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  1. I am the Operations/Training Officer for a clan with over 100+ members who have skills ranging from expert, technical alpha testers, to rookies who have just joined the war gaming universe and do not know how to turn left or right. So the other day I received a note from a fellow clan member regarding stats, strata, training, and win rates. Some of what they wrote I wanted to share with all of you as there are some very important comments, thoughts, insights and conclusions which could be what would make the difference for you being a winner or a loser!So what are we doing training exercises for? To improve our game play and ultimately our win rate, both in clan battles and individually. How can stats guide us to a winning strategy? Well let's look at some stats. Damage, warships destroyed and kills/death are all directly related to your player ratings. Let's start with warships destroyed, each player's stat is approx. 1. This means that they average one kill per match. Why would that lead to a high win percentage? Think about it. If every player on your team killed one enemy ship, you win. No more enemy ships will remain.Earlier I said warships destroyed, damage and kills/death are related. On the surface it's obvious. Do damage -> kill ships -> kills/death. But it's a bit more elegant than that. When you enter matchmaking you will be paired with a ship of the same class and the same tier. This indirectly gives you a damage goal, and indeed this is the goal I set for myself each game and how I determine if I've had a good game or not. Did you do your amount of health in damage? If you did then you probably killed a ship and improved your chances of winning.So how does kills/death tie in? Well, that number goes up the more battles you survive, and you probably noticed that most losses are because of a team wipe (no survivors). Well this is linked with damage because the longer you survive the more damage you can do. If you survive the entire battle you have maximized your potential damage output.So that's some basic analysis of the stats WoWs tracks for us, but I also want to look at some of the stat outliers. Namely, damage numbers and my kills/death. Looking at damage, I think we can claim that warships destroyed supersedes damage dealt when it comes to the correlation with win rate. For kills/death, it's lower than other players with high win rates, yet their win rate is higher. I think what this anomaly might point to is the fact that you do not have to carry every game. Killing your counterpart is often good enough for some other player on your team to carry, it's that many fewer guns shooting at them and that much less damage they need to do to win.So, what is our conclusion here? If you want to improve your win rate you need to do damage and sink ships. But how much damage is enough? How many ships do I need to sink? Aim to do your HP in damage and sink one enemy ship. How can I increase how much damage I do? That's what training exercises are for. We will teach you to improve your accuracy and how to use your armor to your advantage so that you can survive more battles and increase your damage output potential. Remember, only you can make a difference!
  2. Thank you for the video posting, it is always good to have additional information as with the links I submitted as well. If you are wondering both Noster and iCase have very informative videos and information available to help you with improving your impact chances. Hitting the target with effective rounds is the only way I know of to sink ships, unless somebody else has another opinion tat could shed light onto this evasive skill.....keep sharing the information!
  3. Ever feel like this? Your aim is true, you’ve got the range, the direction, the speed, you fire and then your shells miss, fall short, overshoot, drop in front, or behind. Well don’t feel alone we have all been there, some more than others. If you experience this more often than not then maybe you could use some help. Have you taken the online training courses? If you did great, now maybe you should review them again to help refresh the basics, also I will give you some pointers that help me, and a few links that I also have used. Aiming is truly one of the most important aspects of the game, always surprised players shooting thousands of rounds forget the fundamentals. I use every tool the game provides to help me hit targets regularly, this one is vital; The alternative battle interface tells you the flight time of the shells to where your cursor is pointing; use that, and knowledge of the speed of the ship you are shooting at, to start getting a feel for how much lead to give. Now, with that remember where you are supposed to be aiming at. One of my friends has the answer, “shoot the citadels!” Syanda posted this description of what the citadels are; as naval designers started building larger ships to handle the bigger guns going out to see, they began to realize that they couldn't afford to fit armor everywhere. As such, the decision was made to only armor up the critical zones that were absolutely necessary for the ship's survival. Most, if not all of the armor was concentrated to form a "citadel" around a ship's engines and magazine spaces - so long as these citadel zones remained intact, a ship could still survive. Conversely, if these citadels were breached by gunfire, it would suffer critical damage. And finally here is my favorite links to all the information you would ever want to know about how to aim and how it all works. When your aim is straight and true you will create massive damage and ships will sink, unleash the Kraken! https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration#High-Explosive_.28HE.29 https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/6821-citadels-and-you-your-guide-to-massive-damage/ Now, PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE and more PRACTICE! Please post what you learn, find, or improve so everybody can share their skills !!!
  4. There is a time to be calm as a dead wind, there is also a time to be as fierce as the mightiest hurricane! Only a great leader knows how to temper them to a fine balance, such power do they wield.