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  1. wstugamd

    Tier 5 Ranked Battles Prep - DD Commentaries inside

    Texas with my 19 pt AA captain prays for cvs! As for the kamikaze every time I play mine now I get spotted by enemy dds, and cvs will be a hard counter. Podoski or Gremy are better choices than the Russian long boat.
  2. Republic! honorable mention to Sharnhorst, Lyon, and Alsace very honerable Nelson!
  3. wstugamd

    Scharnhorst woes...

    I play my shiny like the Hindenburg. Not afraid to use ap or he. Both are great. I also like to get to the flank with a cruiser or another bb and push. Don’t be afraid to take it slow at first so not to get focused
  4. wstugamd

    Hull and Pennant Numbers For Tech Tree Ships

    I understand tech ships represent the class, but i would love to have the identifying numbers of the namesake at least with the permanent camo. The Helena has it.
  5. wstugamd

    Next tech tree release

    French dds?
  6. wstugamd

    Gallant Nerf

    Gallant is strong at t6, but has a different play style from the tech tree ships. Tech tree are gun boats, while Gallant relies much more on torps. Play it as a torp bote and she rocks. She is one of my favorite dds in game
  7. wstugamd

    Daring build- suggestions?

    I have to say after playing Lighting, I thought concealment was the weapon of the RN dds. 6km with those guns and torps seems weak. I love the lighting. I have the Jutland, but haven't spec yet.
  8. wstugamd

    Daring concealment

    this x 1000.
  9. wstugamd

    Daring concealment

    I thought concealment would be around 5.7 or 5.8 so it won't be replacing Gearing/YY in Clan That's a steep nerf
  10. wstugamd

    Daring build- suggestions?

    Call me an idiot. You will not be the first. However I am a dd main, and I am very attached to torpedoes. I learned with Lighting these are gun boats with opportunistic chances for huge torp strikes. If lighting was t10 I would go all in with BFT and Main Gun 3 as I could cut a second off the reload. With a 2.5s reload with BFT and Main Gun 3 I only get down to 2.1s. Good, but if I can invest in getting those torpedoes reloaded faster I think that might be a better investment with torp mod, and I am torn between DE and TAE. I will take SE
  11. wstugamd

    Fletcher help

    SE is huge. Being able to eat a torp and survive. The real fun part of the fletcher and gearing is AR. I love losing half my health early cause that means faster torp reload! now my Kidd build I do use RL and no TAE. Bft and SE pulse ce then ls and ar and pm but that is a ranked cap dominator build
  12. When you understand the lighting and it took several games she is a monster. I have 200k xp and I will keep Lighting. Really fun ship
  13. Pretty good opinions ITT. German line was my favorite line to grind. I didn’t like the Yorck but t5-6 were great boats. Hopper is much maligned but is a really good bote played well. The Roon and I really clicked and it translated to the hindy. You literally can’t have the wrong shell type loaded. I pen bbs from range with ap. HE is great too. For end games she is a brawler with good torps for closing on bbs. Zao is similar. Better stealth. Us HE almost exclusively and the 12 km torps are nice. DM is not an open water fighter but that reload is awesome moscva is a bow in tank. Henry yeah it’s t10
  14. wstugamd

    Fletcher help

    Fletcher is my favorite dd. Straight beast. PT, PM AR, LS SE, TAE, BFT CE mods standard dd build with the torp mod i played her as a torp boat with dd killing guns. She reloads those torps fast, and any dd she runs into will get butchered. Dont rush the caps. Spot the radar cruisers. Let the red dds go in and smoke and where there is smoke your torpedoes follow. Fletcher torps are fast enough and long enough to get to the smoke. I get lots of blind kills in fletcher. As I moved past the cap I stalked bbs and land torp salvos. Learn to use smoke and start a fire on a bb but don’t hang out too long. I grinder here before the American cruise split. Back then ever game was huge. Now I have some games where I can’t get through the lines due to radar. Fletcher is a great ship. Enjoy