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  1. wstugamd

    Smolensk Build

    I’m using my dedicated Leningrad /Minsk captain PT, LS(you get the engine knocked out a lot), Joat, bft, SI, AFT, CE(sometimes you need to go quiet). Slot 3 the aiming mod. AA is pretty strong. Slot 6 main bat 3. That gets reload down to 3.6 sec. range 16.6 and it’s not super easy to land shells at max range so I opted against range mod. AR is a waste imo
  2. wstugamd

    Somers is a great boat!

    Thanks. How long to reload torps and what’s the main gun reload with that build? thats my Gearing and Fletcher random build except I use PM over PT simply because if I’m spotted I expect everything to shoot me but my engine seems to get knocked out less. I used to use pt but I thought what’s the point if I’m spotted. Seems like the Somers wants to stay dark.
  3. wstugamd

    Somers is a great boat!

    Captain skills? Torp reload upgraded and gun reload
  4. I have enough free xp for Colbert but I ain’t wasting it. Maybe for ohio
  5. I honestly could grind one or two lines again for the Colbert and 2 for the Ohio. I have all lines done, and I’m 2 months from all the UU. There is no way in hell im going to do it 6 times for the Colbert and I’m not converting elite xp to free for $$$. I hope no one does and this thing flops
  6. wstugamd

    Smolensk PSA

    I don’t run ihfe on my Russian 130s. Do fine in the damage department
  7. wstugamd

    I can’t seem to find a DD line I want to play

    My favorite dds are the Zeds, Fletchers, Gearing, Jutland, Daring and the Groz. But you have to grind to get to all of them. USN and KM mid tier aren't the most fun. The RN are, and the Russians are hilarious cruisers.
  8. wstugamd

    American tier 8 premiums

    Alabama is a for all practical purposes a NC clone. Slight more manouverable. Slightly less accurate. Better torp protection. Great trainer for the USN BB line Mass is a secondary BB. It requires a 14 pt captain minimum and the captain is not really useful on other USN BB unless you also have the Georgia. However for kicks and giggles I occasionally put her on the Might Mo sail into dd range. Pop radar and set secondaries to annihilate dd. Other than that they have no place on a USN BB
  9. It's what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah from the Bible. Archeologist not think God dropped Smolensk into the Dead Sea and it rained down Russian Bias on those cities.
  10. I did it. Got my elite dd badge! Thanks for the inspiration. I really felt like I learned how to play various dds to their strengths and working with their supposed weaknesses when the ship line ups were not favorable. I salvaged shima games sitting in smoke and setting fires when I struggled to land torps. I was stunned at what an amazing gun boat the z52 was. I had 188k game with only 2 torp hits and 13 fires with a witherer as a cherry on top. Learning switch between gun boat and torp boat with all the dds. Anyway. Thanks again for the inspiration. Now on to the cruiser emblem
  11. wstugamd

    Is Gearing outdated?

    Pretty much this. Great close range guns although Jutland is now better. Best torps I’m game imo. Fast, hit fairly hard and have beyond radar range. Hydro would make it super strong. Honestly other dds need tricks to keep up with what gearing. It’s a perfect hybrid.
  12. wstugamd

    WG - did you YueYang my Chung Mu?

    That line was a blast to play. Now worthless
  13. wstugamd

    ST, Birthday

    So no SC for the anniversary?
  14. wstugamd

    USS Puerto Rico and VMF Poltava - Dev Blog

    I love the Alaska. Real ship. Lots of fun. Clan battles are going to become the land of super or battle cruisers with tech tree ships power crept and kept in port. Why even bother grinding lines if you can just grab a t10 supercruiser.
  15. I can see feast or famine with Mino. That how it is with my shima although my bad games are now 50k dmg and my good ones are well above 100k so I'm closing on the 64k mark. I'm grinding the UU in the Woost and watching my cruiser numbers come up. I have had several 200k games but then you get that Krem dev strike out of no where and its back to port 2 min in. It's funny to me, but I can't consistently avg good games in the gun boat dd. I'm terrible in the haru which is funny as I use the same torps as shima. I thought the Khab would be my answer but I'm more in the 40k avg and my great games are only 100k where in the shima I go 150k several times a week. The groz is probably the best dd to grind the elite badge, but I have gotten consistent with the shima to change. After I dropped a 228k game today I'm at 58k avg so hopefully next week on the dd badge.