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  1. wstugamd

    New Ship 12/7?

    We getting a new ship tomorrow? Alaska? Wichita?
  2. wstugamd

    Fiji For Fun

    I am weird. I liked Emerald. Drove it like a dd, inflected a lot of damage and died taking a few with me! Leander was terrible for me but Fiji! Loved Fiji and Edinburgh (and Belfast).
  3. wstugamd

    Which ship is your most fun?

    DD Kidd in ranked Gearing, Fletcher, Z46&52, Lighting, Leningrad honarable mention pre nerf YY CA/L Zao, Hindy, DM, Atago, Roon, Schors, Chappy, Kutuzov, Atlanta, Belfast, Kirov pre nerf loved the Cleveland, Pepsi and the NO BB Nelson, Mass, Alsace, Republic and Sharny
  4. As a dd main I love the idea of a squadron of fletchers or z46 or 52!!!!!!! Can you imagine the torp spam from 15 Shimis? This sounds like a great idea
  5. wstugamd

    Gneisenau is giving me fits.....

    This. Start the game as a traditional bb. Stay back. Push the edges. Snipe although your results will be mixed at long range. Focus on the ships pushing. Mid to late game you can push and punish. I had a full secondary build to hit dds while my main guns worked bigger ships.
  6. wstugamd

    Should WG Buff the RN DD line?

    Daring could use a concealment buff to like 5.9 or 5.8
  7. wstugamd

    Why bother with tier 8

    Great advise. Learn when to engage and when to stay silent. i has a lot of 100k plus smug games at the 10 min mark I hadn’t done a lot but racked up damage as the game turned in my favor
  8. wstugamd

    Not worth playing high tier destroyers now

    Or just understand how to play them. Gearing, the Zeds, Fletcher, even the new RN dds are strong hybrids. Dont rush caps. Learn how to spot. Use guns and torps. Know your strengths and use them. Sometimes the best thing a dd can do is spot the red team. I have won a lot of CB where my YY or gearing never fires her guns or lands a torpedo but the rewards are seeet
  9. wstugamd

    Total War: Arena Shutdown Feb 2019

    I know WoT did/does well as does WoWs. Any other successful enterprises?
  10. wstugamd

    Islands of Ice - Epicenter Mode...

    It covers the “epicenter” and doesn’t move
  11. Don’t disagree. I hate when the refs have a top shelf cv driver and my team has a cv out of planes two minutes in or fails to head the repeated warnings of an impending alpha strike on our cv seconds into the game but that’s the roll of the dice in randoms. Also going to change captain skills on all ships and hurt the USN ca/l and bbs that are heavy AA ships. Not to mention the no fly zones called Atlanta and Flint will lose some utilization. I maybe a weird one but I love cv games except when I play dd. Really going to throw the entire balance of the game. Even eliminating cvs change the capt specs.
  12. Am I the only one who thinks that CV play is fine as it is? I feel like this re-work will completely change the game.
  13. wstugamd

    Need help with T9-10 RN DDs.

    You have to get ihfe. No way around it