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  1. wstugamd

    Kleber gets clubbed...

    Losing 1km of detection is huge for any ship. A dd with no heal makes it big. IMO when Kleb 1st came out hitting it on the fly was a problem. But with all things players got the lead. Now it can’t heal and is seen from at least 8km but I’m not sure full concealment is the right build anymore. Maybe steering 3 and just aft like khab
  2. wstugamd

    FINALLY just landed a Cruiser

    Baby Sharnhorst! EL, EM, SI, CE. Ship is a blast to play
  3. wstugamd

    Impressions of RN CA's

    They remind me of USN CA except RN has torps the HE has better pen dmg and higher fire %. AP is not as good as USN. I rarely use AP as the HE is really good. Arcs are high but not USN high but not Russian or German flat. I have t7-8 and I like them both. I kite them pretty hard and do fairly well.
  4. wstugamd

    Thunderer, or Smolensk

    Depends if you want to burn stuff..... nevermind they both do that. Smolensk really needs a dedicated captain. If you have the Groz that capt works pretty well, but in order to make other players cuss at you in game it really requires IHFE which I don't run on my Russian DDs. AFT is pretty critical as well. I actually don't run CE because I'm typically shooting in or out of smoke. Is it nice to go quite and hide? Sure but if you are inside 11 km to the red ships you messed up. Thunderer. Just takes a RN BB capt to play. Really depends on if you want to play BB sniper or smoke hiding dragon from the Motherland that shakes off point blank Yamato broadsides like Yammy is a squirt gun. Your call
  5. wstugamd

    Yes Yes At Last Finally Its Here

    Don’t start this! We all know, because WG told us, Smolensk is balanced unlike those BBQ starters Henry or Kleber. Glad they got balance!
  6. wstugamd


    you learn to smoke up outside dd range and you better run hydro. I got a double in the Smoli firing torps into a dd smoke with 2 dds present.
  7. wstugamd


    My whole point is the Henry nor the Kleber deserved a nerf, and you articulated that well in the above. I'm not that good, but that Smoli easily out performs Henry and Kleber. 100k in a smoli is a bad game for me now. Hitting 100k consistently pre-nerf henry was not that easy. Now Kleber is a Khab with no heal. Yes the red ships made some terrible decisions in the games I posted, but Smoli is easy to rack the damage. I would not have fared as well in the Henry and the Kleb being a dd wouldn't have put up those numbers. I'm tired of WG nerfing ships like the YY, Chung Mu, and Hindi only to have them realize whoops it wasn't really over performing. I hope YY and CM get restored fully. I loved the Kleb. Hate it's gone now. I stated that earlier. My last 30 games I have really gotten the ship rolling. I only had 1 100k game in my first 30. The last 30 games 100k is a bad game.
  8. wstugamd

    RN CA Builds

    SI is obvious. DE probably the best choice but that slow reload doesn't make the best use of DE like a rapid fire cruiser. Vigalence might work. BoS seems like overkill on dam con.
  9. wstugamd


    avg is 100k/game but since I spent some time playing it more my avg is way up. I had a lot of poor games early The 280k game I only used 1 smoke. I kited bbs and cruisers most of the game and it burned......
  10. wstugamd

    RN CA Builds

    2nd 3 point capt skill is up in the air for me
  11. wstugamd


    So if I understand WG the Henry and Kleber were too strong but this ship is balanced? I'm an ok player, but playing Smoli with half a brain is pretty unstoppable. When I see the Red team has a smoli I stay back until I know here it is. If you get caught in range it's hard not to get burned down.
  12. wstugamd

    RN CA Builds

    Capt EL, EM, AR, SI, CE. what other skills should i look for main arm, slot 2 who cares, aiming mod, slot 4 Steering or propulsion mod?
  13. wstugamd

    RN CA premiums?

    Haven’t heard anything about HMS London or HMS Cheshire.
  14. Yeah I got nothing with the token bundles today and don’t expect to. Bought 10 dub bundles. Don’t waste your money. I’ll get what I get from token bundles