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  1. These Ships. How Do?

    The ships up the tree are worth it
  2. Tier 8 Battleships

    The correct answer is of course both.
  3. These Ships. How Do?

    On the Emerald its a fine ship that is completely unforgiving if you make a mistake. You can never show broadside except you have to show broadside to get your guns, all, on target. It's a destroyer with a citadel. Avoid BBs like the plague. You have torps if forced to deal with them. I suggest a bow on run right at them weaving as best you can. I supported DD capping chasing off red dds, and hammering red cls. Just be careful to show broadside, fire and close that side down. Even if you like the ship, and I did, you will have games where you are ready to rip a cl and boom you explode
  4. La Gal- WG's idea of a bad joke?

    I'll be the first to admit La Gal isn't my favorite ship. Played well it can score well. This ship has accurate guns with high fire potential. I stayed 10-15 km away from all ships and lobbed HE at cl and bb. When a ship caught fire I changed target. Burned a couple of ships pretty bad. I charged the Kongo when from 12 km after launching torps at it and it was low on health and had just put a fire out. I hit the Gnes from 15 km put on fire, and burned it up. I made a mistake with Ceasar thought about launching torps before returning to guns when I realized I had closed to close and showed broadside. Still a heck of a game. Want to play it well. Sit back and harass.
  5. Leningrad compared to Khab

    I have had success with the Leningrad cutting off flanking groups and getting deep into the bb line and causing mayhem. I got a compliment from a red bb driver for constantly stoping his push on our cap. I play to win. Do I help my team if I’m pushing flanks either denying the red boats the push or getting deep into red territory and keeping ca and bb focused on me instead of everything else. I’m not going to sit on the cap behind bbs and just shoot stuff. Is that what your referring to? It seem to me the Leningrad and khab main function is to he spam. I think you are saying don’t sit in behind and farm but go forward. With the Leningrad I get the red ships focused on me while blistering them and dodging incoming fire. That’s the way to play?
  6. I run radar/hydro on NO, great dd support ship and cap assist. Pop radar and hydro on a cap when spotted with a dd or two and the dd in smoke is toast. Balti I run same. CV seee and run away. When I added atf enemy planes won’t get 7 km of me. I ground the balti to dm and I got dropped out on once and I had shredded two waves before I got dropped on and finished off the 3rd wave before a torp hit me. I use the balti to screen fir bbs. No need for fighter or dfaa. Cvs run from me and unlike the NO I can’t push caps cause I get destroyed but screening for bbs I keep the cvs at bay just being there and when a dd decides to sneak around and I get detected radar and hydro go on and I finish off the dd or case him off and the bbs get warning of incoming torps same set up for the dm. I can escort bbs or in the right circumstances push caps with dds. Plus in clan battle radar and hydro is what you need
  7. Omaha hull upgrades?

    I never used c Hull. I rarely had problems with planes. Lose to much fire power. I finished the American cl/a line. Still have the Omaha in port. Play it a couple times a week. B Hull. Never used c
  8. Leningrad compared to Khab

    It has cl/a detection but does it look play like the grad at last with the guns?
  9. Citadels

    Brit t5-6 cl km t5-6 suprisingly the USS Kidd. I ambush cl coming around an island with ap. Last time I needed cits I ambushed a Pepsi in the kid at 3 km and boom 6 cits in two volleys. I would have felt bad but I have Pepsi. pepsi can rack cits too. Requires good mm and patience. Last game in Pepsi was 7 cits granted on two emeralds
  10. Leningrad compared to Khab

    I’m looking at the Russian dd line to grind next. I have the Leningrad and do really well with it. Use my speed to stay at range and pepper ships with HE. I find 8-10 km is the range where I can consistently hit red ships but I see their shells and turn and don’t take tons of damage. I do use the torps as there is a small window of stealth fire or simply launching them at bbs on the back line that are coming at the torps. I get hits but that’s more like a bonus. I burn bbs down. Is the Leningrad and my playstyle with it similar to the khab. It looks like the detection range is much larger in khab but I’m typically firing at 10 km. The torps are not very useful. Anyway since the grad is a good ship for me will the khab be a good investment of a grind?
  11. T3 friart was a seal clubbed. I’ll buy it back later. T4 was good but didn’t turn well. The EB was a blast. La Gal well she takes some getting used to. Play deep like bb deep and love acurate he at max range. Constant movement. I don’t push until late. It gets a bad wrap due to the slow speed and non existent aroumor but played to its strengths la gal isn’t terrible. It sets you up for the fun ships starting at t7
  12. 2 CVs per battle

    My Cleveland or Baltimore don’t seem to mind two cvs.
  13. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    Sorry if I was not clear. Right now I see the t6 Cleveland as a bigger threat than t7 Pepsi making the case that Pepsi really needs little if any nerf As a t8 cl I expect it to be pummeled by the t8-10 heavy guns.
  14. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    1. No clue how you nerf the Pepsi. Don’t get me wrong I got into the ship and it’s play style and I liked it. My last battle before NO I racked up 7 cits granted it was on two emeralds and 100 hits. It was by far my best game. Great guns. No room for mistake in position on the map. It would be a good but not overpowered t6 as is. I’m far more concerned about a Cleveland than Pepsi. Much harder to cit or damage hard. Nerf and it would be a horrible ship. 2. Ground the NO in ranked and it was a superb cap supporter fir dds with radar and hydro. 12 second reloads. Good guns. Some armour with angling. Really enjoyed. Nerf to 15 sec reload and you have the Indy. Losing concealment mod is huge too. It’s the Indy which is terrible. 3. Balti is similar to NO but with 8.8 sec reload. I play very similar to NO. Either escorting bbs providing Aa or pushing caps behind island cover. Bigger and less nimble than NO. Losing reload mod really hurts. Heal doesn’t do much so that loss is no biggie. 4. After a weird Omaha to Cleveland to Pensacola to New Orleans transition with wild changes in play style and function the NO build to Balti to DM with these ships getting better armour and better rate of fire and balti and dm getting the big guns. All have similar functions and play style. So in all reality I’m betting minimal nerf for Pepsi and NO reloads like Pepsi and balti is a bigger less agile NO. I’m ok with the names changing and moving the Cleveland to the cl line to get a consistent play style out of each line. What I do t get is this paper ship buffalo getting 4 turrets instead of the 3 of late US designs. So after learning the US heavy line from Pepsi to NO to balti to DM now the t9 is going to be an odd ball. Better to create a t6 paper ship. I do feel for those coming after. I’m 150k from DM so the split will have little impact on me other than I’ll probably sell the weakened ships. I’ll cry when my balti gets nerfed. Really should make buffalo a 3 turret balti or the buffalo could ease the transition from Pepsi to NO. Nerfing these good ships that run up the line prepping for the Dm then ruining it with a 4 turret buffalo makes no sense. Sorry rant done.
  15. Got Gallant....help!

    It is a IJN dd with Americanish guns. Stealth smoke toro reload are huge