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  1. I’m happy to report that I’m helping keep the Belfast WR to only 55%
  2. What is the best way to play Hipper?

    Adding to what has been said, AP is your friend. I am at the point I almost won't switch. Even BBs bow on, I just aim for the superstructure and plunge. I get much better damage than HE. In games where I use HE unless I see a juicy broadside I don't get anywhere near the damage. I can brawl as said above, but that is a late mid to late game when I close the range. Stay at distance. Snuggle up with your favorite BB, and farm AP. Move in mid to late game
  3. Another T8/T10 MM Discussion

    t8 CA/L have the hardest time with T10. I have said it before and will repeat. T9 CA/L are the hardest to play. T10 CA/L have pretty good up graded guns. T9s are only for the most part modest upgrades from t8 and have not t6 matches to seal club and have to deal with t9 bb and dds which are all pretty strong. Yeah t8/9 CA/L have to be smart, but I found a friendly battleship focus fired their targets. Now the St Louis almost made me rage quit, and I only have 3 t9 ca left the IJN, KM, and RN. I play to xp past IJN and RN, but the Roon looks fun. My t10 ships have died more than I would like to admit to t8 ships.
  4. I would save it to skip a t9 cruiser. Don’t knock the Des Moines. Fun ship. All the 10s are
  5. Good summary. However you forgot Neptune and Seattle, but you are hardly alone in forgetting those two. And the St. Louis! Honestly I think t9 ca/l are the hardest ships to play. T8 are hard in a t10 game but they get their share of t6 to beat up. T9 does get t7 but t9 bb can shread t9 cruisers and t9 are really just, for the most part, mild up grades of the t8 so there isn’t a ton of seal clubbing to do. T10 cruisers are pretty good up grade. As far as the buffalo I almost think it’s a side grade. Sure it has an extra turret to the Baltimore but much worse reload. Considering USN ca aren’t kiting ships but island jumpers and bow on ships the new Baltimore could be a better ship. I’m glad I don’t have to play buffalo. I do miss the t9 balti. Good bote. But my point is I now skip t9 cruisers. Roon is the exception. I’ll skip the IJN and RN t9s. French St. Louis had me ready to quit the game when I finished the grind.
  6. Are they planning to need Henry or have the changes already been set for the next update?
  7. The correct answer is of course HMS Nelson. Reconsider going up the USN CA line. The DM is awesome. I did not play the Buf. I played t9 Balti, but I would grind out the NO and Balti. Skip Buf, and get DM. You can thank me later
  8. Agree 100% Montana might be ok. Henry has to lose steering 3. She has to fight at max range and wiggle. Giving that up could be brutal
  9. T9 KGM FXP Ship?

    USS Johnston free xp dd. Give it some variant a fletcher class play so it’s “unique”
  10. T-61 Guaranteed?

    We all remember the Graf Zeppelin............. i planned the buy some perma camo and convert some xp. Just waiting for the right bonus. Like the op I pondered t-61 early release and it being so broken they pull it before it hits the shop. I agree it is extremely unlikely but not without president. I remember going to buy that GZ that wasn’t there. Sigh
  11. I have 3 19 pt capt and 5 more that are 17 or higher. I ground them all out. I use the elite points to level a capt up to the next skill that is critical for the ship to perform well. For example me when the Cleveland moved to t8 IFHE and ce were critical. I added 4 points to a 10 point and boom. What I needed. I keeps a stock pile for when I need to boost a capt but with 8 soon 19 pt capt I’ll be spending the elite pretty quickly
  12. Remove BB HE

    1. The Nelson strongly disagrees with this. 2. Unless you give all BBs Yamato over match there is no way to deal much damage to bow in BBs
  13. dd guns v dd guns

    American/t8-10 Asian close the distance while blasting the upper hull knocking out modules. Merica out dpms other dds. Unless against a INJ DD then you don't have to close the distance, but I have had to chase several down. Russian DD. They are mythological creatures. Russian supper light cruiser kept the range above 7km and pew pew until dead. IJN. Smoke, engine boost, and drop torps while running. Don't have a lot of time in the KM dd
  14. Give RN DDs Speed Boost

    1. Remember the 1st release of stats on the USN CL line. Everybody, rightly, was concerned because the t6 Cleveland was moved to T8, and basically no change in any stat. The t8 turned out to be just fine. Right now the t6 Gallant far out classes the tech tree ship. I'm sure they will fix that. 2. What are the RN DDs supposed to be? Gallant is a IJN style torp boat. Good concealment. Good but not great torps. Not enough dmp on the guns. Shells just don't do enough damage even though they feel like American guns. Now the former N class RN DD now Indonesian GM, those 3 twin turrets did some work. I mowed down DDs with the GM, and the torps were good for t7. I feel like the torp ranges will be improved during testing, and the upper tiers will be pretty good gun botes.