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  1. wstugamd

    PSA - Video about USS Marblehead

    Was an excellent video and story. Extraordinary men.
  2. wstugamd

    Z-52 captain skills

    Preference. I like the range. I will use smoke and farm cl/ca/bb so extra range is nice. I took the reload module if you want to open water gun bote then beefing reload to the max is ideal
  3. wstugamd

    Hector IMO

    I don’t want to call this ship garbage. But I have a 21 pt capt on Dido with increased he dmg and ihfe it’s ok if not facing t8. Hector needs a 21 pt capt. I don’t have one on the commonwealth line and needs a different capt from the other cruisers. Imo CE and IHFE and RDF are essential as is SI and improved he shells. I don’t have ihfe as I don’t have a capt with enough points. Base range is pitiful at t9 but even with reload mod over range mod hitting targets at 15km with the shell ballistics are challenging so I see no reason to increase range. Throw in a couple of Russian cruisers or even a dm and your comfortable firing range and radar acquisition is a razor thin gap. played very well it’s probably a beast but for the avg player it will be very challenging imo If anyone has ideas on builds or playstyle I’m all ears
  4. wstugamd

    Z-52 captain skills

    PM, LS, SE, CE 1st 10 on practically any dd. I gun boat with the 52, and with hydro it’s great for hunting dds. I took rpf, then 4 point skill increasing range. Last I took superintendent as I like to have extra smoke and hydro.
  5. I routinely land 4 torps and landing all 6 isn’t uncommon from midway torp bombers. Heal. Figure 8 and land another 4-6. got to stay away from the halland and Minotaur
  6. wstugamd

    Recommend a higher tier Russian trainer.

    Kutuzov is the only correct answer
  7. I have 390ish left to knock off with 185 rewards to use. Another 100 or so battles should get me there
  8. wstugamd

    The IJN CL Experience

    Yeah subs eat me alive
  9. wstugamd

    The IJN CL Experience

    Yeah I can’t make them work. got the t9 with a lucky throw on the 3rd pull. DPM isn’t its thing. Range-shells way to floaty. Tried to use her like a dd/torp boat not working. They don’t turn quickly, concealment while good isn’t great with the tools she has. Really has to use terrain but with short range really limits output. Truly garbage. Worse than Italian BBs.
  10. Georgia Arkansas Marceau except with Kleber guns and torps but Marceau conceal Salem Bayard Graf Spee Kutuzov Smaland Tone Stalingrad
  11. wstugamd

    Battle Pass

    2 more weeks?
  12. Not sure there is a “best” t10 anything. There are ships you play well/strengths match your playstyle. Monty is probably one of the best BBs simply because she isn’t the best at anything but really good at almost everything. Her survivability is really good especially with the legendary mod. She’s hard to sink unless you insist on showing BBs your broadside or simply want push into dds before they get swept. She’s really tanky. 12 16s end a lot of problems although they are floaty at 18km +. Enjoy
  13. wstugamd

    My USN Heavy cruiser split idea.

    Salt Lake City T7
  14. wstugamd

    Harugumo captain build

    I don’t run ihfe or ce on the gumbo. it’s a light cruiser with no cit. 6.5 km max concealment? 7.3 with only the mod. I have the leg mod and the smoke mod in slot 3. I have 5 very long smokes both in length and duration. Range is needed. I like setting fire after fire. I’m either quiet without smoke or more likely kiting and gunning