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  1. The coming meta change

    The t10 USN cl is like the mino and DM had a baby. Nothing really new about her. AA on the DM is sick as it is and I don’t see many cv anyway at that level. BBs will still rule. CA will shoot from cover and manouver like they do now
  2. Rank 10+ even worth it?

    Got a 19 point capt on my DM. Yeah I play rank 10 and up for the credits and free capt points
  3. Lert, I think its t8 and higher which is why Nelson won't count. I took Tirp and the Gascan into Coop and racked up secondary hits and mod hits.
  4. What dd do you take into a Ranked Battle?

    USS Kidd. I tried several ships in ranked T8 levels. MK and all it's OPness. Had some monster games, but couldn't carry a game if I had a bad team. CM. Great T8 CA. It's a long range fire bug. Not a great BB player. Tried the Kidd. I took the C cap in almost every game. I took out typically two dds in close knife fights. 19 point captain with SE and BTF and used premium consumables. I would hide in the c cap and wait for the dd(s) to show, then it was game on. No DDs had my HP or repair party. I had no problem taking damage while I unleashed damage. One game I got all 3 enemy dds. Paired with a LoYang with a good captain, he would follow me with hydro on, and we could catch dds napping. The few games I lost in the Kidd I ended up #1 a fair amount. The down side of the Kidd is after killing dds you are pretty much left to back cap and spot.
  5. cockbote

    Well both Clemson and USCjr are owned by Georgia, so we can all say Atlanta is the superior vessel here
  6. So, secondary builds

    Thank you!
  7. So, secondary builds

    Question on secondary builds. Secondary 2 module is a must. Can’t see getting secondaries 3 module. The modules affect all secondary guns even those bigger than 139 mm? AFT I put on almost all bbs due to its aa affect but doesn’t affect secondary guns greater than 139 mm? BFT seems like a waste as it only affects 139 mm or smaller and I take BoS instead. So even in the German brawlers I take secondary mod 2 and aft. That it. Am I missing something?
  8. Favorite battleship

    HMS Nelson is a hoot! I enjoy the DoY and Alabama so I would say KGV and North Carolina out of the tech tree. However 16 gunned Lyon is a blast
  9. Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    LWM I hope you get commission cause you sold me on the z39
  10. Which One ?

    CM might be the best tech tree CA at T8 with all respect to Chappy and Mogami. I haven't played the Hipper with buffs, but the Roon and Hindy are gold. IMO don't skip ships. The tools and pains you learn only help you as you advance up the tree. That said the Brit BB QE is about to drive me up the wall, and I'm about done with her. Give the t7 German a shot before passing it.
  11. I use her speed early game to hunt down cl and punish. Only seek bbs late game when it’s brawling time
  12. Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    Thank you for the review!
  13. WG i need to make a request.

    Sorry but know your enemy
  14. I almost always use HE against bbs in sharny but I also tend to run from them until late game where I can close and brawl. I’ll use ap for brawling.