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  1. i think i did, but ill do it again. thanks
  2. i watched several hours of the stream. got the mission drop and SC drop, and Community tokens drop. none have showed up in game
  3. wstugamd

    10.7 cant lock secondaries

    I can’t lock secondaries and the OTM are missing
  4. wstugamd

    Aslains Update

    Anyone know when the update for the new patch drops?
  5. 1200 base was what I remembered but the numbers site said 2100. I thought that was high. impressive math!
  6. I had an insane coop game in the Bismarck. 2 humans. He died in 5 min and at half health I had 5 ships to deal with. 5 kills and 4 caps later 2100 base xp and 295k in dmg. Was crazy. Wish I saved the screen shot
  7. Stalin is a bb. With the nerfs to fire mitigation you want to stay beyond or near max cruiser range. Everyone will focus you with HE and you won’t be able to go dark and heal up if you push up too much. We often brought a Kremlin and used it to push and keep the Stalin back as it has better range. I love Stalin but she’s harder to play now but double cits on cruisers at 23 km is awesome. Those guns are awesome. Moscva has better rate of fire. You need to switch ammo often. Fires aren’t as much of an issue. She’s just as mobile as Stali. A little more stealthy. Has the ice breaker bow. It’s a really good ship. I don’t play it well. Guns are laser accurate. Very good bote.
  8. I understand the need to limit Grafs due to their survivability and large but wonky dispersion guns. However the Spee is a great counter to smoke cruisers. Only Spee and Nuremberg have the hydro range to find the cruisers in smoke ( better hydro range than anything else at t6) and Spee is the only ship tanky enough to challenge smoke cruisers. 1 or 2 Spee limit would probably be reasonable as I fully expect limits on the smoke cruisers after 2 weeks without a strong counter. T6 CB will be a premium heavy season I expect but why buy a premium if it’s likey to be banned? Interesting business model but maybe balance the ships before release
  9. Ohio is a beast but shell flight is more akin to the tech tree than Georgia which got cruiser dispersion. I struggle with consistency out of her mains. While she can tank she only has 4 guns to use. Secondaries are fun but end game stuff at t10 i really like the Borge. More battle cruiser than true bb. Switch shell a lot. He spam from range but as I close the range I use ap. Many are lulled to sleep with all the he and will show me broadside and find out those 15 in guns are more than effective. She has great AA, and speed. I live on the flank as she can’t tank Vamprire is a fun dd. Mix of daring and German hydro. No heal makes you a little more passive about dmg. I find the creeping smoke/hydro protects me from torps and charges and with only 1 torp rack I use them when I have a big shot at hitting a bb and for ambush protection instead of firing them when loaded Austin. Woost isn’t my best ship and there seems to be a lot of similarities. Probably need a smoke dive to consistently make her work
  10. wstugamd

    Situational Awareness

    I love it with only one 1-2 non bots in coop but yeah running full throttle with a lot of bots will result in fast death
  11. wstugamd


    what's your build and capt skills? did you worry about concealment, or just put everything into range and dpm? TIA
  12. wstugamd

    Halland build

    I didn’t take AR. I loved when it was a 2 pt skill and had a half health Gearing, Benham, or Halland. But it’s an expensive skill imo when I’m not spotted and don’t take a lot of dmg