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  1. wstugamd

    Ships you Adore.

    Montana and Stali I have 60% WR and 160 games in both. I don’t feel like I’m that good in Montana but with the old UU I tanked lots of damage and was able to survive. Shima I have 200 games 56% WR and 1800 PR Also at 56% is the Fletcher who along with Benham are my go too let’s have fun
  2. I hate the days you just can’t buy a win. Getting daily rewards becomes a chore
  3. wstugamd

    Le terrible season 17 ranked kills&caps #2

    No how have fared in the Terrible when cvs are in the ranked game. I play a few games in Terrible then I get a CV and not good Auto correct changed in to I’m that’s a hilarious autocorrect
  4. wstugamd

    Le terrible season 17 ranked kills&caps #2

    Great video. How have you fared with CVs I’m terrible?
  5. wstugamd

    AA is now to strong

    Exactly. Some ships should have strong AA. As a DD main it's nice to have a dd line that can fight back against a CV effectively without having to hang with a cruiser or two. Also at t8 attacking full health t10s is a poor choice especially a Holland. Mids and Haks still get a strike on me in the Halland and I'm good at toggling my AA on/off and changing direction. I'm not any good playing cv, but you need to improve your knowledge of who to attack and when, and improve your overall play.
  6. wstugamd


    Kiev, Haida, Orkan, Khab, and Haru all have useful guns. Not sure z35 will have those
  7. wstugamd

    Mainz HE

    From several games I have played in Mainz she is no fire bug. Mostly what Lert said but her DPM is just slow enough to not be a smoli or Colbert. RNG plays a huge part. I did have 1 game with 11 fires. Her HE is solid and pens great. She is a good cruiser when played well.
  8. I’ve been coop to get the steel the last two patches
  9. wstugamd

    T6 AA ships and build

    Well I didn’t realize c hulls were gone! Thanks for the replies!
  10. Getting ready for CB. I really don’t understand AA since the rework but I am not sure anyone does. I’m assuming Leander is solid AA ship, and Pensacola 2nd best although that bar might be low. C Hull Nuremberg? Molotov? Spee? Perth? is BFT worth an investment? AFT seems pointless. Any other skills or mods worth it? Thanks
  11. wstugamd

    How to improve win rate in WoWs

    Divisions help
  12. wstugamd

    Tier X CV vs DD ridiculousness

    Halland is a no fly zone.
  13. agree. my favorite tier. Wish CB would due 8 more frequently. Keep the meta fresher imo