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  1. I agree. When i I first got the Cleveland I ran to the front like a bot battle and got smoked. Now I provide AA for bbs and engage with HE at extreme range. Mostly look for BBS that slip into range and start fires while the BBs I’m escorting hammer them. I’ll hit cruisers too if BB are out of range. I’d cl get inside 10 km I hit the with AP. That’s where i hey most of my kills. I only aim at dds inside 7km. I love that no enemy cv gets close. I don’t have to worry about torp drops. Thebiggest thing I learned was I rarely get all 12 guns on target. I swing the bow guns into position, fire and swing the stern around and fire. I’m rarely just running a straight line unless I’m clear of enemy ships.
  2. Tip of the cap. Nice work
  3. Now I got it. Thanks for the help.
  4. I restarted. Starts over at 12% and moving at the same slow pace
  5. My update has been deleting temp files for 3 hrs and I’m at 30%. Is this normal or is something wrong?
  6. Glass cannon for for sure. I always sail with another ca/cl or a bb. DD have no prayer when Atlanta locks in but I love the ca/l or bb that is stretched and I just rain on it. I sent the NM to the bottom after 140 he hits then hit her with 3 torps all because she was worried about the Colorado
  7. Took Atlanta for a spin. WOW! I made it rain HE shells until 3 ships gave up the ghost. It looked brutal, but I have been on the receiving end and it is brutal.
  8. I love my Belfast but it’s not a solo warrior. Got better range than the Atlanta but similar play style. Run with other CL/CA or BB. BB will love having the fast around. It wrecks enemy bbs with HE and is a general nuisance to all enemy ships. But it has to have friends around that absorb enemy fire. Turns on a dime. I use smoke as an escape from bad position or like the other day I slowed behind island cover and slowly emerged popping smoke. I deleted a KGV and CA before my smoke cleared.
  9. I picked it up and others..... got a nice fleet
  10. I’ll get the Kidd and the Atlanta if it comes up
  11. Can it lay out the volume of fire the Atlanta can? I know Kidds rate is higher but Atlanta has more guns. Atlanta drives me crazy when he just rains on me non stop
  12. When could I expect the Atlanta to be for sale again? Or will it be a VII premium CL at the line split?