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  1. wstugamd

    ST, changes to test ships

    are they premiums, testing beds, replacing tech tree? It didn't say. Thank you for the link.
  2. I have never once regretted getting the JB. On your side note, Nelson is a blast. Get it
  3. wstugamd

    ST, changes to test ships

    I haven't heard of these two cruisers? Premiums? I know the split is coming but I thought it was Talin, which is pretty much a t8 Dimtri Don, Riga, Petro and the Alex Nev for the Moscova
  4. wstugamd

    Modstation for Mac?

    I tried multiple times to run Aslain and mod station on mac. It doesn’t work
  5. wstugamd

    Nearing my first T10.

    If you liked the VMF cruisers you may like the KM or IJN. Both kite. KM are tanky and IJN stealth and great alpha on their he. BB line VMF or USN Dd line IJN torps, USN, KM, RN are all good limes
  6. wstugamd

    Drake... Come on.

    4. Stay at max range and kite. Very yes 5. I gave up on AP. HE only
  7. wstugamd

    Swedish DDs

    Torp dds. Guns to finish crippled ships. Can’t win a gunfight with a dd once you get to 4 mains. Speed flag is essential as is speed boost to break contact. AA is pretty good. Make good bb or ca escorts. If you have team work it can be really effective otherwise Lone wolf off the beaten path and lay torps
  8. I agree with you. I think any ship running solo like yoshino or hindi with range mod sitting off the battle alone will be easy CV target. If the Stali/Moskva can stay unseen until they get into position and have nearby AA they will be good. I think the new RU cruisers that will come in midway into the season have lower det and stupid strong guns and obviously "balanced" AA will be a factor
  9. Thank both of you for your thoughts. I'm just trying to get an idea on how to form a team. Thanks for the imput
  10. in a random sure. In CB sole ships will get massacured by CV, and Kleber has no AA for a T10 cv and ariel detection is huge for a dd. The detection nerf killed the Kleber Thank you for your thoughts. PR could be the go to over the DM like you said. I hadn't thought of them as straight up replacing the DM/Salem. Venezia will be an interesting pick. Thoughts on the Moscva or the new russians? What about hindi as the other cruiser to the PR? Good AA. Can kite or run as a power cruiser and flex in match. I didn't realize Groz AA had been neutered that bad. Gearings will be plentiful then if a dd is run at all. Gearing and mino or woost or smoli could run AA traps toggling their AA on and off and try to whittle the planes down. I agree with you on the CLs being questionable due to their ability to go boom except of course the super light battleship Smolensk. Halland's AA if it's anything like the t8 and t9 could be really good. Smalland with radar could be an interesting choice. It will be interesting to see if dds are effective. I know CV mains get more out of Hak than Midway. Do you feel the AP bombs are easy enough to land against ca/cl vs HE and which would more reliably generate damage? Midway also can bring the Tiny Tims if DDs aren't a factor. The Hak torps are superb, and the speed advantage against nimble cruisers is an advantage. Can you explain the RN CVs strenghts in CB? Truly and informative question and not a flame. I find their torps lacking, and carpet bombs a great way to stack fires in randoms but dependent on RNG for pen dmg. Going to be interesting
  11. With either a cv or bb I think the bb will be little used? Which cv would you bring and why? I’m assuming Hak or Midway. Not sure RN cv has the alpha strike need. DDs? Any? Groz, Smallad,Halland would be redeemable choices with their aa maybe Gearing. But do you need a dd with a cv spotting? cruisers. DM/Salem/ PR obvious. Goliath? Really good aa. Moscva? Venezia has good AA but if dds are scarce not sure they will have roll. Zao/Henry/Yoshino lack the AA to flank solo. Hindi could be strong. Stali is dead. CL does the Worcester, Mino work? Smolensk will be strong. thoughts on overall make up and strategy?
  12. wstugamd

    This Grind Was A Real Pleasure!

  13. wstugamd

    This Grind Was A Real Pleasure!

    There were in game missions for t5-9 based on base xp to get a perma camo for each tier 5-9. I just finished the t9 and it was 27500 base xp, but I started at the t5 so I would getting "improved" ships as I moved up instead of back. I got the dds from eu tokens. If I completed all 5 missions for perm camo, I get a perm for smal and halland
  14. wstugamd

    0.9.2 Directive No. 3 — In the Heart of Battle

    Chap is a fun ship. I still have mine with a 19 pt captain. Don is a fun ship too. Playstyle is similar. It's a kiter. I still have mine with a 19 pt capt. Probably my favorite of the RU line as it's a little, and I mean little more tanky than chap.
  15. wstugamd

    This Grind Was A Real Pleasure!

    I intentionally started at Visby and went tier by tier to grind the perm camo so I wouldn't get a great ship and have to go backwards in ability. Visby was fun and fast. weird with 1 gun reloading faster than others t6 was a mild uprgade t7 was a real treat especillay when not up tiered by 9s. 8s it could handle Oland I had monster games in. t9 faced was hot or cold to the extremes. IMO or my playstyle landing torps was crucial to racking up damage. I didn't win too many straight up gun fights even with dds at mostly full health. the guns were wonky. i used guns as a last resort or to finish off crippled ships.