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  1. wstugamd

    Help me pick a line to grind

    MN (first). Lyon, Rich, Alsace and Republic are fantastic. More cruiser type bb imo. The smaller guns until t10 lead more to cruiser killers. IJN or USN next. Fuso and Amagi are loads of fun. MN was fun. 12 14 in rifles are fun. She is slow or so i thought until Colorado. That was painful. NC, Iowa and Monty are all fun but USN shells are slow
  2. wstugamd

    Akatsuki should swap tiers with Kagero

    Type 93s on the shimi deal with radar and the cv spotting fairly well. Granted I have monster games with tons of blind hits or lame games. I enjoyed the Kag and hated the T7. I rage free xped past it. The other t7 shiratsuya was a great ship.
  3. wstugamd

    Mouse's Previews of Yukikaze and Montpelier

    Seriously. T6 Cleveland class premium. Don’t even have to develop it. It already exists. Just rename the old T6 Cleveland to another in her class and voila. It will sell like hot Krispy Kreme’s! while you are at it give us Salt Lake as a T7 Premium that was the old Pensacola. It had a lot of fans!
  4. I have no specific capt for AA and good AA ships do fine. AFT has become a secondary skill or Russian dd skill
  5. wstugamd

    How's the Exeter? Is it a solid cruiser?

    Exeter’s ap can ambush cruisers. Dpm is too low to effective chase full health dds. Bbs run! Seriously run. Really to play Exeter well you have to use the map and her concealment to your advantage to hit and disappear. It needs smoke
  6. wstugamd

    Kidd Tier VIII

    The Kidd is a cap monster. I i don’t really play her in randoms. Her strength is taking caps and killing dds. Yes caps are great in randoms but there is often too much cruiser support in randoms to get in the cap early. I’m ranked I run down any dd in the cap. Akizukis and LoYangs claim they are better. I have a dedicated captain with SE, BFT, RDF, CE. I know where they are. My I either have more guns or they simply hit harder. I have a lot more HP than other dds. I tank he from dds blast them and hit the heal button. Outside of killing dds her offensive potential is limited with only one torp launcher and average torps. In a div in random she could use her concealment to spot and rip dds coming at your div. playing solo in random their are better dds. But I love the 4 fletchers so I say buy
  7. I ground the Ed with radar. Suprissed dds in caps a lot. Got to know when to push and when to retreat
  8. wstugamd

    Daring and CV legendary mods

    I pretty sure midway has a mission
  9. Thank you for this nightly thread. Always a good laugh!
  10. wstugamd

    Colorado, Tier VII Build ideas

    Survival build is the only option in Colorado
  11. wstugamd

    Module Destruction

    Thank you
  12. wstugamd

    Module Destruction

    That's what I'm asking. In 2-3 games with DM, Zao, Nelson or similar I'd strip 100+ a game. Now not so much.
  13. wstugamd

    Module Destruction

    Since 8.0 it seems like stripping AA and Secondaries off a ship is hard. I remember directives like destroy 150 mods and taking the Nelson or a high tier cruiser out and boom 1-2 battles done. What has happened?
  14. wstugamd

    i can almost taste it

    I played the Baltimore, Wichita and Fiji last week for the missions. CVs sent planes but none of the planes were ever seen again
  15. wstugamd


    I haven’t gotten a SC in the last 400 crates so......