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  1. HMS_Banshee

    Tier 8 MatchMaking and ticket support in regards to it.

    And mate, why dont you grow TF up? Want me to post screenshots of how many pathetic tier10s i carried in my t8? (Dunt even know why im trying to explain myself to kids but oh well) Simply put as i mentioned in the ticket too, i dont mind the ocasional t10 battles, but lately thats all im.mostly getting, out of ten battles 7 are t10, 2 t9 and one t6 for example. And again as ive mentioned, if id want to play t10 on a constant then id be using my own t10s instead of handicapping myself with two lower tiers.
  2. HMS_Banshee

    Tier 8 MatchMaking and ticket support in regards to it.

    Allow me to clear that up then, didnt really add my request cause it didnt fit in one ss. By expecting the MM to be a little more fair on tiering 8s does it mean i want the MM to be riged for paying people? And also, if WG would fix the MM for tier8 to be a little less punishing, would that just advantage the paying people? Tree version t8s wouldnt enjoy not being uptiered in tier10 all the time? Like, did i say "im a paying man, fix MM to always put me into the winning team?" Sir i bust my [edited] off in every single battle i take part in even if i am the underdog, simply put im getting sick of being the underdog all the time, cause instead of enjoying the game it just feels like punishment whenever i play them.... Id understand that kind of uptiering to work for t9 ships which stand better chances vs a t10 than a t8 which imo is when u start experiencing high tier. Or should i follow the previous suggestion and stay away from hightiers and turn to sealclubbing? Opened the ticket in premium ship restoration cathegory cause i want to restore tham back to WG xD
  3. HMS_Banshee

    Tier 8 MatchMaking and ticket support in regards to it.

    Exactly sir ^ Its dissapointing like, im sure it wouldnt have costed the guy anything to add a "thank you for all your support" in there but i guess this proves not everyone can be a good customer service rep :(
  4. So, reaching the end of all the patience ive had with our MM lately, after purchasing a bunch of t8 premium ships, some because i love the said ship, some because i thought eh why not(Lo Yang for example as i dont even play DDs), might like it and at least in a way im giving something back to WG. At the time of purchase, i got those tier 8 ships thinking and expecting the MM to mainly pitch them in t8-9 fights with some OCASIONAL t10s... oh how wrong i was, feels like it gets t10 most of the time with t9 and 8 being as rare as t6 lol. So ended up contacting support to inquire about the whole thing and the possibility of a refund for the said t8 premium ships which lately are nothing but dissapointing, because in all honesty, t8 used to be my favorite tier back in the days when MM used to be fair on them, till according to a reply, "balancing needs" aparently require t8 players some of who probably are just starting to experience high tiers(in the case of people who did not grind to t8 yet but instead purchased one), to be used as cannon fodder for tier10s to shave off afew seconds from the waiting time? Cause to be honest, if id be looking to constantly play tier10 then id do so with one of my own (Yama, Monty or Kurfurst or even my Musashi), instead of using tier8 prems and be handicapped 85% of the time cause... tier10 battles. Not even a thank you or any slight sign of appreciation for my continuous support and aparently the fellow who answered my ticket felt the need to remind me that the game is free to play and any purchases are my personal choice? You dont say, am i a horrible person for expecting my purchases to at least give me some slight satisfaction and make me want to continue purchasing?.... After that i asked out of curiosity if they are sabotaging themselfs on purpouse cause, imo nobody gona enjoy buying a t8 ship which constantly gets uptiered in t10, and playing t8 battles is as rare as playing toptiered t6s in it. Cause at this stage as much as i love my ships, playing them is simply punishment after punishment, so ended up questioning and regreting the purchases. So after that whole ordeal, apolagises if this sounds childish but, i realised, i should really start finding some better things to do with my money than support WG who aparently dont need it... (screenshots attached)