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  1. Looking for a Competitive Fleet? Casual Friends to hang out with? A little of both? The 90th is recruiting in multiple divisions! We offer everything from Hardcore Competitive, to divisions for those who just want to be casual and relax while shooting boats. We have 250+ members and are HIGHLY active. Please read the main post if you are interested in joining the 90th! It will give you all the information you need to come sail the seas with us.
  2. The 90th is Currently recruiting in several Divisions PLEASE read each divisions requirements We are most heavily recruiting in 90thB & 90thG 90th - Hardcore Competitive - - Very Active - 52% + WR 1200+ PR Blue Damage or Higher - A DRIVE to compete in Clan Wars and other events - DISCORD REQUIRED 90thB - Soft Competitive - - Very Active - 50% + WR 1100+ PR Green Damage or higher - Willing to be active for Clan Wars and other events - DISCORD REQUIRED 90thC 90thD 90thG - Semi Competitive - - Active - 48%+ WR 500+ Battles - Willing to play in Clan Wars - DISCORD REQUIRED 90thR - CASUAL - Most members here are Coop or very casual players, we do not have requirements in this fleet other than please don't be more than 30 days inactive - DISCORD PREFERRED
  3. My view on Stalingrad is she has strengths and weaknesses like any ship. I think the moskva is still stronger in sense of her ability to put fire down range. If we run a stalin we only use one because we don't want to hurt our ability to match or out dpm our opponents. I for one am kind of tired of stalin being called OP she really isn't she even got BB fore burn tine and it CAN hurt. I play BB or Stalin in CWs I can cruisee but im not as good as most in the fleet put me in a stalin and I can really help out and do my job. We'd be more than happy to train with you guys help you on countering them just message me on discord.
  4. Clan Wars is under way don't miss out on an opportunity to run with a competitive fun fleet! Currently Recruiting In : 90thB & 90thG
  5. 90thG Hydra Squadron 90th Battle Groups Newest Semi-Competitive Fleet! - Looking for active players who want to have a good time dropping in divisions and playing in clan wars - - 500+ Battles, Discord, and 18 Years + Required -
  6. 90thB Pegasus Squadron - Competitive Fleet looking for active members with a 52% + WR who are willing to be active, train, and compete in clan wars and other competitive events - - Looking for members who are in it for the long haul not join up for clan wars then leave - - Discord is required & you must be 18 years + some exceptions may be made on an individual basis -
  7. The 90th Battle Group is currently recruiting in two fleets! All applicants must be 18+ years old, mature, active, and use discord for voice coms 90thB Pegasus Squadron - Competitive Fleet looking for active members with a 52% + WR who are willing to be active, train, and compete in clan wars and other competitive events - 90thC Reaper Squadron - Semi-competitive Fleet looking for active members who would like to have fun, play in clan wars and other events -
  8. - We are looking for COMPETITIVE DRIVEN Captains for our Competitive Teams (90th & 90thB)- We are also looking for Competitive Captains who may not want to go quite so hard core and want to play each night Clan Wars is available (90thC & 90thD)- We are also looking to expand our Casual group, for captains who do not wish to deal with any competitive events and just hang out and have a great time (90thR)
  9. Not only is the 90th Competitive, but we love getting together and having a great time with lots of laughs! Over 50 members last night Sync dropping in our famous "Friday Night Fights!".
  10. Join NA's Most Famous Fleet! ** Please make sure you read the original post on fleet requirements. There is also a link to our recruitment form on our website. **
  11. LadyKryptonite

    You Killed the game!

    No Timmy you can't leave us We will miss the salty fun real twitch streams and everything!!
  12. LadyKryptonite

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    I think the current mechanic should remain its more realistic. Why fix what isn't broken? I mean come on once line of sight is broken thats that. Heck Radar realistically shouldn't go threw and island either.
  13. The 90th Battle Group is recruiting in almost all divisions 90thB - 90thC - 90thD - 90thG - 90thR 90thB is looking for competitive players who want to not only clan war but get involved in other competitive events like Shipstorm 90thC & 90thD are looking for players who want to have fun playing in clan wars and diving up in randoms 90thG is looking for active members to get our newest fleet going in Clan Wars 90thR is always open to those who prefer casual non competitive play including co-op