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  1. Not only is the 90th Competitive, but we love getting together and having a great time with lots of laughs! Over 50 members last night Sync dropping in our famous "Friday Night Fights!".
  2. Join NA's Most Famous Fleet! ** Please make sure you read the original post on fleet requirements. There is also a link to our recruitment form on our website. **
  3. LadyKryptonite

    You Killed the game!

    No Timmy you can't leave us We will miss the salty fun real twitch streams and everything!!
  4. LadyKryptonite

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    I think the current mechanic should remain its more realistic. Why fix what isn't broken? I mean come on once line of sight is broken thats that. Heck Radar realistically shouldn't go threw and island either.
  5. The 90th Battle Group is recruiting in almost all divisions 90thB - 90thC - 90thD - 90thG - 90thR 90thB is looking for competitive players who want to not only clan war but get involved in other competitive events like Shipstorm 90thC & 90thD are looking for players who want to have fun playing in clan wars and diving up in randoms 90thG is looking for active members to get our newest fleet going in Clan Wars 90thR is always open to those who prefer casual non competitive play including co-op
  6. The 90th Battle Group is currently recruiting in multiple divisions! We offer divisions for Competitive, Semi Competitive, and Casual players. Feel free to message me if you are interested! Biggest requirements 1. Have a mic and use Discord 2. Be Active!
  7. Possibly, we would need to meet with you and you would need to leave your current fleet.
  8. 3 Different Types of Fleets 90th & 90thB - Competitive Fleets 90th Requirements - 50% + W/R & Good or better Average Damage and you must have at least one Tier 10 Ship, 1000+ Battles - MUST be active and use Discord 90thB Requirements - 55% + W/R & Good or better Average Damage and you must have at least 3 Tier 10 Ship, (3) 19 point captains preferred, 1000+ Battles - MUST be active and use Discord, Must commit to at least 1 training night a week 90thC & 90thD & 90thG - Semi Competitive Fleets Requirements 500+ Battles - Must be active and use Discord 90thR - Casual Fleet Requirements - Prefer you are active, and use Discord this is a relaxed fleet some mainly play co-op others play random, no clan wars at this time Our main recruitment focus at this time is Semi-Competitive players for the 90thG and Full Competitive Players for the 90thB
  9. We replied apps get checked each evening.
  10. The 90th Battle Group is recruiting in almost all divisions 90th 90thB 90thC 90thD 90thG 90thR Make sure to read the main post, check out all of our requirements, rules, and what each division is
  11. I replied to you right away. Did you check junk mail or spam sometimes gmail gets auto sent there.
  12. Hi there chanderlin check your mesages.
  13. I sent you a private message
  14. Hmm don't see anything I'll pm you
  15. I emailed you back easier to answer questions in discord :-)