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  1. Dark_Wyvern

    You Killed the game!

    No Timmy you can't leave us We will miss the salty fun real twitch streams and everything!!
  2. Dark_Wyvern

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    I think the current mechanic should remain its more realistic. Why fix what isn't broken? I mean come on once line of sight is broken thats that. Heck Radar realistically shouldn't go threw and island either.
  3. Dark_Wyvern

    Who would have thought this could happen...

    Awww hehe thanks Racer - You get front row seats to us every day in discord
  4. Thank you 90th/LK, nice!

     Today I spent my day looking at Armored Knights or AK good bunch of guys. They have a two-week hold prior to an invite sent. Send me a p.m. here (below) if you have not already done so. I will check you guys out next.

    Thank you



  5. Heck yeah Zoup :) You'd make an awesome commander!
  6. 90th Battle Group
    90th, 90thB, 90thC, 90thD, 90thE, 90thF, 90thK, 90thR

    90th Battle Group Website


    The 90th is a competitive group working towards stepping into Supremacy League & King of The Seas, at the same time we are a very fun relaxed group looking to enjoy the game. We know when to turn the competitive on and off and not let it disrupt the groups awesome environment. 

    Competitive Divisions 90th, 90thB

    Semi Competitive Divisions 90thC, 90thE, 90thF, 90thK 

    90th Casual Divisions 90thD, 90thR


    When we bring new outside members in normally you will start in a Semi Competitive Group so we can see how you play and work with everyone. You can also request to be in our casual fleets if your not into the competitive scene. We look at every fleet as equals the only reason we have multiple fleets it due to the member restriction. 

    We do require you to have Discord and use it

    You must be active, if you go inactive for more than 7-14 days depending on which division except for the 90thR you are at risk of being removed.