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  1. Hello,

    Found a problem with Nelson's deck.  Around the top right of the hull dds file the wood deck is off color from the rest of the deck.  Its around where the bridge superstructure would sit.  The color of the wood deck is very faded there in a rectangle shape.


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    2. soltic


      Found one prob with the fix. Just behind the front turret hole is a seam that shows up in the wood deck.  I experimented using your old old Nelson file and found that the problem is with how the original artist did the file.  The only way I could get the seam to not show up was to use the Hue/Saturation adjustment option while selecting all 3 decks(bow,stern,mid-ship) at the same time.  If I tried to adjust the Hue/Saturation of the 3 decks one at a time I still got the seam.  There is probably a visible seam at the stern section too but it is covered by the clutter back there. 

      Maybe you have an easier fix for this, I am still teaching myself how to use the paint program and this is the most I could figure out so far.




    3. soltic


      Looking again I can still see a seam in the stern.  I couldn't get the stern seam to go away but I was able to remove the one near the bow by using the suggestion above plus making the color a bit lighter on the deck.  I think the darker the deck, the more visible the seam is.   Most people won't even notice these but I love looking at the ships!



    4. USNA_76


      Yes, as you can see even the original graphic artwork is far from perfect. Keep in mind that ships have expansion joints in the decks so seems exist in the real world too. I also have to remind folks that items seldom match in the real world when it comes to color.

      As a case in point, when we painted ships when I was in the Navy we would go out to sea for a week, come back to port and use the same paint to touch up and it never matched. Also directors, finders and radomes are usually slightly off color to the hull and superstructure due to being made from different materials, supplier’s paint selection, etc.