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  1. XLAAD_Jarhead

    Update 0.8.4. Feedback and Performance

    Why are Russian BB's able to take 16 and 18 inch AP hits from ranges under 10 km without much damage? NO BB could do that. The only BB's ever build that could possibly have withstood those kinds of hits and only, possibly, to the armor of the turret faces was the Yamato and Musashi. Even there, there was a high probability of the blast from a direct hit to the turret face entering the turret and causing secondary explosions. Just looking at the t10 Kremlin. An American 16in 50cal gun firing a Mk 8 AP round at 9.144m is rated to penetrate 664mm or armor. This is historical FACT! NOWHERE on Kremlin is there armor that thick! Yet, here we have Kremlin shrugging off these hits with less than 20% or even less than 10% hp loss. In this game you hit the BB of any other nation from that range and you are going to brutalize it, yet the Russian BB's are hardly bothered. These BB's need to be brought down a notch or three to make them more in line with those of the other navies. Right now, they are like an Iowa taking on a Kawachi. The Kawachi can win, if enough of them team up and sting the Iowa to death.
  2. XLAAD_Jarhead

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Update 8.0 is actually World of Warships meets World of Warplanes. They totally destroy the former trying to save the later, and lose both. The new update eliminates the DD's most valuable asset, stealth. When the other side has flights/groups in the air that are as large, or larger, than WW II squadrons it's kind of hard for a destroyer to remain hidden. Then you add the fact that when said group attacks only the two or three planes attacking are vulnerable to being shot down. Next you have the problem that under the new update as long as the CV is alive he has planes to throw at you. Before a CV commander knew he had to use his planes wisely because he only had so many, like in the real world. Before a decent CV commander could have his air groups launch their torps in an ambush or V pattern where it didn't matter which way a ship turned he was going to get hit by some of them, you know, like in real Naval Warfare. This new update has turned the game into a joke. I for one only continue playing because i have already paid for the annual premium and don't have much else to play that I haven't already played to death. When my premium runs out, I for one will most likely be gone for a few weeks or months to see if this mess is fixed or not.
  3. This whole update 8.0 is all World of Warships meets World of Warplanes period. CV's with unlimited supplies of aircraft? Strike groups that only attack one or two planes at a time, while the rest of the strike group is above the AA fire? Get real people. The greatest weakness of a CV in the 1920's to 1950's was the size of her air group. Once she ran out of planes she was just another floating target. When an air group attacks, ALL the aircraft in the group attack together or as part of a coordinated attack plan. Now we have a game where a CV has an unlimited supply of aircraft so he can keep right on attacking the enemy until the match is over or until he is attacked and destroyed by enemy surface ships. If one remembers history one will remember that the primary target of any carrier strike group when attacking an enemy force was almost always the enemy carriers first. Take out their carriers so that they can't attack your allies. In update 8.0 that is not possible. Carriers can't take out carriers without numerous repeated strikes. The whole game play of the game in this new update is ridiculous. No ship can move much anywhere without being spotted by aircraft, even DD's. I for one am about one or two days from completely washing my hands completely of the game for a few months to see if this garbage is gotten rid of. A few days ago I would have rated the game at an 8 or 9 and highly recommended it to friends. Now I rate it as a solid 1 and would not recommend it to ANYONE.
  4. Before update 7.8 I was able to hide the ARP and other such ships in my carousel, now I can't figure out how to do it. Am I missing something? Is there a way to go back to hiding these ships and not just their 'special' appearances?
  5. XLAAD_Jarhead

    Decorating Warships hurts my eyes

    I can understand what your talking about. Thing is I've seen some photos of WW I and WW II convoys that crossed the Atlantic that make what you see here look lame and drab, wish I could find one of them to post on here. With the 'Dazzle' paint schemes that were developed by the US and Britain to confuse the eye and make it harder for U-Boat commanders to hit ships in convoys some of the convoys looked like something from the 1960's Woodstock concerts. Get 30 - 50, or more, ships painted in Dazzle patterns with just about every color available at the time and it's amazing that the Germans couldn't see the ships leaving New York harbor from Wilhelmshaven!
  6. XLAAD_Jarhead

    Why can not we just have real-historical camos?

    I have noted several comments on here about there not being many true historical camos on here. Well there are more than you think. Within the different camos that have been introduced and the basic "Type" camos there are several that are real and have been used in the past. Why most don't see this is that many of these were used during WW I, and were listed under the category of 'Dazzle" color schemes. Also several of these color schemes were used primarily on merchant vessels or escorts, not major warships. Then you have the issue that there were several 'one off' patterns that were only used on single vessels. You also have the issue that most of the camo patterns of the game can be used on any vessel of any Navy. During WW I the USN and the British RN developed and used more than fifty (50) different Dazzle patterns and color patterns, many done by individual shipyards both in the US and England and not by the respective navies themselves. I'm no naval historian, but in my own research I have identified over thirty (30) different camo patterns from the First World War alone. You also have the fact that several of the 'Dazzle" patterns were brought back and were modified (adjustment of pattern for different ships and different colors) for use in WW II to combat the U-Boat threat. A good case in point is the 'Halloween' pattern. This is very similar to a pattern that was used during WW I on surface combatants and then was brought back during WW II and used on troop transports in the Atlantic. Also think about the fact that there were also dozens of 'field modification' patterns that were applied by forward area facilities and repair ships. The US Navy for one had a couple of forward area ship repair/anchorages throughout the Pacific that would paint the ships with locally developed patterns. Don't rely on official sources for what are 'Historic' camo patterns but look at the old photos from the era, you just might find some interesting stuff.
  7. Have seen too many instances where some child (age not what I'm talking about either) who get upset during a game and start cussing others out in the chat. Also seen too many instances of individuals carrying on graphic conversations in the in game chat that better belong on an X-rated website. We do have younger ones on here so this type of language has no place here. I know I for one have been allowing my younger son to play as this game (a) gets him interested in history, and (b) gives him some idea of what naval combat was like in the time of his great grandfather, and (c) playing these computer games such as this helps him to develop better hand eye coordination. These, in my opinion, are good things. Now after I have been seeing more of this childish vulgarity I am beginning to question allowing him to continue to play. Now I understand a few occasional hells, damns, and [edited]. Kids nowadays hear more than that everyday. But I have actually read a conversation during a game where one person was discussing with another having sex with his significant other. Then you have the rants some players go off on when they get upset. There should be a way for this type of activity to be specifically reported and some type of action that can be taken for this. When someone gets upset over something and starts calling another every name under the sun, and describing them as everything bodily orifice (male and female) that is taking things a little too far when younger ones are on the game.