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  1. fruitcake2014

    XP gain

    Sorry everyone i forgot to take a screenshot i forgot but i have defended the base and no it was not co op it was a tier III battle because i wanted to play low tier for [edited] and giggles i had 3 spotted and 30+ hits i think.
  2. fruitcake2014

    XP gain

    Hello everyone recently i played a game of random i had 4 kills and a devastating strike when the match ended and we won i only got 900 EXP. Why is that? I am confused because i also had flags on can someone explain why i did not get more?
  3. fruitcake2014


  4. fruitcake2014


    Hmm okay well i hope i can play soon!
  5. fruitcake2014


    Is anybody else having trouble getting in to WOWS? It seems i cant connect at all on the NA server are the servers down for other people after the update?
  6. fruitcake2014

    Selling tier one's

    I see alright thanks for the help.
  7. fruitcake2014

    Selling tier one's

    Do people even play tier 1 that much actually?
  8. fruitcake2014

    Selling tier one's

    Uh actually Im not new at all but alright!
  9. fruitcake2014

    Selling tier one's

    Yeah because i really wanna get more ships and get higher tiers.
  10. fruitcake2014

    Selling tier one's

    Hello everyone is it worth selling all my tier one ships? I have no more ship slots and Im waiting for a sale on them so is it really worth selling them?