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  1. Seems like they have the same vision as the lookouts on the Titanic
  2. I had more diverse builds before, mostly Operations builds for certain cruiser's and BB's. All of those are now impossible to get, but hey, no one plays Ops anyway...
  3. BREHO

    Commander Skills Update

    I have had a few in my clan report the same thing.
  4. BREHO

    Commander Skills Update

    Actual results may vary...
  5. BREHO

    Commander Skills Update

    Good thing I love cake...
  6. BREHO

    Commander Skills Update

    I played a 19 pointer earlier, earned 4200ish commander XP, then saw it was now worth 240ish Elite Commander XP. I'll have 1.2 million in no time.
  7. BREHO

    Commander Skills Update

    Ditto. First year I have not purchased that at Christmas since they started offering it.
  8. BREHO

    Commander Skills Update

    Speaking for me, I am not a fan of this. I would much rather see new maps, a return of operations and maybe a new game mode. Oh well, after 4 years of building my ships to fit how I play, and grinding up 19 point commanders to match, spreadsheet says to toss it in the circular file.
  9. BREHO

    Disappearing enemy ships

    I've had all of these problem. I removed all mods, used all suggested settings, and even reinstalled the game, No change. They know it's a bug on their side, and said so in response to my ticket...
  10. I have experienced all of the same issues over the past couple of days, and it really does make you question things. I have played this game for almost 4 years, and have seen a lot over that time. When I first started, and knew next to nothing about the game, it became pretty obvious that an update lead to immediate problems. Critical errors, frozen screens, awful lag and many other oldies but goodies that we have all dealt with. I can even remember when WG slowed down the time in-between updates in an attempt to correct this. As for mods, I was having these issues way before I ever started using any. I do enjoy this game, and the time spent playing it with my clanmates. All most of us want is for WG to keep the issues to a minimum, so we can continue to enjoy their product. It's getting harder and harder to do that...
  11. BREHO

    Cannot connect to WOWS

    Same. All was good, then had a ship I had already played show as still in battle. Also had transaction error when moving a commander. Logged off, but now can not log back in. Says data obtained from update service is incorrect.