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  1. BB_Binx

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    Player mm's that are not continuously absurd. Not ship mm's. Fix the algorithm that favors some and not others. Won't happen though I'm sure.
  2. BB_Binx

    Sell camo in INV?

    A clan mate mentioned to me today that he read somewhere WG is going to let us sell permanent camos in a future update. I have not seen or read anything about that. Have any of you heard of this?
  3. BB_Binx

    Venting My Submarine Frustrations

    Since the beginning I have not appreciated subs in game to say the least. Been here nearly 6 years and the addition of them in game ie 2 subs and 4 dd's just makes the game so darn hectic.
  4. Just an fyi, one of the best players in my clan is a woman. Very...good player. There are some women themed camos and such in game. Maybe a bit more female specific, but not over the top by far please.
  5. BB_Binx

    Best Tier 9 and 10 Cruiser

    There is a lot of good input so far, it looks besides a few ships from the tech tree..premium cruisers are what are the go to. I mostly play randoms and forgot to mention I have the Alaska as well, besides the Hindenburg and De Moines. Sounds like when I'm ready to grease those gears, the Alaska is an excellent choice. I will reference out this thread for decisions with them in the future.
  6. The past 5 years I have been primarily playing BB's. It may be time to expand my horizons. I do have the Hindenburg and De Moines, but will appreciate your in put as to which cruiser lines to grind to tier 9 and 10. Which are the best ships and why? Any input on your De moines experience is welcome too! Thank you.
  7. BB_Binx


    10,000 randoms in and a 48.5% win rate. The first couple years i played on a laptop that would loss connection and would dive in head first lol. My xp and damage are consistently going up, but with 10,000 randoms it ecks up very slowly!
  8. Please get rid of subs in randoms.. I bailed from the game for awhile because of this. Now back, I find subs to be an oddity in WOWS and just don't make sense in the game. An irritant if anything...for sure.
  9. BB_Binx

    Today, It’s All About the Cats

    Binx, my avatar and ig name is my tried and true friend..he's been with me since the beginning of WOWS battling for over 5 years now. : )
  10. BB_Binx

    Submarines: 2 weeks of Random Battles testing

    Very well said and explained. 10,000 randoms here 5 years and always it had been fun and engaging. Another player stated that games became stressful. I agree..where's the fun in this? I have not played a random in weeks and only playing clan brawl because NO SUBS!. I'm an average player that really loved the game, played almost everyday. Really sad that WOWS has come to this.. no feeling it anymore.
  11. Navy vet here..not looking good for him. What a weird way to pass on espionage..traitor. Semper Fortis
  12. BB_Binx

    Unofficial subs poll

    I've been 5 years 10,000 randoms and sad to say not feeling the game anymore. Subs really have made the game a spaz event and it's just to hyper.. BB's get decimated by subs with very little counter action can be done. Fun and engaging? It's a chore now and not any fun. I've uninstalled and will wait awhile to see what happens.
  13. BB_Binx


    Agreed, I find that once a sub lets loose on you there is very little room for avoiding..the game has become to much of a spaz. I'm out for awhile after 5 years and 10,000 randoms. Not feeling it anymore.