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  1. BB_Binx

    Submarine Testing

    What's a BB player to do? Sigh...
  2. Have got a pumpkin before and another hunt one..maybe a pirate too!
  3. BB_Binx

    Compensation for downtime

    Works, I missed a couple hours during the power outage. Thanks
  4. Already decided. Godzilla! I'm 55 y.o. and recall being 4 or 5 sitting alone in a chair waiting for the folks to come back to our new home we had just got in the sticks watching black and white Godzilla back in about 1971.
  5. BB_Binx

    Naval History in Photos: Navy Mascots

    I very much appreciate the showing and respect for animal mascots. I have always and until this day deeply felt the care for animals and the pets in my life! As my avatar shows, Binx is my best friend! : ) Navy vet here as well.
  6. Finally something I can participate in and not have to be super good! I'm a Navy veteran, older..just turned 55 : ), I've played 4 plus years, and enjoy the game including the Minnesota; very much actually! I'm average, luv the game, and certainly have been too competitive and been worked up...now I find this fairly often in others.
  7. BB_Binx

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    When is the commander skills update going to be in game??
  8. BB_Binx

    Update 0.9.12: New Year

    Maybe for Christmas?? : )
  9. BB_Binx

    Update 0.9.12: New Year

    I read somewhere on the site and can't find it again, that we can use credits or doubloons to exchange for commander xp of those we dismiss in the future. When is this supposed to be in game? Thanks
  10. BB_Binx

    WoWS x Transformers: Warships in Disguise

    I see it now. Thank you!
  11. BB_Binx

    WoWS x Transformers: Warships in Disguise

    I don't get it. I used 1 token for decep and 1 token for auto and the missions are in the comabt missions..played a tier 5 bb but nothing is showing as in progress? It says complete 5 missions of the autobot type..nothing more. Please explain, lol. Thanks
  12. BB_Binx

    Marathon with Gifts: Submarines

    When we receive a bonus code, where do we put it to receive the extra missions? Got it..now thanks.
  13. They are earned... I'm looking forward to see what the Asymmetrical battles will be like. I had thought of this concept awhile ago...it will be interesting to see how the ratios of tier ships per team unfolds and if some future adjustments will be happening. Be fun to play in this mode and see the outcomes. Unless we get crushed of course! Lol
  14. BB_Binx

    Dry Dock: Which Ship Is the Most Powerful?

    Well done video. I especially like the scale size as the comparisons went on. I didn't know the weight of shells coming out of our guns...staggering really. When manning a ship in map it really doesn't fully express the size of these beasts..I'm almost strictly a BB player. I find them to be the most fun and playable in game. DD's were just to hyper for me! Lol!
  15. BB_Binx

    Thirteenth Ranked Sprint

    3x3 like this a lot..with my play style, maybe be a force for once!! Looking for R1 this time typically satisfied with R10 in regular ranked made R1 in sprint once. Happy Hunting GLHF!