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  1. Eauledoit11

    PRNA is recruiting!

    If you're lookin for love in Alderan places, come see us at PRNA! Well put down the rebel scum together! https://discord.gg/pveeybr
  2. Eauledoit11

    PRNA is recruiting!

    Ever wanted to be a part of something special? Well lucky you! PRNA is recruiting! 7 DD's was a success, but we'd like a little diversity! WE WANT YOU!
  3. Eauledoit11

    Server Issues

    pffft....nobody likes you Cry except Koren also still ded
  4. Eauledoit11

    PRNA is recruiting!

    Portsmouth Royal Naval Academy, or PRNA (Piranha) is recruiting members in our semi comp clan! We're a part of a larger community on discord and we want people who will make us stronger and be an active part of our community. T7 or higher preferred, but we're willing to help build you up as a player so long as you're willing to learn. Our community, The Haifuri Community is mostly a group of people who love anime, and warships, so naturally WoWs is our bag. We try to do community events, not to mention inner-community scrimmages! So come check us out on discord already and see for yourself! https://discord.gg/pveeybr Should you want to join, message [PRNA]Eauledoit11 HELP US MAKE PRNA GREAT AGAIN!