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  1. Most unresolved arguments, not just in games but in all parts of life, tend to be rooted in differences of perspective. I think that other ships tend to have a far more limited view of the battlefield than the CV captain in his top down view. Often, the people who complain about their CV don't realize that they have been sailing through extremely dangerous waters; away from the team or in a position where friendly fighters can't reach them, or they don't see that the CV is currently occupied in three other places. Not just that, but CV fighters are the main counter to CV strikes, so if one CV wins air superiority, he has simultaneously made the enemy CV useless AND cleared the way for his own strikes to go in unopposed.
  2. I would expect nothing less from a red-blooded tomato! I look forward to the day you become a unicum, and start eating the hearts of your fallen victims! That said, you are still in violation of subsection 4c) ~clause iiv) of the potato charter, so I'm afraid I will have to fine you. Please bring half a hamster to your nearest WG agricultural department office by next Friday. None compliance will result in an additional fine of 1/4 hamster.
  3. People tend to underestimate how often repeating patterns will appear in random data. Team lineups might be randomized, but it is still possible to get long sequences where everything seems to go against you. I had a pity party for myself after about 60 games in the Shokaku, in which time I was top tier in maybe 4 games. The chance that you will be top tier in the next game is always the same, even if you haven't been top tier in 30 games. Which server is that? I've been looking for a good one, and your description sounds enticing.
  4. In honor of this momentous occasion in your WoWS career, I would like to present you with the unprestigious tomato award! We're gonna need the potato award you had earlier back now. Our new department head has made composting a priority.
  5. I have wet dreams about trying out the kaga. Wet with the blood of my enemies. That said, every review I have seen made a point about how one needs a lot of experience to do well in the kaga. A few hundred battles in the IJN line at least. My own experience playing with lower tier aircraft tells me that one needs to play a lot smarter, both in the strafing micro and in the macro strategy, in order to get out ahead with them. One can't just sit back and auto-lock the fighters; one needs to actively beat the enemy. And that just requires experience with CV mechanics.
  6. Don't tell anyone this , but I do sometimes wait for the moment just after the enemy planes have dropped their torps to do my strafe, because I know they will all head in the same direction afterwards. Especially if we're winning, and I want to score damage on the last few remaining ships. While there are many bad AS Lex players, I have also recently met a quite good one (he traded planes about equally with me in my Shokaku). Because I am currently grinding tier 8 I think we met several times, and he always managed to make life difficult for me. But the fundamental flaw with the AS loadout on the Lex is that you are simply incapable of providing continuous air cover due to the long rearm times. So even though I rarely won our fighter duels outright, there were always these gaps in which his planes were back on their flightdeck when I could do my strikes. He did an excellent job cycling his squadrons, but towards the end of a match his organization would always be in the stages of breaking down.
  7. *mumble *mumble Enemy CV was still third on his team with at least one kill *mumble. It is a lot easier to get plane kills after strikes have been carried out *mumble. That said, your point still stands. *mumble *mumble
  8. I thought for a while that one might need 20k fire damage for the achievement, based on previous experiences in my La Galissonniere. However, I just got a battle result which pretty much confirms to me that the 15k fire damage, 20k shell damage figures are correct. I got the achievement just after landing some shell hits, and while no fires were burning, so I am quite sure that the damage part of the achievement is also correct. PS 16k damage on nine fires... What a crime.
  9. Is it ironic that there are no CV-related achievements, since WG has failed to come out with any significant CV updates in the two years of its existence? Achievement: "Screw the Scrubs!" Description: We thought CVs weren't frustrating enough for new players, so we decided to remove manual drops from tiers 4 and 5. Otherwise, we pretty much have done [edited] [edited] all. Enjoy!
  10. You might be a damage farmer if: You have time to eat roasted chicken with caramelized onions while playing the game.
  11. Good work everyone, but this thread is officially obsolete. You can keep guessing if you like, but the answer sheet has been released:
  12. In the Menu>Settings>Controls>Battle Camera, there is an option to disable SHIFT for CVs. This is because shift is sometimes used both for giving multiple orders, and to change the camera view from the overhead RTS view to the ship view. I have this option ticked, and usually it prevents me from entering the ship view. However, in my last battle I somehow managed to get into the ship view anyway (possibly while typing?), but was then prevented from getting out of it again. This prevented me from controlling my planes and ruined the match for me. I only managed to regain the normal camera view after being unable to protect myself and getting killed by a bismarck. Is there some obscure controls I am missing, or is this a bug which needs to get fixed?
  13. I looked at my stats and yes, indeed! Without those pesky 56 battles in the Omaha my win rate would be so much higher! Thanks for the excellent advice, GreyFox; no need to learn those irksome game mechanics now. I'm sure it must be possible to retrospectively skip a ship.
  14. Ok listen- you're new here and I absolutely understand that it can be extremely frustrating to not know what to do and get deleted by a CV player five minutes into a match. However, aside from your comment being a salt rant which is both unhelpful and unrelated to the topic of discussion, you are just flat out wrong. Playing CV well is extremely difficult, and even the most skilled CV players can be rendered unable to act if the enemy team coordinates and knows what it is doing. Worse still, CV gameplay is set up such that tiny micro mistakes can cost you air superiority and put you at the mercy of the enemy CV. There is a reason why nobody sane plays CVs.
  15. The lack of that button is very odd. There is no key associated with it; as long as you have the squadron selected it should be visible. A few things to try: perhaps you are de-selecting the squadrons? Remember that you need to click and drag the green arrow. Alternatively, perhaps you are leaving it too late and the torpedo bombers are already going into the drop. The bombers are locked into place for a second or two before the torpedoes are released, in which time you can no longer adjust the angle of approach. It could also be that the green arrow is covered by an island? How does it work for dive bombers? If none of that works, it might be helpful if you could upload a small replay demonstrating the problem. If we can't identify it, you should try checking your game files for corruption in the startup menu (I doubt this will work, but it is a good thing to do anyway), and contact support.