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  1. Frustrated Des Moines player

    I'm suspicious of that video. I think it might be a troll post designed to increase the memes in random battles. I know it seems hard to imagine that our dear boi Yuro would do this to us, and if my suspicion is true it would definitely rank amongst the top 10 anime betrayals of all time, but the derpy play style, the fact that many of the clips he uses don't follow that play style, saying that 30mm deck will keep you safe and the silly captain recommendations he gives (recommending IFHE but not AR!? Madness!) all seem highly suspicious to me. As for how to play the DM, it has different tools for dealing with each ship class. Against DDs you use islands to get in close, then radar/hydro/ridiculous DPM to pulverise them. Radar mod is recommended. Against CA/CLs, I recommend using islands to close into medium range, and then to use your AP to pummel them. By what you've said you're clearly doing something wrong on the micro level, but what exactly is hard to say. Note that you have superheavy AP shells which allow you to overmatch armour at anything up to 60 degrees (I think). This means that if an enemy cruiser turns to fire torps or even to use their rear guns, you are able to overmatch through their bow straight into their citadel (again, at 60 degrees!). Note that it is important you hit the bow, not the belt armour. If the enemy is bow-on, use HE at >8km, or AP at <8km to take out their turrets. Use island cover, your superheavy shells, or reverse gear to avoid torpedoes. You also have an excellent rudder shift. Use this to dodge shells between 12-6km, and torpedoes at anything less than that. Seriously, if an enemy cruiser torpedoes you in a brawl it means you've already missed a perfect opportunity to citadel dev strike them. DM is simply one of the best brawlers in the game. That all said, dealing with BBs is going to be your chief concern and what dictates your overall strategy. At the beginning of the match seek island cover (over time you will learn pretty specific locations on each map that can be used for this) and hide behind them, preferably somewhere that you can harass enemy DDs. It is important that you not be too close to the island so you can still fire over the island, and that you angle yourself so that you can push both sides of the island using only your forward gears. You then burn down anything that is spotted or AP anything that is broadside (including the superstructure of BBs) until no BBs are left or your own team's BBs are pushing up. If enemy BBs are able to push your island, back away around it while continuing to shoot them. If enemy BBs push both sides of your island it is important that you recognise this threat early and relocate. Note that 'pushing your island' doesn't just mean them coming closer; it could also be them spreading out to get cross fires on you. Once enemy BBs have been dealt with there is generally nothing (except Hindys) that you can't deal with at medium-close range, so be aggressive. Never fight in open waters. Never get into a HE spamming battle with enemy CAs at long range. Never hug your island so hard that you don't have a quick escape route. Never fight BBs fairly (they can overmatch your bow AND your upper hull side. Oh, and captain build! Here's my recommendation: Beyond this, you can take vigilance (then replace your hydro with defensive AA) for random battles, or Radio location/Jack of all Trades for ranked/clan battles.
  2. Man, that got quite personal. Thanks for sharing. I think I can empathise because I had a somewhat similar experience of growing up between different countries. A complication is that the longer you live somewhere the more you notice the differences that exist within a country as well, especially for big/diverse places like the US or (I imagine) China. For me it was always a mark of pride to be different; as my grandmother always says: Better different than one of you. I ended up always being whatever wasn't normal: In the US I was British, in the UK I was German, and in Germany I was American ('ein Ami' as they'd say in Bavaria). That said, I understand the feeling of wanting to be normal. Some of the best parts of my childhood were when I was considered as one of the locals, and even though I come from many different places, they are all 'western' and so fairly similar. It's just that I always have a sense that if I become too familiar with a place; too comfortable, that I'll end up atrophying a bit; becoming sloppy. In the end, I just enjoy being slightly different too much to ever be just normal for any length of time. PS: Your english writing is pretty good though. Certainly better than my german.
  3. Why you like your username?

    I chose my name because it's hilarious and I'm hilarious and I want everyone to know how hilarious I am. Hahahahahaha! The name says it doesn't make sense, and the grammar of the name doesn't make sense! How clever I am! How hilarious! I should make myself some t-shirts... As further evidence, please view my avatar pic, which is also hilarious (it is the result of an extensive campaign of polling and focus grouping I did on these forums a few months ago, so remember that you guys chose this). (it's me surrounded by my *ehem* group of female friends who are also anime ducks...)
  4. I had a game a yesterday in which I was in an Alsace and a broadside DM sails out in front of me at 7.8km. He does not see me, continues sailing straight ahead, I aim perfectly and EVERY SINGLE SHELL MISSES. I mean, look at this: I even pushed into the center of the map to get this shot. What's worse is that in addition to horrible accuracy, the Alsace has a tendency not to do damage even when you do hit. This thing gets so many overpens and shatters it's not even funny. Typically, only 30%-25% of my hits are full penetration, and of those, lots mysteriously don't do any damage. Just today I had a salvo against a GK, in which I scored 3 pens, 1 overpen and a shatter, but for some reason I only did 1k damage. Cuz' why not. Geez I hate the Alsace.
  5. I think we focus on the BBs hiding in the backlines because they're so visible. We often don't think about the BB captain who pushed too early, got focused and sunk in the first 3 minutes of the game. That captain is way more useless to the team than the captain who waits, but because he's out of the game so quickly we hardly have time to notice him. Instead, we blame the cautious, and overall more prudent BB captain for our loss. The thing is that BBs are the most powerful class in the game. In almost any fair 1v1 engagement, the BB will destroy its enemy with greater firepower while tanking anything that might be thrown at it with thick armour, heals, repairs and a massive health pool. As a mostly-cruiser-main I often think to myself: wow, I'm totally screwed right now, if only I were a BB I would be fine. But in addition to being the strongest class in the game, BBs are also the class with the least ability to pick their battles. They get detected first, they're slow, they find it hard to disengage from fights, are torpedo magnets and are very difficult to turn around. The result is that while a BB might indeed do better if presented with an identical engagement, most BBs will never be given that opportunity because everyone can see them coming. Instead, good BB drivers pick their battles. Once they choose to push they will be absolutely committed to it, so it becomes vitally important to pick the absolute best possible moment to push. If no opportunity presents itself then it is always better to wait and keep at least the potential threat of your massive AP alpha on the board, than to mindlessly rush forward and die. This is the essence of BB play: holding the line until a good opportunity presents itself, and only then going in for the kill. Good BB drivers are absolutely more aggressive, but this is because their skill allows them to recognise more opportunities and exploit smaller opportunities when they are presented. But this is NOT a reason for more average BB captains to push forward when they do not possess the skill or experience to properly exploit an opening. Caution is absolutely a legitimate choice for BB captains to make, and we on the forums need to stop flogging this narrative that anything less than suicidal charges are potato-scrub play that should be shamed off the server.
  6. I made this a while ago, but it bears repeating.
  7. Good survival rate?

    Survival rate is a very complicated statistic to interpret, since what is considered a good survival rate depends both on what type of ship you are playing and your play style (particularly how and when you are aggressive). That said, if you want a dirty rule of thumb for when you're starting out, just keep in mind that any hp point more than 1 that you have at the end of a match is a wasted hp point that you could have spent being more aggressive.
  8. Erm, I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the old smoke meta yet. Things might be pretty passive now, but it's nothing like it used to be back in the day when Yamatos could invisi-fire out of smokescreens.
  9. A little sneak-peak: This is the same graph for this season (9) of ranked battles. 934 players managed to get to rank 1 this season, which is nearly twice as many as last season. The mean was 232.5 battles, which is extremely close to the mean of last season. Oh, and the fastest was a guy called Ar_a_c_c_o_o_n, who needed a ridiculous 61 battles for rank 1. The longest someone took was 1149 battles.
  10. This is from last season: This graph shows the number of battles played in ranked by all players who reached rank 1 in season 8. mean=232.9 I am currently working on the stats for this season. Should be interesting.
  11. Average Experience: Useless since it is affected by premium time. Average Damage: Somewhat useful, but affected by tier and ship class/type. A good DD player does 50k average damage. A good BB player does 100k. A good rank 5 game is 80k damage. A good rank 10 game is 150k damage. A good DM player does 80k damage, a good Henri player does 120k damage etc etc. All these different situations are rolled into a single statistic, which naturally ends with the statistic not being very useful. Instead, I find comparing average damage for individual ships a much more useful metric of player skill (eg: comparing his damage in the cleveland to that of the server average). Average Kills: I find average kills a much better metric of what average damage is supposed to measure: how often you beat other players. It's a bit more consistent across classes and tiers (although not between random/ranked battles). The only problem with this one is that it isn't very granular, so a high sample size is necessary (hence I tend not to use to when evaluating performance in single ships). Winrate (in the last year): Pretty useful. Only problems are that again, it is affected by tier (getting a higher winrate at lower tiers is simply easier for an experienced player), and that, like you, many players still have a large pool of early battles distorting their figures from when they were still learning the ropes. Then again, both these problems will affect all the statistics available to us, and it is possible both on warships.today and wows-numbers to select only battles from a certain time interval (eg: the last year). The one thing people tend to forget is that there should really be error terms in winrate. Like, my winrate could just as easily be a point higher or lower than it should be. Survival Rate/Hit Rate: This is a favourite of mine because it tells me so much about playstyle. Again it is affected by ship type, so it is best used for looking at performance in individual ships. Low survival rates tend to indicate an aggressive playstyle. That can be good, or bad, depending on if that low survival rate is paired with a high hit rate and a high average damage. A good hit rate indicates good aiming, but must be considered in the context of how aggressive the player seems to be. Which ship classes they play: I think that a good player will have a well-rounded understanding and experience with all ship classes. As such, I tend to expect higher skill from a player who has a high overall number of battles, has played all four ship types, has consistently good stats in each (I fail this test in regards to DDs) and has played well at all tiers. Note that experience and consistency are not so much indicators of high player skill, but rather a cause of it.
  12. How to deal with Cleveland Trolls?

    You're pretty much a BB purist and have never played ships like the cleveland or DM that rely on island camping, so I understand you having this attitude. But please understand that, even if playing against it can be frustrating, island camping is a difficult skill to get right that requires a great amount of skill and experience in both the micro of how you position yourself and the macro of which positions you choose to take. So perhaps a bit more of an open-minded tone would be good, yes? I strongly recommend you try playing the cleveland, since the flaws in its strategy become pretty apparent pretty quickly if you do. First, lobbing shells becomes harder the closer the enemy ship is to your island. Therefore if you rush him you can actually get into cover behind the same island he is hiding behind. This is exacerbated by the fact that it's harder to lob shells over the island the closer you are to it, often requiring the cleveland to position itself several km behind the island, and sometimes meaning that you can lob shells better than the cleveland. Second, the cleveland has very floaty shells, meaning that if you are at the extremes of its range (around 15-16km) only a little bit of wiggling, even by a BB, will cause most of the shells to miss. Lastly, clevelands do very poorly when pushed. Their DPM against a bow-on BB is not that great, they don't have torpedoes, and their armour will be overmatched by all same-tier BBs. Note that an especially skilled cleveland player can try to back away around an island while continuously lobbing shells. To avoid this, it is important that both sides of the island get pushed at the same time, so he has nowhere to run to. This can be done by having ships push both sides, but it can also be a simple matter of the BBs on your team spreading out and establishing a crossfire on his position from 15+km away. This will force the cleveland to hug his island tightly, basically making it impossible for him to shoot, and since the cleveland is usually stationary it is quite possible for you to land some stray citadels along the way. Basically, the cleveland has tools against a lot of things, but none when it comes to dealing with teamwork.
  13. When To Push And When Not To Push?

    Sounds to me like your biggest issue is not so much with the pushing, but rather how to effectively stay alive until the right moment to push. When I first got the Missouri I had a similar problem; I think my only other high tier BB was the Nelson and so I expected to just be able to sit bow-on and eat whatever came at me. Unfortunately, the Missouri is just too squishy for this kind of play. Her bow gets overmatched by Yamatos and she eats lots of normal pens from other BBs and IFHE armed cruisers. In general, I think the Missouri isn't very good against other BBs. She's alright, sure, but tens to eat a lot of pen damage and just doesn't trade very well. In my early days I had several instances where me and another BB would come to a halt about 12km apart from each other and start bouncing our AP shells off each others' bows. Invariably, the Missouri traded poorly. Instead, my best Missouri games tend to involve using a lot of island cover to avoid engaging BBs in head-to-head battles, going to places where usually only the DDs and cruisers dare go, and becoming the biggest bully in that playground. By using you radar effectively you can push a lot of places that people don't expect BBs to push. Use it to sail into island-rich territory where the close-in ships (DDs, DMs, Minos) like to go and beat the snot out of them. Once they're disposed of that will usually put you in a good position to flank around and get citadel shots on enemy BBs pushing through open waters. Your main difficulty is going to be DDs, since, even though you can see them, your guns just don't have the volume of fire to entirely dispose of them. Having cruiser support is going to be essential in any case, but even if you have cruisers pushing with you it's important to remember that the more DDs in the game, the more like a traditional BB you have to play.
  14. No problem. And by the way thanks for the follow. That's definitely a big ego booster.