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  1. Also, I'm fairly sure W.T ratings consider all your battles, so even if you had a month in which you performed consistently worse, it would show itself in a graph like that as a gentle fall, followed by a gradual recovery after the month ended. Frankly, I'm not quite sure what could have the kind of instantaneous impact on your W.T rating shown in this graph...
  2. Is Leander good in operations?

    To a degree you can make any ship work decently in operations. The main problem I think the leander will have is that most operations require you to keep moving, or have enemy ships moving directly towards you. In the first instance you'll find it hard to deploy your smoke, in the second it will be very difficult to do damage without finding some contrived way of getting on the enemy's flank. That said, cruisers generally are quite useful in operations, and it should be possible to play her just like a slightly underpowered cleveland with a 'get out of trouble free card' in your smoke consumable. I could imagine that she'd do quite well on defence of naval station newport though.
  3. Just want to report that I have experienced 3 crashes in the last 2 days since installing the new 7.0.2 (I think) launcher (upgrading from Also note that I am using the mac wrapper. First crash came just when a match was ending, it gave me 2 different error messages and then asked me to close the client. This crash has actually been semi-regular for me over the last few months- happening every 4 weeks or so. The second crash came while I was loading into a match. The client just suddenly closed itself without warning. Both those crashes happened yesterday, before the server downtime. Today I had another crash (just now actually) in my Bismarck. This occured in the first 4 minutes of the match; I had just taken a shot while using binocular view, had just zoomed out, and then tried going back in binocular view to see where my shots would land. During the zoom, my screen froze, but in game music and music which I had playing in the background continued. Dynamic in-game sounds (gunshots, horns etc) did not continue, and my computer was entirely unreactive, requiring me to restart the whole computer to resolve the issue. I could not exit the WoWs client in any other way (including keyboard commands). EDIT: 4th crash happened today. Loading into port after we lost a battle and it froze on this screen: This time I was able to get out of the client without shutting down my computer, but I still had to quit the client. Frankly, all these crashes are starting to make the game unplayable.
  4. Best Ships of All Tiers

    'dem gunz don't outrange my torpedo bombers! In a 1v1 the CV wins every time...
  5. Best Ships of All Tiers

    T1: Black Swan T2: dunno, doesn't matter T3: StLouis T4: Langley T5: Bogue T6: Ryujo T7: Kaga T8: Kutuzov T9: Taiho T10: Hakuryu
  6. Detonation Change in 7.2

    Hur Hur Hur. Yamato has 97,200 health. Hur Hur. I did 84,500 damage to this one. HUR HUR HUR. GUESS HOW MANY OF MY AERIAL TORPS WERE NEEDED TO ACHIEVE THIS! HUR HUR HUR. Essex OP please nerf.
  7. Man, I only remember good things about the Daene, although I think I got rather lucky with it too. My main memories of it have me charging into the middle of the map to duel with idiot cruisers who showed me beautiful broadsides, followed by bullying poor destroyers, all without the battleships ever being in a position to do anything about me. I actually rebought the ship yesterday to have another go. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any battles in, but I'm definitely looking forward to it.
  8. Noob friendly cruiser line?

    French is the answer you're looking for. All their ships are at least decent, none of them have some terrible weakness, and their play style isn't hugely dependent on amazing micro or anything like that. Really any cruiser line except the english will work decently well for a new player though, so if you have a particular interest then you could try any of those. I would just caution against the Americans, since their line has a bit of an identity crisis and is about to be split into two different lines, and the german cruisers because the tier 3 and 4 ships are horrifically bad and I'm still in shock from playing them.
  9. New to warships, which vessel?

    I strongly recommend the french cruisers over the german ones. The reason is that the german tier 3 and 4 cruisers are an incredible agony to play. They are horrific at everything and a vicious pain to sail. Your head will run out of hair for you to pull out, at which point you will be forced to resort to pulling other hair from other places, but no matter how painful it may seem it will never distract you from the utter agony of having to play these god-awful ships. So yea, my advice is to go french.
  10. From my experience in the desMoines I'm pretty sure that shells fired through islands are ghost shells with no impact. It happens 100% of the time whenever the barrels of your guns get too close to the island. As far as not being spotted, It seems as if the game uses vectors which originate in the middle of your ship to determine if you're visible. This is easiest to see when in a smoke screen, as you can actually poke a big part of your nose out of it without being spotted, but as soon as the midpoint of your ship passes the border of the smoke cloud, you are seen.
  11. It's not just torpedoing smoke, but also the inability to use torpedoes in a knife fight, slow turret traverse and lackluster guns/fire rate that makes them unsuitable for fighting DDs. Be aware that I am talking about specialty and play style, that is what I'm saying is that PA DDs are specialized in harassing enemy CA/CL/BBs, and that those are the kind of fights you should therefore seek out. I am not saying that PA DDs are totally incapable of putting up a fight against enemy DDs, nor that you will never get a kill on an enemy DD, merely that those are not the kind of engagements you should generally seek out. I should probably also mention that I've only played the Fushun, and while I've enjoyed it a lot, I don't actually know how the rest of the line shapes out.
  12. Hard choice. The defensive AA increases your AA by 300%, but the main reason you'd take it is because it applies a 'scatter' effect- enemy torpedo and dive bombers become much less accurate if your AA is shooting at them. At lower tiers there's a lot of CVs so I think it's a skill well worth having, but I've never actually used it myself and if I remember correctly you do lose a gun for it. Perhaps try it out for a few battles to test the impact of losing the gun. If you do, then try to stay in the center of the map and hit the enemy planes whenever they pass over you. This way you can still push caps while also being a great nuisance to enemy CVs. A couple points: being spotted by aircraft can be extremely dangerous for destroyers, so manage your smoke carefully. Prioritize shooting down torpedo bombers, then fighters, then dive bombers. Also, you can choose to have your AA fire at only one enemy squadron, which increases its power slightly, by holding control and then clicking on the squadron.
  13. The reason why everyone says you shouldn't skip ships early on is that the only way to properly learn the unique qualities of each ship line is by playing a single ship over and over, to the point that you really start feeling sick of it. Even after more than 3000 battles, when I transfer into the top end of a ship line I've never played I usually get stomped badly for the first 30+ battles because I simply have not had the low tier experience in that line necessary to play it properly. This game is all about positioning, and the decisions you make even in the very early stages of the match will impact how the rest of the battle will turn out. Being at this or that cap circle, being on the left or right side of an island, showing broadside or being bow in, or simply being a few meters to the left or right can all be great positions to be in, or terrible ones depending on the ship you are playing. In that light, I suggest that you spend the next few weeks playing at least 100 battles each in the following ships: StLouis- the best cruiser in the game. Don't worry about playing at low tiers, you're out of protected MM now so there'll be plenty of seal clubbers around. Against cruisers try to get into medium range (7km-10km), against battleships stay at maximum range (12km), and against destroyers it doesn't really matter how far/close you are, as long as you can avoid their torpedoes. The key skill the StLouis should teach you is angling and dodging. Get the Priority Target captain skill as soon as possible. Then, when engaging enemies you should point your bow/stern towards them (depending on if your team i pushing forward or retreating), wait for them to shoot, and then in between their volleys you swerve, fire your guns and then go back to your bow/stern on position. This can get tricky if multiple targets are shooting at you at once, so if this happens just prioritize dodging the battleship shells. Fushun- the key thing to understand about PA destroyers is that they are NOT designed to fight other destroyers. As such, while it might be good to be inside a cap, you can't actually beat the enemy destroyers inside it on your own. Instead, you mount the premium smoke consumable (using credits not doubloons to pay for them), you get the Jack of all Traits captain skill, and you get the November Foxtrot signal flag. All of these together will reduce the reload time on your smoke consumable to 2 seconds. Basically, you make yourself permanently invisible. Then what you do is sail up to the main enemy push (the big group of enemy ships which include all their battleships), perma-smoke yourself right in their way and just dare them to push you. Your goal here is not to do lots of damage (you don't actually output that much), but rather to make the fight between your battleships and the enemy battleships as unfair as possible. Just be aware that if they do ever all push you together you will end up dead, so avoid any situation where you'll be spotted for longer than 2 seconds. USN destroyers- I've forgotten which ships in this line are good (I think they're all pretty decent, maybe try the Nicholas). These are very much the opposite of how the PA destroyers play; they're anti-destroyer destroyers. Your wet dream in these is to meet any enemy destroyer in a place where their team can't support them. Your objective is to take caps, harass enemy battleships/cruisers, and above all to kill enemy destroyers. You fail if you let yourself get spotted/focus fired by the enemy cruisers, and if you let yourself be torpedoed while in smoke. Also be aware that your smoke is very good, so if you see a friendly cruiser in distress it might be a good idea to smoke him up. That's a way of farming karma. One thing to note more generally is that battleships and destroyers especially tend to go to the same parts of the map in every battle. Keep an eye out for where ships usually go on each map, and over time you'll learn to expect where they're likely to go. It's also a good idea to look at how many destroyers/battleships are on each team (for instance, if there's only 2 destroyers you know that at least one cap won't have any destroyers in it), and to keep track of which have been spotted where, so you can start making guesses about if your team is at an advantage or disadvantage in the sector that you're pushing. Good luck mate! Hope this helped. You have a great attitude of trying to improve yourself, which is the surest sign of success in this game.
  14. This is why we cap, people

    I just had this battle in my Neptune. 2.1k base XP and top of my team with... 40k damage done? That's what 3 caps will do for you. I did get 1.9 million potential damage, but in a Neptune that's more a sign of failure than an achievement.
  15. Customize my Avatar!

    And the results are in! Now, this might have taken way too long and you've probably all forgotten about this thread (except @Ghostdog1355 , who's been hounding me about it like a... dog). That said, I'd just like to take a few seconds to thank my parents, without whom this momentous occasion would never have happened (for obvious reasons), my new pink poodle for giving me inspiration and spiritual guidance during my work, and all of you, for the consideral material and financial contributions you've all made to this project. If you don't remember giving me your bank details, it's probably 'cuz you were too drunk off the booze I bought you with the money I got from your bank account, to remember me manipulating the information out of you. Alright! Enough said! It's time to review your votes and to reveal my new profile pic (provided none of you have looked to the left of this post- that'd be a total spoiler so DON'T DO IT!). You may remember that I mentioned leaving a little 'trap' for all the anime nerds on our forum. You may be shocked to discover that this trap was none other than the 'harem of anime girls' and 'harem of anime boys' options in question 3! I know! It's hard to see as an outsider, but if there's one attribute which all anime nerds share, it's an irresistible attraction to harems of creepily young people! Well, the results are in, and I can now officially declare the following people as 100% anime nerd: @Carrier_Lexington @SireneRacker @TwoOfFour @RivertheRoyal May you all wallow in endless pits of body pillows with your waifus drawn on. Alright, with that out of the way it is time for all the 'normal' peoples' votes to be counted, and to announce that you all have democratically decided for: 1) duck 2) duck 3) duck 4) duck 5) huge number of ducks Now, I'm sure that these votes were all cast with the absolutely purest intentions, out of a genuine belief that by including these five elements would objectively improve the aesthetic quality of my profile pic, and not because you all thought it would be hilarious to make a fool out of me. That all said, I did keep some executive privileges to give myself the option to 'modify' any of the well-meaning suggestions I would receive. You see, there's one little detail that you all forgot about... One little point that you've all missed...