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  1. Cleveland for me. The USN CA line was the first I ever grinded to tier X, and when I first came across the Cleveland I was very underwhelmed. IFHE didn't exist back then, and I was too inexperienced to manage her high shell arcs or island camping playstyle. So I resolved to suicide charging into caps, averaged something like 32k damage and lucked my way into a slightly-above-50% winrate. I got past it, sold it and never looked back. Then way, way later, long after I had successfully unlocked the desMoines and learnt about island camping and IFHE and the proper role of USN CAs, there was a forum event for most fire damage within a given weekend. I re-bought the Cleveland and put in my 19 point captain. My God. IFHE. And Concealment Expert. And radar. What an absolute monster this ship was. At tier 6, the Cleveland was able to 1v1 brawl higher tier BBs, wipe out CAs and was the terror of all DDs in the game. The armour was fantastic, the citadel untouchable and the guns OP like nothing else. I averaged something in the range of 80k average damage and my winrate went to 70%- unheard of for me in a cruiser. I think I got second place in that competition in terms of fire damage, although I think I may have set the most fires. Luckily, the ship has weathered the transition to tier 8 extremely well. While she isn't quite as tanky as she used to be, her many advantages have now been joined by fantastic stealth, the ability to stealth radar and guns which do just as much damage to tier 10s as they once did to tier 5s. Her role as a destroyer hunter is emphasized, but her ability to punish CAs and BBs has not been diminished. If I can give one piece of advise to anyone playing this ship, it would be to absolutely NEVER buy the range upgrade. her short range is a massive advantage which makes island camping much easier. Don't throw that away.
  2. One always gets a bit of bias towards the way things always were with this sort of change, but I'm fairly sure that the old ribbons were actually better. Especially when playing something with a high fire rate it is rare that you'll have enough time to look directly at your ribbons, so keeping them visually distinct (ESPECIALLY in the colors) so that they can be recognized with a simple glance to your peripheral vision, is extremely helpful. In my mind what WG should do is try to distinguish overpens from shatters and bounces with the use of different colors, and to maybe change the shape of the ribbon depending upon how many of each you've scored, so you don't have to actually read the little number in the bottom right corner (this could be accomplished by having additional ribbons stack over each other, so they never take up too much space).
  3. Gudbotes you suck in...

    Gulio Cesare for me. I think the combination of expecting a lot from her and finding her to be somewhat boring (yes, she's special for low tiers, but she plays just like a lot of high tier BBs), means that I tend to go way over-aggressive and get myself sunk first. She's good, but no miracle ship. Also, Takao/other ARP ships. I got these pretty early in my WoWs career, and because of that I've never bothered grinding the IJN CA line. Consequently, I have no idea how to play these things, and usually end up reverting back to the cap support playstyle I learned from the DM and end up failing miserably.
  4. Senpai, Im sorry. Heres a little something from me.

    I'm sorry, but the model clearly shows your pureness of love (PoL) coefficient to be at 14.89, with a standard deviation of 2.33. While impressive, this is not sufficient to categorize your love as 'perfectly pure'. I am sorry, but you still have a tragic backstory element which must be resolved in a filler arc before you are able to reach a PoL of perfectly pure. Note that unintended side-effects of resolving tragic backstory elements in filler arcs may include, but are limited to, fluctuating emotions, emotional breakdowns, temporary tsundere syndrome, a backstory revelation scene, out of character decisions to move the plot along, as well as long term accepting second-girl itus and hair loss.
  5. Senpai, Im sorry. Heres a little something from me.

    With funding from the Foundation for Forum Lewdness Research (FFLR) I am my team have compiled a statistical and probabilistic model to predict if the cat or the yandere are more likely to be noticed by sempai. We based our study on carefully collected log residuals of previous sempain noticings, then built an OLS regression model with 44 variables and 256,442 relationships totalling 4,235,997 degrees of freedom. We then spent six years calibrating the model to produce a simple and intuitive answer to the target question. While this study has come at great personal cost to the researchers, as well as to the privacy of all forum users, we are happy to announce that we are able to provide some simple, concrete and interesting answers to the target question. Without further ado, here are the findings:
  6. I'm sure this will probably already have been reported on elsewhere, but last game (playing the new gamemode) I found myself suddenly experiencing an incredibly high ping. I was getting ping counters ranging from 600-1300, with spikes sometimes reaching as high as 2000. It felt worse though: switching between shells and torpedoes took upwards of five seconds (I completed a 180 degree turn in the donskoi before it managed to switch). What also felt weird is that I only experienced lag in the upload speed. Other ships were acting normally, and there didn't appear to be any lag. Moreover, indicators such as my rudder shift and speed were also functioning normally, even as the ship itself took several seconds longer than the indicators to respond to my inputs, with situations arising where my rudder was jammed fully to one side (I have a rudder shift build on the donskoi), but the ship still turning the other way. I should also mention that I had played two or three battles before this without any ping issues. I assume this has to do with the update and stuff, but thought you guys should be aware of the issue. That said, I won't be playing again until I get notified that this issue has been resolved.
  7. Poor visibility in new London Port

    It's just realizm bro! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Stink
  8. A DM is pretty incapable of citadeling a conqueror at any angle, especially at extremely close range. It might be theoretically possible if he can get through your bow using those improved angles, but even then you have an underwater citadel that shells will most likely just pass over without entering. Your real fear should be exposing the flat of your upper hull and your superstructure. At close range, a DM can easily do 10k damage per AP salvo to those parts, and with a bit of adrenaline rush those salvos are gonna be coming every 4 seconds. This is rarely enough to kill a BB who has most of his health, especially one with a zombie heal like the conqueror, but it can make dealing with him very expensive, as losing that much health will likely cramp your play for the rest of the match. Still, unmasking your rear turrets is generally a good idea, as long as you don't remain broadside long enough for him to get more than one or two AP volleys off. As long as the DM feels forced by your angling to continue using HE, the damage he will inflict on you will be manageable and repairable. As for where to shoot, that is very context dependent. With all your guns in action you can definitely just pen damage him to death through the bow. If you're close enough you can also try smashing some of his turrets, since these are his only source of damaging you. However, if all you want is to kill the DM as quickly as possible, my advice would be to push forward either until he is forced to show you broadside, or until your teammates start getting shots around the other side of the island. DMs live their lives in the little triangle that is the shell shadow of an island. By pushing forward (although not necessarily towards the DM), you reduce the size of that triangle, progressively making his life harder and making it more likely that he screws up at some point.
  9. Worst map for a BB? 2-cap Estuary.

    In my humble opinion Fault Lines is by far the worst for BBs. It's not that there aren't any areas on this map where BBs can battle it out, but they're all way out on the sides of the map, and given how slow BBs are around these tiers, one often ends up spending the first 5-8 minutes just sailing along, especially if your team lemmings away from the side you spawned on. Sure, a skilled BB captain might be able to force their way through the center, and the typical thing these days is for BBs to go down the second-to-last channels on either side, but this quickly becomes an overaggressive move that leaves you exposed to a bunch of bored 15 and 16 inch guns. Especially in ships like the Colorado, this map is a total snooze.
  10. Finally, the Dreadnought...

    I have very little interest in ships as collectables or historic monuments, and so far have only ever purchased premiums from crates or because I wanted to experience a specific playstyle. But... ...But if this actually comes out, I'm buying it regardless of how good, bad, interesting or boring, useful or useless it ends up being. This is one I just gotta have in my port.
  11. Who have you seen in game

    Ah, I thought I would see this here mentioned on the forums some time. To be fair, I really don't think I deserved to be top of the team in that match. I spent the first ten minutes faffing about getting torped in the middle of the map, and was only able to kill off the shima and survive the BBs at the end due to key teammates doing exactly the right things at the right times. I definitely thought that DM (was that you?) was the most important guy on our team.
  12. Premium Ship Review #109 - Stalingrad

    I will admit that when evaluating these kinds of ships I do tend to get my judgement clouded by the envy of knowing that I'll never have the time to grind out this thing. One question @LittleWhiteMouse: Does the Moskva's legendary module change the comparison between it and the Stalingrad in any significant way? If not, why? I don't quite remember what it does, but I remember people saying that it does improve the Moskva's performance.
  13. Ranked WTR: What am I doing wrong?

    Here's a full explanation of WTR: https://na.warships.today/help/warships_today_rating Don't bother looking at WTR for ranked battles. It's useful in randoms, but in ranked nothing matters except winrate. WTR might still be useful for BBs and CAs to consider, but since it does not consider planes shot down, base capture, base defence, or spotting, it's pretty useless for DDs and CVs.
  14. Saving Tier 8 - How do we do it?

    Well, WG can manipulate team lineups to push more T8s into the lower tiers. For instance, if all tier 10 games were made up of 80% tier 10s, then there wouldn't be much space left for tier 9 and 8 ships, causing those to be in their own battles a lot more. The difficulty is that those tier 8s that do end up in tier 10 will be almost entirely alone. One could go the opposite way as well: have each tier 10 battle only made up of 20% tier 10 ships, which would pretty much guarantee that tier 8s play all their battles in tier 10, but would result in them mostly playing each other. I'd also like to note how different ships feel to play when they are top tier. I remember being impressed in the last season of ranked battles how aggressive I could be in my bismarck- pushing entire flanks and gladly accepting 1v1 duels, as oppose to the typical random game, where I spend most of my time scurrying between the feet of Montanas and Yammys, hoping not to get stomped on.
  15. Alsace... what am I doing wrong?

    So, let's do a classic strengths/weaknesses analysis for the Alsace. Strengths: -She has twelve guns on a BB, which pretty much guarantees you good firepower and performance in knife-range brawls. Add to that fast shell velocity and a surprisingly fast reload, and you have yourself some great overall DPM. Not necessarily burst DPM, but DPM over a period of time, kinda like a cruiser. -She's fast. With flag and speed boost I think she ties Republique for the fastest BB in the game. Her turn is ok, although personally I always found it frustrating. -She has decent concealment. Not great, but in the world of tier XI BBs her concealment is just far enough on the right side of 13km that you can really start using it. -She has good secondaries. This allows her to push isolated DDs in smoke surprisingly effectively (I mean, you'll still take damage, but it'll turn out better for you than it would for other BBs). Weaknesses: -Guns underperform. This was my personal frustration with this ship. The accuracy was always terrible, now it is atrocious. When your shells do land they tend to either overpen or shatter. When they do land, and pen, they often for some reason don't do damage. And when they do land, pen, and damage, they're relatively small shells for the tier so you're not doing much anyway. Relying on 'the one critical volley' in the Alsace is a recipe for disappointment; you must wait for the averaging effect of many volleys to smooth out any quirks. -She burns easy. Massive superstructure, big areas of low armour protection. She's also at tier XI, so there's lots of tier X BBs around to overmatch your armour. She can definitely take some hits, but she'll never stand up to concentrated fire. From this list we can begin to see a playstyle emerging. First, she is not a very reliable damage dealer, but is capable of racking it up if allowed to average out her quirks over a large number of volleys. In terms of damage she generally wants to be as close as possible to minimise the effects of her terrible dispersion. But in order to get that large volume of shots in she needs to survive, which means taking advantage of your concealment and speed to avoid being concentrated by HE spammers or the tier X heavyweight BBs. The first step in not-being-concentrated is to go down one of the flanks. In the middle the entire enemy team can shoot at you. At the flanks only half and they usually need to turn their turrets to do so. You're fast enough to skirt the map border and still be aggressive at the same time. Going around the long way will also give you enough time to let most of the enemy team be spotted before you commit yourself to a push. Depending upon where each team is headed, you are able to decide if you're going to push as planned, go an even more direct route, or double back and start kiting away. In any case, try to form a crossfire with the rest of your team, so the enemy is forced to choose whom they shoot and point their turrets at. Next, try to use your concealment. I think you can get it down to 12.6km (If I remember right), which usually puts you just within the range at which your guns start becoming effective. This is particularly useful when there's a significant enemy presence on your flank or you're actively kiting away, as it allows you to disappear from the enemies' screens as soon as things start getting uncomfortable for you. Just make sure you're still tanking your fair share of damage. It should also be noted that at these middle ranges you do become fairly manoeuvrable while engine boost is on, allowing you to actively wiggle, dodge shots and bounce shells. This also has the effect of slowing you down, allowing you to control the distance when pushing in or kiting away without losing much of your speed. Lastly, know that the Alsace is a pretty decent brawler, which can take out same tier BBs, CAs, and even DDs (given the excellent secondaries, high speed and lots of shells) at very close ranges. If the enemy does not send many ships to your flank or you find yourself in the late stages of a battle it is worth becoming extremely aggressive, even in the face of smoke screens (just make sure to play your cards right). You can 1v1 just about anything that isn't a GK, Montana or Conqueror.