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  1. 1dennistt

    After 4 years of grinding US BBs....

    I'm working on getting the NC, still stuck on the Colorado. Which I don't enjoy, not at all (other than the guns.) I did splurge on the Alabama, and do not regret the decision. So I'm looking forward to getting the NC. So I think you'll like her when you get her upgraded. Very well balanced and will serve you well if you play smart with it. I agree that premium time is nice, but it spoils you, very quickly.
  2. 1dennistt

    If you could only keep three ships

    So many possibilities: Perth, fun little CL Scharnhorst, hybrid battleship / cruiser play and Missouri, prints credits If I decided to go high tier then: Tier X - Salem, a new ship to play with Tier XI - Missouri, prints credits Tier VIII - Massachusetts, secondary fun
  3. Yeah, some of the ships offered in the T8 package kept me from pulling the trigger also. There are some nice ships in there, but just not worth the chance of opening a box to get a unwelcome surprise. Maybe they will do better on the next sale. Don't hold your breath.
  4. 1dennistt

    So I bought a Boise.

    I did a little better when I got the Boise, I received the Lazo and an Indianapolis , it could have been worse. I'm going to pass on the slow American BBs they are offering. (I already have the Texas), after I get out of the Colorado, I'll be done with the slow things. I'm sure not going to buy another one.
  5. 1dennistt

    New summer sales

    I'm thinking this is going to be a pass this time on the Alabama and 2 other ships. Here's my logic. Of the 21 ships listed, I already have 3, but there are 9 I really am not interested in, which leaves 9 I would like to have. I know my luck. I'll have 2 of the ships I have no interest in playing, figuring a 50 % chance of getting one each time the dice is rolled. Past experience says the most likely ships to fall are the less expensive ones in this type of random draw, and again I know they theoretically have the same chance of dropping as the more expensive ones, but after the last set of Christmas boxes. I'm thinking this is just a no. The ships would be a good value if I was interested in more of them. I already have the Bama, so off the bat I would already be getting dubs for that one. Just not worth it at this point in time. If there were more cruisers in the mix (that I don't already have) I might be more inclined to participate. Oh and I have the Perth also.
  6. 1dennistt

    In what ship do you have the most Co-op battles?

    Omaha (172) followed by the Wyoming (125).
  7. 1dennistt

    The Mighty Jingles!!!

    We need an option to make Jingles the default voice for our ships, I mean having the little anime characters saying "It's a paddling" for instance would be great fun. And it would be a big improvement over the pirate voice over. YMMV
  8. 1dennistt

    ST New Mechanics and Consumables

    If everyone has new smoke consumables, players who master the art of poking the nose of their ship out of the smoke for a peak around, without being spotted, would be OP in this game mode. This would be especially true if team spotting isn't different in the new game mode. Of course it could have other uses. If you have a player camping and not actively in the battle, you could always smoke him with the new smoke shells, that way the enemy team could find him without you having to break the eula and give away his position.
  9. 1dennistt

    Defense of Naval Station Newport - Whining Intensifies

    I agree, a change to either of these would make the scenerio more enjoyable for most of us.
  10. 1dennistt

    Forgiveness option

    I didn't say he was blameless, just that the torps wouldn't have hit him "if" they hadn't been launched from behind him. He was cutting across from B cap to C cap, and the torps were launched in his direction. Both parties should have had more situtational awareness. Only one of them sank the other.
  11. 1dennistt

    Forgiveness option

    Watched a replay a few nights back of a player who lined up and launched torps at a smoke screen from a DD, from the left side of the map behind c cap. Meanwhile another DD from the center of the map was on speed boost the entire time, rounded an island from behind the b cap, stopped and launched his torpedoes and sat there and took the torps his teammate launched. Then went on and on in chat about being team killed and that he was intentionally torpedoed by a team mate. He just had to try for that last kill. The sad part of that was he had a better angle if he had stopped before he cleared the island, and their torps would have crossed in the smoke. The one was now pink, the other dead, and all the torps the second DD launched missed. Looking at the replay it was really easy to see the first DD shouldn't have launched his torps, I'm not sure if he saw his teammate charging forward or not. So he should have been pink. The second DD could have done some things differently, but in the heat of the battle he shouldn't have needed to watch from behind for torps. If he had stopped earlier he would have had a better position to launch his torps. If he hadn't stopped where he did the friendly torps would have missed him. I was amazed how fast the second DD covered ground with his speed boost on and smoke billowing from the stack. It's making the correct decisions in this type situtation that will make you a better player. Situtational awareness is a thing.
  12. 1dennistt

    Your own team is your worst enemy

    Yeah, I watched one island hugging cruiser (not American) fire 5 salvos, while apparently zoomed, I couldn't resist telling him he did a great job, the island was now dead, time for a new target. My humor was not appreciated.
  13. I've played the Pepsi (before and after the move), NO and Indy, and the Indy would be my last choice among the four ships. But that's just me, you can do well in it, and that's great. It's just not as easy to play well in as most of the other cruisers in it's tier or that it faces. Otherwise I agree with your points about putting the Houston at Tier VI, looks like the sensible choice.
  14. Yeah, I think Tier VI, as the Indy struggles at tier VII as it is, anyway, so putting another mediocre ship at tier VII sounds like a bad idea. If it is at Tier VI it will still face tier VI and Tier VIII CVs, that should be punishment enough. It's all going to depend on exactly how it is implmented into the game, and if they will give it a custom AA outfit to make it fit at a certain tier.
  15. These new players also won't be buying a lot of these captains, since they will be strapped for credits if they are advancing quickly up the tiers. Unless of course they spend IRL cash to get the credits to purchase the captains. So another way for WG to get players used to spending early. I can see the 10 point captains appealing to many players who have stalled at mid tier, sitting on credits, and are looking to start down the new Russian BB or French DD lines for a quick boost up the line.