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  1. Griefing?????

    As far as the Griefing goes, OP you'll just have to learn to let go of some things in this game...you'll come to realized that you can't control what others do or don't do. Not everyone is out there playing for the same reasons, some seem to have their own agenda when they hit the battle button. Others may be experiencing a glitchy computer connection and it causes them to do unexpected things. Still others have the mine, mine, mine attitude, these don't really like the kill secure actions of many players and call it kill stealing.
  2. Griefing?????

    Yep, in this game, you are responsible for the shells, torps that you fire. Recently I swung around a BB in my cruiser to kill a DD that was making a run to torp the BB...unfortunately my rear guns didn't clear the BB and I hit him. I apologized for shooting my teammate, of course being a BB he wasn't concerned about a few stray 6 inch shells, but was nice enough to acknowledge my apology.
  3. I think I'll stick to the N-berg, Leander, and Graf, along with the La Glass occasionally. I can work well with most of my cruisers...will even have a go at the Pepsi and new Dallas...might even have to work for an Aoba and Budy since I don't have them. These ops are more about positioning and team work than about the individual ships, just get in position to use your ships strengths and you'll do fine (if your team does it's part). It helps to have fast firing ships in most of them, but I've noticed a disturbing tendency of match maker to put similar ships together, if I go in as a Nurnberg, I see 1 or possibly 2 other Nurnbergs on the team, same if I go in as a Leander, New Mexico, or Bayern. Not sure if that is my imagination or if it is really a thing with MM. Ideally it should mix the ships more, to give teams the best chance of winning. Having 2 Graf Spee doesn't help a teams chance especially if you have 2 BBs and a Carrier on the team. Simply not enough rate of fire in this case. There are some cases (like 3 or 4 Clevelands) where it can work to the teams advantage, but still would be nice to have a better mix since Clevelands have such archy shells. Side note: I've watched too many teams play poor strategy in the recent op, with half the ships staying back to fight the ships coming in from the North instead of pushing through to fight as a unit on the other side of the islands (the ships come through one at a time and can be focus fired from the far side of the islands), failing to do so means the team takes more damage at this stage than they need to often resulting in the loss of 1 or more ships. I realize there is more than one way to play these things, just some ways are more efficient for the team and make it easier to get good results.
  4. Another possible reason is for people to have the "OLD" version of the ships to level up commanders, and we should see first hand how the captain changes will be handled. I'm planning on having a 15 point commander on a couple of the ships, and a 3 point on the others just to see how thing go in the re-tiering process. One 15 point will be on the Pensacola, a 3 pointer on the NO, the 15 point from the Cleveland will be in reserve with a new capt on the Cleveland. Haven't decided what to try on the Baltimore. Subject to change between now and the time the second phase of the PTS happens.
  5. (I'm not directing this at you in particular Xanderzoo) That's always frustrating, you work hard lead the team, and still can't carry hard enough. Sometimes nothing is going to save the potatoes from themselves, other times it is just being in the right place to save their bacon. So maybe look and see if there is anything you can change in your game play to give your team a better chance at a win. I watched a video replay where a player who sank mid game was astounded when the team came back to pull out the win. I think it came down to their ability to focus on the red ships that had been damaged heavily in earlier fighting and taking them out, which removed their guns from the battle; and over time shifted the momentum back in the green teams favor. It happened because one group worked together to gradually change the balance of power on the playing field, instead of yolo, single file into an enemy who out numbered them. Successful use of island cover, and focus firing, and I'm guessing since there wasn't much going on in chat that some of them at least were on voice chat and coordinating their actions. Of course it's always possible they were just paying attention to the mini-map and watching how things were developing. Things like that are underrated by most captains.
  6. New USN line style of play

    Dallas in particular looks like a slow firing 6" Atlanta that is missing the torps. Armor is about the same as Atlanta while slightly more than Omaha, range is a little better than Atlanta, still shorter by a little compared to what the Cleveland had (and less than what Omaha has). Better hope other ships overpen when shooting at you. This ship will probably be a rough transition from the Omaha, since it is missing the torps that Omaha and Phoenix have. Not as good Rudder shift or turning circle as Omaha. I'm not sure what the upside to the Dallas is after the Omaha and Cleveland, although the shells do hit harder than the Omaha. I know my Edinburgh, Fiji, Leander, and Nurnburg (among others) are looking forward to having some new ships to shoot at. They really could have just gotten rid of the Phoenix, moved the Omaha down and put the Dallas where the Omaha is, probably would have been easier to balance, but that isn't what they did.
  7. While the rules are very strict at the moment, I wouldn't expect WoWS to do anything about it until they begin to collect some data. So don't expect anything to change any time soon. Bye, for now... You might check back in 60 or 90 days and see if things have gotten any better. You'll probably be able to tell by looking at the posts on the forum.
  8. Pepsi is going to be difficult for most players after the split, the turret rotation is probably going to be enough to make me give up an sell it, and I have a 58% win rate in it at Tier VII. No way you can succeed against the same ships when you can't get your guns to point in the right direction while trying not to get blown out of the water by every ship from DDs on up. Not Fun Anymore. I already have the NO, so I don't see any reason to keep the Pepsi after the split (unless some major changes happen). I'm not sure what kind of game it is designed for after the split. I remember when I first got it, and it could be seen from the moon...about the only thing it was good at was finding someplace to hide until most of the ships were gone. I mean it was seen before some BBs, and was a much more inviting target, being squishy and all. I realize it will hit hard, when you can get the guns to line up, if you don't get hammered while waiting; just doesn't seem to be something to look forward to. I feel similar about the Dallas, just a ship to grind, not one to keep. A Cleveland with no armor, give broadside and let the over pins begin. Has more in common with the Atlanta than Cleveland, except for rate of fire.
  9. American crate missions

    This is going to be interesting, Tier VIII, I guess I could use the Cleveland, the ARP Takao, or maybe the Alabama? Not many options there. Cleveland would be a new ship at Tier VIII, I don't have many games in the Atlanta or Alabama. Not looking fun or entertaining at this point. On the bright side, it looks like this is going to be around for a while.
  10. Request: Forgiveness ability

    Yeah, this, and it won't be uncommon either, it will come from the same players who refuse to admit when they make a mistake with their torps.
  11. TKing accident and manners

    I wondered if this would be the result of so many going pink so often. When a thing becomes so common that no one notices it any more, it ceases to be a deterrent. And since there is the penalty for turning pink doesn't take effect immediately, unless you are continually pink, people may learn to ignore the color. If they no longer care if they turn pink, the incentive to play more safely will be diminished. Of course the ones that have turned orange, while we may not be able to see the color, we'll be able to tell since they will be the ones taking damage from their own ordinance. As it stands now you don't know who to watch, the pink player could be a terminator in pink killing your other green friends, or a player who carelessly fired and hit a friendly ship. I think I'd like it better if the system had a pink (damaged a teammate and/or still working off my penalty after being orange), orange (penalty phase for damage to teammates and/or recently returned after account timeout), blue (habitual team damage, prior to account timeout/suspension) color spectrum, where I could get a reasonable idea of how my teammate would play. I would see this as an automated system, with an appeal process, and I realize a few players would be stuck in the blue/orange penalty phase perpetually, which the appeal process could also affect at some point. So it would go something like this: White Pink (first offense), then Orange (initial penalty phase), then Blue (heavy/harsh penalty phase), then either a Timeout or a Full Suspension of the account would follow, if a timeout was applied then, Blue (heavy/harsh Penalty phase following timeout), then Orange (Final Penalty phase), then Pink (Probation Games - before turning white again), then White Probably the most common would be the simple White, Pink, White, where someone accidentally damages a teammate, no penalty just a reminder to be careful since you are pink now. Second most common would be the White, Pink, Orange, Pink, White, where the penalty might be a restriction on game mode, or tier level of ships, then back to pink for a few more games before turning white again. For players that get past the initial orange phase of penalties, well it would be a long road back to white, which is probably why we'll never see this implemented. We have the same thing now mostly, just without the added Blue level of penalties (and without the timeout/suspensions, at least that we know of).
  12. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 8th, 2018

    I just thought about this, so there are some points that will need to be balanced out for it to work. How about a reinforcement mode where half the team spawns in immediately, then every few minutes another ship (or 2 ships) on your team spawn in...same ways you can win in current maps, standard 1000 points first or the other team hits 0, or all the enemy ships are eliminated. So you could possibly lose before all your team spawns in! With some of the potatoes out there this might happen too often, but it would allow larger teams on smaller maps. Ships that aren't in yet would have a timer to show how soon they could expect to get into battle. You wouldn't know if you are waiting to spawn in with a group at the start of a battle or if you are coming in as a reinforcement for an ongoing battle. The ships that spawn in would have to spawn fairly close to where the team is fighting for this to work, otherwise a slow US BB, for example, might never get to the rest of the team in time to help. It would make for more diverse match play, and maybe could even use 1+/ 1- matchmaking if used during peak times. Otherwise, it would let you have something like 3+/3- match making where higher tier ships come in later on in the battle as reinforcements for both sides which could help in off peak times.
  13. New spectator mode?

    It wouldn't even have to be real time, it could be randomly chosen matches from the day before, that are "broadcast" daily in a feed from WOWs. Maybe starting with tier V and up a match randomly chosen from each tier along with one for the chosen operation for that week, and made available for download or stream. That should negate the problem of watching live matches without over burdening WOWs with having too many different feeds to offer up for viewing. Each day we would have a few new matches to watch, for analysis, and without knowing who the players are there would not be the element of stat shaming (unless you out yourself when you recognize your match.)
  14. This could be one of the new changes then, last year I had a ship "climb" on top of my BB while we were both maneuvering at the edge of a map, the points for damage accumulated quickly, but I didn't turn pink. Maybe I just didn't reach whatever threshold they had set at the time? I can see how this could happen if you frequent certain parts (channels in particular) on some maps, like the center channel on Two Brothers, for instance. I've pulled that map a lot lately, but I avoid going into the channel, even the bots have been trying that tacit lately. Doesn't work for them either, but makes for a quick game in coop. This is the first I've heard of this turning someone pink. But given the changes recently, it wouldn't be too surprising. Could be a cumulative effect along with other minor damage caused over time.
  15. Mine laying DD's

    Hey, maybe every BB player could have an auxiliary ship to go look for mines, it would give them something to do while camping behind those islands they are so fond of. So CL and CA, along with DDs and Destroyer leader and Destroyer Escorts (and maybe PT boats) out looking for mines while trying to not get spotted cause we know the BBs would be waiting to move till the channel was clear of mines. This would make for a good part of an Operation, but might make game play in random and even coop more stagnant than it is now. I would think WoWS is looking to make play more dynamic and interesting, not promote the slow (scared) play style seen in many upper tier matches. Instead of exploding mines, maybe electronic surveillance "mines" or a buoy, that trip like a burglar detection system in your home might find its way into the game. For instance, they could be deployed in a smoke screen, and would alert ships behind the smoke that enemy ships or torps were incoming, since many time the ship that laid the smoke has moved on to spot (or has been sunk).