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  1. Dumbing down of super containers

    I received a super container last night...50 La Fheile Padraig cameos from St. Patrick's Day events. At least they are useful cameo, but do they make a super container? I guess everyone has to decide for themselves, to me just more free stuff. -3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. +100% experience earned in the battle. +100% Commander experience earned in the battle.
  2. I didn't play over the weekend, but I've had some success in this op, lucky to be on teams where at least a few had a clue what was going on. 4 were ***** wins, with another 3 with ****. Interestingly only 2 *** win, and 1 **, oh and of course the 5 or was it 6 fails with 0 stars. This is all from memory from the last week of play (so I hope I got the numbers right), teams have gotten better, at least the ones I was on in the 9 - 11 PM time frame. Scharn was probably the easier of the ship, but Atlanta/Fiji were more fun and engaging. I even had a good OP in my Indianapolis/New Orleans/Algerie. The most rewarding was a **** in the Colorado, a ship I really don't like much, even killed the King Carrier, and it's escort, and made it back into the harbor in time to help out (while shooting over the island into the harbor, with my team screaming the whole time not to go for the carrier), it should have been a 5 star, but someone missed a cargo ship on the other side of the map. I'm not a really good player by any stretch of the imagination, so my play varies depending on the type of ship I take in. Anything from 90,000 to the low 200,000 range is possible. The lower scores usually mean I made a mistake, or took one for the team going after the carrier or something, but that only shows that the potatoes are improving over time, they can be taught! Normally I make it to the final battle, oh, and a shout out to the Carrier player last night who took out the last remaining red ship with under a minute to go. Nice torp/bomb drops on the red Colorado at the end.
  3. Narai, is something up???

    I haven't had this happen to me yet, but it could explain the feeling I get of "where did everyone go" when playing this OP. You look at the mini-map and ships are setting outside the entrances and you wonder why?
  4. St Louis, Nurnberg, Graf Spee, and Scharnhorst. Used to include the Pensacola (before it was down tiered), Cleveland (before it was up tiered) and Hermelin (before the Black Swan came along.) Note: I'm not saying these are not fun/good now, just that I don't play them as much as I did before the changes.
  5. When you have a great day, and get your Kraken, high caliber, and such; you'll find some players suspect you of using Aim assists, and hence the down votes. I never have understood how so many people seem to feel put out to have a good player on their team. Anyone that can pull off these type of awards is welcome on my team any day, unfortunately I usually find them on the red team, I just get the spuds. And if I have any complements left they will receive one.
  6. I also enjoy the PTS, lets me play with new toys, and set thing up differently than I would on the live server, since I have the resources to change things and try new combinations. I also enjoy the preview of what is up coming in the next release. the only downside for me is not having enough time to participate...my general issue with playing in general, and why I miss most clan/ranked events. Between work and outside activities, my game time suffers. But when I'm down about something going on in the game, the PTS is a welcome respite with new things to look forward to, generally, with the quick jump between different things keeping things fresh.
  7. The New WGC Launcher

    Hope he's in a jovial mood today.
  8. The New WGC Launcher

    Please do, I foresee this being an issue for me.
  9. The New WGC Launcher

    3 hours ago, Radar_X said: The WGC does not handle your personal data in any significantly different way so let's please avoid speculation like this. I think I missed this earlier, I think someone did a trace and it led to somewhere in the Ukraine? So is he saying this is not any different than what is going on now? So this is already happening with the current launcher? Here it is "WoWp, which has had WGC for a while now, tries to phone out to '' f.ex. which belongs to Nikitova LLC over in Ukraine"
  10. The New WGC Launcher

    Yeah, the writing was on the wall when Office did the same thing. That seems to be the modern business model.
  11. The New WGC Launcher

    I'm not getting on this wagon train just yet. I said the same thing about windows 10 when it came out. But now, guess what I'm running? Windows 10. Because? It got better over time, improvements were made, and now, I'm satisfied with how it runs. I am not against all change, but Win 8 left a very bad taste in my mouth. I see parallels with this new WGC. I won't be an early adopter, probably be forced kicking and screaming to upgrade, but for now I'm going to keep an open mind as see how it pans out as we get closer. I don't see the need for the change from a users point of view, but I can see the need from a programmers point of view. Older things acquire baggage over time, and sometimes you just can't rewrite it any longer. It's easier to start from scratch and bake in new stuff (features) without having to upkeep all the old (which can get messy and add unnecessary complication). Again windows was in the same boat with XP, which for most people was functioning, and comfortable. I won't argue over if we are better off now with Win10 than with XP, but some things eventually go the way of the dinosaurs and this may be one of those situations. If this is the case, I still don't want another installer cluttering things up on my PC. I'm old school, I could just download it myself and launch it from the .exe file. So if you will excuse me I have to do some practice on my kicking and screaming, that stuff isn't easy for us old folks. I'm also still have pop corn, so please carry on...
  12. I had one of those matches last night, team did about as well as your team did. I was in a Fiji also, maybe there is something to that? it seems to be really well balanced for this type of OP.
  13. The New WGC Launcher

    Not very happy with Steam at the moment either, their new Chat that launches every time Steam does or every time you reboot, even though I don't use it, there it is popping up in the middle of the screen covering up anything I might be doing. So not sure that is an option I want to pursue either.
  14. This OP feels more winable than RR or UF with random teams, and I think it will be better over time as more people adjust to the new requirements to score wins. It does have its moments where you go "what just happened", but they are few, not like the Raptor running in circles or running into islands, nothing on that scale of weird. Naria is not as easy as it was before, but I'm ok with that so far, feels a lot like Cherry Blossom to me as far as how difficult it is to play. Not that I think we will be farming 5 star wins like we were before on Naria, but I can see random teams achieving 3 and 4 stars once players become more accustomed to the new Naria, and good teams hitting the 4 and 5 star marks repeatedly. Of course you will still have the complete potato teams falling flat on their face, but I don't think that will be the norm for this one. Overall I would rate this one fun, not easy, but fun. Most of the challenge is going to be getting the "team" to pull their weight, about like it was before on Naria, and like Cherry Blossom or Newport. So, here is where I stand: I like the new Naria and Cherry Blossom, and despise Ultimate Frontier and intensely dislike Raptor Rescue. The others, I still waiting to see if they get the UF brush applied to them before making a decision.