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  1. Yeah, but it cost us 2 ships while he was sight seeing at the other end of the map. Ships that would have been useful later against the DD and CVs at the middle part of the match. The fort and other 2 ships he could still have killed at this middle point of the op or even later while we pushed to the extraction, instead of being so far away from the action in the early part of the op. His way worked, just not optimum for the team.
  2. I see your reasoning, on the other hand, if I am in a stealthy ship (before I fire my guns), where is the incentive to push to the enemy base and fight if I'm going to take fire continually all the way there from bases I can't shoot back at? This might take some testing to see what range is optimum, so it doesn't discourage push, but still provides a deterrent to the enemy team. Still I like the concept, good thinking!
  3. If the guns/emplacements work like in scenarios then that should be sufficient for them to defend their base. Not sure about shooting to the other side of the map, might be a little much, especially for a cruiser to deal with.
  4. I like these ideas, and think they deserve to be explored. If nothing else epicenter would come up less often, that alone would be a win. I used to be one that wanted to do away with that mode, but I have come to terms with what is necessary for me to do well, and adjusted my game play. Not that I really enjoy playing it, but I have learned to play it better if not especially well. Having more different modes can make the game more entertaining overall. I'm sure some will require more tweaking than others to make them work well, but I'm up for trying different things at this point. The shrinking map would hurt some of the ships I play best, but like epicenter, I'll learn and adjust. I like the idea of using the maps from the scenarios for PVP play, having them would speed up the addition of other modes to the game, and provide valuable data points to determine how future maps would need to be structured for things like Hot zone and shrinking maps to work well. Rewarding different play styles for different ships would be welcome also. I also favor things that prevent players from camping at the back (or side) of the map the entire game, so the shrinking mode appeals to me. Once players learn to travel in packs for protection (BB, CL, CA, DD), and not strike out alone game play would improve. That is something some players seem to be learning in the scenarios, after the initial push in Killer Whale for instance, when you have to head to extract. Going out alone is a death sentence for most ships when the team doesn't push out with you.
  5. Thanks for the correction on the ships, that's what I get for posting on a break at work. And your correct you can win with only 1 ship left, but do you know if you can 5 star with only 1? I thought you had to have at least 3. Maybe I'm remembering wrong on that detail.
  6. Most often I see cruisers on top in Killer Whale, but a good player in a DD, CV or BB can easily take the top spot. I was in one where our CV only killed one ship, players were complaining about his play, but they failed to notice that we had no loses to torp drops, he had shot down 50 or so planes, totally covered us from the start. I've won (5 stars) with 2 dd on my team only once, usually this makes for a struggle, as it cuts down on the team firepower, but again depends on the players, not the ships. Taking out the initial group of forts should be the first priority, especially if you have a carrier on your team, the forts have great AA. (Edit: Or so I have been told by more than one carrier player, I don't have a carrier at this tier to know first hand.)
  7. Part of the problem for some of the newbys is that the extraction cap moves, sometime it is in one place sometimes it is in another. If you don't "look" it is easy to go to the wrong place. Not a problem for me, since I'm usually in a cruiser and go after the carrier 9 of 10 times.
  8. My worst outing in Killer Whale was playing one morning, lost 4 of 5. Teams were lost, literally, doing random things like a fast BB going to the far end of the map at the start of the op, just to kill the 2 forts there (he actually did contribute, but believed the cruisers should fight the BBs at the start of the op). Or the team that went in a lemming train to the wrong end to extract after successfully completing the first part of the op. It was a whole morning of this type of play. Some misconceptions include these: Must kill all red ships (Nope, certain specified ships need to be killed, 1 DD, 2 BBs, and a carrier along with the transports during the assault phase; 2 carriers, 2 cruisers, 1 BB, and 1 DD along with the ships from the first and second waves of reinforcements during the extraction phase) Must get all ships into extract (Nope, a percent of the remaining ships need to be in the green extract circle, although to 5 star I think at least 3 ships need to survive) A BB must survive (Nope, again) Must kill all forts (if you watch the objectives, you'll see that isn't true, it shows when that part has been completed successfully.) Let me know if you have heard any other misconceptions...or if I have anything wrong above.
  9. Had one of these "rare players" earlier, he was shooting random ships on the green team, apparently when they wouldn't do what he wanted them to do. I received a load of torps along with at least one other player i witnessed. Watched another "special player" today, in a low tier while I was working my way up through French BBs, ram as many friendly ships as he could. Is there a full moon or something? Even had this happen in a scenario today, of course it doesn't do damage there. Probably frustrated the torp spammer, that he couldn't do damage.
  10. Yes, I remember that suggestion being made by more than one person. Just goes to show you can't please everyone. This is one of the reasons I load the PTS each time it comes up, nice to be ahead of the curve for once. I share the hope that they might open this up to more ships at some point in the future. But I can be happy with this as is, since it gives my US ships something to be useful for, other than taking up port slots waiting on the split. It was the first line I went down.
  11. Choosing Containers

    I used to get credits all the time, that is until Operations became a thing I'm earning more (also premium at the moment). Now I'm usually in the Signals containers most of the time...maybe occasionally a Consumables or credits container or two. I tend to get more
  12. In operations and you have 3 Japanese DDs on your "team". I actually had the privilege of playing with 3 very very good DD players in one operation last week, non were in Japanese DDS, of course. That's the only time I've won with that many dds on my team. Usually 2 or more spell trouble, especially when pared with a CV.
  13. This is why I don't report AFK..

    I went AFK last night just after the start of a match, game crashed, nice error message to tell me that...luckily my ship came to a stop behind a nice tall island...finally got back in and picked up where I left off, finished 1st on the team, the only time that happened last night. One of the most balanced teams I think I have ever been on. Less than 100 points separating the 2 - 7 players.
  14. The frontier operation hard?

    Yeah, this is what I found out, the starting position at the other side of the map made me stop and think last night. I had to figure out what to shoot with the Colorado, and in what order to target them. It wasn't so hard with the Shinny horse, it can maneuver quicker and it turrets respond faster so not as many problems determining what to do next. The only issue with it was the German dispersion on the guns at range.
  15. The frontier operation hard?

    Last night I got 5 stars in my Atlanta, and 4 in both the shiney horse and Colorado...I had always played as a cruiser before last night. Slight learning curve playing in a BB, had to figure out where to be and when (especially in the Colorado, its so slow), so it's definitely something you can do with a few good ships that know what they are doing. If on the other-hand you get potatoes that just sail out and sink it becomes a difficult very quickly.