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  1. New Years Crate Contents

    I suspect WG is monitoring the results looking to see where the point of diminishing returns is for them. Great crates last Christmas, good crates Halloween this year, then just ok crates for this Christmas. Next year we may see something "different" if the pattern doesn't pay off for them in returns they are looking for with this event. I'll keep watching the results a while longer before making any move to buy this year.
  2. It might give the carriers more incentive to cover the team and play objectives if they could control/capture areas either by themselves or in conjunction with their teammates. Maybe when carriers are present, the ships control an area, then the team gets 2 points; if the carrier controls the air space above, then the team gets 1 or 2 additional points, for a total of 3-4 points instead of the 3 points available to ships in the game now. It would give more team oriented play for all involved. (on the downside if you have a new or inexperienced carrier player(s) on one team, it would be rough) In to many battles the carrier seems to be doing their own thing, regardless of what the surface ships decide to do. Unfortunately this is probably the only thing possible at the moment, if the carrier wants to be effective in the game as it is not optimized for their play yet. This is one of the things I hope WG is trying to fix in addition to the user interface for carriers. Giving them incentive to play along with the surface ships would be a step in the right direction, however it is accomplished in the game.
  3. I'm trying to charge the B cap in my Nurnberg cruiser firing at a red DD who smokes up. I dropped a load of torps, turned hard to starboard and headed around an island, get to the other side, guess what more smoke. Now I'm definitely not going in there with 2 DDs that I can't see, so I dropped my other set of torps. Just about that point I get a dev strike from the first set of torps, then since the second DD never saw me he got the same treatment. Not close enough together for a Double Strike, but still satisfying. Just guessing from the angle I launched the second set of torps, that the second DD thought he would ambush me when I came into the first DDs smoke. Didn't quite work out that way for him.
  4. I guess guys in the BBs aren't used to not being top dog in the fight? It's really refreshing for the shoe to be on the other foot for a while. I suspect these RNBBs will be the new darling only until some new Russian or French BB comes along with some new gimmick. I think adding the RNBBs has shaken up the BB meta we had before, which is a good thing in the long run. I guess what we are waiting on now is a new camo with a -35 or -40% chance of fire. Or maybe a new flag that works like the anti-detonation flag only for fires?
  5. What looks to bother people about the RNBB compared to your Cleveland is that they can kill a Cleveland (if they can hit it) relatively easily compared to a BB. Curious have you found the RNBBs easy to set on fire? I haven't really tried to focus on setting those on fire yet with any of my fire starters. I'll work on that this weekend.
  6. If this is really a problem for so many folks, there is a simple solution, as soon as they fire, they become visible, and everyone's #1 target. Eliminate the threat by destroying the RNBBs. It really is the best way. No one has to change their capt skills or modules, just make them the priority target as soon as they are spotted. Currently that seems to be the way that cruisers are treated when they spam HE, seems it would work for BBs also. Use the in-game tools to specify a target and everyone fire on the target. Over time there will be less and less RNBBs in the que as players find themselves being the priority target. (Also cruisers and DD will love this, please shoot at someone else first) If you are in a division or a clan even better. Use you teammates for something other than casual chat.
  7. Let's see: 1) Hermelin 2) Chester 3) St Louis 4) Kaiser 5) Konigsberg 6) Cleveland or Admiral Graf Spee 7) Pensacola 8) Takao (only choice I have at this tier) 9 ) None Yet 10) None Yet
  8. Cruisers: Cleveland - 162 and a 49% win rate: Honorable mention to the Pensacola 103 with a 58% win rate. Battleships: New Mexico - 98 and a 53% win rate. Destroyers: Minekaze - 81 and an dismal 27% win rate. Next comes my Nicholas at 45 with a 44% win rate. Obliviously I don't know how to DD, pity the teams I'm on when I play DD. No CVs
  9. I was hoping that was going to be hard mode, a change in Tier of the ships available to use and fight against. Maybe now T4-5 would be hard mode without changing the operation at all? We could still grind out our T5 ships (like Emerald and Emile). I should have been playing them more, instead of taking the easy path and playing Cleveland/Nurnberg.
  10. I guess you can't have a fail division (with 5 and 6) in it anymore. Will have to try this and see. Might be a way to slip a T5 ship in.
  11. At first I thought yeah! Then I thought for every Emile or Furutaka you take out there are Konigsbergs, that are being excluded. I honestly hate seeing 2 or more DDs worse than Tier V ships in general. The bots seem to dodge torps too well most of the time to make the DDs as effective as they should be. Also, Kongo and Konig want to take exception to the Tier 5 can't do well in scenarios. I enjoy seeing either of these on my team (or the ARP Kongo equivalents). The biggest problem with Texas and NY is that they are slow and require you to know where to go and when to go there, if they are to be effective.
  12. If you are in a CL, gunboat DDs, and some CA or BBs, countering a DD isn't hard if they are spotted early enough, that's where having your own DDs still alive helps out. Even if they aren't the gunboat type DD if they can spot the red DDs it is your responsibility to kill the ships they find. And if they smoke up, the one option is for the ships within range to open fire of the smoke screen. Even better if you have radar, but that isn't absolutely necessary to hit the smoked ship. It just takes a little longer or some luck to find them inside the smoke.
  13. This is not okay

    Other than DDs, the cruisers Konigsberg and Nurnberg seem the most prone to the dreaded detonation RNG roll. The guns on the back make kiting a viable option, until, you take a shell on the tip of the ship that runs all the way through your cruiser to hit the magazine. I generally run the flags on both of these. Haven't experienced any such thing from other cruisers, not on a regular basis at least.
  14. I guess the best they can hope for is a handful of premium ships then, thanks.
  15. Pan Asia is pretty easy for them, since I think they are ships already in the game. Minor respects on performance and they should be good to go. Same as moving Nurnberg to the Russian tree. Or Omaha to the Russian tree. Fairly easy to do compared to creating a new line. I suspect we'll see the same as the CommonWealth tree is populated by ships already in the system.