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  1. 1dennistt

    Black ships... No thanks!

    I can see WG wanting to get the most bang for their buck by reusing existing ships for this type of limited event, I also see the collectors side of not wanting an identical ship to one they already have in port. They want something new to collect. I choose the Shinny horse over the Tirp, and Alabama over the Mass. This might give me reason to re-evaluate these ships, I already have the Texas, but haven't picked up Warsprite yet, so might give it a second look also if it were to become available in Black. I usually pick up a ship here and there when the mood strikes.
  2. 1dennistt

    Main Battery Monday - Top Shot

    Turenne has about 34%, which surprised me, I guess getting close to the red ship helps. I'm a poor BB player, and my next best ship is about 27-29%, for the Konig, Nassau and Wyoming. All of these except the Wyoming have a nice win rate too, just can't seem to do enough to influence the game in the Wyoming.
  3. 1dennistt

    Raptor Rescue woes

    Can be frustrating when the team isn't a team on this one. Had one win out of 3 tries, with my Dallas and a Dunk leading the way for the Raptor. He managed to live, while I didn't, dying to the last 3 Myoko's. Even when leading the carrier you have to watch the mini map and see which way the drunken sailor at the helm is going to turn. Because heading for the extraction point would be too easy. Speaking of which, they seriously need to upgrade the code for the Raptor, it seems to like island beaches, and we lost one where the Raptor kept running into islands, repeatedly. Had to have a BB escort it to keep it on the path, and even then we ran out of time to get the Raptor to the extraction point. The other loss was strange one where we lost 3 ships in the first encounter. That doesn't usually happen. One to torps, one to the BB, and I'm not sure what happened to the third one, didn't see it go boom. But we were seriously handicapped at that point. Would have been better off with bots for teammates. Gave up for the night after that, I will probably try again tonight. After playing a few rounds in the new Operation, I think I'll change from CL to CA or BB for tonight. It used to be a Cleveland Dallas/Nurnberg outing was in order, but now I'm thinking about taking out the Pensacola, Fuso, or QE and seeing how that goes. Maybe even the Graf Spee?
  4. 1dennistt

    Ultimate (frontier) Failure

    I thought they were changing the programing of the bots so they don't all shoot the lowest health ship? What happened to shooting the ship that is the highest threat? I was the last cruiser left on our team with half my health left, and all the bots shot over the top of the BBs that were much closer to shoot my cruiser at the end defending the base as I was kiting away from everyone. I think this is my last battle ever in this OP, I have better things to do than be target practice for 6-7 bots.
  5. 1dennistt

    Recommended ship for Op Aegis?

    I used to do well in the Nurnberg, haven't tried it lately, but the rate of fire is great. And I still miss the Cleveland. Of the ships you listed, Pepsi, and New Mexico can both do well. Dallas works well like Nurnberg, if the team pushes, otherwise they tend to take damage quickly (as do the other cruiser mentioned above). I tried in the Dunk a couple of days ago, and unfortunately got one of those teams where half the team went south around the first island. Wasn't pretty. But even that team managed 3 stars because of the play of 2 teammates. Other than that, my teams have been pretty good, even when hampered by exploding DDs. They really nailed it by saying if you aren't prepared and don't know what to do DDs have a tough time in Ops. Many time they don't make it past the first encounter with the red ships, they play just like in random and run forward to die. But if you get a good player in a DD, they can be among the top on the leaderboard. Same goes for Carriers.
  6. I haven't really tried to get to tier 8, I'm pretty happy at tier 7 at the moment. The few tier 8 ships I have in port tend to stay there unless I'm playing Cherry Blossom. Then the Cleveland and Baltimore get to come out and play. Unfortunately for the Takao, it isn't eligible so stays in port. It got tired of seeing so many tier 10 matches, and retired. Right now I'm working on finishing the grind to Hipper, Chappy, Edinburgh, North Carolina, Gneisenau, and Helena, but no rush for tier 8 ships. Hoping something will change, but not holding my breath.
  7. 1dennistt

    Co-op needs major surgery - but how?

    This may be a case of be careful what you ask for. What I'm getting at is if we ask for the battle to end only when all the ships are sunk (or on time), and if WG keeps on tweaking the bots we may be in a situation where the "smart" bots hide better and better when losing...and there is no way to end the game except for time to run out or find the last bot DD hiding on the map. You know the one who knows where the Green ships are (cause that is already one of their cheats ) and slips around just out of sight, causing no end of frustration. Right now in the game it wouldn't come to this in most matches, maybe in the higher tier matches you might find something like this. I've already seen a red BB bot dis-engage and withdraw towards the edge of the map on occasion. But when they extend the "abilities" of the bots as they seem to be doing over time, this could get tough to handle in the future.
  8. 1dennistt

    Can't shoot, guns jammed?

    If you haven't already tried, you might reboot the router/modem and see if that helps. Sometimes it can, depending on the issue. You can also call your cable company, and let them do a check, it might turn up something on their end. Maybe the cable coming into your home. Once upon a time, a tree limb was the culprit, only happened on windy/stormy days when it could tug on the cable coming into the house. Good luck.
  9. 1dennistt

    Française Friday - The Best Ship

    Duguay, Emile, and my recently acquired Algerie, which is taking the place of my Pensacola as my tier VII CA of choice.
  10. 1dennistt

    Storytime from battle last night

    I don't thinks so, not in my case anyway. My best guess is that it was just some random potato that ran out of targets to shoot at. As for the Chapy in the OPs post, I would guess he's one of the players who blames every loss on the CV in the game. Some blame the DDs for not scouting/capping, or the BBs for camping, or players who yolo.
  11. 1dennistt

    Storytime from battle last night

    Just take your pixel planes and go home to the carrier? Off topic: I've seen a lot of good carrier play the last few days, one where the carrier sailed with the fleet, another where the carrier capped at the end to ensure the victory, and others. I'm sure I had my share of potato carriers, but some of these guys/gals stuck out for outstanding awareness. They weren't just sending planes out, but were watching the game progress and using the ship itself to help win.
  12. 1dennistt

    Storytime from battle last night

    Strange goings on lately. Last night I was working with one of our BBs to kill off a higher tier Red BB, and after we sank him, the other BB started shooting me. Maybe he didn't like that I was heading back to our base to defend against the Red DD that was capturing it? Maybe he though I should be pushing to the enemy base with him? Not sure. He never said anything in chat, just started peppering me almost point blank with AP. I didn't report him, figured he would turn pink soon anyway. Pretty sure it isn't a full moon for a couple of days yet.
  13. 1dennistt

    Black Swan Super Nerf: Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This ^^^^
  14. 1dennistt

    Black Swan Super Nerf: Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I suspect the Swan will get another nerf later on...I think it might be even better with the new shells. Maybe fewer cits, but the fires!
  15. 1dennistt

    Pensacola needs a buff

    Those are the most representative figures I found in a quick search on the various websites. Unfortunately we don't have the years of data to compare for the new/old ships. So it is what it is. Other sites only showed about 20% of the data that this one shows as far as battles goes. I also would like to see more data, and if anyone knows of any sites that have more it would be interesting to look over the more complete info. I'm sure someone out there has better sources than what I found.