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  1. Try running Buy 1 get directive one done before the start (since its easiest) and get directives done every 8 days. I think that ends up close. 


    1. Kizarvexis


      I think you need to grind a directive in 3 days to make it. I tried doing grind in 4 days and you end up short. 8 days per Directive will not get you PR. You won't even finish before the patch is done as it is only 35 days long.

    2. cmdr_bigdog


      I need to find my blunder.

      In your calculations on the day you earn the first token bonus how many ship building points per day are being earned and how many bonus points have been earned?

      If its not a quick look up then forget it. 

      Thanks for your work on this, I know its  a time killer. (I already put in 8 hours and found I had a blundering several runs)

    3. Kizarvexis


      It's not a quick look up, sorry. I'll be posting more info later.