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  1. Looking to commit myself to an established clan. 47% wr. Teamspeak3, I don't discord sorry!

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    2. Sunshine1963


      I will wait for it will be worth the wait. Disabled Florida, have headset, and grid for 30+ oil per day, at least 3 containers EVERYDAY. Very active, so if you have unactive, please consider me. I play ALOT of Senerios for learing as a group. TY for your time and attention

    3. Kizarvexis


      Hi Sunshine1963,

      I'm in FL too. In Riverview, just SE of Tampa. Will definitely add you if someone drops as we don't care about stats and the like, just having fun. It is a no pressure clan, so I wasn't planning on kicking anyone out until after 100 days or so of not playing at all. I know I'll take a break at times and didn't want to have a clan that was all pressure to play at certain times and the like.


      If you are that active, there are other clans out there so that you can start earning oil. You won't earn any oil until you are in a clan, which is why I started this one. A lot of clans were started for the casual player that wasn't all about Unicums and training times and the like. The Lone Wolves, which paradat started, has over a half dozen clans for active players who aren't all about the Clan Battles and rules and such. There are many others who are similar. I would hate to see you miss out on oil waiting for a spot to open up with us as that will probably take a while.


      WG has hinted that oil you earn now, can be used for other things that they are planning in the future for individual players. Right now, earning oil works like this if you haven't seen the posts on it. Any oil earned while in a clan stays with that clan. So say you earn 1,000 oil in clan A, and switch to clan B, clan A keeps that 1,000 oil. Oil you earn once you are in clan B goes to clan B, etc. Say you earn 1,000 oil in each clan. Your personal wallet, which is hidden at this time, would have 2,000 oil for when they open up buying things with oil for individuals. 


      Good luck, and once again, if we had the space, you would be in.



      Steve "Kizarvexis" Austin

    4. Kizarvexis


      I jumped into the game and someone had dropped from the clan. Sending you an invite!