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  1. Sounds like a clan I would like to join,I play more PVP Now but I always play PVE to relax and enjoy my ships and game.If you have the room that is.

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    2. gil5461


      Thank you sounds like a great time waiting to happen!

    3. gil5461


      Now time to collect some Oil for yah's...thank you once again


    4. Kizarvexis


      You are very welcome. We have the T5 & T6 10% purchase discount as those were low cost buildings. The next is the T7 boathouse for the 10% discount on those (1,000 oil). I want to put up for vote in T8 boathouse or start on the 10% service cost buildings. We would vote on DD, BB or CL/CA for which should be first. I'll update clan daily message tomorrow.