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  1. Kizarvexis

    Tora! Tora! Tora!

    I just watched that last week on YT. There weren't too many ads. I'm just tired of the idiotic Dr Squatch ads. Damn YT, haven't you figured out that I hate those ads yet?
  2. Kizarvexis

    PSA: Yamamoto Campaign Now Co-op Doable! (PVE Thread)

    You can get the colored tracers in co-op, but you don't get the fireworks for actvating the special bonuses that only activate in PvP.
  3. Kizarvexis

    look for a clan

    Well we are PVE clan, but you are already in R6N clan.
  4. Kizarvexis

    look for a clan

    Depends on what you are looking for. Do you want competitive play or casual fun? Do you want to socialize or go it alone? Are you in it for the clan bonuses? There are clans for just about any combo of the above. PVE clan for example is a casual clan of co-op and PvP players, some who go it alone and some who want some socialization. We have most of the clan buildings and are almost at max size. If you want competitive play, you would not want a clan like us. If you want lots of socialization, you wouldn't want a clan like ours as well. So it really depends on what you are looking for first.
  5. Kizarvexis

    Suggestions for Co-Op play

    Believe so yes.
  6. Kizarvexis

    Suggestions for Co-Op play

    Yeah, someone in our clan was in a CV, not even a German one, and two BBs and a cruiser, I think, ran away from him. He said it was crazy.
  7. Kizarvexis

    Suggestions for Co-Op play

    I rarely have a problem with slow boats in co-op as you just plan ahead. Occasionally, the fighting is on the other side of the map, but not every game is going to laid out just for me.
  8. Kizarvexis

    Suggestions for Co-Op play

    Slow ships in co-op can be a problem whether there are CVs or not.
  9. Kizarvexis

    Suggestions for Co-Op play

    I like the AI CVs. Planes are worth XP and give my US ships something to use the AA on. The bot CVs usually hide in the same places, so it's not hard to figure out where they are. If you fight through the caps to the other side, you are usually not to far from them.
  10. Kizarvexis

    Why no Training Room for New players?

    You can have static bots, bots that don't move and can shoot, bots that move and don't shoot, and bots that move and shoot. IIRC, there are settings for dumb or smart bots. IIRC, you can set them per bot, so you can have a mix.
  11. Kizarvexis

    We lost one recently, rest in peace Brandyn

    Rest in peace
  12. Kizarvexis

    ARP ships no country of origin

    At the time as a new player, I found the grind to be long as I had just hit T6 then. Without the premium BBs Arizona and Warspite I got in a bundle, I don't think I would have finished with just the old T6 Cleveland and my being a new then.
  13. If this is supposed to be a humorous post, the OP needs to NEVER quit their day job.
  14. Leone and Fushun are DDs. Subs are not in the game yet.