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  1. I wasn't playing the IJN lines when that DD split happened, but I was playing the RU line when it was split. I had not heard about it until the patch was coming out in a few weeks. I ground like crazy and FXP'd the last 10k or so to get the Gnevny, so it would give me the Ognevoi for free. This past Christmas, I finished grinding the Gnevy again to get the Minsk to fill in the T7 gap to Ognevoi. I just got Baltimore yesterday and got enough silver today to buy the 3M silver main battery reload module. I'm ready for the US cruiser split no matter which way it goes on the T6 ship that you get.
  2. Yes, I'm looking at ship type, then tier. So if they use Dallas to compensate Cleveland, then you would have to grind Omaha to get P'cola, if you do not have P'cola already. The lines split at Omaha, so that is why I think that Dallas should be the compensation for Cleveland. I can see your scenario happening, but it seems like since a CL is moving, you should get a CL in replacement.
  3. You could keep a list of the people who invite themselves to your division for later retribution when they are on the red team. :)
  4. The Mighty Mo leaves?

    We should have more than 4 weeks, but there have been some patches that were only two or so weeks between then, so I would say we have 4 to 6 weeks and if we get more, then bonus. WG said about two months in the first part of December, so that makes me think end of Feb is the most likely drop date for patch 7.2 which will remove MO. We should get warning during the testing of patch 7.2 for when it will drop.
  5. WG has said that they expect the US cruiser split to happen in the first half of 2018. With the French BBs coming real soon, I would expect the US cruiser split to be after that. As far as I know, the new US cruisers have yet to hit the supertesters, so I think it will be March at the earliest, but most likely April to June. I understand that most think that the compensation for the T6 CL Cleveland will be the T6 CA Pensacola, since the T7 CA Pensacola is what you are currently working towards with the current Cleveland. My thought is that the split is at the T5 Omaha, into a T6+ CL line and a T6+ CA line. So I think that the T6 CL Cleveland will move to T8 CL Cleveland and the T6 CL Dallas will be the compensation for the move. YMMV. The Pensacola, New Orleans and Baltimore heavy cruisers all drop one spot, with you getting a compensation ship for the spot they dropped from. So there will be doubles of ships if you have the P'cola, NO and/or Balti, so you would get silver for the duplicates. The only other new ship you would get would be the T9 CA Buffalo, only if you have the current T9 CA Baltimore in port. It would not surprise me if all ships were set to be stock and you would get silver & XP compensation for modules you had purchased at the old tier. People definitely want to get the T6 Cleveland perma-camo for 1k doubloons) as it will almost certainly be converted to T8 Cleveland perma-camo (saving 2k doubloons) and the new T6, P'cola or Dallas, will get perma-camo as well. I'm not sure about P'cola, NO or Balti, since they are all dropping one slot, so unless you get good compensation, the price will just be lower. I would expect the Cleveland to get a new 8pt captain like the Ognevoi did, but with the New Year Raid only giving out 3pt captains for T6 ships, that might change. I'm not sure what other captains would be given out, but for those who want to keep captains with their ship as @Admiral_Thunder mentioned, getting a free temp captain to hold their place on the day of the split is a good idea.
  6. The Mighty Mo leaves?

    Most likely. Patch 7.0 dropped last week and there usually is 2-3 weeks between patches, so I can see 7.2 hitting between Feb 14th and Feb 28th. Yep, MO could very well come back or might not. With Musashi reportedly not making the credits, the theory of MO not coming back seems plausible.
  7. The Mighty Mo leaves?

    Not really. MO leaves with patch 7.2, so sometime in mid to late February I believe.
  8. The HSF Graf Spee mission that I have to collect 20 containers goes through the end of March.
  9. Let's see if quoting the pic changes the pic shown in the sig.
  10. Same here. I have yet to fly and with the T1 starter planes, I have 13, some of which are T5. :) Really wanted the premium time tho.
  11. Only for long enough to get things down and then you can jump back into PvP. I would only recommend going into PvE as a main if you don't like PvP as the rewards are soo much lower in PvE. Although, I would recommend PvP players jump back into co-op when they hit T5, just until they get used to being bottom tier vs bots. Then hop back into PvP to learn how to be bottom tier vs people.
  12. I think you got them backwards. The Science of Victory campaign, is T3 to start and the final task at the end has T6 for that final task. Most of it is T4 or T5 and it gives you 7 free days premium. The Honorable Service campaign is all T8-T10 and you get T6 Shinonome DD with an 11pt captain at the end.
  13. I bought the DoY for the New Year Raid campaign to get Queen Elizabeth, La Galissoniere, Ernst Gaede and Fushun along with the free perma-camos. I got the Arctic camos and ground through the DoY to get the silver value, but I really wanted the T6 ships and perma-camo.