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  1. You will get there and probably faster than I did.
  2. I have Des Moines with a 19pt captain. I will use that 19pt captain in Atlanta. I guess if I get tired of CLs, I can use the DM.
  3. The T-61 Sune DD will come, well soon. I hope not. I don't know if I can handle that much soon.
  4. Yeah, that is my luck too. I bought the Marblehead and she went on sale a week later. I spent 2,500 doubloons to start a clan, only to see the price drop to 1,000 in less than 12 hours. If Atlanta leaves the shop and you don't get the free mission, it will come back. I figure that the race for 150 hits and a win or 30 planes could go either way.
  5. For the people triggered by CVs, Jean Bart will be nice.
  6. I'm thinking about swapping between Atlanta and Cleveland until I can get the 150 hits and win at the same time. I figure, just playing enough games will get the planes.
  7. I wonder how long it will be in development. I would like one.
  8. Good premium cruiser for a noob?

    Now that the class interruption is over, let me explain. Atago is one of the few T8 cruisers that has heal. Since you will see from T6 to T10, that really helps your survivability at the higer tiers. Play her around her concealment range of 9-10km. Go dark when you are targeted and swing back when you drop off their sights. Torp when you are not under target, as your front torps have a good are, you have to show a lot of side to use the back torps. The back torps are good for kiting. The torps have a 10km range, which is good. Do check out LittleWhiteMouse's review for Atago or any other premium. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/65709-premium-ship-review-ijn-atago-20/
  9. Good premium cruiser for a noob?

    You play a lot of T8, so I would go with Atago. It is the best one that I do well with.
  10. Service cost

    Do note though, do you use all of them on average? How many charges do you have left after battle on average? If you are not using all of the charges on a regular basis, can you get by with the regular consumable? Do you need them at low tier? If you play some PvE to get used to the boat, or to grind out stock modules, skip the premium consumables in PvE as you rarely need all the charges as the PvE games are usually short. If you are not on premium time with perma-camo to reduce service costs, you have to be more careful about the extras. Also, does [RUST] have the service discount buildings? That's like running an extra -10% service cost flag.
  11. Service cost

    Take note of how much of each consumable that you are using. Do you really need the shorter cool down. For those that you don't need the premium for, just use the regular consumable to save 22,500 silver each. In my case, I was not using the planes enough, so I quit using the premium spotter/fighter planes.
  12. Gasgone ?

    I had to go back and read that review again for the lyrics. Good job @LittleWhiteMouse
  13. The existing system didn't bring in more money to the government. This will. The future will bring more accountants and tax lawyers, raising the cost of goods. Uncle Guido wants his cut.