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  1. Kizarvexis

    Overchin 5 Mission Set:

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/earn-your-greatness/ You can only have one collection active at a time in Daily Containers. So once you start the collection, make sure the Hockey collection is the active one.
  2. Kizarvexis

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Night Court
  3. It's just 5k XP at the end tho. I did that mission yesterday with my Nueve de Julio and that 5k XP helped me finally finish the 300k XP for Boise.
  4. Kizarvexis

    Result Screen Gone?

    There is a bug that will sometimes take you straight back to port. If you click on the little box with an "I" in the bottom right corner of the port, you can bring up the results of the battles you have down since starting that session. Log out and back in and the list is cleared, so you have to view the battles before logging out.
  5. Kizarvexis

    halloween containers

    All the answers to the events and I update as new stuff comes out.
  6. Kizarvexis

    Halloween Mission

    Each operation has slightly different rewards. See the PSA Halloween thread I posted a few posts back. If there is no one in the circle around the Transylvania, it will stop yes.
  7. The Mission is get 10 citadel ribbons and says nothing about per battle. The 5k XP is given to the ship that completes the Mission with the 10th citadel ribbon. Would be nice to get 5k XP per citadel, but I don't think WG is that crazy. :)
  8. Kizarvexis

    Overchin 5 Mission Set:

    Good to know that it stacks nicely with the RN event.
  9. Kizarvexis

    Overchin 5 Mission Set:

    Gneisenau013 has been updating this thread about the issues with the Hockey event not working right.
  10. Same thing for the Daily Chains when you get 1k XP. When you do the missions that give 10k ECXP, it treats that as CmdrXP for that ship as well.
  11. Kizarvexis

    Forum Game - Word Association

  12. Well said. People do forget all the free stuff we do get.
  13. Kizarvexis

    Who decided on this?

    Because causing damage can sink a sihp, but dodging won't sink a ship? Sinking ships can help you win?
  14. Kizarvexis

    Forum Game - Word Association

    of Agramotto
  15. Kizarvexis

    Halloween Mission

    Saving Transylvania is only the Operation of the week for this week. Then Sunray in the Darkness (T8) for next week. Then two weeks of the new sub OP, Terror in the Deep, then a week of Hard mode Sub OP. See this thread for all the details.