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  1. Kizarvexis

    How long to spend our Florins and crowns?

    Very true and WG gets very little praise for it.
  2. Kizarvexis

    Anyone receive their AIR SUPPLY CONTAINER?

    I beg to differ.
  3. Kizarvexis

    Salt in Co-op

    Bots always know where you are, but will not shoot at you until you are detected. If there is another objective in their matrix, they will continue to that and ignore you. If you replace the original plan they had, they will start in your direction. Bots love to sink DDs and all of them got permanent chat banned in the past for their salty chats. Do not look in this spoiler tag if you are 13 and under. I mean it. Caps Lock and A, along with D and F are always swapping place on me. Since I'm mostly sinking bots, I think the CPU is out to get me. X and 2 will jump around as well. I've warned players when I'm the only DD, 'I'm going to 'X' and the bots will make a Conga line after me' only to have them wander all around our side of the map while the bots all line up in a row to chase me. WG tried 8 vs 16 in co-op in 2016. While the experienced players largely liked it, us newbies at the time were overwhelmed. I've suggested making a Toaster Shoot Out for one of the Scenarios that is basically 7 vs 14 co-op.
  4. Kizarvexis

    Correlation between Captain XP and Ship XP

    Ok, let's calm down and suss out the XP formulas. The link I posted above takes you to the wiki on XP. Here it is again http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economy#Experience A better way to lay out the types of Ship XP would probably be Base XP first, then Ship XP and then Elite (ship) XP. Base XP (BXP) is what you get for doing things in the game with your ship. Capping, doing damage, spotting damage, kills, etc. The only way you can increase this is doing more in game. Ship XP (XP) is what shows after your premium time, flags, camo, first win bonuses, event bonuses, etc are taken into account. It is what you use to grind your ship. Elite (ship) XP (ESXP) is the same as Ship XP, it is just earned on a ship that is Elite, fully ground out, or a premium ship and can not be used for grinding, unless it is converted to Free XP with doubloons. Note that event ships such as the Halloween and Space battles ships, are kind of a temporary premium ship for the special temp 19pt Cmdrs that come with those ships. Cmdr XP (CXP/CmdrXP) is based off of the bonuses of ship XP and Cmdr XP and is used to grind Commanders. If a Cmdr is at 19pts, then this Cmdr XP is converted into Elite Cmdr XP (ECXP). ECXP is like FXP, in that it can be used on any Cmdr. Free XP (FXP) is a bonus XP based on the Ship XP you earn in game. It can be modified by flags, camos, events, etc and can be used in place of XP or Cmdr XP. Now that we have all the definitions out of the way for the newer players that may not know them, let's break them down. Note: Tech tree ships and especially premium ships can have coefficients that can affect any of the XP and/or credits. These coefficients are hidden and not released by WG as they are proprietary. So if you do the calculations for a game you have, it very well will be slightly different than these formulas show. NOTE, Co-op has coefficients to lower the base XP, base Credits and service costs when playing in that mode. These are not released either, except that the service cost is lowered by 25% in the background. Say you play in a PvP match with a T7 and earn 1,100 base XP. This is the XP on the Team screen (2nd) of the results screens and is the one on the left of the XP screen (4th) of the results screens for when premium time is not factored in. So your base XP is used to calculate your ship XP (or ESXP if it is an Elite ship or a premium ship) and your Cmdr XP. So, let's say you are running WG premium time (1.5 XP bonus), have an Equal Speed Charlie London (+50% XP) signal, Zulu Hotel (+50% Cmdr XP) signal, Papa Papa (+300% FXP) signal, Leviathan (+20% credits, +50% XP, +100% CmdrXP, +200% FXP) signal, Blue Lagoon camo (-10% service cost, +10% credits, +75% XP, +50% CmdrXP), have a -5% service cost Clan bonus, +2% Clan XP bonus, +6% Clan CmdrXP bonus, +15% Clan FXP bonus, you completed the part of the Daily Chain that give 1,000 XP, and it is the first win for this ship and the first win bonus is 200%. So your XP (ship) bonuses are in order; +50% (ESCL flag), +50% (Lev flag), +75% (camo), +2% (Clan), and +200% (1st win) Your Cmdr XP bonuses are in order; +50% (ZH flag), +100% (Lev flag), +50% (camo), +6% (Clan), and you also add in the ship bonuses above. Your FXP XP bonuses are in order; +300% (PP flag), +200% (Lev flag), and +15% (Clan) Your credit bonuses are in order; +20% (Lev flag) and +10% (camo). Your service cost discounts are in order; -10% (camo), -5% (clan) The formula for XP (ship) is XP = {base XP} x {account type} x (1 + (the sum of all the bonuses to XP)) + {direct award of XP from missions} so... XP = 1100 x 1.5 x (1 + (0.5 + 0.5 + 0.75 + 0.02 + 2)) + 1000 XP = 1100 x 1.5 x (1 + 3.77) + 1000 XP = 1100 x 1.5 x 4.77 + 1000 XP = 7,870.5 + 1000 XP = 8,870.5 which will most likely be rounded up to 8,871 XP for the results screen. This is also the final XP in the FXP formula below. The formula for Cmdr XP is Cmdr XP = {base XP} x {account type} x (1 + (the sum of all the bonuses to XP) + (the sum of all the bonuses to Cmdr XP)) + {direct award of Cmdr XP from missions} so... CmdrXP = 1100 x 1.5 x (1 + (0.5 + 0.5 + 0.75 + 0.02 + 2) + (0.5 + 1 + 0.5 + 0.06)) CmdrXP = 1100 x 1.5 x (1 + 3.77 + 2.06) CmdrXP = 1100 x 1.5 x 6.83 CmdrXP = 11,269.5 which will most likely be rounded up to 12,270 Cmdr XP for the results screen. The formula for FXP is FXP = {final XP} x 0.05 x (1 + (sum of FXP bonuses)) + {direct award of FXP from missions} so... FXP = 8870.5 x 0.05 x (1 + (3 + 3 + 0.15)) FXP = 8870.5 x 0.05 x (1 + 6.15) FXP = 8870.5 x 0.05 x 7.15 FXP = 3,171.2 which will most likely be rounded down to 3,171 FXP Base credits are like the base XP which means you get it for doing things in a match and can only increase it by doing better in the match. Lets say it was 100,000 as an example. The formula for Credits is Credits = {base credits} x {account type, all premium is 1.5} x (1 + (sum of all the credit bonuses) + {direct award of credits from missions} so... Credits = 100000 x 1.5 x (1 + (0.2 + 0.1)) Credits = 100000 x 1.5 x (1 + (0.3)) Credits = 100000 x 1.5 x 1.3 Credits = 195,000 and this is the value that various credit requirement missions use. NOTE: The first win bonus is not a part of the credit formula. The service cost for a T7 is 42,000 - any discounts against the service cost. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economy#Service_Cost Service cost = 42,000 x (100% - (-10% + -5%)) Service cost = 42,000 x (100%-15%) Service cost = 42,000 x (85%) Service cost = 35,700 credits Note: a baked in service discount like the Salem has, is applied after the above process is done. It is not included into the service discounts. If I made any math errors, please let me know.
  5. Kizarvexis

    Steel/Coal Ships: Which to Choose?

    You are right that Charleston is a good coal ship if you like low tier play.
  6. Kizarvexis

    HMS Implacable for free?

    Oh yeah. I just back up my opinions with evidence that has been refuting a lot of the complaints. NP. If buying another premium makes more sense, that is entirely fair. I've decided against buying certain things because I wanted something else first. That's how I missed out on the Eastern Dragon and the Black Fleet.
  7. Kizarvexis

    Salt in Co-op

    I don't mind CVs in co-op as long as if there are two of them, they help kill bots. If there is one and that person is still learning, I'm fine with it.
  8. Kizarvexis

    Salt in Co-op

    Turn right you stupid ship, turn right...oh wait. That never happens to me. I do have tons of wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaswaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddd chat messages. Yeah, the bots have been upgraded over the last year or two. I think the bots have a dumb, average and skilled ratings more for driving, shooting and cooperating. When all three ratings are on skilled and they travel in packs, they can be a handful. What I said above. ^^ Yep, being able to switch styles is the key to playing both. Never said that there are not salty PvE only players. Just a whole lot less of them per capita than in PvP. Yeah, I usually just respond to "What's the plan" with 'cap the cap in front of you and sink bots'. You don't have to lose the random skills/tactics, but just play more aggressively than in PvP. Instead of hiding behind the island, use open water PvP tactics and attack the bots. You can push vs the bots much earlier than in PvP. I get too aggressive in co-op sometimes and will go down early. If I've killed 2 or more bots, I figure I've done my share and don't worry too much about dying early. As long as you can adjust your play between co-op and PvP, you can play both. The trick to PvP is that a mistake is almost always punished and learning when to push when everyone else will push too, is tricky. Push too early and get focused down. Wait a bit to push and maybe others won't push with you and you die. If you want to play some PvP, you do not have to at all, the PvP mains here are almost to a person nice and helpful.
  9. Kizarvexis

    How long to spend our Florins and crowns?

    You can only buy 3 packs of 50 Crowns, so 6k doubloons at most. You would need to buy the rest of the Florins in the premium containers. If you complete the collection, you get a perma-camo for the Implacable, which T8 perma-camo costs 3k doubloons.
  10. Kizarvexis

    PSA - Win A Free Premium Ship or Camo

    I'm hoping that WG changed the part 4 to either exchange co-op for scenarios or to add a temp achievement (Four Goal Haul) to co-op for that task. We did give them 3 weeks notice about the issue.
  11. Oh, that's why I posted it. It's a 50% increase in price or a 33% discount depending on which way you look at it.
  12. Kizarvexis

    PSA - Win A Free Premium Ship or Camo

    Same here, but who knows, I could get lucky on the camo. I'll sign up in case I decide to play a PvP game this weekend. If I get to part 4 of Exeter, I may need to.
  13. The minimum doubloons you can buy is 500 for $2.97 US and the 25k package is almost always on sale for $99.99 US. So the Type 59 camo (125 doubloons) is valued at between 50 and 74.25 US cents depending on if you bought 25k doubloons or 500 doubloons. Personally I don't find even the 50 cent price worth it to me, so I don't buy Type 59 camos, but I have a large store of one-use camos I have won, so others mileage may vary.
  14. For those that don't know the US/Canadian exchange rate, I don't, here are the US $ values. Vanguard list price = $56.77 Duke of York list price = $44.32 Hood list price = $43.93 Combined cost of all three ships = $145.02 20 Air Supply containers = $54 40 Air Supply containers = $96 Combined cost of 60 Air Supply containers = $150. Nah, take them into co-op after you have played a few games in the training room. We don't mind unless there are two CVs and then one of you better sink some ships. I agree. I valued the Draconic flags and didn't mind getting Union Jack camo, so that was the reason I bought 20 boxes. If there had been combat flags instead of Draconic flags, i almost certainly would have skipped the boxes and just got the T4 and T6 early access CVs without spending money. Getting DoY (credits) and Edinburgh (didn't have) was just icing on the cake.