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  1. Kizarvexis

    Wiki error Icarus

    Put the Cmdr into the reserve and you will see the torpedo reload without TAE. Then put your Cmdr back on the Icarus.
  2. Kizarvexis

    How long do they last?

    The best way to set your withholding is so you have to pay around $100 each year in taxes. That way is it not a big sum and you are not giving Uncle Sam free interest for Uncle Guido to collect. But if you are patriotic, then you withhold a lot and let the government make interest instead of your bank account.
  3. So, has he claimed the Randi prize of $1,000,000 for proving something to be supernatural? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Million_Dollar_Paranormal_Challenge
  4. The singularity that the big bang came out of. As for what initiated it, we don't know. What came before it we don't know. Pulling a Missouri out of a black hole would be HIGHLY improbable, so you mostly likely would need Zaphod driving the ship. But a persons electromagnetic field is very, very small. I would highly doubt it would affect any macro object.
  5. Kizarvexis

    PSA: Potential Free Santa Crates

    Shiny, nice boat. I sent someone a $1 box last year and they got the Kidd. Another person got Mutsu from a $1 box. The $3 and $5 boxes have better chances (we don't know how much) for ships.
  6. See my post above. If you set the RNG seed properly in your RNG, then the values it can return have such a range that predicting the next one is practically impossible. For the governments that use cosmic rays, they still function to physical laws, so are constrained by physics. But the values that are returned as so large that they are functionally random as number crunching to determine the next one could take billions of years.
  7. THIS^^ You see things because light bounces off of it and into your eyes. As Tanuvein if you get small enough, there will not be enough photons to bounce back for you to see the object. You can go smaller with electrons in and electron microscope, but they have a limit as well. For sub-atomic particles, you collide them and study the results that your sensors can see. So you can't know position and speed at the same time as you will alter them in the collision that your sensors can see. So you can see one or the other. Colliding sub-atomic particles requires tremendous energy, so unless you naturally eat something like Uranium or Plutonium and covert that to energy, there will not be enough energy in your brain to change a single particle. Even a well written RNG will not be completely random. It can be so close as to be functionally the same as random as the numbers returned can be in such a large range that predicting the next one is almost impossible. Depends on how you seed it. If you set the seed as one particular number, say 11111, It will generate the same numbers every time you run it. Most computer RNGs use the time code of the computer it is running on to set the seed for each transaction as that number is always changing. If you want to get really serious, you record cosmic rays and use that to set the seed as they change and that is as about as random as we can get as far as I know.
  8. Kizarvexis

    Am I reading this right?.....

    The medal could be a 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew wearing a Depends.
  9. Note to self, buy Alcoa stock.
  10. Kizarvexis

    Update 7.12.

    Yes, the mods will be demounted for free like normal.
  11. Kizarvexis

    Community Contributers have higher odds of Supers.

    Welp im happy you got all of that from less containers than me. I bought what you got plus an extra 25 crates on top of that and only got 1 ship. So was it 47 or 65 crates? Look, we have explained it over and over. Expect this thread to be locked for spreading a baseless conspiracy theory. I'm out unless directly quoted. I knew I should have bought stock in Alcoa.
  12. Kizarvexis

    How long do they last?

    Nope, as you got something of value in the crates. Good try tho.
  13. Kizarvexis

    Am I reading this right?.....

    Yep and insane bragging rights.
  14. Kizarvexis

    Community Contributers have higher odds of Supers.

  15. Incorrect. The people with the highest amounts in those will get Jean Bart. So multiple people can complete them, but only the highest would get it.