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  1. 7.8 patch notes are up

    We are a casual clan, so getting stomped by the serious clan's team B in CB sucked. I suggested that the clans B teams be one or two leagues lower than their A teams, so new squall league teams aren't trounced by the older clans. I have only the DM at T10, so I used some rental ships in CB. I'll need to practice my PvP play, IF I get to rank 15. Since I'm a PvE main, 7:1 PvE:PvP, I'll just keep playing the DM and some day get the Unique Upgrade. I have the NC, Richelieu, and Cleveland, so I'm getting closer to more T10s. I have the Ognevoi from the RU DD split, but my DD play is subpar, so I have not played it much. P.S. Go Buccaneers!
  2. 7.8 patch notes are up

    Well Ranked is T8 through R16, T10 from R15 to R2 and T5 at R1. Clan Battles is all R10, yes. This CB seasons post survey asked what tiers people would like to use. The Unique Upgrades are only for that T10 ship so it makes sense to use that ship to get it. The mission works in any mode, so just play the T10s and you will get them. They are permanent, so take your time. The Halsey campaign is T8-T10, so you can play your T8s. Instead of Yueyang, you could play your Grozovoi, Khab, Gearing, Z-52, Grosser Kurfurst, Republique, rental cruiser or other ship don't have.
  3. Don't know, but there are a lot of threads on it.
  4. The Go Navy section will be removed from the Arsenal. The Arsenal will stay. You will still be able to earn coal from containers, events, missions, etc. I don't remember exactly what happens if you purchase a ship for coal that you already have, but I would be 99.99% certain that you would be compensated in credits. The Hunt for Bismarck perma-camos are the same as the perma-camo you can buy in game for it. Combat bonuses, -10% service fee, +50% XP. It depends on RNG how long it will take to get the Bismarck perma-camos. You might get mostly items you don't have or tons of duplicates.
  5. 7.8 patch notes are up

    So permanent camo for Edinburgh and Z-23. I have a z-23 perma-camo waiting in my inventory from the 2nd anniversary, but no Edinburgh perma-camo. Get 10pt captains or perma-camo, decisions, decisions.
  6. DEV Blog: New Clan base Building

    How XP, Cmdr XP and Free XP are calculated. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economy#Earning_Credits_and_Experience These examples are based on the figures from the current WIP Naval base 2.0. The bonuses may change. There are 3 XP buildings that will replace the current +3% nation bonus buildings but are based on tier. They are +2% XP for T1-T6, +2% for T7-T8 & +2% for T9-T10. There are 3 more XP buildings that buff the other three buildings by +1% each. So the max XP bonus would be +5% on all 6 buildings for all tiers. 1,000 base XP would become 1,050 XP [1000 * 1 * (1 + .05) = 1,050]. With a premium account and the bonus buildings, it becomes 1,575 XP [1000 * 1.5 * (1 + .05) = 1575]. All other XP bonuses would be added to the XP building bonus to calc the total. So say you have a +50% XP flag as well as premium time, then the formula would be 1000 * 1.5 * (1 + .50 + .05) = 2,325 XP. There are 5 buildings in the Academy and each building gives +2% Cmdr XP for a total of +10% Cmdr XP with all five buildings. Cmdr XP is gets ship bonuses and Cmdr bonuses to calculate the final Cmdr XP. So say you only have these buildings for +10% Cmdr XP bonus and a +75% XP camo with no premium time. 1000 * 1 * (1 + .75) = 1,750 XP and 1000 * 1 * (1 + .75 + .1) = 1,850 Cmdr XP. For premium time, the +75% camo, the +10% Cmdr XP buildings it would be 1000 * 1.5 * (1 + .75) = 2,625 XP and 1000 * 1.5 * (1 + .75 + .1) = 2,775 Cmdr XP. There are 3 buildings for Free XP from the Design Bureau, +10% XP for T1-T6, +10% for T7-T8 & +10% for T9-T10. There are 3 more Free XP buildings that buff the other three buildings by +5% each. So the max FXP bonus would be +25% Free XP on all 6 buildings. Free XP is calculated as 5% of the total ship XP. So for 1,000 total XP it would be 1000 * .05 = 50 FXP. Say you earn 800 total XP and you have all the FXP buildings for a +25% FXP bonus it would be, 800 * .05 * (1 + .25) = 50 FXP. Final example. You have all the XP buildings, all the Cmdr XP buildings, all the FXP buildings, premium time, +50% camo, a +50% XP flag, a +50% Cmdr XP flag and a +300% FXP flag for 1,000 base XP. XP is 1000 * 1.5 * (1 + .05 + .5 + .5) = 3,075 XP Cmdr XP is 1000 * 1.5 * (1 + .05 + .5 + .5 + .25 + .5) = 4,200 Cmdr XP FXP is 3075 * .05 * (1 + 3) = 615 Free XP
  7. Supercontainers - ad naseum

    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Container#Supercontainers Yes, they do contain steel. See the wiki above. Shiny.
  8. Go Navy Event End Date?

    Yes, today is the last full day for free tokens. Yes, there is no way to earn more tokens or to purchase boxes of tokens in the shop as the Go Navy boxes were removed. Yes, there are a LOT of threads, asking that the boxes be restored tomorrow, so people can purchase the tokens that they need.
  9. Go Navy Event End Date?

    Join the many threads asking for premium boxes for tomorrow. I would tag WG staff in your posts.
  10. Flag Etiquette

    Nah. Now that I can fly two flags on all US ships, all of my US ships have the Pearl Harbor flag. All of my US ships that I got in the Armada bundle, fly that as the second flag. The rest of the ships fly the D-Day flag, Battle of Midway flag, Monaghan flag, or US Cruisers flag. The only exception is the Santa Legion flag along with the Pearl Harbor flag on the Missouri. The doubloons I got from Santa boxes, enabled me to take advantage of the post Christmas 1/35 FXP conversion to buy the rest of the FXP for the Mighty Mo.
  11. Sudden jump in tier 1 difficulty?

    It is based on Account Level, which is based on XP to level up. The protected MM levels are listed in the Wiki Account Level article. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Account_Level So in account level 1 & 2, new players are playing vs bots. So up to Account Level 11, new players are matched up against other new players as much as possible, when they are in T1-T4 ships. After that, you are in the deep end of the pool.
  12. Go Navy: What Wargaming Did Wrong

    The choice of one team or the other was a problem in the Fire vs Water event. People complained about not being able to change sides. There was also the problem of having one team be unavailable, while the other team was open to catch up in numbers. There was WAY less salt for Go Navy than the Fire vs Water event.
  13. The only problem is that DEs and frigates would top out in mid tier at best. So no high tier options to finish a line. But having select DEs and frigates be a lowish tier premium would be great. Trying to make, balance and play a 'high tier' DE would be very, very hard and they would still be basically DDs. If WG wanted to do partial lines, they could be a low tier DD branch, but I just can't see how you would make DEs and frigates viable at high tier when they would be roughly the same speed as US standard BBs, but under gunned, SLOW DDs.
  14. Sudden jump in tier 1 difficulty?

    There are three main game modes and two 'seasonal' game modes. PvE and PvP have different battle modes as well. PvE (co-op) is a team of players vs a team of bots. Bots will have :names: with colons around them like I did to the word name in this sentence. If there are not enough players, the player team will also have bots on it's side. PvE games tend to be fast brawls and you can be aggressive. The earnings are lower as games vs bots are easier; a 95+% WR in PvE is very common. It is an easy relaxed mode with minimal salt. Operations (Ops or scenarios) are players vs waves of bots in a scripted scenario. There will usually be scripted bot mission ships on your team, but all 7 players will be people. It is harder than PvE as there are waves of bots and the earnings are almost the same as PvP. Random battles (PvP) is almost all the time 12 vs 12 players and they will have various skills. You have to be more careful in PvP, but you need to push as well. As others have said, the balance between caution and aggressiveness in PvP can be tricky to learn. You earn achievements in PvP that reward signal flags. Rarely, late at night when a CV waits long enough you can have less than 12 players on a side. As you go up in tier, the play style changes as the ships get more accurate and lethal. The match making (MM) changes as well. The 'seasonal' battle modes are Clan Battles and Ranked. They are not active all the time and are never both active at the same time. Each lasts a month or two and comes back for another 'season' some months later. Ranked is set by tier and anyone can play if they have ships in the right tier. It is 7 vs 7 and you Rank up by winning. Clan Battles is T10 and is similar to Ranked, except that you must be in a clan to play and your team is made of only your clan members. Account level wiki showing the modes, items, etc you get at various levels. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Account_Level Wiki on the game modes. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Game_Modes MM wiki. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Game_Modes. Notice that through T4, you are in +1/-1 MM, eg T3-T4 ships together in the same battle. At T5+, you get +2/-2 MM, so you can see a T7 ship when you are a T5 in battle. Do play PvE when you get to T5 for the first time, until you are comfortable playing vs T7 bots, then go back to PvP to learn to be comfortable playing a T5 vs a T7 player. Here is a great series of articles for new players by @hangglide42. You play vs bots until account level 3. The until account level 11 in tiers 1-4, you play vs other new people. I think that there are more new players coming into the game than you are implying. Staying alive longer let's you earn more XP and credits. Just don't make staying alive at the expense of fighting. Yes, adding the upgrades helps at lot, especially at mid to high tier. See hangglides article about upgrades. Oh yes. Train up your captains and move them up then line. Hangglides article about captains bis another one you should read early.
  15. A full line of frigates would not work. They were set for convoy duty where the threats were mainly subs and planes. They tend to have good AA and various anti-sub weapons. They tend to have few guns, few to no torps and are slow. A full line of them would not work as main combatants. Evidently, WoWs is reluctant to do partial lines that do not go to T10, so a full or partial line of frigates is out. That said, I proposed a River class frigate to be the T1 cruiser for a line of RCN DDs, ala the Pan-Asian DDs. River class 1,445 tons 2x2 101.6mm HA/LA guns. 1 76.2mm HA/LA gun 2x4 20mm AA guns 15-20 knot speed You would balance the HP and speed to other T1s. The AA would be there, but would not be used at T1. If it could be balanced, the 76.2mm HA/LA gun could be a secondary gun, other wise it is just an AA gun. Here is the line I suggested. T1 CL Appropriate WWII frigate to be balanced at T1. Like the River class Frigate. DDs T2 Medea (The RCN used the Thornycraft M class, which was roughly similar to the Medea class) T3 Wickes class T4 Clemson class T5 Acasta class T6 G/H class? I class variant? T7 Haida variant? Haida premium (Tribal) T8 Cossack variant? (Tribal) T9 U/V class DD? or Battle class variant? T10 Daring variant? CVs T5 Bogue (RCN used 2, so maybe make it a premium after the CV rework?) Now the RAN River class would make an interesting T4-T5 premium once the CV rework is done, IF WG makes catapult aircraft player controlled again and IF WG thinks helicopters would be balanced. With all of those being yes, this is what I could see for a Commonwealth River class premium. (Insert RAN group II River class' most famous ship name here) 1,545 tons 4x2 101.6mm HA/LA guns 3x1 40mm AA 2x2 20mm AA Early model Sea King, with two aerial torps, player controlled helicopter. It would have a cooldown longer than a CV, but not as long as a catapult plane. 15-20 knot speed. It would be a good AA boat with the DP main guns and the helicopter, if such a thing could be balanced, would be the long range firepower.