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  1. French BB Sub Forum

    Been asking since March 1st.
  2. So, WG is working on Clan Battles to be 8v8 and have the extra ship be a battleship if you like. There is talk about making Clan Battles global over all the regions. So NA vs EU vs RU vs SEA all at once. The US cruiser split will be like the RU DD split and they are saying you will get lots of compensation for the split. Maximizing the split means getting Cleveland through Baltimore. It will be like the Viva la France events, but no details. There will be a new permanent campaign for Bull Halsey as well. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/futuresight/
  3. Yes, Skpstr, they did. I kept track of the 2017 Santa boxes after all the hue and cry like above. I ALWAYS got more value than the Santa box cost based on the prices in the Premium shop. It seems like those not getting a ship or a ship in every box seem to be the ones that howl the loudest.
  4. Captain doesn't show ?

    you are welcome
  5. Captain doesn't show ?

    Captains appear at Account level 7. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Commander
  6. Private 1v1 battles

    This is a 2 year old thread and the training room is in the game now.
  7. Proposed change in scoring

    Achievements and winning and losing are not the same. You get achievements whether or not you won. The XP/credit multiplier for winning and losing should be different as the game is your team winning.
  8. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 18th, 2018

    US cruisers. They and the US battleships are the most played ships by me. It is also national pride and the history of the USN in WWII. People kept telling me when I started to not play US cruisers as they stink. I think the US cruisers are good and I am eagerly awaiting for the US cruiser split. Des Moines is my first T10 and has my first 19pt captain.
  9. Proposed change in scoring

    Get credits and XP for a win, when you lose, NO. The Potato achievement and emblem was proposed for having the most base XP in the match for both sides, but being on the losing side. You can't make it the top XP player on the losing side as every match would give the award. But having the most base XP when you are on the losing side should get recognition. Give out some nice non-economic flags (suggestions?, India Delta for the burn maybe) and you get a point towards the Potato emblem. Fifteen wins this way would get you the Knight Potato emblem. (Potato with arms and legs in armor) Twenty-five wins would get you the Noble Potato emblem. (Potato with arms and legs in blue courtly clothes) Fifty wins would get you the Royal Potato emblem. (Potato with buff arms and legs in purple courtly clothes) One hundred wins would get you the Potato Monarch emblem. (Potato with ripped arms and legs in purple courtly clothes with a crown and cape) I think this would work much better and if I could draw more than stick figures, I would have submitted this for the patch contest. @Radar_X, @WolfofWarship, @Pigeon_of_War, what do y'all think?
  10. Selling ARP Ships

    Yes, ARP captains work as IJN and vis versa.
  11. Time for a French BB subforum

    Will we get the French BB forum before May 1st? It would be nice to have the French BB threads all in one place by themselves.
  12. Selling ARP Ships

    Captain XP is the same as ship XP with captain XP bonuses stacked. So while the ship XP stays on the ARP ship, I can run one captain through all of the ARP ships to take advantage of EACH first win bonus. With 9 ARP ships and the Southern Dragon, that is up to 11 first win bonuses for an IJN captain I am grinding.
  13. Selling ARP Ships

    I'm keeping them for first win bonus farming. P.S. And I'm always broke
  14. Varyarg ship missing?