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  1. Kizarvexis

    Submarines are Coming

    From the article. This is a problem. That is way too fast. The best WWII sub could reach 25kts and everything was much slower. With one or two exceptions, subs were ALL slower underwater. You are making a super stealthy DD without guns. [sarcasm]This will balance well.[/sarcasm]
  2. Not sure what you mean about X3.
  3. Kizarvexis

    News thread for the PvE Clan and discussions

    Clan Members! The MFCAA skill is changing to Massive AA Fire (MAAF). There will be a free skill reset period until early morning Aug 29th. To get the free skill reset you MUST go to the following news page and click the activation button. Don't forget to activate the free skill reset! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-087-french-destroyers-part-2/
  4. Yes, the Enterprise and Graf Zeppelin missions were removed before I finished them. I think that you get a few patches to finish them.
  5. @TheURLGuy You should really change this around. 2,100 credits for 1 doubloon. That implies you can spend 2,100 credits and get 1 doubloon. What is actually happening in game is you can spend 1 doubloon to get 2,100 credits. Because I'm sure WG didn't want to give me 30k doubloons for my 63M credits. I would not mind, you understand, but that would kill doubloon sales.
  6. Kizarvexis

    WGing vs Beached whales (Frozen wallets)

    Complaining about how something in implemented is one thing. But every time something new comes out ranting about how WG is a greedy bastard and doesn't care about the players is something else. Then leave if you are so pissed at the money grubbers. I'm sick of all the negativity here, so see ya.
  7. Kizarvexis

    WGing vs Beached whales (Frozen wallets)

    I did respond to your "short-sighted, deceptive, money-grubbing, self-destructive practices". It seems like every time something new comes out, the WG is greedy chorus yells at the top of their lungs NO MATTER what it is. I'm certainly not saying that they are a selfless service provider, but they are not the greedy, manipulative company people claim they are.
  8. Kizarvexis

    pennies short

    Same here.
  9. Kizarvexis

    WGing vs Beached whales (Frozen wallets)

    Not everyone will like everything. But claiming that WG is some money grubbing evil empire because they made something you didn't like is silly. The negativity on this forum just gets worse and worse.
  10. Kizarvexis

    WGing vs Beached whales (Frozen wallets)

    Yeah, because making the game all about one customer is a great business strategy.
  11. Kizarvexis

    WGing vs Beached whales (Frozen wallets)

    I don't see WG as some evil corporation out to get their customers. They do too many good things for the players. As I said, YMMV and I disagree with you. But that is fine as if everyone was the same that would be boring.
  12. Kizarvexis

    My thoughts on NTC

    Well said and I agree.
  13. Kizarvexis

    WGing vs Beached whales (Frozen wallets)

    Like I said in the earlier response to you, every sale or discounted price on the planet is the same way. How is this news? It's not trite, it is true. If WG doesn't make money, they there will be no game. YMMV on WGs selling practices, but I disagree. I was saying that if you sold perma-camos and one-use camos for Research points like you do for copper and the like, you are providing a cosmetic benefit for resetting and getting RP.
  14. Kizarvexis

    My thoughts on NTC

    I came in on the ARP ships at the end where you could get them all in a super one month grind. I wasn't around for the first run of ARP.