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  1. Kizarvexis

    Pensacola's turrets are so damn slow what can i do?

    That is what I did. George Doe runs on my Pensacola.
  2. Kizarvexis

    Where did the economic pennants go?

    I agree 100% that the communication problem lies with upper management.
  3. Kizarvexis

    Where did the economic pennants go?

    You also missed the point that what signals and camos turned into what was not clear. Whatever floats y'all's goats.
  4. Kizarvexis

    Where did the economic pennants go?

    I would not use the drop chances as a plus, based on the legal issues in Europe. Again I read the articles AND threads. Figure it out
  5. So the bonuses we get in the boxes are supposed to increase our total count. I will open a ticket tomorrow.
  6. Kizarvexis

    Where did the economic pennants go?

    Yep, and I read the article and the one explaining the earlier article. I read the threads. I get what y'all wanted to do, it was just a very complicated thing that just didn't add up to exactly how x became y for the details of what happened to the individual flags and camos. This communication issue isn't with the community team, but higher up as it has been an issue across multiple community teams.
  7. Kizarvexis

    Where did the economic pennants go?

    Considering that they put out a second article to explain the first and as you mentioned, answered questions in multiple threads, your claims against me don't match the evidence. It's not one incident. It is a history of years of poor communication with the player base. The community team is nice, but they are not in charge. Since the communication problems have been across multiple community teams, it's apparently a problem at the top. And you also evidently missed the point that I read the articles AND the threads. That they had to have an article explaining the first article, shows that the communication was not the greatest.
  8. Kizarvexis

    Where did the economic pennants go?

    I did read the articles. I did come here to read the threads of explanations. But imagine a different finger for your condescending reply.
  9. Kizarvexis

    Where did the economic pennants go?

    Nope, read the first article and it was clear as mud as to exactly what would happen. Read the second article and while the exchange calculator was much better, still got more of a black box feel from it. WG murdered my trust. It will take a LOT to bring it back to life. So far, it has not been anything close to enough.
  10. Kizarvexis

    Where did the economic pennants go?

    Then I am surprised that you have not noticed the communication lapses or their continued promises to get better, which rarely seem to be realized. Combining economic bonuses into one location is not the issue. The communication of how the change would work is the issue. Maybe stay on task, instead of wandering away from the issue into irrelevancy?
  11. Kizarvexis

    Where did the economic pennants go?

    Sorry, WG has a long history of poor communication. The camo & signals were pretty straight forward in the past. The change was not. I read the articles and read the forum and it was a jumbled mess. Since I can't change it, I just have to roll with it.
  12. @Boggzy and @Ahskance I have some questions please. If I have 20 of the +20% coin bonuses and get 3 more in a More Resources box, should I not have 23 of them instead of 20? I still have 20 after opening that box. Do the coin bonuses from the conversions differ from the ones you now get in a box? If so, why don't I have separate sets of them?
  13. Kizarvexis

    Where did the economic pennants go?

    Which is why I change my signature to have this. WG: In hindsight, it is clear that our communication about this event was not great. Player base: This is the Way. No matter how many times they say that they will change, they never seem to change. So I, and many others, have lost all trust in WG.
  14. Kizarvexis

    Bonus Package

    I never said any different. The bonus package and the perma-camo are now separate, but both are locked to the ship when you buy them. Now you can buy them separately. If the one-use economic bonuses become scarce, then WG likely expects people to by the perm econ bonuses.
  15. Kizarvexis

    Minimum System Requirements

    Welp, that will do me in as I'm on the minimum video settings already.