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  1. You posted this. I responded with this. I was talking in the general you, not you specifically. Based on your first post, it sure seemed like you may have berated new players. Since you say you have not, I apologize to you. That still doesn't make my statement wrong as I have experienced this myself and see it regularly from people on the forums.
  2. I agree, well said the both of you. The game is simple and complicated at the same time. The forum is full of lots of info and it can be hard to find stuff here sometimes. So what's wrong with providing a short answer to someone's question and pointing them at the wiki and new player threads without berating them? You know, welcome them in and have them become a part of the community and grow the game? Politeness doesn't cost you points in the final reckoning.
  3. True, I was thinking of the Nikolai, Mikasa, St Louis, Wakatake, and Nassau tho.
  4. Both of those quotes are about Sea of Fortune map. I also put the mysterious green flag on a Leningrad and went around the island at F6 where the UFO was at on the Tears of the Desert map, but nothing there. There is a pumpkin face on that island, but it was there when the UFO disappeared months ago. I haven't tried using the ships from the Halloween event tho with the flag on Tears of the Desert map.
  5. This. Take your screenshots and replays if you have them and follow the link below. https://na.wargaming.net/support/tickets
  6. According to beta testers, the Cleveland was heavily nerfed to what it is now and after unnerfing is supposed to fit well at T8.
  7. I like the extra 20% range that the AA module that stacks with AFT. I don't feel the extra main battery range is worth it due to dispersion and T6 & T7 CVs can be punished for attacking me. They will get hits, but pay for it in an AA spec Texas. And since the AA guns are not affected by MFCAA, I plan on spec'ing the rest out for survivability.
  8. I never got the hang of manual secondaries as I sometimes lose track while fighting and will not switch to the better target. I'd rather the gunners shoot at everything on both sides, especially vs the Zikasa's.
  9. Well the St Louis can pen the bow and stern of a Mikasa without IFHE and IFHE can't pen the belt armor, so I skipped it. Not sure about Rasputin as I haven't seen an armor layout for it.
  10. Everyone who is going to respec without a dedicated AA build please talk it up. So when I keep my AA build on the Cleveland and Atlanta maybe CVs won't be so shy.
  11. ARP ship torps do that when you have them enabled to see the ARP skins on the ships.
  12. The bots are pretty good at dodging when you shoot at long range as when you fire, they know where the torps are going. Some people who have played Blades on winning missions, say that you don't want to do a lot of long range shots.
  13. Well we know some of what it's not.
  14. Very entertaining. Good job on the video