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  1. ZoomieG

    Trying to identify specific music

    15 OST World of Warships — Peaceful Warrior [Artur Tokhtash] This track plays in port after a win.
  2. ZoomieG


    It's in the shop. Has been since it's release, I think. It's also in the armory since 0.8.8 .
  3. Champagne released near the end of June. This is data from 2nd quarter (Apr-May-Jun), so it was still in testing for the majority of it. Those stats are from PvP (random battle) only. Ranked is tracked separately by season. In ranked 17, MA was the most played ship, let alone battleship. http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/season/season17/ship_avg_na.html Your observation about players vs. battles for Tirp/Mass/Biz is something I also noted, and thought interesting.
  4. It's actually more pronounced than that. MA is more popular than all tech tree tier 8 Battleships except two. Data from wows numbers is all time battles. Here is a look at just 2nd Quarter 2020: Data taken from http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/shipstats/na/ship_20200627.html, filtered for T8 BBs. If you add the MA B total to MA, she is almost tied with NC. Bismarck was the most played T8 BB in 2nd Qtr on NA.
  5. One word: Distance. Tanks engage at relatively short distances, with direct fire. Warships engaged each other at distances an order of magnitude higher, the vast majority of the time with indirect fire. The vast majority of plating in game reflects historical values. Remember that armor is heavy; ships have to float. The 25/27/32 mm sections of ships you are talking about were actually not even armor plated, it was just structural steel. Even then, pen values in this game are higher than they should be, because WG didn't adjust them for the reduced ranges in game.
  6. ZoomieG

    Pommern Final Review

    Just for Gee Whiz, there are a few more, but mostly low tier: Wyoming - 1.5 Arkansas Beta - 1.5 Orion - 1.6 Normandie - 1.6 Knyaz Suvorov - 1.5 Gangut - 1.4 (!) Izmail - 1.6 (incorrectly shown as 1.7 on wiki - value pulled from wowsft) Sinop - 1.5 Vladivostok - 1.6 Data pulled from https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_and_Aiming#Sigma The low average sigma on the Russian BBs does not get noticed due to their unique dispersion curve, perhaps.
  7. ZoomieG

    Blyskawica needs a little love

    There have probably been more than you think. From memory, here is a non-inclusive list of Premiums that have been changed post release: Le Terrible - Significant changes to AP Pen, shell velocity, and HP hull distribution. Aigle - Torpedo range increase from 7km to 8 Hood - AP fuse delay change; also had sigma increase same patch Dunkerque - MB reload time decreased Kii - Torpedo damage and range increase, MB reload time decrease Sims - Torpedo range Ashitaka - change from type 88 to type 91 AP shells Atago - given a heal Atlanta - given a radar Indianapolis - Radar range increased Duke of York - given an additional heal charge Prinz Eugen - given a heal Blys herself was buffed several patches ago by increasing her rate of fire, and opening her gun traverse angles slightly.
  8. I've long found it strange that so many players stick with the defaults of RTYUI. My consumables are mapped to RTFGV, and have been for years. Of course, this change is still an improvement, and still works with my layout.
  9. ZoomieG

    Patch Day checklist

    Things to do before you get in game: Backup log files to external drive Backup replays to external drive Backup screenshots to external drive Backup entire game client to external drive, organized by patch Rerun file comparison to ensure valid backup Let WGC update and download Immediately kill WGC process Update Modstation Update MxStat Fix braindead default that deletes replays Things to do when you get in game: Switch port back Verify nothing in the game or UI is completely borked Think back to two years ago, when despite having less "content", the game was actually more varied and interesting, and dare I say it, FUN Quit
  10. ZoomieG

    World of Warships Transformers Collab

    Please don't quote entire page-long posts just to add one line. It's poor forum etiquette. While not originally an anime, first year gen1 transformers are rebranded toys from Diaclone and Microman lines produced by Japanese company Takara. There have also been several transformers anime series in Japan that don't make it to the US due to separate market licensing issues. When Gen1 syndication ended in the US in 1987, the story kept going in Japan as Transformers: The Headmasters, with several immediate sequel series. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Transformers_animated_series
  11. Dockyard event? What dockyard event? /s Z-35? See below. Z-35 is still in the premium shop, and is also available for doubloons in the Armory. Strangely, the time-gated special offers are still showing up at the top of the shop, but only lead to Page Not Found. If you scroll down or sort for KM DDs, you will see the new permanent option to buy the ship. It's the one in the bottom right of my image that still has a flag and tier next to "Z-35".
  12. ZoomieG

    About z35

    @GrayPanther2018, @Mala_suerte71, I found Zoup's video/review to be a bit of a rough example, as he played it just as some have noted here, like a smoke cruiser. It's not really a smoke cruiser, though. It's a DD. Check out this video from European CC Carbine Carlito. He plays a much more conventional DD game, while still using the Z-35s strengths to contest a cap. He then makes good use of the "useless torps". The video also shows his build.
  13. ZoomieG

    Looking for recommendations for 2 ships

    Welcome back. Generally, you want to take one skill at each point level up to 10 points. Taking multiple 1 or 2 pt skills before you reach 10 will delay your first 4 pt skill, and is not advised. Base 10 pt. build for every BB in the game is: PT, EM, SI, then CE or FP. NM has good concealment, so you can get away with taking FP first. At 14, take the other 4 pt skill (FP/CE). After that, you take AR, and then either BOS, or JOAT+EL. Note that this matches the build Vak recommended, I just added the order in which you want the skills. As mentioned, run the same commander on your TX for faster training. The wiki is a great source of information, but it does not contain builds. It only rates skills for each ship. If a player doesn't know this, or know about builds, the wiki can steer them wrong. That's pretty suboptimal, to be honest. PM - Of little or no use on the vast majority of BBs. PT is superior. The only BBs I would consider taking PM are BBs with torps (eg Tirpitz) or ones with few/easily disabled turrets (eg JB/Richy). LS - waste of 2 points. BBs don't lose propulsion or rudder nearly often enough to justify (ever?). Your alternates of EM/AR are both vastly superior. SI - Agreed. AFT - Only a handful of BBs are worth buffing secondaries, and even then only because it's "fun", not effective. Certainly not the ones OP mentioned. Both FP and CE are better for most BBs.
  14. No. You seem to be operating under the assumption that co-op is actually a cooperative mode. That misconception is understandable; after all, it's literally named "co-op". If it was actually, truly cooperative, everyone would get the same XP. It isn't cooperative. It's an adversarial race for damage. You are not competing against the bots, you are competing against your team-mates for damage, kills, and XP. A DD alpha strike is in it's torps. If you nerf torp damage, you would be able to make the same argument for disallowing citadel hits from BB/CA guns. Alpha strike is important, because the bots die so fast that DOT effectiveness is severely reduced.
  15. ZoomieG

    Amagi Hack?

    Monarch, like all tech tree UK BBs, has short fused AP. It also has a very low Krupp value for its tier. This results in rather lackluster AP performance at almost any range. Compare this chart of Monarch AP vs Amagi AP: As you can see, Monarch blue line for pen is significantly worse than Amagi. Add to this the low Krupp and short Fuse, and Monarch's AP will struggle against BB belts at all ranges. You are better off aiming for the upper belt on BBs; save the citadel shots for cruisers. Switching to HE is situational. Plenty of BBs can be crit'd in a close range "drive-by" with multiple cits. Have you watched any Yuro highlight videos for BBs? There is a technique to the aiming.