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  1. ZoomieG

    New ships (Dev Blog)

    So WG finally modeled the Oregon City Class? Great! Swap her into the tech tree at T9 where she belongs and should have been included during the US Cruiser split and make paper WeeGee fantasy made-up buffalo a premium instead!
  2. ZoomieG

    Which T10 tech BB is the best?

    Nice post, Haze, I'll make a few small additions: For US DDs, T5 Nicholas is a paper ship. The US had a gap in destroyer capability in the '30s, and nothing fits there. Same thing for the T4 CL Phoenix. There was a cruiser gap after the old armored cruisers up until the first treaty cruiser designs, with only Omaha and Pensacola classes in between. While Buffalo and Seattle are paper designs, there are legitimate, actually built classes that could take their places. Fargo and Oregon City were developments of Cleveland and Baltimore that had a total of six ships actually built between them. Not only were they actually built, they would also be superior from a game design standpoint than the current paper ships in the game, as their gameplay would more closely mirror the other ships in their respective lines. The French DD line is all real except for Fusilier and Kleber, including all the premiums except Marceau. As far as the poll goes, the answer is Bacon, of course.
  3. ZoomieG

    PSA on Friesland/Groningen devblog

    That's my point. The semantics are of WG's own creation and definition. My very example, even though it would be consistent with WG's definition of a global change, is actually just a nerf to the ship itself, because it and it's soon-to-be clone are the only ships with that mount. All I'm saying is that no one in this thread should be surprised if/when both ships get the same "global" nerf down the road.
  4. ZoomieG

    PSA on Friesland/Groningen devblog

    Adding Groningen actually gives them an easy way to nerf Friesland, even after she is removed. Instead of nerfing either ship by name, they make a "Global" change to all 120mm/50 Bofors No 10 mounts, slowing the rate of fire. Boom: both Groningen and Frieland get nerfed, and neither by a ship specific change. There is no such thing as an un-nerfable premium.
  5. @Helstrem, thanks for the additions! Some of those I should have remembered, but there are several you added I was unaware of. Most of the buffs in my list are post GC fiasco. Mostly buffs; many premiums have been nerfed in the past, but usually under the poor excuse of a "global" change. The CV rework changed every single premium CV, and nerfed every premium that was AA focused. The skills rework indirectly nerfed a number of premiums, but Atlanta and Flint stand out as getting a particularly short straw comparable to a direct nerf, compounding their nerf from the loss of AA effectiveness. Duke of York had her citadel raised alongside KGV and above in the tech tree. That is 5 ships with KGV based hulls that nerf applied to. It did not affect UK BBs across the board. It changed 4 tech tree ships, and one premium. The other UK premium BBs were unaffected. Valkyrie, unfortunately, is a mistake in the list. It did get nerfs last year, but is not a premium. I got this ship confused with Vampire. Original post is edited to reflect.
  6. While there are a significant number of ships that have been removed from sale, there are a number of premiums that have been directly nerfed, and even more that have been buffed. They have. Most of them have been under the guise of a "global" or "mechanics" change, but a few have snuck in that were ship specific. From memory, here is a non-inclusive list of Premiums that have been changed post release: Le Terrible - Significant changes to AP Pen, shell velocity, and HP hull distribution. -BUFF Aigle - Torpedo range increase from 7km to 8 -BUFF Hood - AP fuse delay change -debatable; some consider the fuse change a buff, others a nerf Hood - sigma increase same patch - BUFF Dunkerque - Main Batt reload time decreased -BUFF Kii - Torpedo damage and range increase, MB reload time decrease -BUFF Sims - Torpedo range -BUFF Ashitaka - change from type 88 to type 91 AP shells -HUGE BUFF Atago - given a heal -BUFF Atlanta - given a radar, and later given Main Batt range increase to counter a nerf from commander rework -BUFF Indianapolis - Radar range increased -BUFF Duke of York - given an additional heal charge -BUFF Duke of York - citadel raised (not a global change despite WG trying to claim it was) -NERF Prinz Eugen - given a heal - BUFF Blys - increased rate of fire, and opened traverse angles -BUFF Valkyrie (III) - Main Battery reload increased (twice) - NERF (EDIT: got this ship confused with Vampire (III). Valkyrie is not a premium) There are probably some others I missed.
  7. ZoomieG

    Azur Lane Collection

    Once you've started it, it is available until you complete it. It is temporary. The window to sign up to start the collection closed long ago. New players can no longer start it. Once you've started it, however, you're good to completion.
  8. The best resource for comparing ships is wowsft.com. Just grab the "fitting tool" urls from the two ships you wish to compare, and paste them into "ship comparison" one at a time. After that, you can look at the stats side-by-side. As an additional plus, it leaves out the meaningless "ratings" you see in port that are made up nonsense. https://wowsft.com/compare
  9. ZoomieG

    World of Warships Alpha/Beta version

    Why? Even if you track down a player that has saved every version of the client, the only use is watching old replays. You cannot play on anything but the current version, as the game takes place on the server.
  10. No, it was always 2 phases on Live; 3 was only on PTS, and may well have been an error. Screenshot from today:
  11. I don't understand this attitude of discouraging discussion on WiP. If it's a mistake, it deserves attention to increase the likelihood it will get fixed. If it's intentional, people should know about this hidden attribute before they buy.
  12. ZoomieG

    Rewards Menu Missing?

    After a quick search, it seems it didn't disappear entirely. Mission rewards no longer appear, but accomplishments still do. The button only appears when triggered/active, like daily shipments.
  13. You are correct; if this rework goes through, it will be the third global change that negatively affects these two ships in a rather significant manner. The phrase you were looking for is death knell. It's the ringing of a church bell to signal a death.
  14. ZoomieG

    Rewards Menu Missing?

    It didn't go missing this update. The rewards tab was removed several patches ago with one of the UI reorganization changes, the goal of which appears to be to remove as much info as possible from the port screen.