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  1. ZoomieG

    DD counter BB...snicker guffaw hahaha

    I saw this claim earlier this week, and left it alone as off topic. It fits better here, so let's dig into this. Varknyn12, I think I've seen you claim to use statistics in your work, is that right? To start with, you are correct in much of what you say, but I think your focus on statistics and statistical methods may be coloring your vision a bit. I'll come back to this opening statement after looking at your breakdown. 100% correct. But neither does correlation PRECLUDE causation (note 1). It doesn't matter though, because as a statistician, you know that statistical analysis will never show a causative relationship. It can only show correlation, and how strong that correlation is. Even this is up to the number cruncher setting bounds, but that's getting beyond my point. Decisions based on statistical analysis are made due to correlations. So correlation is enough. What about map control? What about cap denial? What about vision control and spotting? As a purple player, surely you recognize that these are just as important as damage, kills, and caps, or at least play a secondary role in facilitating them. They play into balance just as much as your "actual performance metrics". These are basically the same thing, so I'll address them together. A bias skews the data in one direction. Multiple bias' can have different effects. It sounds like what you are describing as an unquantifiable number of variables is noise. That noise is present in every match. If you take 100 or 1000 or even more matches into account, will that noise based on multiple, unquantifiable bias' cancel out? No, of course not, or at least you can't prove it. But if you are given a task, and asked to make a decision, can you just say "It can't be accounted for" to your boss? In real-world problem solving, there are almost always assumptions that must be made in order to get to a solution. I have no idea what level WG uses, but at some point, all that noise has to be assumed to cancel out. A ship of the same type and class performing a few % WR higher than another is probably just the noise. But a ship with a WR more than a standard deviation above it's peers might just be worth looking at (further analysis). You might not like it, because it's not statistically pure, or whatever. However, assumptions of this type are made in engineering all the time. So you recognize that the data should skew toward 50%, but if it doesn't, it doesn't mean anything? To say deviations are not indicative of anything is flat out wrong. The deviations may or may not indicate anything. Statistics can only tell you if the deviation is statistically significant, and by how much. Whether it means anything or not is where statistics ends, and you actually have to bring in other problem solving tools. Reductio ad absurdum: what if a ship had a 90% winrate? Is that meaningless because there is too much noise to make any balancing decisions based on WR? Beyond the theoretical, at some point you just have to make a decision based on the data. You make a cutline at sample size, note whether there is correlation, how much, and then either make a change or not. It doesn't have to be perfect, it's just changing some stats in a game. That has nothing to do with stats. 1v1 removes ship roles. WR will naturally be completely different for most ships. Note that the game isn't balanced around 1v1 AT ALL. It's the most imbalanced game mode so far. WR from 1v1 is completely useless as a balancing tool for the rest of the game. You lost me here. It doesn't matter if T10 DDs are underperforming compared to other ships types, you can still compare T10 DDs to other T10 DDs. I honestly have to ask: are you just trolling here? Coming from someone else, a statement like this would indicate a fundamental failure to understand the game. I highly doubt that is true for you. Care to share whatever objective data shows "influence"? Influence is entirely subjective. If a given ship had a low damage avg, low kill count, but high WR, what would that tell you? Also, there have been quite a few "nerf BB, buff DD" threads over the course on this forum. This last sentence is exactly why WG uses WR to balance. Gameplay is paramount. They can't be stuck in your hang-ups about how statistics work in a perfect mathematical environment. They got a game to balance. Also, linking straight to the index on maplesyrup doesn't really validate anything. That is just a wall of data. Again, you should know that data doesn't tell you anything. If you want to organize that data to make a point, feel free to do so. I said I'd come back to your opening statement that WR can't be used to justify balance decisions. It can. There's more to balancing than statistics. Often all you need is correlation, and I'm honestly surprised that you so staunchly think that's not enough. Some of it, however, is logic and common sense. (note 1) I said I'd come back to the cause/correlation thing. You keep saying that correlation does not equal causation when it comes to winrate. I already laid out above why it doesn't matter, but aside from that, we know that win/loss conditions are a direct result from in-game performance. Statistics can't tell you that, but any 3rd grader knows (and logic dictates) that winning/losing, in almost any game, is a direct effect from performance. Since wins are a direct result of performance, WR is a valid performance indicator. Again, as someone with a high win rate, you should know this. Your performance in-game has a higher chance of influencing a win than that of an average player.
  2. ZoomieG

    Kurfurst buffed sipersion

    You do realize that's a nearly 15% improvement on your hit rate, right?
  3. ZoomieG

    Submarines! :-)

    Intellectuals are able to communicate clearly and eloquently, rather than parroting trash memes conceived by troglodytes.
  4. ZoomieG

    Nobody expects the kii in rank

    A lot of players running Tirpitz, because a lot of players own Tirpitz, because a lot of players bought Tirpitz, because Tirpitz has been a solid premium since the game's release. There are few players running Kii, because few players own Kii, because few players bought Kii, because Kii sucks is just a worse Amagi with torps that will get you killed if you try to use them.
  5. ZoomieG

    Kurfurst buffed sipersion

    Yes, including K.A. and PEF. No, you might be thinking of the test version of PEF. The version that was released had standard KM BB dispersion with 2.0 sigma. It's worse than that. It's 3m. THREE. But I'm pretty sure mouse was also just being snarky, because the true improvement isn't in the horizontal dispersion, which is what we see in port. The major change was to the vertical portion of the dispersion ellipse, which is a hidden value. And that is actually quite a big change. It's why the French BBs have never had the same accuracy problems as the Germans, despite previously sharing the same horizontal dispersion curve.
  6. @Kizarvexis, @LittleWhiteMouse, @Gitaristing, While this all might be very interesting, I was under the impression that the HE pen calculation was always just an estimate that either the devs or the community came up with due to the glaring omission of penetration data in the client. Now that the port interface shows HE pen, isn't this all rendered moot? In fact, the game never used these calcs in the first place. I'm not a data miner, but aren't the HE pen values just integers in a lookup table? Seems like now that we have the values, we should just scrap all the division/rounding, and use the in-game values. Especially because, as noted, the in game values don't always match the math.
  7. ZoomieG

    No IFHE for French Captain?

    Hey PaulaDeen, Rather than just copy builds from youtube videos, I suggest learning how the skill actually works. IFHE in particular is elementary school math, but it seems a lot of players, including long-time forum members, struggle to understand it. Here are some links to specific wiki pages you might find useful: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Armor_thresholds https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Commander When it comes to IFHE, the primary benefit is to boost HE penetration over specific thresholds. The second link has an overly complex chart, but the basic numbers are 25mm and 32mm. If taking IFHE will boost you over either of those numbers, it is probably worth picking up (it also depends on tier, though, which is what a lot of players miss). For instance, the only cruisers in the French line that benefit are the T5 and T6s* (Emile Bertin, La Galissoniere, and Premium De Grasse). It is not useful on T7-T9. It also is not useful on the T4 (Duguay-Trouin), because despite having 155mm guns, the ships at low tier have thinner armor, and the pen boost is not needed. *It is useful on the T3 Friant, but most players don't have 10+ pt captains on low tier ships. *There are a lot of folks who recommend it on the T10 Henry IV, but that's primarily aimed at competitive game modes because it counters specific ships with 50mm plating. There are likely better uses of 4 pts for a random battle build.
  8. ZoomieG

    Unique Commander's

    How to properly use an apostrophe.
  9. ZoomieG

    1 Year Premium Sale In RU Shop

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-0811-weekly-1/ It starts tomorrow on NA
  10. ZoomieG

    Ok I figured this game out

    I thought you said you "figured this game out". In all fairness, you kinda did: Q: so....my question is.....at what level does the teamwork start? A: there's no teams, there s group of green, and a group of red, the only difference between the green and the red is you get a penalty for shooting green [sic]
  11. It's probably lost in the PR noise, but is anyone else missing the River Plate missions that should have started today? https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/history/plate-times-over/ Edit: Nvmd, it populated as soon as I hit submit.
  12. PEF received the dispersion buff. Old KM BB dispersion = RNG x 9.8 +66. For PEF range of 17.82 that was 241m. New KM BB dispersion = RNG x 10 +60. New PEF dispersion is 238, and can be verified in client or at wowsft.com. Every KM BB dispersion was reduced by 2 or 3 meters. Of note, that is a much smaller change than Aim Sys Mod 1 gets you, either before or after patch. The more noticeable change that contributes to the 'feel' of the guns is the change to vertical dispersion, which is much more opaque.
  13. ZoomieG

    Fight the Battle of River Plate!

    This mission is not displaying under the "Combat Missions" tab, and I don't see a way to sign up for it as a personal mission.
  14. ZoomieG


    @Seawolf148 Vigilance stacks with Hydro Vigilance stacks with TASM TASM does not stack with Hydro Remove TASM from your calculation. It has no effect on hydro. Also check your numbers. No ship in the game has a base hydro range of 4.37 if the wiki is up to date. Have you visited the wiki? It has the answer to 90% of the questions asked on this forum. Another good tool is wowsft.com. Its Fitting Tool allows you to test different captain/ship build combinations, and shows the effect on ship stats. As far as h9k_a's response, your first post literally asked if you were out to lunch.
  15. ZoomieG

    Premium Expires While You're Offline?

    Yes it is. Yes, it's also F2P. But premium time is absolutely a subscription. Whether it is the de facto way to play the game or not is up to you. But from a game design standpoint, the economy is based around the assumption that a player has premium; it sort of has to be. Therefore, premium isn't a bonus-- F2P is penalized. Of course they present it as a bonus, though, because that's better marketing. Why do you refuse to acknowledge that the game is both F2P, and subscription based? They are not mutually exclusive. In fact, subscriptions are a core component of many F2P games. You haven't actually provided any reason why it shouldn't follow subscription practices, other than a false dichotomy. Fem already addressed that; you just didn't want to hear it. Your proposed solution requires additional logistics and tracking, and just isn't worth the additional income you claim it would provide. Like it or not, WG is running a business.