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  1. Does it annoy anyone else that these words are used to describe the exact opposite of what they mean? Floating Citadel = Well defended fortress on the water. I guess that's what happens when nouns are used as verbs.
  2. ZoomieG

    Arsenal Signals

    They are. Combat signals are available in the Armory for silver. Economic flags are available in the Armory for coal. Economic flags can also be purchased in bundles from the premium shop. Did you even look before asking this?
  3. It is simple, but this is the first mistake almost everyone makes. The IFHE decision has nothing to do with gun caliber/shell diameter. It's based on HE pen and target armor. HE pen used to be a hidden value. It also used to be 1/6 shell diameter. However, there are now so many exceptions to that rule that we might as well throw it out; especially because HE shell pen is shown in the port stats now. To determine your IFHE pen, multiply normal HE pen by 1.3. Will it pass an armor threshold on the types of targets you engage with your playstyle in that ship? There are actually four parts to that question. 1. Armor Threshold: this is based on Tier. 2. Target Type: Sets Armor Thresholds based on ship type. 3. Playstyle: Your playstyle often dictates the target types you engage the most. 4. The ship: Actually, the HE pen values. This is how you end up with IFHE being recommended for some DDs (atypical playstyle) , but it's actually useless on 152mm guns T4 and below (no significant armor thresholds crossed). Maybe it isn't so simple after all, but the point of this post is to highlight that almost all players approach this question the wrong way. It'll get even more complicated if WG decides to make IFHE nerf fire chance even more than it currently does.
  4. T6 Cleveland wasn't just good. She was hilariously mis-tiered, and Overpowered, even with the nerfs to shoe-horn her down to T6.. Her stats didn't necessarily reflect it though, because T6 Cleve was also a potato favorite. Among good players (Top 25%), Cleveland is in contention for 2nd best T8 cruiser. Charles Martel is in 1st place for WR on all servers, with either Cleveland or Baltimore in 2nd place. Actually, scratch that, it's old data. After just looking to confirm the above, Wichita has beat out CM on NA, and both Wichita and Montpelier have done so on EU. Both are slightly gimped compared to Cleveland. Cleveland, and USN cruisers in general, are high skill floor, high skill ceiling.
  5. ZoomieG

    Why is PT server not used anymore

    The first problem is entirely WG's fault; the rewards are too paltry, and PTS playtime competes directly with the often better rewards from the live version. Every single time PTS has run over the last two years, it has been during weekends with better bonuses/missions on live. The second problem is merely a symptom of the first. Another excellent point.
  6. ZoomieG

    Replays do not function but once did

    Replays only work on the version of the client they were played in. Once a major patch is downloaded (0.8.3.x->, replays from the previous versions can no longer be viewed. If you have matches you wish to preserve, you either need to record them before upgrading your client, or keep a backup of the entire client from that patch cycle. A couple more notes: You no longer need to enable replays via mods. The client now keeps 30 by default. If the replay you are trying to watch is from the current client, make sure you are opening it with the WoWs executable (WorldOfWarships.exe), and not the launcher.
  7. Ever stop and think about why you get a lot of snarky responses? It might be because you make whine threads about non-issues. I've played a fair amount of co-op, but complaining about co-op players is like arguing with the umpire in T-ball.
  8. ZoomieG

    Are Captains Goldfish?

    Indeed. In the aviation world, there is both Qualification, and Currency. One may be qualified on a platform, but if enough time goes by, retraining must be accomplished to regain currency. When a pilot switches platforms, currency is usually lost on the previous platform, as there is rarely a good reason to maintain currency on both platforms. Since this is a game, it combines the two for simplicity: Qual/Currency is one and the same.
  9. I already knew that was there. It only further highlights the design failure, as you have to look in different places to see your ship XP, depending on which port tab you click on. The changes were obviously made to save space for people running low resolutions, but it makes it worse for the rest of us, with no option to use screen real estate intelligently for 1080p or above.
  10. Some of of the changes to the port screen have reduced clutter slightly. However, many of the changes make the experience worse (typical of current UI design trends). This change to the Modules screen is a complete UI design fail, trying to fix something that not only wasn't broken, but ended up actually breaking it.
  11. ZoomieG

    Matchmaking Needs to Adjust Algorithm

    What type of regression analysis did you run? Are you running SPSS, or some other statistical analysis software?
  12. ZoomieG

    Kahab Detonations

    Assuming you are talking about the Khabarovsk, that ship is one of the most detonation-prone ships in the game. Run your Juliet Charlie signals.
  13. ZoomieG

    Discount ships and FXP: how far would you go?

    FXP is/are far more valuable than credits. The upcoming 50% off sale on upgrades is a far better way to save credits than ship discounts.
  14. The outcome of a det RNG roll is not known until you take a magazine hit. What you want is not possible, because that percentage isn't calculated ahead of time. If the magazine is not damaged in a given hit, it isn't even calculated at all.
  15. ZoomieG

    Atlanta AFT v. IFHE

    No one apparently pointed this out yet, but if you take RDF on Atlanta, you are switching roles from Island hugger/HE spammer to DD hunter & open water gunboat. The skill least needed for the new role is AFT; that's the one you would swap. CE is even more important (the lack of AFT will also reduce your bloom), and you'll want IFHE to keep the ability to damage higher tier BBs.