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  1. As others noted, this has been brought up multiple times. There were several lengthy threads about it in Nov '17, after the preliminary line split info was released. It takes a long time to model a ship, so it probably won't happen. WG was set on using their already existing Buffalo model, and came up with Seattle from some interwar design. The primary improvement of T9 cruisers over T8s is the addition of a heal, and the T9 upgrade slots. Seattle is actually a worse ship than Cleve in several respects (Armor, turret angles). Fargo would also have better AA, with more bofors mounts. Fargo would have been better than Seattle. Baltimore was already a T9. Like Seattle, there is sentiment that Buffalo is a worse T9 than old T9 Baltimore. An Oregon City at T9 would work fine, and Buffalo could have been a steel or coal reward ship. One of the "goals" of the USN cruiser split was to provide a more consistent play style up each line. Fargo and OC would have been exactly that. But for some reason, WG went with 2 T9s that are rather different than the T8s and T10s, which have similar playstyles. *shrug*
  2. ZoomieG

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    You might be thinking of a different thread. I'm sure you are not the only one with that reaction, and I'm not saying it isn't a valid concern. This thread, however, is predominately complaints against Wichita not being OP enough, with a little "not different enough to be worth it" thrown in for good measure.
  3. ZoomieG

    Dumb Dallas Question

    For someone making jokes about a 40 year old tv show, you didn't give it much time to work...
  4. ZoomieG

    Dumb Dallas Question

    Then it's regular XP on Omaha. Darn, you're right, that doesn't work. I just sold a ship with xp on it to check, and not only does it not show in the tech tree, it doesn't show in the conversion list, either. Seems like a flaw in the interface, but just add that one to the list, I guess. Sorry for steering you wrong, there!
  5. ZoomieG

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    LoveBote, I'll skip over the veiled put-downs, but my ability to read your original poll, along with the content and wording of your questions, has no bearing on the point I am trying to make. In hindsight, mentioning GC was probably an error on my part; you seem to have focused on that instead. This is what I've been trying to convey all along. You are making population-wide conclusions based on a non-random sample subject to selection bias. It very well may be. It also might not. It probably isn't. Despite your apparent confidence, you have no way of knowing, measuring, or even estimating a confidence level in whether your poll is representative of the overall WOWs population, or even the population of the forum. This was your original claim I responded to: "65% of players have been discouraged from spending money on WOWS by recent and published (future) changes to WOWS." The following is a claim your poll actually supports: "Of those polled, 65% of players have been discouraged from spending money on WOWS by recent and published (future) changes to WOWS." It's such a small change, isn't it? Yet it makes a big difference.
  6. ZoomieG

    Dumb Dallas Question

    It should be obvious which is being used. XP from Omaha will be white/silver numbers and symbol, FreeXP will be green. If Omaha isn't currently in your port, you can see how much XP is on the hull by hovering your mouse over Omaha's icon in the tech tree.
  7. ZoomieG

    Wichita is finally on sale

    Compact Carousel Extended by BADoBEST As others have noted, it's in Aslain's. Not currently in ModStation. Be advised, it tends to break with updates more often than other mods, so it can take a while to get re-added after a patch.
  8. ZoomieG

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    While question wording is important, it doesn't really affect selection bias. Selection bias isn't something you can control when you conduct a forum poll. The responders self select. That's the bias. You even acknowledge it in the second sentence quoted above. The part in bold italics I inserted in my first response was important, because that's your actual population. You used responses from a small group of forum posters, specifically forum posters that are interested enough in a specific topic to respond. You used it to represent the entire WOWs population. People that don't care about the rumored GC nerf didn't even read your post, yet alone answer the poll. Your sample isn't representative, so your conclusions aren't valid unless you caveat them as I attempted to show you. Non-sequitur colloquialisms aside, it is apparent that many people quite frankly misunderstood what they were spending their money on. Will your and their exit from this particular digital marketplace impact WGs bottom line? Maybe. If it does, they will react. It probably boils down to what percentage of the WOWS premium buying population understood they didn't own their pixelbotes to begin with. T9 Baltimore's heal and reload were not intrinsic to the ship; they were T9 upgrades/consumables. I also didn't use "OP" as a descriptor. I said "one of the strongest". Baltimore, and US ships in general, under-perform on NA due to player-base. On the other three servers, the winrate among tech tree T8 cruisers shows a clear lead for Charles Martel, and Edinburgh has a slight lead. Baltimore averages third in front of the remaining four, and is second on Asia. Winrates and damage aren't the whole story, though. If you want to use raw performance to rate a ship, then Wichita is the best T8 Cruiser on all servers. But, I'm sure you know why that's an invalid conclusion. :) I will concede that when I looked up these stats, Balti isn't doing as well overall as I thought. It is probably harder to play Cleveland and Baltimore to their strengths compared to CM and other tech tree cruisers. The CV rework also threw game balance in the blender, so it remains to be seen if the utility of AA and Radar will retain game winning influence, or if long range damage and fire-starting becomes the primary cruiser role.
  9. ZoomieG

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    False. 65% of players that responded to your poll claim to have been discouraged from spending money on WOWS. Ever heard of selection bias? As for the rest of this thread: Compare Wichita to other T8 Cruisers. Comparing it to Baltimore, which moved from T9 to T8 with almost no changes, is a dishonest comparison. Baltimore might be one of the strongest cruisers at T8, but no one would flip the table if she got a nerf, because she's just a tech tree ship. Expect all new premium releases to err toward underpowered, and then get buffed later if required. If Wichita were released, and then nerfed; well, look at the GC table flipping threads. Speaking of GC, I note that there exists a good overlap between posters that have expressed disappointment in Wichita, and those that are raging about GC possibly getting nerfed. For those players that admitted to buying Wichita: You don't owe anyone an apology. Indignation would be a more appropriate response to all this whining.
  10. ZoomieG

    gneisenau 1st skill

    I wouldn't use any of the ship specific builds on ShipComrade as a guide, at least not without a heavy grain of salt. The vast majority of builds were already sub-optimal before the cv rework, with many dating back to the original captain skill change of 0.6.0 in Jan 2017, and haven't kept up with meta changes. A couple examples: DCCA for BBs has been sub-optimal since aircraft torpedo spotting was nerfed by 50% in 0.7.4 (April '18), and maybe even since 0.6.0 (Jan '17) when BB fighter plane duration was nerfed to 90s. The highest rated build for Minotaur, with 121 votes, is a troll build, and not the fun kind; just the troll kind. It is a secondaries build with DCCA, Manual Secondaries, and EM. Mino gets almost no benefit from EM, has no secondaries, and has never had any type of aircraft, AFAIK. While the Mino build is the most egregious example, several other ships have high rated garbage builds. I am not sure if this means a lot of 12-year olds have been voting known bad builds, or if people are actually running those bad builds and upvoting them. Finally, as I alluded to at the start, the cv rework has sent us all back to the drawing board. Even builds that were good before are less than optimal now. For an actual suggestion, it's tough to go wrong with PT as a first pick. PM used to be valid for secondary builds, and good for stealth/torpedo focus DDs, but that might no longer be the case.
  11. @legozer From the wiki: A credit container only guarantees 50k, and is most likely to contain flags or camos in the other two slots. A consumable container guarantees 6x consumables, which at 22500 each, can be sold for 11250 for a total of 67500. If you are after credits, you should pick consumables and sell them.
  12. ZoomieG

    Significant Win Rate Drop

    Well, yes, but I don't think most of the people raging against MM are upset with natural laws of mathematics. Especially when "the patent" is mentioned, they seem to think the deck is being stacked against them, as it were.
  13. ZoomieG

    Significant Win Rate Drop

    "MM is forces you to 50%" and "MM is rigged" claims are made often, but no evidence is ever offered. It's "Internet Wisdom" at this point. I have read the patent. Have you? The burden of proof is on the claimant. What you describe is called a coincidence. You can, of course, believe whatever you like. It doesn't make it true. Your example is a loss due to a single bad player, not matchmaker. Of course it does. I don't think anyone ever claimed div'ing didn't have a positive effect on win rate. Ever heard of Hitchen's Razor? "That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence" I've never seen anyone back this claim up.
  14. ZoomieG

    Significant Win Rate Drop

    Citation needed.