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  1. Ranked IS terrible... So much so i can't stand to play more than 3 battles at one go. Why do the rules even allow for t8, if it is mixed in with t9? I'm not gonna go on a usual rant, but that is a punishing rule for anyone considering to be succesful with a t8 in predominantly t9 enviromnent. I dislike this iteration even more than the one before it, where at least bronze league was t8 only. Let them keep their steel, i'll keep my dollars.
  2. Krpan

    Is Top Grade Gunner worthwhile?

    That 'bout much sums it up, yes.
  3. Krpan

    Update 0.10.1 - Bug Reports

    Same here lol
  4. Krpan

    Commander Skills Update

    It seems i am the only one who dislikes the base firing range increase in Atlanta's guns. I intentionally used the lower range to keep it stealthy. I mean how can u shoot that rainbow and enjoy any measure of successful hits. That's the last nail in the coffin.