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  1. To Khab or not to Khab...

    Got it just prior to the second major nerf (rudder) and now she just sits anchored in my bay. She has been bent over and screwed without any lubricant. The ship is just not a contender anymore. Took the captain and requalified him to another ship.
  2. He sounds like he got a new toy It does look pretty good.
  3. Well to be blunt, i value everyone's renegs or encouragements - (to be stated, i am drunk )- i still think this kinda yolo move from WG is very cruel and unkind to us fellow CA/CL captains, especially Yorck class. U try and carry a game in a given time/point window with this kinda dpm/fire chance. It's like "I need a different game mode" - like Battle Royale with no time limit. For the rope issue - if it lets me swing for 3 days i feel death is like a sweet promise.
  4. Well that at least made me laugh. Well played.
  5. Everyone has a breaking point... And no they don't have to be great players, the opposition just has to be worse in general.
  6. Like u would see an inverted post... like "Gee tnx WG, for some reason the opposing team has been giving me an easy solo 75% win ratio today." That and 5 okhotniks and 5 scharns on both sides. Getting top place every single match obviuosly has no merit.
  7. Totally agree with OP on this topic!
  8. 25% win ratio today over a course of a dozen matches and all because i happen to be grinding a tier that has okhotnik and sharnhorst in it and being overly screwed by MM with constant mashed potatoes. Who thought it would be good for anything other than promoting premiums -(read cashout)- that ppl could try on a test server, giving ppl inexperienced commanders and yolo syndrom. Well tnx for ruining the remainder of my day and wasting my time! So infuriating my head hurts.
  9. Absolutely not what? You are compounding what i had written.
  10. Honestly all t8 premiums are a good investment, kutuzov will probably yield you most average damage, but xp wise (ergo also credits) i think atago or tirpitz might be better if played correctly.
  11. Any weekend missions?

    Greatly appreciated danmh! tx
  12. Warships.today is back ...

    Now u will not dare to play...oO
  13. Any weekend missions?

    So maybe your wife had something to do with it? :9)