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  1. Hello Sub_Octavian,


    We met at the Anchors Away event in 2018 here in Southern California. I am the one who spoke in Ukrainian to you for a bit. I have a suggestion to propose to you and your people there. This is in regards to the research bureau  area.

    For those of us who have completed the Unique Upgrades to our ships prior to the Research Bureau coming active, could there be any chance to shade them out since we already earned them. For example, I still have the Conqueror, Moskva, Yueyang, Khabi, and Grozovoi upgrades to still get. However, I am on stage 5 for Conqueror, and dont even have those others yet. 

    There is no point to spend the 20k for those upgrades I already have. So, is there any chance the ones that players already have be darkened, since there is no need for them to be lit. Thanks for your help.