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  1. Sub_Octavian

    WANNA WIN $10,000? - Recruitment Rumble

    Hello, 1. Obviously the details of this cooperation are not to be disclosed, but this is more of mutual project, which gives us an additional flow of new players, while providing our veterans with some cool stuff, and we're happy that Amazon is on board and helping us to make this happen. We also have similar cooperation with PayPal on EU and with Yandex on CIS. 2. It is not the question of choice. I think it should be explained in more detail. Our main value is our audience. The audience leaves with time, as it happens in absolutely any game, and the audience flows in as new players and returning players. We're very happy that our game has very good core playerbase, a lot of most active players are with us since Beta. Obviously for the game to thrive and evolve for years, there should also be inflow of fresh blood. Thus, if we look from this perspective, we should: 1. Work on retaining current players (so they stay in the game and enjoy it); 2. Work on recruiting new players; 3. Work on returning old players (give them good reason to get back into the game); Retaining current players is basically: 1. Resolving the issues that prevent them from enjoying the game; 2. Introducing new features and content to give them reason to enjoy the game and keep playing it. E.g. Our overall dev roadmap is basically a major patch each month, which supplies players with a lot of various events and content, and we also try to squeeze QoL improvements here and there. Our game design team and the teams that service it work on CV improvements, redoing priority sector, making AA more consistent, etc. Our tech guys are fixing some bugs, digging into the port systems to make it work smoother, or exploring the opportunities to improve visuals, etc, etc. But our business development team cannot do any of the above. We cannot ask the small team of negotiators and project managers to make new priority sector quicker, we cannot ask them to fix bugs or design Italian tech tree. 9 mothers cannot give birth to one child each month, it simply does not work like that. But then, these guys give us different, and yet important results - deals and collaborations. Dunkirk, Ovechkin, Arpeggio, HSF, Twitch Prime and now events like Amazon - this is what they do. And they will keep doing this, looking for new opportunities and collabs around the globe. A lot of players enjoy these, and while some of our experiments certainly are rather specific and not for everyone, generally they bring good value for the game, which makes current players happier. TLDR: making current players happy is extremely important, but it does not cancel the activities aimed at player acquisition and winback, as they are a part of the process, too. Please kindly see above. CV rework did not cause the loss of playerbase. I am sorry, but this is a myth. It is very important to understand that it DOES NOT mean that CV rework is perfect, and this fact does not counter any issues that current CV have. But for the sake of objectivity, it's better not to spread false information about "loss of playerbase" and try to connect the points that in fact are not connected. Apart from very slight spike in uninstalls (like a few % from normal flow) in 0.8.0 and slight drop of play activity after New Year (which happens every year and then bounces back, as NY gives crazy amounts of various stuff) nothing happened. We don't need misinformation to justify the changes to CV - we're doing them anyways, because there are objective reasons to, and we acknowledge our mistakes. AA is getting a lot of love, and then renewed priority sector will follow. When the cumulative effect of these changes is applied, maybe spotting will be tweaked as well. We've already done a lot, and will keep working on the existing issues, until they are resolved. See you soon, guys!
  2. Sub_Octavian

    Can we get a list of Band Topics so we don't get banned

    There are a...anchorholes in any part (port!) of the world. Most times I observe, Russian people are quite friendly actually. The thing here is that we don't really show excessive emotions. For example, here in US people tell me "How are you?" while they mean "Hi". In Russia, if a person says "How are you?", most likely he really wants to know how are you. And if he's smiling, he IS happy - not trying to be friendly There are different nuances here and there. But from my experience from travelling across US, to China, to Europe - most people have same values, same hopes and fears, and don't have real reasons to dislike each other. But there is always bad apple here and there. I'm sorry for your bad experience. Lul. Well take this in return:
  3. Sub_Octavian

    Can we get a list of Band Topics so we don't get banned

    Russian community is great, but has one challenging trait - these guys LOVE to get personal. Although, as for communities as a whole, our experiences seem to differ, but just to be clear: I mostly engaged in EN-language communities throughout my gaming life. Dear friend, what did I just spend 4 minutes of my life on? I find it disturbing and strangely satisfying at the same time....
  4. Sub_Octavian

    Can we get a list of Band Topics so we don't get banned

    Actually, from my long experience with a lot of online and game communities, WoWS is the best, most mature and reasonable. Really. I am not stamping anyone's voice or something. I don't tell you what to think. I don't ask you to change your views or do research or anything. I just ask you to chill out and stop bringing this up here. It is our rules. You accept the rules or you don't use Forums. You break the rules, you get banned. And the rules are not about criticizing the game or discussing navy history. They mostly restrict things that are not related to the game and things that Wargaming as game development studio has nothing to do with. It is done not to shut anyone's voice, but just to get rid of heavily loaded things that we don't have any interest in, as well as most of our players. Some things that are acceptable in a small community or some independent platforms are not necessarily okay for an official Forums, of the game, which is published by a big company worldwide. Unfortunately, as much as I love good discussion on everything personally, it's not the place. Thanks for understanding and I will stop commenting on that now. If you still think it's not fair, you can always stop using the Forums. While we try to accommodate as many players as we can, we realize that the rules can not suit everyone. If they don't suit you, I apologize, but they are in place for too many reasons to ignore them. Cheers!
  5. Sub_Octavian

    Can we get a list of Band Topics so we don't get banned

    I appreciate the American education and input on things happening overseas, but I believe you should still go to some relevant platform or club to discuss political history. There are quite a few of them. As for discussing what politically related things are or not are in the game, this discussion is not happening. We're not in position to engage in this debate, and trying to fuel it will result in ban. The game and forum is about navy, ships (and weeb stuff sometimes). Thank you.
  6. Sub_Octavian

    Is WG KGB?

    @HorrorRoach sorry, but I will have to moderate your post, as it is highly political and goes beyond humor. Please let's not dive into this topic, as there are special groups and places for such discussions. Thank you!
  7. Sub_Octavian

    Can we get a list of Band Topics so we don't get banned

    Guys, we don't have any strict rules of not mentioning other games, because we don't want to over moderate and want to give you as much space for discussion as possible. But overall, this is WoWS forums, and if you want to discuss other modern games, it makes all sense in the world to go to the respective communities. As a team, we're interested in hearing your feedback and experience in OUR game. If you make a valid point or question like "hey, do you like how X implemented in Z game", we will do our best to treat it loyally, as it can be useful and constructive. However, if a discussion of any other game will become a central topic or will go into advertising/promoting area, we will do some moderation to set the discussion back on track. It is not the case where we can have a perfect mathematically precise rule (as I said, we don't want to have just a restrictive no), so each case will be treated and evaluated individually.
  8. Sub_Octavian

    Is WG KGB?

    Yes, comrade, да! By grinding RU BB line you are reinforcing the virtual navy of vitrual in-game RU nation. But fear not! If your color is not red, get into this good old Montana and citadel the hell out of these pixel commies with your 16-inch democracy dispensers! On a serious note: what this question is about?
  9. Sub_Octavian

    VENOM's Simple Guide to: Aiming in a Battleship

    Good tips here. And if you follow them and learn other things, you will be able to do this (this is just a joke RU player made long time ago, but IMO it is brilliantly satisfying):
  10. Sub_Octavian

    Continuous AA DPS Explained

    The question is definition of "gain". If stats-wise Hak makes considerable battle contribution by absolute and relative damage and spotting, and has good WR in the groupr, why plane losses matter? Kaga has a lot of plane losses, too, but she is still strong, because she can send many waves. It's just a feature of a ship - weaker planes, but more of them. Still gets the job done. On the contrary, Saipan has fewer planes, but they are stronger individually. Gets the job done as well.
  11. Sub_Octavian

    Continuous AA DPS Explained

    Mouse is calling it a bug, because my team member told her it's a bug. He was not entirely correct, nor her was wrong. And I'm sorry for miscommunication that happened. It is how mechanic works (guns start not loaded) and it was not considered a problem (because as I said above, DPS timer does not reset, so it basically matters only for the 1st damage tick). However, as we strongly consider tweaking the DPS mechanics to be give more consistent results, it may be treated as a bug in some of the possible tweaks. But, for example (it IS just an example) if we introduce faster tick rates for all AA guns across the board, the fact they have to load first will not matter at all. So in the end, the real question will not be in this exact nuance, but in the result. We do want to make AA results more consistent, and there are several potential ways to achieve it. Cheers.
  12. Sub_Octavian

    Continuous AA DPS Explained

    She is spread and popular enough to judge her on stats. If she falls behind, we will gladly buff her, as any other ship
  13. Sub_Octavian

    Continuous AA DPS Explained

    Thanks, Mouse, this is an excellent article. I've just addressed a somewhat similar (not about this exact component, but about DPS AA consistency) write up on Reddit here, and I think my response will make sense here as well: Also, it's worth mentioning @LittleWhiteMouse (apologies if I missed that) that the DPS application timer is not being reset. For example, if AA group applies DPS once per 5 seconds, and a plane squadron dips in for 4 seconds, next time any target enters this range, it will take damage in 1 second, not in 5. It is a nuance of the mechanic, which is rather important. But, as I said, we will strongly consider tweaking it, to make DPS AA more consistent. Cheers.
  14. Is the battleship/cv hybrid Ise Class sitting around on a special developer build at the moment? Been enjoying it in world of warships blitz and would like to see it in the pc version.

  15. Thank God you do not work in our financial department. If you think that for the game which is 4 years old and is the main project of our studio, it makes sense to make Tons Of Cash© (on the least popular class in the game, btw) for 1 month at the cost of pissing off everyone for a year, you....kinda don't understand how it works. Also what's up with unbalanced Russian BB? Any proof that we consistently release lines OP and then nerf it? I kinda fail to see such trends, in many cases, actually, we had to buff new ship lines after a while. Our goal is always make the balance as good as possible, given some limitations of test process. Finally, "large number of players" did not quit outright or ran to Co-Op. Any "large" number is, well, largely visible, and a lot of developers, from dev team to management, care a lot about player numbers. Or, to put it more diectly, have the audience as one of the most important evaluation metrics. I mean, if anyone in the team says even internally "I do not care about players" they will probably get fired ..and we update regularly, also acknowledge the feedback and share what we have in progress currently. But hey, surely we don't care, and CV rework with all follow up changes and tweaks was done because we did not care...OH WAIT