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  1. Here are some of my suggestions, Please be kind and make Warships a better place to play.

    1.)   max 1 tier difference on all matches.  ( I got no idea why wargaming wants to make the player base suffer to level a ship.)  guessing they only want to sell more stuff  @ the enjoyment of making players suffer. I am all good for wargaming to make money, but please don't give me 20 games in a row were i am out tier by 2 levels.

    2.) Match Making ...  Trying to get identical ships on each team.  Terrible idea!
    We pick our ships for different play style.   

    3.)  Add more experience for DD's that do spotting verse damage.     DD's get terrible experience if they only do spotting.  Team wins you got  200k in spotting damage but only 20 k in actual damage.  Bottom of the list.

    4.) assist in kills....   A player can cause 99%  of damage to enemy ship but some sniper been waiting to steal your kill. Of course they get the kill you get jackshit...(should have to be the person with most damage to ship for kill all others get assists)

    5.) campers, zero spotting They get a better score than the DD who spotted all game for them.