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  1. I did and thank you for your consideration. Will keep that in mind, however, I think this week I can't give any additional comments. Next week we will start working on a status update and will share it as soon as we can with you in our Devblog.
  2. Yes, we perfectly understand it's not just about their real power level, but also about the experience they give. We will not concentrate just on numbers while making further adjustments. That said I encourage everyone interested in the topic to: 1. Play both on subs and against subs 2. Remember that "unfun" moments do not always represent the majority of cases/battles. I.e. cruisers are sometimes obliterated by a BB salvo, which does not necessarily means they playing against BB is unfun, or that this kind of interaction is the most frequent. And I'm not telling you this to change your mind, but rather to ensure you look at your own experience on bigger scale. Anyway, we will do our best to address the major feedback points we're getting. Thank you all who make this possible by playing and providing your input
  3. "Homing pigeons" is a good concept, thank you for the suggestion. On subs and their torps though, 1. The intent was to create new mechanics that would help to shape unique gameplay experience. Halloween-style subs do not work well because they are more like inferior DD with gimmick. They work, but they don't feel right, there is no target observation through the periscope, no suspense and no proper pacing. Subs have a lot of limitations to take into account. Mainly, their torps are their only armament, and yet the capacity is rather small (4-6 from the group at most). We really believe that this class' torps should be somewhat special and have deeper gameplay than Fire & Forget. Our current mechanics is an attempt at such gameplay. 2. Not sure what you mean here, but if it's "do you think it works?" then yes, currently we believe it works as a concept. But we also believe all this submarine related part of the game will require more work, testing, iterating. Please expect updates, we're absolutely not done with subs as they are, and we will take the time to make them work better. Cheers.
  4. Sub_Octavian

    Random mechanics and drop rates

    Supercontainers mechanics and contents will also be disclosed. Most likely these will be disclosed on a wiki, but as with the old containers, it's a 2nd priority after disclosing Black Friday, Santa and the like.
  5. Sub_Octavian

    Random mechanics and drop rates

    Not even this, tbh. For legislation purposes and merely from cold business perspective it does not make sense to rush with the disclosure until the law tells you to do so. However, this is done not from cold business perspective, but as a part of our set of promises to earn back your trust and respect. And from this perspective, the sooner - the better. We're very happy we managed to make this call and prepare everything sooner than we initially promised (ouch, I really hope there will be no translation issues and hiccups in the texts because of the haste), it will affect two very big monetization events - Black Friday and Santa. I think making these transparent is very important. Thank you so much. The mechanics itself is implemented. Where it applies/will apply and with what settings we will absolutely state for each container we describe new, old, purchaseable, free. But yes, it is developed and it will be used.
  6. Sub_Octavian

    Important message for the community

    I apologize, but there is a commitment: over the course of next year. So, not later than 2022. We of course know the drop rates. However, World of Warships operates in all regions of the world, including China. As you may know, in terms of video games and random monetization mechanics, China is especially regulated region. We want to disclose drop rates for Containers and Random bundles in a consistent way in all regions, so we have to do a fair amount of legal and technical work to make it happen and to make sure we are compliant everywhere. We commit to do it no later than 2022, and will do due diligence to do it as soon as we can.
  7. Sub_Octavian

    Community time with KARMAT1KA and MareDraco

    Yes. But my colleagues will be on regional Forums and CC discord to talk about all of this in the relevant threads. Sigh. Okay, I just did not want spoilers, but let me just say it: the information will be published in roughly 15 minutes So it's not our soon™, it's soon.
  8. Sub_Octavian

    Community time with KARMAT1KA and MareDraco

    Thank you for your questions. Yes, a lot of adjustments and changes are planned on different levels. I doubt we will cover all of them in a single statement, but we did our best to make it count. It will be published in writing very soon, and NA Publishing Director Ev1n will be here on Forums to answer some follow-up questions. Stay tuned!
  9. Sub_Octavian

    Community time with KARMAT1KA and MareDraco

    I absolutely don't blame anyone, just giving you a little heads-up
  10. Sub_Octavian

    Community time with KARMAT1KA and MareDraco

    Hey, Please don't be so negative. We're a big team, and there is a lot of things being worked on in background. I understand that you want several highly important questions to be addressed, and they will be, very soon (today). It does not mean that other activities like streams should not carry some entertainment value. We're all doing our best on different levels. Sorry that addressing these question is taking longer than it should. That's one of the things we will be improving internally, to become more agile. Cheers.
  11. Sub_Octavian

    Community Time with Ev1n and Mademoisail (8/25)

    So I woke up only to see a community free-for-all pillow fight with personal attacks and allegations...sigh. I'm closing the thread, it went very far from the original topic. Let's continue the discussion in other relevant threads and Q&As. Also, fully support those players who ask to stop attacking each other. I will ask the mods to take a look at what has happened here according to the rules. Guys, it's not a choice. The discussion is either civil, or there is no discussion. Thank you.
  12. Sub_Octavian

    Community Time with Ev1n and Mademoisail (8/25)

    I agree wholeheartedly about the need to communicate As for your opinion on monetization, I sincerely hope you realize that the majority of our players, play for free, entirely. At the same time, it's a rather specific game, which does not cost less to develop and sustain if you compare it to more casual and wide spread titles. What I'm saying is, without any sugar coating, is that the general level of game monetization is adequate relative to our costs and we won't be able to drop it without also dropping significant efforts and plans regarding the future of the game. What we can do, and will do, however, is to be more considerate, make less mistakes and keep the balanced approach (i.e. regarding random mechanics).
  13. Sub_Octavian

    Community Time with Ev1n and Mademoisail (8/25)

    Good point. Random bundles is already a step from lootboxes - they are more predictable and don't have unlimited potential cost. There will be more steps in that direction! We anyways need to be creative as the world and the industry changes. 3d styles are cool! We have some cool, cosmetics, too, still, both in our game and in WoT it's a complementary aspect of monetization. Thank you! And thanks everyone for the discussion, I will happily be back later. For now, need to attend to some other things and my NA collagues are taking over.
  14. Sub_Octavian

    Community Time with Ev1n and Mademoisail (8/25)

    Thank you for your fair evaluation. We will work to live up to it.
  15. Sub_Octavian

    Community Time with Ev1n and Mademoisail (8/25)

    Thank you! You are welcome. No, we do not believe in P2W approach to design.Combat signals were indeed removed from achievements, but we've added them to the missions. We do not want them to become "gold ammo". Moreover, the closest thing to it we had were Premium consumables, and if you remember that update, we have removed those completely (made them free). Hello, good to see you here. Yes, sure. It is bigger than just AI, but it is indeed connected with CV rework. CV rework rendered a lot of internal tools (AI related) obsolete, and made working with aircraft related stuff in PvE very difficult or impossible. Right now we're in the process of removing this obstacle. It's being worked on for many reasons, not just for the sake of Operations, but one of the benefits we will have when this project is done is that we will be able to return the old ops. I hope that clarified the question. We try to include PvE to all activities where it's possible, I think if you look at the missions and events objectively you will see that there are very few places where PvE is excluded. That said, my thoughts are: PvE is not likely to have the same level of priority as PvP. We will keep experimenting, there will be more events, modes with PvE elements, etc. But I would not count on PvE to become the main theme. Let's keep it civil, please. I appreciate that there are a lot of problems we have to solve, still, does not mean there is need to be hostile to anyone, including players that have different PoV. Thank you. Look, I am not sure I fully understand this situation from your PoV, but I want to. I'm sorry that there is still this lack of understanding and these emotions. I will ask someone competent from NA team do join our Discord chat and will try to discuss it with you and Chobi again. Let's try again. It's a mascot used mostly on Youtube and which has very limited presence in the game. And it's not designed to appeal to children - it's just silly, funny and has good meme potential. As for the data, not sure what do you mean? We don't ask players about everything we intend to do for game promotion. We had several talented artists (they were doing casual mobile games before) in the studio and this group of people, with the relevant background, gave birth to Bad Advice project. I would assume the hypocrisy is to try to tie Bad Advice to the cause, for sure I agree we should pay more attention to different cultural aspects. That said, the Yukon incident, for example, happened with direct involvement of local staff members, and during the past years, I've took part in resolving many issues where having local staff did not help. Sometime people make mistakes regardless. But you are right, cultural barriers are real and dangerous, I made several mistakes because of them, too. I hope there will be visible progress in future. As for business model, I understand your point, but the model is dictated by several factors: we have a specific setting, we have big, but not huge audience (relative to more casual and less niche games). We experimented a lot, and unfortunately, what works for a casual looter shooter in sci-fi setting with the audience ten times bigger will not always work for a more niche and nuanced game like ours. And - what's very important, being niche, our game is very complex and requires a lot of work to be done. Would we survive if we used only stuff like ship camos for monetization? Probably yes, and that would require to dismiss most of the team, cancel most of the plans and generally put the game on maintenance mode. It's not the way we believe in. What you refer to is fake news. Doing some basic research, it becomes clear the articles on this topic are connected by one email present on several websites. Searching this particular email on google, results in a staggering 45k results and one of the biggest network of fake websites to date. The websites are in all languages and territories, US, CA, Every EU country, China, Korea, India, Pakistan etc. It's something that is easily established based on public information. So, just a heads-up: further on we will not discuss these fake news and allegations on our official platforms, and all such posts will be deleted.