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  1. First, Ignore the title. I want to know before I go to all the trouble researching and submitting a suggestion. Can anyone tell me that it will be read by anyone in a position to at least have it looked at. Maybe, saints be praised, at least an acknowledgement that it was actually looked at
  2. KzS_Gocker

    Ship to Ship Collisions

    It is not a quartermaster issue. It is a decision of the officer of the deck. The one person who is in command at the time !!!
  3. KzS_Gocker

    Ship to Ship Collisions

    The basic rule that says if you approaching another ship on the other ships PORT SIDE then you are required to give way. That is the reason for the red and green running lights on ships in the first place. With the port side running light RED !!! I think considering the nature and international flare for this game in the first place then I think international rules would be fine.
  4. KzS_Gocker

    Ship to Ship Collisions

    Because I am getting tired of being charged with hitting allies with friendly fire when they are so STUPID to not pay attention and turn directly into the path of my torpedoes. This is just another example as to how other players have no idea how to navigate in situations like that or have any concern as to the welfare of the team just to improve their own score.
  5. KzS_Gocker

    Ship to Ship Collisions

    I forgot where do I go to make these in game procedural changes. Surely I am allowed to do that !!!
  6. It would appear the game programmers have developed an art of very fine detail for ALL THE IN GAME ACTION!! They can even spot to within a few meters to determine citadel hits on a ship. Yet they CAN NOT apply the correct nautical rules of the road to charge offending commanders that violate those very rules when the collide with another ship. In short if a commander is approaching another ships PORT SIDE that approaching commander, by the nautical rules of the road MUST GIVE WAY TO THE OTHER SHIP !!! Since this is a gross violation of those nautical rules of the road. The commander who actually violated those nautical rules of the road should be the only one fined. Which means the commander who's ship was rammed should not be fined in any way. In fact the injured party SHOULD NOT EVEN HAVE ANY HIT POINTS DEDUCTED ! This would also apply to any overtaking collisions aft of the beam since there is ABSOLUTILY no excuse for that. I am just very tired of losing valuable hit points and more, because come clown can not watch where he is going. Just to make matters worse the injured gets killed because of it !!!
  7. How does one access a ships white stars to buy premium ships
  8. How does one use elite & ship XP to research other ships?